New Feature on the Blog! – Sunday with Samanta: Aurora A922

29 Mar

I rarely post any ongoing regular features on my blog but since the blogging has really took off since last year, I decided why not to include some bigger projects with my ultimate favourite brands. When we talked about lingerie and blogging with Samanta, a Polish lingerie brand I have introduced to you here (click!) we decided to treat you my readers with a mutual project to showcase ALL of the cuts Samanta offers and to report to you about the fit. I have already written about the different models in a previous blog post but what better way to actually go in-depth with their fit features than to actually test the models out in real life! This brings us to our little venture with Samanta here at 2COP – each month will feature a new model to introduce to you. This blog post series will be called “Sunday with Samanta”. The feature name comes from my two favourite things combined: lingerie and lazy Sundays! I do hope you enjoy this blog post series and if you have any specific fit questions, do leave them in the comment box and I will try to help you with you anything you need.

As the first model I reviewed for Samanta was their A925 – a semi-padded balconette – this time I bring you something both a bit similar and different, that is the non-padded balconette A922. I was sent the Aurora, which is one of my favourite Samanta styles, in a cup size smaller than last time. Here is how I liked the A922 in 65J.

DSC_0010 DSC_0063
The Design: When I first saw the Aurora in its light gray version, I was instantly smitten. Even though the lovely Natalia tried to dig out the bra for me, unfortunately it seemed to be found nowhere and this is why I went for Mintaka with the A925 model (an equally beautiful style I might say!). When the new Claret shade of Aurora finally dropped on Samanta’s online store, I new instantly that this time I had to snatch it up real quick and to my luck, this was the time when we decided on the “Sunday with Samanta” collaboration. When the Aurora popped through my mail box, I knew that wait had been worthwhile! What a beautiful bra with such delicate yet bold lace adorning the cups in addition to the romantic colourway. As a ginger-haired (or is this more like auburn?) gal I knew it would look awesome with my colouring and I was definitely right. I also found a perfect lippie to match the set and voila, we had a winner!

The A922 model is very similar to the A925 which I tried before with Mintaka, only with the exception of being completely non-padded and sheer. The model description says that the cut is meant for larger breasts and is also suitable for someone with a little less firm bust. I myself still have a perky pair of boobies as I am young and haven’t had any kids yet but I can assure you the cut is great either way. The cups cover 90% of my bust but this does not decrease the bra’s sex appeal at all – in fact it’s one of my boyfriend’s favourite styles on me. The shape is quite natural yet very uplifted even with the three-part cup construction which can sometimes lead to the sad droopy look.

The Fit: As we talked about my size with Samanta, we decided to go for a smaller cup size this time as last time the deep cups were leaving me a bit of space at the tip of the apex. This happens to a lot of people if you’re shape is not naturally very deep: for example, Miss Underpinnings wore a cup size down with the deepest Samanta cups when she did a comparison between the different models. I found this to be very consistent with the A925 and A922 models and the 65J seems to be a better size for me with deeper cups. As both of the styles I have tried have been Samanta’s deepest cups, I cannot tell if the 65K will be better for me with their shallower cuts but this will definitely be discussed during this upcoming year and my other “Sunday with Samanta” posts!

I have lost a bit of weight recently which has got me back to my 30″ underbust measurement instead of the previous 31″. This is great as it usually makes opting for a band size a lot easier as I am a true 30-band at the moment and can usually opt for it or 65 band, depending on the sizing system a certain brand is using. Samanta uses a very standard EU sizing system which is quite accurate in my opinion. I am usually a 30GG-H at the moment in UK sizing, and the 65J translates roughly to UK 30GG. With the deeper cups this makes perfect sense and my advice would be to go for your smaller cup size with deep Samanta models if you are between sizes. The band is a very regular 65/30 band but a bit bigger than with most Polish brands. My most common Polish band size is 70 but with Samanta I can easily wear a 65 without any discomfort. This also comes down to preference: I like my bands snug but someone might like a more loose and “comfortable” fit.

DSC_0034  DSC_0030DSC_0077
Comfort: As a model that is meant to be really sturdy and supportive, the A922 does its job really well. This bra can take pretty much any kind of activity (though you probably shouldn’t use it as a sports bra 😉 ) from running for a bus to running errands. Even though the bra band features only two hooks and eyes the wiring and the strong materials make sure it will hold up even a heavier bust. Also the straps are lovely and just wide enough to feel comfy but still look pretty. The straps are  only half-adjustable but luckily they seem to be the right length for most people to still have enough leeway to adjust. My adjusters are a bit below half way so I would say the straps are designed with both taller and more petite women in mind.

The bottoms are this time a size Medium as I found them to run quite small, and the choice was definitely right. I would say to size up a whole bottom size with these as the material doesn’t have really too much give to it! The M300 – a sexy Brazilian cut – looks delish on my butt but anyone with a little more junk in the trunk seriously needs to size up even two sizes to avoid muffin top or any extra bulges! I would say the Aurora M300 fits more like a British size Small so take that into account when opting for your size!

How do you like Aurora? Do you need very deep cups or are you looking forward to hearing about the more shallow ones? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you would like me to review a specific model from Samanta next month, leave your suggestions below. For your own A922 Aurora, you can shop at the Samanta online store and the bra sets you back at 76,30 € and the M300 bottoms at 33€. This makes the set a more luxury option for some of you, but I can guarantee that the quality is right in line with the price tag!

Suomeksi: Blogissani harvoin näkee toistuvia tietyn teeman mukaisia blogipostauksia, mutta kun Samanta ehdotti pidempiaikaista yhteistyötä, olin heti jutussa mukana. Samanta on puolalainen merkki, jonka valikoimista löytyy yli 20 eri liivimallia, jotka sopivat erimuotoisille ja kokoiselle rinnoille riippumatta myöskään rintavarustuksen kiinteydestä tai täyteläisyydestä. Vaikka olen käsitellyt näitä eri malleja lyhyesti aiemminkin, päätimme alkaa tekemään Samantan kanssa yhteistyötä siten, että te rakkaat lukijani saisitte mahdollisimman kattavan kuvan merkin valikoimasta. Tästä lähtien Kaksi Kakkua esitteleekin joka kuukausi yhden Samantan liivimallin, ja tänään meillä on vuorossa A922 eli merkin toppaamaton balconette suurille rinnoille. Liivin itsensä nimi on Aurora, joka on Samantan malliston yksi ylellisimmistä liivimalleista.

Koska viimeksi A925 kohdalla koko tuntui suorastaan liian suurelta ja syvältä mallin ollessa Samantan syvimpiä, päätimme bröndin pääsuunnittelijan Marzenan kanssa, että jospa nyt kokeiltaisiin kokoa 65J, joka siis vastaa UK kokoa 30GG. Tämä oli todellakin oikea ratkaisu ja liivit istuivat ehdottomasti paremmin kuin viimeksi. Malli on kuitenkin edelleen todella syvä ja tarkoitettu erityisen suurille ja täyteläisille rinnoille, mikä puolestaan ei ehkä vastaa ihan omaa rinnan malliani. Omat tissini kun ovat aika keskiverrot kaikin puolin ja hieman vähemmänkin syvä kuppi riittäisi!

Malli A922 on mainio isorintaiselle sen mahtavan tuen ja peittävyyden kannalta. Vaikka olen itse paljastavampien mallien fani, on tällaiset lähes kokokuppiset balconetet paikallaan ihan vain päiville, jolloin menoja on paljon ja aktiivisuus nousee kevyen liikunnan luokkaan. A922:n tukevat kaarituet ja napakat materiaalit takaavat hyvän käyttömukavuuden ja toimivat erityisen hyvin ihan jokapäiväisessä elämässä, vaikka Auroran tyyli huokuukin erityisen ylellistä iltaglamouria. Mikäli mielit Auroraa omaksesi, löytyy malli Samantan omasta nettikaupasta 76,30 € hintaan, jonka päälle alushousut kustantavat 33€. Hinta on siis ehkäpä hieman kalliimpi kuin joidenkin muiden mallien kohdalla mutta laatu on siihen nähden myös kohdallaan! 

12 Responses to “New Feature on the Blog! – Sunday with Samanta: Aurora A922”

  1. Argie March 29, 2015 at 6:30 pm #

    A small request, please. I follow your blog because of your comprehensive reviews. For me, part of whether I will consider a bra is how the back straps are attached. If they are straight down, I know the straps will slip but if they are angles, I have a chance it will fit. So if I may, can we see a photo of the back of the bra?

    • Sophie March 29, 2015 at 8:05 pm #

      Yes, of course!! I am always open for requests and I never thought of it that way so by all means, I will take the strap positioning into account and also post the picture of the back of the bra 😊

  2. Argie March 29, 2015 at 10:32 pm #

    Thank you! So few places show that.

  3. Charli March 31, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

    Such beautiful colours and the fit looks phenomenal. I may need to save up a few pennies so I can invest in a piece from Samanta!

    C xx

    • Sophie April 1, 2015 at 8:05 pm #

      I am looking into getting a discount code for my readers so stay tuned if that happens in the near future 😉

  4. Revisa April 15, 2015 at 4:38 pm #

    So just double checking on the sizing – you used your typical UK band size (30/65) plus one cup down for the deepest cups? I am thinking of ordering and I also like a firm band. Cleo and I are friends. I was looking at getting my standard Cleo size in one of the less deep cups. Any guesses to how that might work? I just used your review to buy a Kris Line from zulilly the other day – thanks for your time!

    • Sophie April 15, 2015 at 4:42 pm #

      Hmm, I haven’t worn Cleo in a while but last time I wore their Marcie I wore a cup size smaller than usually. I am 30GG-H with most UK brands and I can wear a 30GG with Marcie. I would tell you to check your size with the calculator first and then size down to your sister size if you would like to try some of their shallower models. For example, if you get 70J, try the 65K instead. In the deeper cuts, you can size down a cup size. Btw, if you are interested in the A922 cut you can now get 10% with code “Mette” (which is my real name) until next Wednesday.

    • Sophie April 15, 2015 at 4:52 pm #

      Oh sorry, the code will be available from the 26th of April and will be for model A470 🙂 Sorry about that!

  5. Revisa April 15, 2015 at 4:52 pm #

    Thanks for your quick reply! Marcie is actually one I haven’t tried. I would love to brand out but end up back with Cleo because I get the best fit, not because they make my favorite prints. I wear a 30F – Using their calculators I would be in a 70E or sister size down to the 65F so looks like I am guessing correctly. Yay 🙂

    • Sophie April 15, 2015 at 4:59 pm #

      I also think the Avocado H and K cuts would suit you well if you like Cleo 🙂 I hope you will have good luck with your first Polish lingerie! xx

      • Revisa April 15, 2015 at 8:28 pm #



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