Bra Review: Gossard “Botanical” in 32FF

22 Aug

This review is a bit late I must admit but even though I didn’t have tons of reviews on my to-do list, life happened and I got extremely stressed about work and other stuff. Well, now only three days of work ahead and then sweet freedom babes! Another uni year to start and another new apartment to move into. I would say this is starting life anew and making it all fresh again. However, I felt a bit guilty from not reviewing this beauty for a long time so here it finally is – Gossard “Botanical”. I have worn this bra over the last month for so many times and here’s the reason why…

DSC_0182 DSC_0183
The Design: So luxurious! The style is a moulded cup t-shirt bra with a luxurious satin overlay and lace detailing. The print is very Gossard and is actually adorning some of their packaging materials as well. Even though the style was released in May, Botanical feels very autumn-y for me and very appropriate for this season. In Finland the autumn has hit us hard with its rain and cloudy weather – and I actually quite like it. The rich magenta, purple and orange tones remind me of autumn colours – something that is very familiar to us Finns. I love how the shades compliment my skin and how the satin makes such an everyday t-shirt style also very nighttime-appropriate. 

Botanical gives me a very rounded look which I really like. However, the in-your-face look of the bra is not everyone’s cup of tea; I’m just glad it usually is mine. The cleavage is MASSIVE to use one word and makes a few heads turn when worn with a plunging neckline. It’s a great plunge style that is very versatile. The colour is not best under light-coloured clothing but fortunately it’s not my thing anyway. I have been wearing this bra with my Tuba dress and it looks lovely, even when “accidentally” peeking out of the neckline.

DSC_0185 DSC_0221
The Fit: Gossard always manages to fit me well in most of their styles which is a miracle on its own. However, this just might be my best-fitting Gossard so far and thus one of my ultimate favourites when it comes to fit. I got the bra in my regular Gossard size 32FF which again is one band size up and a cup size down from my usual size 30GG. The cups run large and the band small compared to other British brands but within their own brand Gossard is very consistent when it comes to sizing. My 32FF fits me spot on and is just the right depth and width to me when it comes to the cups. 

The back features the same Gossard gateway back that is featured in most of their bras. The band also features two hooks and eyes. I would prefer three as my size is already quite big and I feel more supported with three hooks and eyes. However, the support is still there and holds my girls up really well without any discomfort. I love how my breasts fill the cups as the cups don’t fold over at the bottom or gap in the top part. I feel like some British brands make their bras too shallow on the bottom which makes thecups crease a bit – only an aesthetic problem usually, but still. The Gossard cups and the 32 band feel great and nothing is in anyway “off”.

Comfort: This is another great set for the full-busted if you are looking for something really comfy. The bra cups are lined with a really soft micro fibre fabric and they feature no seams whatsoever. I know some of you don’t really do seamless bras but I tell you, Gossard bras are really worth it – they really know how to make a moulded cup bra. The lace on the bottoms and the bra is very delicate and soft emphasizing the luxurious feel of the set. The straps are a bit too thin and slippery for my taste but they are made to look pretty more than to support. As the support of the bra comes 90% from the band, I don’t mind the straps being a bit less sturdy. The whole feel of the bra is so comfy I always change for this bra if I change my bra during the day. 

I first tried the bottoms in size XS which to my shock were a little too small. Well, I knew I had gained a couple of inches on my butt but never admitted to myself I might need to size up this time. (And it’s a great thing actually, I love my bigger butt.) So I sent the too-small bottoms back and asked for the size Small as an exchange. The Small was spot on and looks great on without any muffin-top. The lace looks incredibly flattering on my bottom and I love how it feels on skin. All in all the set offers a beautiful comfy choice for those wanting to spice up their everyday or make their night-out a little more special.

Botanical is sold on Gossard’s online store and it’s available in bra sizes 30-38 A-G (£34) and bottoms in sizes XS-XL (£16). How do you like the set? Let me know in the comments! xx

Disclosure: This bra was generously gifted by Gossard for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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