My daily sugar fix: Tutti Rouge Liliana

18 Jul

ImageI was fidgeting uncomfortably when Bravissimo’s website told me that my parcel would arrive in approximate 8-10 day. Such a long time to keep a girl waiting! Well, it did take eight days for the little brown box to reach Finland which almost drove me nuts but I was super happy when it finally arrived. What was in was my second bra from Tutti Rouge which I had ordered in a cup size bigger than my beloved Betty. I was so glad that I had read all those wonderful informative reviews on other blogs since my guess on the size ended up being spot on.

Design: It’s hard not to compare this beauty to it’s sister Betty so please excuse me. The look of this bra is a bit different than Betty’s, Liliana is definitely a bit more cutesy and less grown up than Betty. It does not have that luxury feel to it but as an everyday bra it’s a darling and pleases the eye. I love the scalloped edge of the bra and knickers, it’s such an effective little detail that distinguishes the design from other bras alike.

The colour is also really flattering even on my pale skin since it’s not a neon pink yet not too baby pink either (I look like pig in that kinda shade). It’s almost candy floss-like hue which I really love since I like pink when the shade is as cute as this is. The colour combo is a bit safe though with the cream-coloured trim lace but it’s something that suits a lot of women and definitely makes a sale.

The shape of the bra is pretty good and rounded. It does not give that oomph effect that Betty gives but is really something I prefer under clothes when I don’t wanna look like a sex kitten (certainly there are days when I don’t feel like one..). Uplift is ok but yet again not quite as good as with Betty. Image

Fit: As I already mentioned the bra runs a cup size smaller than Betty so I opted for 30G this time. The decision was obviously a good one since the bra fits almost like a dream. The cups fit well after swooping and scooping and there is no quadboobing or gaping. I love how the top of the cup is not padded and has a beautiful lace to please many shapes. The cups are quite shallow so this is definitely not for women who need deep cups to fit in all the breast tissue.

The band was snug enough for me and felt like a regular 30 band so no big difference to my Betty bra. However what felt different to Betty were the straps that felt much more comfy and supportive this time. I think this is due to the material and the fact that these straps are fully adjustable. Now there is no slipping off the shoulders and wearing this bra is much less notable.Image

Comfort: Now we come to the root of the problem with Liliana (I wish there was’t even one!): wires. They are a tad too wide for me and much wider than Betty’s. This does not bother me that much and is certainly not enough for me to give up this bra but it’s certainly  feature I must mention when it comes comfort and fit aspects. These wires do not come that high up my torso so they are not painful or poking me in anyway but I would prefer them a little bit narrower.

Otherwise this set is reeeeally comfy and is great for everyday wear. The materials are AGAIN a feature I must thank Tutti Rouge for since they feel really nice on my skin and don’t irritate me at all. Keep up the good work, dear TR!

Also the panties were incredibly comfortable even though I got a size Small and it was a bit too large on me again. I would have loved them even more if I could have had them a bit more lower-rise but still they didn’t dig in an unflattering way or anything. It’s just a preference thing.

All in all I really like Liliana but I can’t help I love her older sister to death. However this is a great bra for women who need wide wires and shallower cups. I would also recommend Liliana to women who love girly high-street designs with a little extra and younger girls who look for cutesy age-appropriate sets.

Have a great day and remember this when you’re feeling bad about yourself:Image

xx Sophie

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