More Tutti Rouge love: Frankie review

15 Aug

What’s up gals? Have you had a great week so far? I’ve been very busy with getting a new passport for my trip to NYC on 31th and there is still so much to do before I can land on US soil. I mean, they have ridiculous amount of precautions in case of terrorists. Sorry US readers, it’s just the way I see it as an European, no offense. 

Well anyway, this month I went a bit crazy with buying lingerie so I decided to close the summer season for good and move on to autumn/fall collections (the new Marcie is already on its way to me, oops). And what would be the perfect bra for season finale? Let me introduce you: the first non-padded style of Tutti Rouge, Frankie.Image

Design: As you can see, the Cornflower colour is absolutely divine and something you don’t see that often. It’s very summery but on the other hand a bit melancholic so it suits those chilly autumn nights as well. (Which are btw reality in Finland atm.) The colour combo is also very Barbie like; the pink gives a nod to my childhood and reminds me of those plastic Barbie shoes. This does not bother me however since to me it’s not too kitchy or childish – just cute and fun. 

The shape of this bra is also something I truly adore; quite natural yet rounded, almost Marcie-like. Lookswise I think this is the bra for all the Marcie lovers out there who crave for variety but want to remain the same rounded look and balconette style.Image


Fit: This bra is quite similar to Marcie as I told you but with a couple of exceptions. I compared Frankie to Marcie and here’s my verdict; the cups of Frankie are slightly on the shallower side and its wires are definitely a bit wider, about 1 cm or so. I would say this explains why I need a 30FF in some bra and 30F in others. My breasts are not that deep but with deeper cups I can definitely size down and get more projection. 

Since the cups of Frankie are a bit shallow, they down give me that much forward-projection and almost flatten me a bit. Also the uplift is not as great as with Marcie but I don’t mind that too much. The wires are also on the wider side but definitely not as wide as with Liliana.

When it comes to size I would recommend you to stick with your usual one. I bought mine in 30FF and it’s fits me pretty good. Why I say pretty good and not prefect is that I have slight a-symmetry and that is why my other boob experiences some cutting in. However this is not that notable under clothing and does not make me to want to size up (I pretty sure that sizing up would cause some wrinkling). If you are between sizes or very full-on-top I would recommend to size up since the cups are quite shallow.


Comfort: In spite of the wide strap placement and wide wires I feel like this is a rather comfortable bra. It feels great under clothing and does not itch and rub you in anyway. The lace is something I definitely love about this style and I’m happy with the way it’s not scratchy at all. 

As you may notice one big issue for some girls might be the straps of this bra; they are wide-set as hell! When I put on this bra I seriously said WOW out loud since they felt.. well, weird. Not bad, but somehow odd. However Frankie’s straps are made of non-slippery material so I have not had any trouble with them falling off my shoulders (as I did a bit with my TR Betty). What is most surprising when wearing this bra is how wide-set the straps are on the back side of the bra. This might be an issue to some but also a solution to someone looking for a bra to wear under shirts that have an open back.

Overall I really love this style since balconettes truly are my thing and Frankie feels wearable under a bunch of clothing choices. However, if you are looking for something with va-va-voom this is not the bra for you; it lacks the cleavage and forward-projection that usually add the sex-appeal. On the other hand when it comes to your daily sugar-fix and comfort, Tutti Rouge and Frankie are your girls.

Ok, so this is the time we forget about the summer and pass on to the gloomy days of autumn and winter. Luckily we have great collections ahead of us to brighten up our days. Until then you can rest your eyes on next summer’s beauties…ImageImageCAN IT BE 2014 ALREADY???


2 Responses to “More Tutti Rouge love: Frankie review”

  1. Erica of A Sophisticated Pair August 17, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    The Frankie looks adorable on you and makes me want to try it . . .. now! Even though I do like padded bras, my heart belongs to the unpadded, so this seems perfect for me. I’m a huge Marcie fan and would love some more variations. I’m not feeling the pink this time around, so maybe Tutti Rouge can give me a substitute. Thanks for the great review!

    • sophie August 20, 2013 at 8:37 pm #

      I ordered the pink Marcie but it ran small in the cups so I’ll have to exchange to a 30FF. You should definitely consider Frankie, both colourways are sooo adorable and I also love the co-ordinates 🙂

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