Bra review: Mimi Holliday “Bisou Bisou” Maxi bra in 30G

8 Dec


Recently my boobs decided to grow about a cupsize, almost cupsize and a half. This couldn’t have come in any more inconvenient time since I am absolutely broke and really, I have no money to buy bras or actually anything else in addition to food right now. This is sad cause a well-fitting bra should be human right, a way to feel comfortable no matter how broke you were.

Well, I begged for my dad for some money and then “accidentally” bumped into this beautiful Bisou Bisou bra in 30G by Mimi Holliday. Not exactly the bra you buy when on budget but luckily I got this one on sale. AND it was my b-day a couple of weeks ago so I justify this purchase perfectly by the fact that I totally deserve it. But, onto the business…

Design: First of all I need to mention that I am a sucker for any Mimi bra out there. They have distinct style of their own, very girly yet inventive and sexy at the same time. I love their colour combos and really do mourn for the fact that most of their bras only come up to FF now that I’ve gained a cupsize.

This particular bra is well-known for its exquisite eyelash lace. The cups are fully made of the lace and the luxurious feel extends to the bra band which is made of pure silk. Also the colour combo is something I adore even if I had preferred the deep pink/ black version.

The shape of the bra is not something I usually prefer – it is very natural and does not give enough uplift to my Gs. Also this bra gives my boobs a bit of the “upside-down 7” look so I feel like it would suit full-on-bottom breasts better. With a decent tightening of the bra straps the shape is tolerable and I ended up deciding to keep the bra.

Fit: I have several fit issues with this bra so I’m gonna blurt them out first. The cups feel a bit small for G cups so I’d say they are more something between FF and G. I would be very interested in trying the in GG but as my boobs are a-symmetrical I feel like my right side would end up gaping. This makes the gore lift a bit from my sternum which is not great for stability and support. Nevertheless I don’t have any quadboob and am pretty satisfied with the cup depth.

The band of this bra on the other hand is great! It reminds me a bit of my old Curvy Kate bras (god bless their souls..) which are a bit on the stretchier side but ever so comfy. The bra band of Bisou Bisou is not as stretchy as a CK one but it definitely works for my true 30″ frame without any discomfort or cutting in. It is also pretty wide for only having two sets of hooks and eyes so the strain of my boobs is distributed to a more vast area.

Comfort: As said before this bra is very much like my CK bras in many ways. That is also the case when it comes to comfort issues. I LOVED my CK Portia for being such a comfy bra to wear eg around home and I’m glad that I have found someone to replace her (my Portia died just after a couple of moths of wear.. sad). Also this bra is very boudoir-style so I’m super happy it is also comfortable to wear for long periods on lazy Sundays.

Some might find the lace of the bra a bit scratchy since it’s not the kind of lace that appears on eg Fraulein Annie “Falling in Love” set or Panache “Jasmine”. It is more rigid ad thick and this is why it could irritate someone’s skin. However even with my excema I don’t find the lace scratchy at all and it feel quite comfy on my otherwise sensitive skin. I guess this is due to the high quality of the materials.

The bra straps are quite long and made out of silk. This may cause some problems when it comes to shorter torsos; straps falling off and reducing the support. I needed to shorten the straps almost all the way but after doing so I felt no discomfort what so ever. This is just something that need to be taken into consideration when evaluating the bra’s suitability for different body types.

Even though my first encounter with Mimi Holliday wasn’t ideal I’m eager to try some other styles before my final judgement of the brand. Mimi has some lovely styles in their new SS14 collection so I hope to have a second chance with her later on next year. Has anyone else tried Mimi Holliday and encountered the same fit problems? Please let me know in the comments, I would be very grateful! 

6 Responses to “Bra review: Mimi Holliday “Bisou Bisou” Maxi bra in 30G”

  1. Amber December 8, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    I have a few Mimi Holliday sets, and really the bra fit tends to run quite small. I don’t feel as if any of them fit perfectly. I too have asymmetrical breasts, so it’s hard for me to feel like I can size up without worrying about the smaller breast gaping at the top of the cup. I feel like it’s a lot of trial and error when fitting Mimi Holliday on larger busts. Next time I buy any of the brand I’ll be trying them on first before making a sizing choice as I usually got my sets online and couldn’t exactly try them on first to find the right fit. I thought this bra was so pretty too! Sorry it didn’t turn out to be the best bra for you. Oh and CK Portia is one of my favorites too. I’m thinking about buying extras in the Portia bra design.

    • jenna December 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm #

      I have some Mimi Holiday bras and similar fit issues. I find thwt the padded bras run about 1-2 cup sizes small, and the lace bras 1 cup size. The padded bras give a very rounded shape which I like, but the lace bras are very “natural” in shape. I have shortened the straps all the way, and because I have never had a too-short-straps – problem, someone else might have a problem with this. Also the padded (“plunge”) bras have very short cups in a way, that areolas are peaking out.
      Still I like Mimi Holliday very much and the colours especially.

  2. nothingeverfits December 8, 2013 at 9:05 pm #

    I have three of their Super Plunges. Sizing is inconsistent and it depends on colorway. So when I bought them, one of the bras was floating like half an inch, another laid flat and the third one was in between, right now I dropped half of cupsize and here is the most strange thing: the first is floating less, but the other two are fitting ok (I was thinking that my Nymphina will not fit me, but it still fits ok, no visible gaping). What I love about their bras even when they float, they are still very comfortable and they don’t move around when I move.

    • jenna December 11, 2013 at 12:18 pm #

      ^That is interesting, nothingeverfits!

      I find that the sizing is really consistent in Mimi Holliday. I have many super plunge bras and lacy comfort bras in different colours, and while my best size is 28FF, I also have many bras in sister sizes, and the cups of super plunge bras (in 28FF, 30F, 32E, etc) are quite identical. This is also true for the comfort bras :-/

      Maybe your bras had sizing errors?! Or then I´ve been extremely lucky with this!! Or then they´ve changed the fit. Really one of the best thing in Mimi Holliday for me has been the consistency in sizing!

      • nothingeverfits December 11, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

        I have Nymphina (bought it from ebay, so I don’t know when it was produced), Angelique Jet and Berry Fest (those two bought directly from their website at the same time last summer). Difference between Nymphina and Berry Fest is almost cupsize and Angelique Jet is somewhere in between. Bands on the last two is a little bit more snug, but I have no problems with any of them, they don’t move and there are not too tight on me.

      • jenna December 15, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

        I also have Berry Fest super plunge bra, but I don´t have Nymphina of Angelique Jet, so maybe those two have different sizing. I think they are older styles than the ones I own.

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