Spring faves: Raspberry Smoothie – the review

14 Mar

ImageThe whole lingerie world has been talking about the Smoothie bra for past months. It was launched quite recently but after a quick web search I couldn’t find the black version in my size in any web store anymore. In fact the black Smoothie seemed to be almost sold-out after a couple of months anywhere I tried to look for it. This didn’t suprise me since it is after all the world’s first molded cup bra up to J-cup and as a F/FF/G girl it was a needed item in my bra collection. I have once tried on the Freya Deco which is a favourite of many lingerie bloggers but the starting point was that I had completely wrong size (28F) so I really didn’t get the idea how it would have fitted in a right size. The Smoothie is definitely structured in a different way e.g in the front and the sides of the bra.

Some of the bloggers who are very petite have experienced the wires to sit quite far in the armpit which can sometimes cause some itching and pain on a small torso. However for a girl like me with a wider ribcage and bigger-than-average bones the bra fits perfectly on me and the wires sit just in the right place. As I said, the front part of the Smoothie is quite different from the Deco as well. As the Deco gives a quite deep cleavage with the low center gore, the Smoothie gives a bit more comfortable feeling for me with its higher center gore and higher-rising cups. I have experienced in the past some bulging out of cups in CK Elegance and Wild styles which have this deep plunge shape as well, so according to that the odds with Deco are not superb for me. ImageSome fellow bloggers have pointed out some issues with the fit but again I have to disagree with some of them. It’s not that I think they’re completely wrong but I must say that the functionality of this style is totally dependent on the breast shape and ribcage width. For my wide-set breasts the center gore was just right and it sat flat on my sternum. When it comes to size I was totally baffled by the information other bloggers had to offer: some said they could take even two or three cup sizes smaller! For me it was the opposite. In Curvy Kate I have consistently opted for 28FF but the first one I tried was actually 30F (a sister size to 28FF). To my amazement it was a bit small in the cup! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The other thing that overwhelmed me was the firmness of the band. I had heard that the band was quite loose so it was quite a surprise as it fitted fairly well. I could have taken the 28-back but it wasn’t available at the moment so I decided the 30 was firm enough for me. After a few uses and a wash it hasn’t loosen yet and I can raise my hands up without the bra moving upwards. ImageSo after all I decided to buy 30FF which is great but I think I’ll try the Blush shade next time I hit a lingerie store in 28G. I love love love the shape these give me by the way! It’s great under shirts like this for its seamlessness and definitely better than my Portias and Romances because of the roundness of the cup. A seamed bra can be quite invisible under jersey tops as well depending on the embroidery but in my opinion the Smoothie qives a much more lifted shape under thin tops. Another thing besides the great lift and shape I’d like to point out is the material of the bra. I actually have quite bad exzema which causes terrible itching during the winter time. At the moment in Finland we have about -20 C so I have cuts all over my skin caused my scratching, including my breasts. The smoothie is excellent for those in the same situation since seamed bras can cause a whole lot of irritation and itchiness on a sensitive skin. I actually called Mrs. Divine this morning and they’ll try to order me the Blush version asap so my breasts’ skin will suffer less during this winter 🙂

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  1. Vesta April 4, 2013 at 10:56 pm #

    Came across your blog when I searched for Marcie reviews. I think we have very similar boobs – mine are also close to balanced and somewhat wider set than the average (in fact, the bigger one is exactly balanced and the smaller one is a bit fuller on bottom). And even size wise, I think mine were very close to your size before I had kids. They are bigger now – I wear 30G in Freya. I have been wearing utterly wrong bras my whole adult life until recently, when I got fitted in a store called Change – it is a Danish brand, perhaps you have heard? Now I am trying to branch out into other “mainstream” big cup brands, and that means a lot of online ordering. Do you have any Freya bras for size comparison? I am really keen on trying Marcie, but worried about picking the wrong size. 30G in Freya is a great fit for me, tight at first, perfect in a day or two. Anyway – any advice on size for Marcie and Smoothie? 🙂

    • sophie April 5, 2013 at 9:06 am #

      Hi Vesta! Glad you have found the right size, it takes a big burden off your your shoulders, doesn’t it? When it comes to sizing I usually prefer really snug bands which is not everyone’s cup of tea. I measure 29″ around my underbust and I use 28-bands in Freya bras. If you measure tightly your underbust and it says something around 31 I would definitely try Marcie in 32FF and Smoothie in 30GG since Cleo bras have tighter bands. If your closer to 29, I’d probably take your regular 30G in the Marcie. Why I would recommend you a 30GG in the Smoothie is because of the fact that your breasts will probably spill a bit in your regular size because you also have some breast tissue on top. I actually have some bras from Change as well in 65/30F which happen to be a bit small for me. This is because they use EU-sizing which is a bit different comparing to the British one. For example last I got a fitting at Change they put me in 30H which is the same as 30FF in British size. Here’s how the size charts work http://branightmares.blogspot.fi/2012/03/eri-maiden-rintaliivikoot-uk-ja-eu-bra.html Hope you found this helpful 🙂

      • v April 5, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

        Hi Sophie!

        I also measure 29″ under bust, but I really would not want to wear a 28 band – 30 is tight enough for my taste when brand new. Besides, going to 28 will put me into GG cups, and they are often uglier looking in that size and up. 🙂

        It’s funny – I have 3 bras from Change, two are the different colors of the same model in 32G and one is a different model in 30H. The identical ones are actually slightly different in the fit for some reason, and the 30H feels best, but it’s too old now. I also ordered a 30H from them in a different model online, and it is so tight, it hurts me around the ribcage, and the cups are way too small. Change has very inconsistent sizing, what can I say. Which is why I decided to move on to the mainstream brands!

        My whole life I was convinced I have wrongly shaped body because bras would not stay put on me, cups would cut into my breasts on the side, band would always ride up and straps would fall off the shoulders. I blamed my shoulders and my shoulder blades. And of course, the size of the my breasts. So, despite the fitting problems with Change, they will always be dear to me because it was in their store where I had the bra epiphany 🙂

        Thank you for your advice! I ordered Panache Jasmine a week or so ago and still have not received it. I will wait to get it and then will probably order Marcie and Smoothie. Do you have Cleo Lucy? If yes – how does it’s sizing compare to Freya for you?

      • sophie April 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

        Yeah I agree both on the GG+ and the Change matter, it’s so irritating! I do have a lot of bras from other brands at the moment and I think they’re much more consistent on sizing than Change. That’s why you should definitely try Curvy Kate, Freya and Panache for much easier online-shopping. Besides you can get them quite cheap on Brastop! I don’t have Cleo’s Lucy yet since I’ve been a bit hesitant on the design – I’m not completely sure if I’m a big fan of flowers. I have heard that it’s quite similar to Marcie so if I was you I’d order them both in your regular 30G and the Smoothie in 30GG 🙂 And btw as you well know your body is no way wrong, it’s the society which tries to tell you to look like Victoria’s Secret’s angel. And that’s just plain ridiculous..

  2. Vesta April 5, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    Oops, that was me – Vesta. 🙂

    • Vesta April 13, 2013 at 1:43 am #

      Sophie, just wanted to thank you – I ordered and received the Smoothie in 30GG – it fits me perfectly. At first I thought it was too big, but when I properly adjusted it, it was amazing. I got the nude one, as I am in a dire need of a nude tshirt bra, and it is obviously not the bedroom bra, but it does look excellent under clothes and I love the 3 hooks rather than 2. I am also evolving on the band size, it does seem that I should give 28 band a try at some point. I have a new Freya bra that was initially super tight on me and I had to wear an extender, but after a few days of wear I am already on middle hooks, and could really be on the tightest setting if I wanted to. I just really hate the idea of GG cup for some reason… 🙂

      All in all, your advice was spot on, which confirms my impression that we have similar bust shape, I am just a bit bigger in the cup.

      • sophie April 14, 2013 at 9:57 am #

        I’m so glad my advice was helpful! I actually have the Smoothie in all the colours and I can tell you, it’s very useful. I agree on the bedroom bra matter but still it’s not an unattractive bra even in the nude. I love the pattern cause I’m not a nude bra girl at all and it has that little extra something that makes the bra really pretty. The shade is quite nice too at least on me 🙂 I have the nude in 28G for comparison but it is really tight so that is why I like the 30-band on this bra a bit more. In Freyas I usually always go for 28s cause as you said they stretch out quite fast after a few uses and you should really be wearing them in the middle hook after a couple of months of regular use. It’s true those 28GGs will sometimes look different (mostly in non-padded styles) but they will definitely sometimes give you a better lift and support 🙂 This depends though on the brand and style so make sure to try various sizes when shopping bras (if you’re not online shopping at least).

  3. Vesta April 14, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    It’s not unattrctive, but it is too close to my natural skin color, which is great for wearing it under clothes, but not so great on its own. I do like the subtle print on it, which is why I selected it instead of some other tshit bra, it definitely looks better.

    After wearing it for a couple of days I notice that I do need to tuck my bigger breast in once in a while, otherwise it starts spilling a just bit, even though the bra is definitely not small for me. I also notice a bit of empty space in the bottom of the cup, but it is not really noticeable from the outside, so it doesnot bother me. I usually experience this type of issues with molded bras, nothing new here. The wires are a bit wider than I need, but it does not bother me either. Probably the biggest complaint with thie bra would be the cups coming up too high in the armpit, so on a hot sweaty day that might bother me.

    • sophie April 15, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

      Yeah I prefer it to other t-shirt bras as well cause let’s face it, they’re almost always plain ugly 😀 I have also faced the same issues that you have with Smoothie like the space in the bottom of the cups. That is just something that happens always with molded cups with me cause like you I have some fullness on top as well. Thats why it’s crucial to go up a cupsize with this bra. My left breast is a bit bigger too but with this style there’s no spillage, at least standing (leaning is a different story..). I have noticed that other bloggers have had that same problem as you with the cups coming up too high and it’s especially apparent with small bandsizes/big cups. I have the same problem with the nude 28G and at the end of the day it can feel a bit uncomfortable. This is why 30FF suits me better.


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