Four pieces of clothing I crave for full busts

26 Aug

I know, I’ve been awfully busy lately but I promise it’s gonna change very soon! I hate this phase that us Finns go through in late August: nothing feels appropriate to wear and nothing inspires since the weather gets all weird (warm before afternoon and chilly in the evenings). Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn; the colours, and layers of warm fuzzy clothing BUT I also hate it when my options get more limited the more I need to add those layers.

As many of my fellow bloggers have written as a full bust gal I also deserve to wear the latest trends, even though my boobs try to fight against it. I mean, girls, don’t fight the inevitable! I’ll always love fashion whether you want it or not. Here are some pieces of clothing that make me go gimme-gimme.

1. Bralet tops


Okay, maybe not a piece of clothing for autumn BUT I’d totally wear this pink bralet top by Made in Preston with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cardigan. I could make it work! Anyways, this is a piece I’ve wanted in my size for YEARS and now it’s finally made in full-bust sizes (bra size+ dress size = must work!). More of these, please! And crop tops for full busts in general.. Ooh, I’d definitely rock one with long sleeves for autumn! An aztec print crop top with long sleeves? Want one. (I’m sorry, I sometimes release my inner fashion designer and she gets wild.)

2. Peplums that don’t make me look like I’m pregnantImage

And these with long sleeves too? What is the thing that drives me gaga with peplums is how they are usually designed for shorter women with smaller boobs and waists and I’m NOT that girl! I’m the girl with broad shoulders, big boobies, arm flab and curves that only exist on my chest and belly so this is something that might never work for me. But I want it to work for me! So bad! This lovely peplum top is by Pepperberry which also sells clothes for busty women and I’d love to see how it works on my frame (probably badly but a girl can dream).

3. Leather jackets and winter coats that flatter curves


…And also want this one. I love these Oasis coats/jackets to death and could maybe, just MAYBE, make them work for me. What I noticed full-bust brands don’t really make are some warm outerwear options which would definitely be welcomed with cheers if someone would take the first step. Please, someone, anyone? I want to see unconventional styles and flattering cuts and most importantly waists that hit my actual waits, not my boobies. Brands; take notes.

4. Cardigans and long-sleeved options for autumnImage

This wrap-top by DD Atelier is just seriously cool but once again, even more options would be great. This would serve me as a basic with a little twist but I wan’t something completely silly and outrageous that fit my bust as well. That is something that is missing the industry and I’m dying to see more or even ANY crazy fashion-forward pieces from DD+ brands.

So this is it for the rant, now I need actions. There are sooo many girls out there and especially here in Scandinavia that don’t fit into the long-legs-straight-body frame and I want to see some serious options for us who really enjoy high-fashion but happen to own a pair of big boobs. I want us to have a choice, not only a few styles to settle for. Pretty please, we need those coats here in Finland.

What are the fashion pieces you’d want to fit you perfectly this autumn? 

2 Responses to “Four pieces of clothing I crave for full busts”

  1. amymeemee August 28, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    Great choices! I’d really like one of those fitted structures strapless dresses with cups, I just awkwardly quadboob out of topshop ones 😦

    • sophie August 28, 2013 at 10:04 am #

      Me too! And Topshop is probably the worst for full bust gals.. Though I freakin love their clothes :/ So sad.

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