Update: Gossard “Super Smooth” reviewed

20 Jul

Recently I was sent the Gossard “Super Smooth” bra since the Gossard team wanted me to have a look and feel of the bra, even though it didn’t come in my size (sizes up to E-cup). You can find my original post here. Luckily, just before I was about to send the bra back for not fitting any of my friends, my best friend Jo came over to my house and before she was leaving I decided to try the bra on her even though she was 28F/30E rather than 32D. However, I thought she would be a closer size to the bra than I would ever be and this is why I asked her to try it on.

As we know by now, Gossard runs a bit differently from other lingerie brands – I think their fit is closer to the bras that were made a couple of decades ago with their bigger cups and tighter bands. For reference I take a 32FF with Gossard even though I usually wear a 30GG with most brands. This is why the 32D was actually quite close to my friend’s true Gossard size which would probably be 30DD (one band size up and one cup size down from her usual size). She tried the bra on (we both looooove lingerie!) and to both of our surprise, it fitted rather well!

(Sorry for the blurry pics, my new camera was not co-operating.)

Her first reaction: “Dear God, I could swing a credit card through this cleavage!” And boy it was true. I knew this bra would be great for super-showy cleavage but in the right size, the bra looked magnificent. Of course I told Jo to keep the bra and tell me a few days later what it felt like. Looks-wise the bra was already a hit – not a choice for everyone but at least a great option for a basic black everyday bra. The plunge shape is great for low-cut shirts and dresses. I have noticed my friend wearing it with multiple outfits, from festive overalls to flow-y see-through tops. (I know, it’s weird but I almost always know which bra Jo is wearing, what a creep I am..)

After a week or two I asked for comments and there were both pros and cons when it comes to fit and comfort. (Of course the 30DD would have a been a closer call with Jo’s small frame but as she tightened the band to the tightest set of hooks, it fitted actually really well) First of all the bra doesn’t feel like a wireless bra since the lower part of the cups feature wide slings beneath the breasts to hold them up and keep you supported. It also gives you a lot of lift and a sturdy feeling of wearing an “almost-wired” bra without any pain or discomfort. However, in the summer heat it’s also a pretty hot choice when you bra is supported by several layers of fabric and some extra padding as well. Luckily this heat is an exception and in normal Finnish weather the bra feels great on.

Jo has pretty full-on-bottom breasts as opposed to mine which are more full-on-top. I think the bra works really well with her shape and the cups don’t gap or have any overspill. The push-up padding lifts the breasts up and forward to give the bust the ultimate cleavage but also great support, shape and uplift. I would say that this bra style would also suit people with rather soft breasts.

Now there’s one thing about this style Gossard could definitely improve – the straps. Jo has a very petite frame which means she needs to tighten the straps to the max since they are not fully-adjustable. The straps are also quite slippery, so the adjuster slides up the straps after a few wears. Also the straps are a bit flimsy (=thin) which some people actually love for the look of them. With D+ busts a bit thicker and sturdier straps are much appreciated and this was the only thing Jo reported she would have changed about the bra.

All in all the bra was a great match with Jo’s breasts and lifestyle. She is a lover of great basics that are both discreet and practical which Super Smooth definitely is. If you want to give this bra a chance in your collection of basic everyday underwear, click here. Also, if you wanna a second opinion, check out Marielle’s review here. Have a lovely upcoming week y’all! xx

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    […] previous description of the fit, I suggest you look into our first post of this particular bra, HERE (click!). What has changed though is the bra size Jo is wearing this time – the black Super […]

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