Presenting Full-Bust Innovators: SugarShape Lingerie

13 Dec

As a lingerie and a bra fit blogger I’m always on a quest to find new (at least to me) innovative full-bust brands that have a unique way to see and create things. I hugely admire brands that have something very recognizable in the way they work and so I bumped into a German lingerie brand SugarShape while venturing in the lingerie blogosphere. I was immediately struck by the distinctive way they worked and created their lingerie designs so I decided to reach out to the brand and ask them some details about what is the secret behind their immediate success. This company was founded no before than 2012 so surely there was some magic that happened behind the scenes.

The company was founded to fill a gap in the German lingerie market. Full-bust lingerie is definitely something new to middle Europe and so the two sisters behind SugarShape wanted to take the challenge to get women in well-fitting bras in Germany and countries nearby. They also wanted to create something that would truly meet the customers’ needs and decided to get them involved in the design process. This is how the brand’s unique approach to design was born and what makes them stand out from other full-bust companies.

To describe SugarShape’s design process I would use the words “inclusive” and “fun”. They have a specific section on their website to vote for the bra designs; everything from colour to pattern and so on. Also the names of the bra sets are decided by customers. This means that customers get the exact styles they want and only the features that THEY value get to go to production. Also the customers can customize their bras with little bra charms that can be attached to any Sugar Shape bra they choose.

To add another aspect to their customer relations SugarShape is committed to find out what they customers really like and prefer. There is a wishlist option on their website which allows customers to add their wishes when it comes to shapes, sizes and designs so that the company knows what needs still need to be responded. They also arrange fitting events to listen to their customers and at the same time spread the knowledge on bra fit and their amazing brand.

When it comes to sizing SugarShape has created an entirely own system that is free of size-related emotions and restrictions. They use underbust and overbust cm measurements to dictate your bra size so there are no cupsizes that might trigger the dreaded letterphobia. To me this seems like a great way to get women in well-fitting bras without any drama usually attached to big cups. In practice this cm based sizing means taking your tight underbust and loose overbust (with a bra on) measurements in cm’s and then matching them with the closest size available. Eg my underbust measurement in roughly 73 cm so I would probably opt for  a 75 cm band.


“Leyla” looks like a great basic with a sexy twist. Just what a girl wants in an everyday bra!

So what is in store for SugarShape in the future? Today SugarShape ships mainly to Germany, Austria and Switzerland but they also deliver to other parts of the world when contacted by e-mail. To make international customer relationships easier SugarShape will also launch their English e-commerce site soon, so keep checking their social media platforms and website for that! There will also be a lot of new styles up for grabs in the beginning of year 2014 which I personally can’t wait to see.

I would like all of you to keep in mind that SugarShape wants to produce sizes and styles that we customers actually need so please be active and reach out to them if there is something you’d like to see when it comes to their designs. At the moment their size range delivers to women with 63-103 cm underbust and 78-123 cm overbust but they are willing to expand the size range if there is a true demand for it! This is a great brand to contact if there is something you can’t find elsewhere so I would encourage everyone to take part in their design process 😉

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