Lingerie Review: Sonata Rapalyte “Elektra” Bespoke Bodysuit

6 May

In addition to pretty bras and panties, I am extremely fond of all kinds of lingerie. Teddies, bodysuits, gowns (oh those Boudoir by D’Lish ones!), babydolls and slips – I will pretty much take anything if it’s my style and high-quality to satisfy the lingerie elitist in me. Unfortunately, my big bust usually means I cannot wear most of the beautiful indie/luxury designer pieces that I lust for. When Sonata Rapalyte contacted me about gifting one of their bodysuits for review purposes, I was so worried at first I could not fit into one – they all looked so small-bust friendly according to the look book pictures, so I almost gave up the whole thing. However, when the lovely team at Sonata asked if I wanted a bespoke bodysuit made according to my specific measurements, I could have not been happier! I had been lusting over their designs for so long and now my dreams were going to come true.


The Design: I opted for the Elektra Ribbon Bodysuit as I loved the unusual colour combination of navy blue and fuchsia and thought it would suit my skin tone and eye colour the best. The bodysuit is made of extremely soft delicate lace which has a tiny bit of stretch to it. The contrasting ribbon and the satin-covered buttons are made of pure silk satin which feels luxurious to touch. Both the front and the back feature a v-shaped plunging neckline which give the bodysuit its sexy look.

The bottom is constructed in a way that suits my curvy figure the best – while looking at it laid down on the bed, you can see that there is very accentuated curve to the hip area and also some significant ruching at the back and on the bust part. The crotch part of the suit features a gusset that can be easily opened with a few poppers. This is particularly convenient when nature calls! However, it is not the easiest to close so I would recommend taking the suit off completely when you need to use the bathroom.


The Fit: I gave my measurements to the Sonata team so they could make me a bespoke suit to my body only – there were quite a few measurements I had to take to make sure the fit would be right, but I can tell you it is totally worth it! I was quite worried at first as this was my first custom-size piece of lingerie and I just hoped I had taken all my measurements correctly. I also have a very long torso which sometimes makes things complicated with loungewear, as it recently did with the Gossard Harmony teddy.

I needn’t have worried though! The bodysuits fits me absolutely beautifully and also makes me feel beautiful. Sometimes lingerie can technically fit you but does not make you feel very confident. As an eating disorder survivor I am still at times a bit down about my body and a bit insecure – this bodysuit makes that all go away for a moment when I put it on, which is probably the biggest testimony you have ever heard from me! The bust contains my boobs well while still being quite revealing and sexy. Also my curvy butt is very happy with the suit and I don’t find the back part of the suit restricting at all. As I am more of an S-curve hourglass shape (my curves can be better seen from the side), there is a tiny bit of empty space at the curve of my back but I am not bothered by this at all. When it comes to fit the Elektra still deserves a 10/10 from me!


Comfort: As the bodysuit is just the right length for me and can handle all my curves, there is nothing I can really complain about it. It serves me well while sitting down and walking around the house (and I actually wore it to a party as well!) so there is no way this piece should only be left for boudoir purposes only. It truly is a comfortable loungewear piece than can be worn solely to make yourself happy. The materials are dreamy and soft and feel nice on my sensitive skin.

The Sonata Rapalyte “Elektra” Ribbon Bodysuit comes in sizes XS-XL and retails for £151. If your curves require something special, I would truly recommend contacting them for a custom-size piece. The process of making a bespoke bodysuit is quite swift and the outcome so flattering and beautiful, it’s well worth the money. Perhaps try a white one for your wedding day?

9 Responses to “Lingerie Review: Sonata Rapalyte “Elektra” Bespoke Bodysuit”

  1. kerniss May 6, 2016 at 7:19 pm #

    I am absolutely in love with the bodysuits from Sonata, but I had yet to find a review from someone with a larger bust. I’m so glad it was a great experience! It looks amazing. I’m obsessed with these colors, actually. I also have a long torso (and no butt and short legs LOL), which has made me hesitant to buy any off-the-rack bodysuits. This is totally amazing.
    In terms of support, would you say it offers very light support? I would assume for someone with breasts that aren’t self supporting (me!) it wouldn’t really lift everything to the extent a bra might, but it could offer mild shaping. Am I correct in assuming so?
    Lovely review. I’m glad this makes you feel wonderful! It looks like a great fit and the cut is so flattering on you. I LOVE the bow on the back!

    • Sophie May 12, 2016 at 7:41 am #

      Hi Kerniss! Thank you for your lovely words ❤ My boobs are rather self-supporting for my size so I would say there is not much support to the suit. However, I think you might get some mild shaping if you gave them a slightly smaller measurement than your boobs actually are – this way the bust part would kinda "pull" your chest against your body a bit. They truly did an amazing job with my suit so I would recommend the bespoke service if you want something super stunning and flattering! Definitely worth the splurge 😉 xx

  2. thepetitecollegiate May 7, 2016 at 5:55 pm #

    This looks stunning on you! I’m so glad you’ve featured Sonata, because I’ve been lusting after their bodysuits for ages. They’ve really done an excellent job tailoring this to you! I’m hoping to order from them sometime soon!

    • Sophie May 12, 2016 at 7:42 am #

      You should definitely give them a try! This is now one of my favourite pieces of lingerie and when I have the money for it, I will def buy another one (at least when I get married, mr 2COP loves it too!) xx

  3. CurvyGirlThin May 10, 2016 at 12:41 pm #

    This is absolutely stunning – I’d never heard of them before but now I”m completely lusting after all of their products (although I’m potty about the bright pink against the dark blue on the bodysuit you’re wearing).

    C x

    • Sophie May 12, 2016 at 7:47 am #

      I found out about them years ago when I first started my blog and the bodysuits have been on my lust list ever since. I am so happy they noticed my blog and wanted me to review one of their pieces, it’s a dream-come-true for me! xx


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