Review of Curvy Kate “Ritzy” babydoll in 30GG

29 Mar

AW13 season brought something quite new for us full-bust girls – babydolls. Various brands took up the challenge to create a full-bust friendly bra sized babydoll and so many of them were instant hits on the lingerie blogosphere. There was also a lot of variety when it came to styles as well; some plunges (Curvy Kate ”Lola”), padded balconettes (Curvy Kate ”Ritzy”) and also a very nice unpadded option from Cleo in their best selling ”Marcie” style. Babydolls continued their revolution for the next season as well, there is eg a very sexy little number by Parfait still yet to come.

When I won the Bras and Body Image blogiversary competition and got to choose one set of Curvy Kate lingerie. As I already own a bunch of really practical everyday sets I decided to go for something more boudoir and opted for the lovely Ritzy babydoll and shorts. I already knew Ritzy would be a great match with my full-on-top breasts since it’s a very traditional CK balconette so I was so excited when it arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

Design: As said, Ritzy features balconette style cups with a mesh-y bottom part. The materials are pretty smooth and feel good quality. It also has very versatile colour combo; black pinstripe-kind of fabric with a creamy undertone peaking through the stripes. This is quite a traditional combination for a boudoir piece which is not really my thing since black is sometimes too overrated when creating ”sexy” lingerie. This is why I really loved what Curvy Kate did with their AW14 version of Ritzy as it’s a very lovely shade of red, a colour that I prefer when opting for something sexy. However, if they continue recreating the Ritzy I would go even further and make this beauty probably electric blue, magenta or something even more funky.

The cups feature two-part cup construction with a very horizontal line on the top of the cups. This makes the cups quite open at the top and give more space for upper fullness. The babydoll gives my breasts a pretty rounded shape but there is no cleavage in sight, which is kind of sad regarding that babydolls are usually pretty much just for bedroom purposes. This is how ever just incompatibility with my breasts since I know this bra gives tons of cleavage to some of my blogger friends, eg. Bras and Body Image’s Anna.

The fit: When I first saw the pictures of Ritzy I thought it would be a perfect match with my boobs – a balconette shape very similar to the likes of “Tease Me” and “Entice”, both great for full-on-top shapes. The style IS indeed a great match with FOT breasts but somehow the fit on me is not perfect like with other similar styles. Somehow, it almost feels like Ritzy is too shallow for me – the cups fold ever-so-slightly in the bottom which is usually a sign of too little cup-depth.

The sizing is very consistent yet again and I would advise you to go for your regular Curvy Kate size with this one (comparing to other recent styles, the older collections’ sizing is a bit more inconsistent). My 30GG feels perfectly secure and comfortable in the band and the cups fit pretty well despite the depth-issue. Wires are in an excellent spot for me and this is why I always applause Curvy Kate. The gore is quite high due to the balconette shape and sits flush on my sternum. The dress part of the babydoll is a very good size for me but the keyhole detail in the back sits a bit weirdly so I would maybe require a bit more fabric to that part of the dress. More booty-room that is! Other wise I think the style is very flattering and gives nicely some coverage without being too clingy or long etc.

Comfort: Usually Curvy Kate bras are my most comfortable ones but with Ritzy the comfort aspects were not as perfect as ever. I felt like there’s a one very fixable detail that would improve this style tremendously – the straps. I love how the straps are made fully-adjustable but the placing is just a bit off for me. For someone with wider shoulders this can work perfectly fine but for me the straps were just a bit too far away from each other which ended up in some chaffing around my armpits.

Otherwise the Ritzy babydoll is quite comfy and made of very soft fabrics great for more sensitive skin types. I loved how the dress part felt on my skin and also the band and wires were comfort-wise very spot-on as ever. The shorts going with the set feel nice against my skin since they are made of the same fabrics as the babydoll. Also the size 8 was pretty good me even though I always feel like being a bit between sizes 8 and 10 when it comes to Curvy Kate.

This babydoll comes in sizes 28-38 D-J, shorts in sizes 8-20. You can get it at Figleaves, Mio Destino and Bare Necessities.

Have a lovely weekend y’all and if you have any questions or comments about Ritzy, just let me know in the comment box! xx


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