Moda Exhibition – Preview of Curvy Kate AW14 collection

18 Feb



Curvy Kate has always held a special place in my heart for being the first brand I tried in my real size. I have cherished their sets and cried over each one I’ve grown out of, well almost at least. I have bought the sets over and over again and felt amazing and comfy each time. Curvy Kate was also one of the brands I most anticipated seeing at Moda and so it was the first company I ran to when entering the great exhibition hall. Their latest AW13 collection never got that close to my heart so the hopes for AW14 were high.Image

Dare with amazing silver embroidery! 

First when I saw Curvy Kate stand what stood out were the amazing colours of the new collection. To me, they were very fearless and fashion-forward with all the turquoise and magenta shades which surprisingly turned out to be a big hit in other collection as well. These colours were extremely juicy and delicious which is exactly what I expect from Curvy Kate. I was also pleased to see so many new unpadded styles which included a lot of designs for different kind of occasions and different kind of women. ImageImageImage

Jewel, Ritzy and the Coppafeel bra in rich tones of red and raspberry!

As always, red was a big hit for autumn and especially for Christmas season and it’s one of my personal favourites which is why I always love to see designers using it in their collections. I loved the new Ritzy in red which was perhaps my ultimate favourite from the whole collection. I will get my hands on the black version very soon so expect a review in a couple of weeks! I still might might get the red version as well, so lovely it was.

More traditional very CK-like sets were Daisy and Jewel which were gorgeous unpadded styles in very vibrant shades of red. I especially loved the little diamante detail on the center gore of Jewel, very grown-up yet fun and luxurious. For a more basic everyday wear I found the new Coppafeel collaboration set to be perfect – my fave t-shirt bra Smoothie turned into a quirky hand-print style that donates £1 for each bra to Coppafeel breast cancer charity! Also was pleased to see how the thong was made completely seamless to prevent VPL. This bra will remind you to cop a feel every now and then – it’s important to check your boobs even at young age. ImageImageImageImage

Starlet, Dreamcatcher, Princess and Roxie, the classic CK styles transformed by a seaside colour scheme! 

Blue being one of the most flattering shades for me and many Finns alike I was pleased to see it was one of the colour trends for AW14. Curvy Kate managed to bring it in the collection in a very versatile way – mixing many shades from turquoise to navy and electric blue. Also love love love the combination of magenta and turquoise in the Starlet and Dreamcatcher, it looks super fresh and young!

What I found interesting was the choice of a cami in the collection – I think I haven’t see a bra sized one ever! Now Curvy Kate has brought a choice for those women who don’t find babydolls practical and still want something sexy for a night out. I also think that the navy blue shade is awesome and sexy, I almost like it more than the black Roxie we saw this spring. Navy also suits many more skin tones than black which makes it a more flattering choice for many women. 

Here are my thoughts of the new Curvy Kate collection, what are yours? Any favourites? Remember that by commenting you will also send a message to many retailers making their next season choices! What you ask is what you get 😉

6 Responses to “Moda Exhibition – Preview of Curvy Kate AW14 collection”

  1. Ruth Smith February 19, 2014 at 12:02 am #

    I’m waiting for the copafeel smoothie and the red smoothie with the new improved high waisted pants!!! Although I am feeling the red ritzey too! But the purple princess looks lush on and that navy roxie looks stunning! I’m hoping my boobs decide they want to love curvy kate as much as the rest of me does!

    • sophie February 26, 2014 at 12:20 am #

      Could you get away with eg the Roxie since it has a lower gore? I hope you find the right fit and style for you in Curvy Kate since they do have some wonderful designs! Especially excited about the new high-waisted Smoothie pants as well 😉

  2. undertheunders February 19, 2014 at 5:14 pm #

    aaaaaaaah I need this dreamcatcher. although I usually prefer padded ones, this is perfect ❤

    • sophie February 26, 2014 at 12:21 am #

      It’s so girly, isn’t it! I would love to try out some of their new unpadded styles as well since I grew out of my Portia and Romance ages ago…

  3. Sandy February 21, 2014 at 6:14 am #

    I always feel like the odd-woman out when it comes to Curvy Kate. I see everyone raving about the brand on the web and I can never muster the same level of enthusiasm. They have one design that I absolutely love: The Tease Me (although I’m not a fan of the more recent colorways). The rest is pretty much “meh”. They offer a lot of soft-cups which I generally try to avoid because I’m on the smaller end of the “full-bust” spectrum and need all the boost I can get. I own 2 Cleos (soon to be 3 when the yellow Cleo Marcie comes out) because they do give a lovely, rounded shape but CK’s softcups don’t appeal to me (when it comes to design and shape. I only wear them at home at weekends when I’m just relaxing. CK’s padded half-cups (my favorite kind of bra) make me wary: I’m always afraid they won’t offer the same boost and shape as the Freya Deco and so far none of them had a design that could make me overcome that fear and take the plunge. And it looks like AW14 won’t change anything for me. There’s nothing there calling to me. Whereas I already know I’m going to splurge on Gossard’s Retrolution, Cleo’s Marcie and Christina and Masquerade’s Celene.

    • sophie February 26, 2014 at 12:23 am #

      Hiya! It’s all alright, we have our preferences and not everything works for everyone 🙂 I love CK cause it’s usually very much my style and their bras fit me wonderfully, especially the padded ones. I agree that the unpadded bras don’t compliment my shape that well either but they are super comfy so that’s why I keep buying and wearing them.

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