Moda Exhibition – Preview of the AW14 Eveden collections

26 Feb

Hi dear readers! Today I continue previewing the lovely new AW14 collection and next up is the Eveden brands; Freya, Fantasie, Fauve and Elomi. I will be focusing more on the first three since I’m not plus size and have no idea how to review that kind of bras, from a construction point of view. But, I will have a treat for you Elomi-fans in the end of the post since I saw this beeeeautiful bra that I wanna show y’all. 


I have always been most fond of Freya when it comes to Eveden brands; it’s their most youthful line with bright colours and quirky prints which makes it a great option for 20-something girls like me. The past couple of seasons however I have not seen that many deligthful designs from them which is why I was super-eager to see if they’d come up with something fun for the AW14 collection – and I was not disappointed. Decos had become even more lovely in their animal prints and bright jewel tones and neon colours had reached the Freya collection as so many others seen at Moda.


The Freya’s best seller Deco range had gained a few more members and renewed some of its old styles into new colourways. What especially caught my eye this season were the amazing Deco Charm in the new Fuchsia shade and also the more everyday look of Deco Spotlight, which I adored for its beautiful lilac shade. I also love how Deco has finally been turned into a animal print version which is a nice welcome to full-bust world. This pattern was also seen in a other collections but maybe in a more evening-wear way. The leopard-print Deco brings a nice sassy addition to one’s everyday look which is what I really like about it.

What really struck me about the Deco range this time was the fact that there was something for everyone; I could easily see me, my mom and my sister wearing certain pieces which is awesome regarding the popularity of the range amongst women of all ages, tastes and styles. Deco is truly an every-occasion style which can camouflage both into everyday and evening-look. In one sentence; all of my friends who I’ve introduced Deco to, have loved it to death.


With their other new styles I really felt like Freya got back to pleasing the young eye; it has all the neon brights and fun prints we are used to seeing from it. I find myself already leaning towards the more adult-appropriate lingerie but to see such nice colourways made me truly happy for those Freya girls who have been waiting for them the past couple of season. I would also say the designs were very girly; something I would have loved to wear as a busty teenager a few years ago.

What really caught my eye from the whole Freya lingerie collection was the new Pansy longline with adorable little violets on it! I would die to get my hands on that bra and am absolutely gutted I still have to wait until autumn to get my mittens on it. However, this design is exactly what my lingerie wardrobe craves – something fun yet quite sexy and feminine. I think the print is gorgeous and trendy and it’s definitely my favourite Freya design of all times (yes, even better than the Arabella!).


Freya Swimwear 

Oh hell yes! With their swimwear collection Freya hit the jackpot since it brings the funky 60’s and 70’s trends to swimwear world as well. I have seen dresses on high street with these kind of prints which is why I loved how Freya had made the perfect pair of bikinis to wear under those retro pieces I have been lusting for. Also the colours were amazing – I love a good portion of red and the shade was so appropriate for summer, a very bright hue with a dash of orange in it. So me!

Fantasie and Fauve are both brands I admire from a far partly because of their more grown-up styling and partly because of their also more grown-up price range. I love Fauve’s Bronte for its luxurious design but must say that I had terrible comfort issues with it according to my excema and bony ribcage. Otherwise my boobs got pretty well on with the fit but that’s about all I can say about Fauve. Lovely designs, just not for me.

Grown-up doesn’t have to mean boring though and I loved some of the styles Fantasie and Fauve presented for next season. I was especially thrilled with the unusual colour combinations and the amazing water colour prints that I saw. These brands are probably not something my super-traditional mom would wear but great for someone in her 30’s – the collections were luxurious but still quite young and fashion-forward with a feminine touch.




Last but not least Elomi which is very well known and loved in the lingerie-blogging world. I have not been following the brand too keenly because I don’t fit into their size range but this beauty above just stunned me with its sexiness. I love how Elomi had several options for different tastes; something for the wild and something for the sultry. I think this brand just upped their ante and with this design it hit the jackpot and probably will be a popular choice among their target market. I could easily see a couple of my dear friends lusting over this gorgeous design and the padded cups will make it even a more bet-safe hit.

Here were my Eveden favourites, now I’d like to know which ones were yours! Let me know in the comments xx

9 Responses to “Moda Exhibition – Preview of the AW14 Eveden collections”

  1. isabel February 26, 2014 at 11:50 am #

    Freya … way too much concentration on Deco its a good t shirt bra but not for everyone so would only stock the basic colour and order from that. They cut down on the ranges to push deco whuch is a shame . Love fantasie and the jana us an ace t shirt bra good shape and pretty for a smooth bra. Elomi is FAB the Betty GORGEOUS shame they,ve stopped Rennee as rhar was an ace fitting . And Caitlyn is a good basic bra. The 1230 strapless is Excellent especially for bridal

    • sophie February 26, 2014 at 4:51 pm #

      I really love the Deco but understand what you are saying. On the other hand I understand that they wanna make something that clearly sells, a lot. I also disagree on the colour aspect, I actually like the Decos with more colour and prints since I will never ever buy a plain beige or black t-shirt bra anymore.

  2. Argie February 26, 2014 at 3:33 pm #

    What I’m looking for from Fantasie is straps that don’t fall off my narrow shoulders. Any idea of they are aware of those concerns? And I’m not trying to be too specific because I see many comments from women who have that problem with many brands/styles. I’d also like to see Fantasie carry the color to their straps. Could you pretty please tell them I asked for those things?!

    • sophie February 26, 2014 at 4:53 pm #

      I will be in contact with Eveden soon and let them know about your concerns. The straps with specific design or fabric might reduce the practicality of the bra though, so that might be one of the reasons their not doing it yet. But I’ll forward your message! 🙂

    • Bras I Hate and Love March 1, 2014 at 11:20 pm #

      Fantasie already makes a bra to fill this need–the Esme has straps that are closer together in the back so as to not fall off narrow shoulders.

      • Argie March 1, 2014 at 11:24 pm #

        While it’s nice they have ONE style like that, Esme is not a style I can wear. Would be nice if they had more than one style that fit those of us with smaller frames/narrower/sloping shoulders.

  3. Mika February 26, 2014 at 11:46 pm #

    Nice colours, some interesting patterns, in the bras. Swimwear is pretty similar to something they have done before. I think the focus on Deco is a bit too big too, but I probably think that way since I am so beyond their range (30J). I just don’t feel Freya is doing as much as Panache/Cleo is for J and beyond, let alone Bravissimo. Even Marvel stops as H; also a bit surprised to see no new Marvel, I hope it was not a one-time fling, as I really hope they extend it into bigger cups. I hope the yellow plunge goes to J, it’s a quite interesting pattern, not exactly floral, but more geometric-ish in a sense.

  4. My Bradventures March 3, 2014 at 8:09 am #

    I’ve really liked some of the offerings from Fantaisie and Fauve in the past but I’m always so disappointed they don’t offer 28 bands. I bought one Fantaisie bra in a 30 band and swore I would never do it again because it was just too loose. It’s unwearable even with a Rixie clip. I fell in love with the Fauve Bronte (in the spice colorway) but no way was I going to pay that much money for a 30 band. I would love to see these two brands expend their size-range.

    About Freya, I’m one of those people that are happy they’re pushing for the Deco because it’s the only bra they make that I like (make that “love”). Unfortunately, the bands in the Deco range run so loose that I have to wear the bras on the last hook and it seriously shorten their lives. I just don’t understand why Freya hasn’t fixed this problem. It would be a minor thing to fix on their end and would have such a huge positive effect on ours, the customers. As it is, the minute I find a bra that gives me the same shape and “oomph”, I’m quitting the Deco and Freya.

    • sophie March 3, 2014 at 2:44 pm #

      Hmm, Freya actually HAS made their bands smaller so if you haven’t tried the very latest versions of Deco, you might have not noticed it! I used to wear 28 in Freya but now 30 feels way more tighter than before (on my 29-30″ ribcage). On the other hand, they have also made their cups smaller which is a crying shame. If your ribcage measurement is smaller than 28″ the bands might still feel loose to you. This is not be fixed my making their bands even tighter but to iclude eg 26 bands in their line which would be a great size addition to so many brands! 26″ women are out there and they should be acknowledged.

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