Diving into SS14 – My lingerie picks from Eveden, Panache & Curvy Kate

16 Dec

AW13 season was quite blunt to me when it came to lingerie and there was not much my regular go-to brands offered to a young fashion-seeking customer. As I went through preview pics of SS14 collections I felt a glimpse of hope since compared to our latest season there was much more innovation and colour involved. Today I’m gonna dive into the offerings of “the big guns” – Freya, Fantasie, Panache & Curvy Kate – and introduce you to my SS14 lingerie favourites.



Deco Original in Lagoon and Deco Honey in Topaz. I have loved Freya’s Deco range since I first had my Deco on back in spring 2013. The cleavage is phenomenal and the shape outrageously rounded. However I grew out of Deco Honey so this spring I’m on a quest to find myself a new Deco. I will probably go for the Lagoon colourway since it’s definitely something more unique the Deco range has ever provided and this time I’ll be opting for a size 30G. Also I love the Topaz since it is such a bright neon shade. I might be tempted to buy them both…



Elodie in Raspberry, Melissa in Soft Pink, Robyn and Vivienne in Silver. I really think that Fantasie upped their ante this season and delivers some astonishing luxurious styles to us with their SS14 collection. I would probably pick Elodie as my favourite but all the designs above are breathtaking. On the other hand Fantasie’s luxury label Fauve got completely off the track this season and this is why I did not include any designs from the Fauve collection. I don’t own any Fantasie bras yet but would be glad to try some out now that they have come up with new younger styles.

Panache Superbra


Clara in Turkish Delight and Idina Balconette in Blossom. I was a little bit disappointed with Panache’s designs this spring season but this has also something to do with my own taste evolving and getting more “playfully sexy” as I’d describe it. Panache is still a bit too adult and plain to satisfy my desire for unique styles and clashing colourways so maybe the blame is on our age gap. However I found these too styles to be very appealing even though they are not quite my usual style. Clara is super sexy in the new colourway and I love how it somehow reminds me of Indian fabrics and the smell of spices. Idina on the other hand is very sweet retro style that could be a great basic for so many women with fair skin tone.

Cleo by Panache


Lily in Magenta/Orange, Maddie Animal and Marcie in Yellow. Oh Cleo! I have always loved you and my love will never fade since once again you delight me with your incomparable colour combos and fun flirty designs. Though these styles do not scream “sexy” I would definitely describe them playful and funky. I am not always in a very sexy mood (*cough* period *cough*) and this is where I usually enter the fun. I have been drooling over the yellow Marcie since I first heard rumours of it and now that I still need to wait three whole months (!) for it I might just cry. Also I could really do with the new Maddie Animal style since it would be a great addition to my t-shirt bra collection. 

Curvy Kate


The Starlet in Tigerlilly, The Carmen in Rose and The Portia in Lime/Rose. This SS14 I feel like so many lingerie brands got back in the business with a BANG. One of those brands were definitely Curvy Kate which has been a favourite of mine since forever. Sadly AW13 brought nothing new to me and I ended up skipping the CK collection all together. However they are definitely back with one of their strongest collections and I’ll be especially curious to see if I had a better luck with this new Portia colourway. My seafoam Portia unfortunately died after a couple of months of wear so I’m curious to see whether the new Portia will live a little longer. Also the fit of their new collection intrigues me a lot so we’ll see… I’m ready to get surprised 😉

These were my favourite styles for SS14 and I’m hoping to be trying out at least a few of them and add a couple to my lingerie drawers. What styles and/or collections are you most looking forward to for SS14?

7 Responses to “Diving into SS14 – My lingerie picks from Eveden, Panache & Curvy Kate”

  1. Maggie December 16, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Yellow Marcie ❤ Love it! Have to get it.

  2. Vesta December 16, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    I actually really hate that yellow Marcie 😀 I might still get it, because I love Marcie, and cause it would be a decent “nude” bra in the absence of actual “nude” bras in my wardrobe. But really, of all colors, they come out with yellow. 😦

    Very curious about the CK longline…

    • sophie December 21, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

      Can’t wait for Cleo to release Marcie in basic colours! I think it’s gonna happen but I’ll check anyways when I get to go to Moda Exhibition in Feb.

  3. Mervi (from Lumingerie) December 16, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    When I saw the SS14 collections earlier this year (we’ve made our SS14 orders around Aug-Sep) I was at least as excited as you are: so many bright colours! It was so difficult to choose anything because I really wanted to order everything! But I managed to pick some after pondering for a few weeks, and I see here some of those that we have coming in spring. 😉

    By the way, I think the colours on the Decos are a bit off on the pictures, at least the green Deco Honey is more like mint green than bright apple green in nature. The colour is actually very close to the Jade green which was just launched a few weeks ago, just a few shades lighter. (Which honestly I really don’t understand, why bring two very similar colours just a few months apart?)

    • sophie December 21, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

      Aww it must be so difficult to predict what will actually SELL instead of just looking fun and pretty. I would be a horrible store owner since I’d just go for the ones I love 😀

      Good to know about the Deco! I’ve been thinking which one I’ll actually buy, the Jade or the new SS14 version but I’m actually leaning towards just skipping them both and buying the Lagoon. I hate it when stock photos lie 😦 A yellow Deco Honey would have been a great alternative for spring for example!

  4. braguide December 17, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    Love the Panache Idina panties. Shows that sexy doesn’t have to mean skimpy.

  5. braberliner December 20, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

    Blossom Idina and magenta Lily my seasonable favourites.

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