More About Soph: The Hate Edition

17 Nov

Guess who’s back, gue-guess who’s back? It’s Slim Sh.. Soph! I couldn’t help myself, I love Eminem. Besides that I am full of love anyways right now so it feels a bit wrong to write a Hate Edition today. But! I need to calm down so I won’t be too happy cause really, there are so many good things in my life atm. I have met someone really nice (with my luck he’s reading this without me knowing it) and my birthday is on Saturday. 

However, since this is a Hate Edition after all I need to talk about some bad annoying things that I constantly come across in my life. I recently got ill and that is the reason I haven’t written a line in two whole weeks. I am constantly sleepy, taking naps and apparently I have some kinda infection in my body that is nowhere to be seen or found. It’s like a fucking ghost haunting me and no doctor can detect it. Final blood test results will be sorted tomorrow but I have a feeling they won’t find anything.. Stupid infection. Which leads us to my first “hate”…

Medical institutions

I can’t stand them. They scare the shit out of, I have to queue for hours and there are always sick smelly people and screaming children around. I know it sounds horrible and all but I can’t help it that each time I enter a hospital or a health-care centre I want to scream and cry out of pure anger. Also I hate the feeling of being in a mercy of another person and not knowing what’s wrong with me. Call me a control freak and it’s true.



I’m gross, I get it. I have trouble eating anything close to healthy and it disgusts me probably more than it disgusts you. I try to learn to eat veggies but they are not my thing. I mean broccoli, steamed veggies, cold meat mixed into a salad.. Ewww. I TRY seriously and ate really delicious veggie soup last Monday at my sister’s but other than that I hardly ever find vegetables tasty. Which leads me to hate..


People who bitch about food

Stop it! I don’t want to hear! I eat my candy, chocolate cake, pizza and cookies no matter what you say. YES, they have a lot of calories, YES they contain fat and sugar. So what? Seriously this might sound like I’m just annoyed but really it’s offensive to bitch about someone’s diet or moan about your own. How would you feel if you just recovered from eating disorder and everyone goes rubbing it against your face each time they get a chance? It’s not funny, it’s not “normal” in any sense. It’s offensive, hurtful and above all triggering. So yo bitches, don’t touch me ice cream.



Oh noes, you are not getting me up there. Elevators with glass walls, London Eye (above) and anything that goes above two feet above ground is a big no-no. I can’t go climbing, big bridges scare the shit out of me and it is actually pretty ridiculous. I have literally screamed aloud in a CHURCH when me and my mom took an elevator to the dome. I sat on the elevator floor and screamed out of horror.

Narrow-minded, selfish people who can’t even argue with me decently

Aka arseholes. I am not saying that I hate everyone who disagrees with me or is somehow different but when you pass judgment on me, look down on me or make a sexist “joke” I will not stay silent. That includes also in-laws, parents and employers. The last thing I will do is be silent when you act like a douchebag. I don’t have basic sense of humility or respect for authority (as my boss says, there is no need for respect if it’s not earned) so if you make a sexist joke, I will punch you in the face with my words. Deal with it.

Other things I loathe to death:

Banana strings, pea soup, spinach soup, school PE lessons, playing clarinet (don’t ask), studying natural science, stupid tv commercials, fish skin, bad bra fitters, bullies, being stopped by a fund raiser (I AM A FUCKING STUDENT I DON’T HAVE MONEY), being penniless, jeans or anything too tight and restrictive, men who are waaaaaaay too confident, scifi movies, Rammstein, autotune, paying bills, getting older, when stores are closed and I feel like eating cookies, losing someone, jealousy, people with no sense of humour and take themselves way too seriously, people who scream without a reason.


Hope that you found this interesting and be sure to check out my Love Edition for some more positive thoughts! 😉 I’ll be back soon with a Panache Sports Bra review so stay tuned lovelies. I promise to be more active now that I have almost completed all my uni work. AND my three month stay in Liverpool gets closer and closer which means even more blogging and exciting new posts for next year!

2 Responses to “More About Soph: The Hate Edition”

  1. Vesta November 22, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    I like what you wrote about the food critics and medical institutions. And a bunch of other things 🙂

    I do think though, that the word “hate” is grossly overused these days. Everybody either “loves” or “hates” stuff. My kids “hate” so many trivial things, you would not believe. I overuse the “hate” word a lot myself. Can’t help it. But in reality, most of the things we think we hate, we merely dislike, or are put off by, annoyed or displeased with, etc. Lately I have been making an effort to not use the word “hate” for every little thing that annoys me. My native language is Russian, and in Russian the word hate still holds its original meaning – it is not nearly as ubiquitous as it is in English, and when you say you hate something in Russian, you really mean the hugely negative emotion here. I am trying my best to make it so in my use of English as well.

    And I really am close to hating the fact that my boobs seem to have grown at least ½ a size in the last few months, so most of my bras are now too small. I think I am still in denial, so I am currently hating my bras cause they are hurting me and not looking as good as they used to. From love to hate, in one quick step… 🙂

    • sophie December 4, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

      I know, it’s kinda modern day mentality to hate/love everything. On the other hand, why feel anything between? I HATE (haha, did that again..) everything lame that has no passion to it and that’s why I use strong words. Cause I feel strongly of almost anything you might imagine. But anyways, growing boobs ARE a pain in the arse, mine grew a nice cupsize and a half so fitting into anything atm is.. well, a bit problematic.

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