The right pair of knickers

10 Apr

We lingerie bloggers rave about having the right fit and bra but we often forget the other half of the story: undies. Some think they’re completely unnecessary  as a fashion item and a whole set of lingerie is just a luxury that rarely is bought for everyday use. I personally am a big fan of a matching bra and knickers for they make a better impact as a full piece of art. Anyway, your knicker choice matters almost as much as your well-fitting bra since we should not forget that also our bottoms need a lift now and then.

Here are some choices to indulge your bootie:

1. A feel-good set/panties


I know, you’re probably full of Marcie already but isn’t that hipster just too damn cute to be hidden away? This is a set that always makes me happy even if the sky was falling down on me (which has been happening quite often lately..). You should have at least two pairs of knickers that just make you smile and for me it’s these ruffles that put a smile on my face.

2. A nude set with (preferably) seamless thongImage

Curvy Kate

It sounds plain and boring but trust me, these are the ones that save you from awkward moments in front of a public mirror. Since white is a big hit this summer (like the previous three summers..) you’ll be grateful for this set for being invisible under those white skinny jeans and a tee. A thong (or some other seamless knicker style)  is a must since VPL is not something we all wanna see.

3. Period undies



Yeah, I just used that word. But you can’t deny we need those things! For me the best period knicker is something in cotton, nothing skimpy and sexy since I’m not feeling superattractive while being a total bitch. Cause that’s what I am on my periods. Instead I want something that is cute and girly and something fun to make me forget what is actually happening in my panties. In the picture above would be my perfect period undies from Knickerocker. Which I don’t sadly have, snif.

4. High-waisted I’m-sexy-and-slim panties



I swear it’s gonna change your world! Well, at least it will rock it. I’m a sucker for high-waisted undies since it’s such a glamorous choice and it has some great qualities as well. Some of the high-waisted knickers are tummy-tucking miracles just like the Scandale design above and they look great at the same time. In Finland Scandale panties are in 30-40 € price range which is not bad at all comparing to other rivals who can go as far as over 100 € per knicker. If you want to be really cheap (as we students are..) what you can do is to go to H&M and buy a pair for insane 10 €. One other thing about this kinds of undies is that with low-cut jeans they’re a lifesaver for keeping your flesh covered while bending and leaning over.

5. Sexy-time knickers


Tallulah Love

This is where you can go wild and/or please your partner. The most important thing about these knickers is that you feel sexy but it’s always a plus if you can make someone special excited too. Personally I feel happy when I see that certain look in my boyfriend’s eyes and for me getting something he likes is not sexist and humiliating. But again, it’s up to you.

Is there something missing? What are your go-to panties on special occasions?

4 Responses to “The right pair of knickers”

  1. thelingerielesbian April 10, 2013 at 7:50 pm #

    Those Knickerrocker undies are a must! Excellent choices 🙂

    • sophie April 10, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

      Thanks! I love that design as well, it’s cute and looks so comfortable 🙂

  2. Vesta April 13, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    I like that you mentioned period panties. I have never seen that mentioned anywhere before, and you are right! To me, it is important that they aren’t loose or flimsy, and keep tight on my body. I don’t really care for their pretty side, just the practical, as I am not showing them off to anybody, and they do run a higher chance of getting stained, so I don’t want to feel bad if that happens to a cute pair.

    • sophie April 14, 2013 at 10:01 am #

      You’re right Vesta, they’re definitely not a show-off piece so sexiness is not necessarily a period panty quality 😀 On the other hand I do want them to be a bit girly or fun to brighten up those gloomy days of the month. However practicality and comfort are the key qualities when talking about these kinds of knickers.

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