Smoothie update: The summer shade Blush

16 Jul

Hi gals! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine was fine but nothing special happened. Yesterday was a bit more fun; I visited IKEA with my mom and sister and we had great time! Another fab week startin but the weather is like crap here (greetings to my British fellow bloggers and readers, I hear your weather is awesome atm).  ImageImageImageImage

Well, to the point. As I told you before (or did I, I don’t remember?) I have all the colours of Curvy Kate’s lovely seamless Smoothie bra. It’s one of my favorite bras and the one I reach for when I need my bra to be as invisible as possible. The first time I reviewed the bra I had it in the magnificent Rasberry colour in 30FF which is probably my favorite of the colours. However I desperately needed a nude bra as well so of course I went for the Blush Smoothie version when I had the chance.


Design: The looks of this bra still make me happy to wear a seamless or even a nude bra. The shade of the beige is definitely not as pink as in the pic above, it’s actually rather beige. For my fair skin it’s a bit dark-ish but it does not show under clothes as you can see from the pictures of me in that off-white shirt. (Love this shirt btw, it’s from Cubus and cost about 5 quids on sale!)

Fit: When I first tried on the the Blush Smoothie in 28G I noticed how tight it was in the band compared to other CK bras in 28 bands. The cups were also a little smaller than I expected, surely not as big as in its sister size but not a whole size smaller. I don’t quadboob at all but it sure feels more restricting than the my Raspberry size. The band stretched a bit after a few wears but before that it was a tad small for me as the hooks and eyes started to pull out of their seams.

Comfort: If I could re-choose my size with the Blush I’d definitely go for 30FF for comfort reasons. This bra is ok after a few wears when it comes to the band but I found other problems when it came to this particular size. CK doesn’t really scale bra sizes to fit differently on women with different sizes. As you may guess a woman with dress size 16 does need different proportions on her bra than a woman with dress size 8.

The wires were definitely a bit wide for me but what really bothers me is the way the cups come REALLY high up on my arm pits in this size and they really rub my sensitive skin. It’s not super uncomfortable and I endure it since I don’t wear white clothes everyday. However this bra is not really an ideal option for girls with petite upper body.

Hope this was helpful for girls looking for a nice nude bra. All in all Smoothie is great but really needs some trying on before buying since the fit is a bit of hit-and-miss. Tuesday is statistically the the most miserable day of the week but try to have a good one! xx

2 Responses to “Smoothie update: The summer shade Blush”

  1. Vesta July 22, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

    I wear mine in 30GG, and fine the same problem – rubs in the armpit. Not too bad, only bothers me at the end of the say, and I am willing to put up with it, but it also comes up a bit too high for some of my sleeveless tops. I am ok with straps showing, usually, but I hate it when my actual cup is showing through the sleeve opening. Another problem I have with this bra – the cup edges are not flat against the skin. It looks like on the particular bra I have the foam is a bit bigger than the fabric covering it, as a result the foam edge is sticking up a little inside the fabric, and really shows through the tops. It does not bother me terribly, and I still wear this bra a lot, due to it being nude and smooth. I also cannot deny this – it is a very comfortable bra, stays very snug and supportive, and I love the wide band.

    • sophie July 23, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

      I have the foam-lifting problem too! It’s good you mentioned it since I totally forgot. I think it’s a problem with so many other moulded styles as well, esp after washing the bra several times.. But otherwise as you said the bra is so great I’m willing to forget those little annoying things 😀

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