Review of the Ewa Michalak “SM Mgielka” in 70G

18 Jun

I was very hesitant to make my first order on Ewa Michalak but after my boyfriend got his first paycheck from new his job, he decided to take the plunge for me. I have never had an Ewa bra before meaning the sizing worried me. I had heard the bands usually run a little small so I went for my regular Polish band size 70/32. With a little help of my blogger friends (thanks to y’all <3) I decided to settle for a size 32G which is a sister size to my usual 30GG. The EM sizing guide would put me somewhere near 75FF/G but as a believer in firm bands I decided to stick to my best guess meaning 70. My boyfriend was also sweet enough to buy me the co-ordinates so you’ll hear the comments on both the bra and the panties. Let’s see how SM Mgielka worked for me!
The design: First of all, as you can see the bra is completely sheer so if that’s not your thing, don’t consider. However, sheerness is SO my thing and I absolutely love this set for it! Excuse the nipples btw, women have them and I don’t see the reason to cover them (so get over it). The design of the bra is very striking with the thick black seaming going around the bra. I don’t own much black lingerie anymore but I do love it once it’s beautifully crafted! I think Ewa has managed to design a beautiful not-boring black bra to fill full-bust market’s gap for sexy sheer lingerie and I’m very happy that I gave it a try. I also adore the huge bow on the front, so cute!

I think the shape of the bra is one of the best I can get in a non-padded bra. “SM” in the bra’s name stands for a unpadded balconette, a one that gives more coverage and uplift for a medium-to-large bust. For me this is actually one of the bras that give me a little less coverage than my average bra so I would be very interested to try some other Ewa Michalak styles as well (I already have my eyes on the PL Slowianki!). The shape is quite naturally curved but extremely uplifted because of the well-placed seaming and the three-part cup construction.
The Fit: The fit of the bra is very good except I probably could have gone up a cupsize meaning I am probably somewhere between 70G and 70GG. My smaller boob is completely fine but I just feel like the upper panel of the other cups is pressing my bigger boob a bit. However, I’m not spilling out notably and the bra feels good on. Even wearing it for the whole day there is no spillage whatsoever. The shape of the bra however might be a bit better suited for someone with lower fullness. However I feel like the bra gives me such great uplift I can’t part with it and would welcome many more SM bras in my lingerie wardrobe!

The band of the 70G feels snug yet quite stretchy meaning it is about the same as eg some 30-band Curvy Kate styles I own. So with this style, if you are between sizes or prefer looser bands for comfort, I would go up from your regular British band size. The wires are very narrow which are just wide enough for me, if they would be any narrower I think they would stab my breast tissue. The cups are medium depth in my opinion so they are quite spot on for me.
Comfort: This bra is so comfy! I feel like the band is just stretchy enough for me to not even notice that I’m wearing a bra and the wires come so low they don’t poke under my arm. The wires feel quite flexible too so they don’t stab my ribs nor my sternum painfully even though the gore lies flat as it should. The mesh and the lace are probably not the most conventional or best material for someone with excema but so far I haven’t had any discomfort regarding them. The straps are placed well for me and stay up hrough the day without readjusting. Also I like the little detail of the strap attaching to a wider sling on the top of the cup.
The Co-ordinates: The thong is so cute I knew right away it would be my choice for the co-ordinates! There is also the option of a classic brief but I really like the thicker upper panel of the back of the thong which flatters my butt greatly and gives more coverage than your average thong. The big bows are so darn cute and I’m also a big fan of the ruffle! This thong is also very comfy and feels great even under the skinniest jeans. The crotch area is quite thin so do think about that if it generally bothers you with panties. However, it’s not the most skimpiest thong I’ve ever seen so I’m quite happy. The lace edge at the top part of the thong is not stretchy at all so do keep that in mind when opting for a size. I got mine size 8/36 and it fits perfectly!

All in all, I’m very impressed with my SM Mgielka and am already drooling over some other styles, including PL Slowianki and the new sweet SM Bialy Bez. Also the prize of this set is not bad at all! I paid about 55€ for mine including shipping. To Finland, it took only four (!) days to deliver so I was quite happy about the speedy delivery as well. Also Ewa’s team kept me posted on everything that happened regarding my order so I wasn’t left wondering at any stage of the process.

Has anyone of you tried Ewa and what do you think of her bras? Also, if you have an opinion, should I try the 70GG next time, just for comparison? I would love to hear so please do drop me a comment! xx

9 Responses to “Review of the Ewa Michalak “SM Mgielka” in 70G”

  1. faustineli June 19, 2014 at 12:09 am #

    I find EM wires are a little too narrow for me in HP, PL, CHP, CH, etc and dig into the sides of my breasts. However, the S and SM shapes look like a ton of fun and I may try them again someday. Shipping to the US is a bunch and they charged me EU VAT tax despite the US not being in the EU (also they only take Paypal and there’s a surcharge for that), so I haven’t looked in a while, as they end up being more expensive for me than full-price British bras.

    • anjaeverydayboudoir June 19, 2014 at 6:12 am #

      Hi Sophie,
      thank you for this detailled review (as always)!
      Being a 75G at Ewa Michalak at the moment and full on top, too, I would recommend the SM Trefl or SM Wrózka (or my newest favourite – the BM style). Okay, they are not sheer, but pretty suitable for FOT breasts and could work in 70G.
      I also think that 70GG would be a good idea for the sheer SM bras 🙂

      • sophie July 1, 2014 at 4:58 pm #

        Hi! Thanks for the advice. I have not heard of the BM style, what is it like? 🙂

    • sophie July 1, 2014 at 4:59 pm #

      Blorgh, that sucks! I am so lucky to live within EU, everything is pretty here shipping-wise. Ewa sets are so pretty though that I would buy them even if I lived in US!

  2. Nana June 25, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    For size comparison I have a few notes from my experience. I can say that for me the 65 FF is small in the cup, 65 G is a bit too big. 70 FF is perfect in each style. However the band feels fine in each size mentioned. (My under bust is 70 cm, over bust standing 94-98 (depending on a bra)). So sister sizing did not work as I thought it would.
    Also I found that their online calculator gave me the correct size – 70FF. I have read many reviews that say this was not the case for them, but for me it worked. Initially I wanted to take 65 bands, since I thought I needed a tighter band to hold me up. But since wearing my 70 FF’s I must say I feel happiest I ever have about my lingerie.

    • sophie July 1, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

      Hmm, seems like the EM sizing is indeed a bit different than the UK one or with any other brand I know.Thanks for commenting, this kinda info is always useful! x

  3. ANGELA JORDON June 28, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    Great tips thanks for the informative review.


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