Swimwear Review: Curvy Kate “Siren” Swimsuit in 32GG

26 May

Hi everyone and greetings from Split, Croatia! After a few bumps on our road (our Helsinki-Oulu flight was cancelled so we stayed a night at the Helsinki airport) we finally got back home and I have to say, even though it was one of the most awesome trips I’ve ever been to, it is always lovely to be home. Without further a do, I will introduce you to a beauty I had with me on the shores of Split – the amazing Curvy Kate “Siren” one-piece swimsuit. This little number was kindly sent to me by the Curvy Kate team, but all opinions are my own!

The Design: How amazing does the coral shade look against the turquoise ocean?! Bloody damn amazing, if you ask me! I have been lusting after this particular swimsuit since I first saw it at Moda a while back. The scallop cut details remind me of Ariel the little mermaid and also give the suit its playful and pinup-y look. There is also a waistband at the middle which gives the swimsuit a more structured look and nips you in at the waist. The coral colour would look amazing on someone a bit more tanned than me (I know, I am white as a chicken throughout the year!) but I think it suits us paler girls as well and looks especially good with ginger hair like mine – and CK’s own model Lottie!

The shape of the Siren is based on the Curvy Kate “Luxe” strapless bra (which I’m still yet to review though I do own one!) which has been a big hit among many full-busted gals out there. I first did not like the whole thing: but apparently, I had bought the wrong size of 30GG with the Luxe (I bought it in a hope of less coverage – bad decision!) which meant the too small cups were pushing the bra down and thus it felt a bit comfortable on me. Now, I sized up to 32GG with the Siren – first of all because I like my swimsuits a bit looser in the bodice and back – and the bigger cups fitted me much better and gave me a lovely rounded shape. There is also some leeway to make this suit fit your body the best way possible with some detachable straps and laces on the hips to adjust the rise of the leg. At the back there is a regular (though a bit wider) bikini clasp to close the band.

The Fit: As I said, the 32GG was definitely the right choice for me with this one-piece. I consulted Chantelle at the Curvy Kate HQ whether I should go for 30H or 32GG and she recommended that I would size up in the band with this one, as it ran a bit tighter than your usual CK bra. This holds quite true and also, we need to remember that most brands do make their swim tops a bit tighter in the band to remain supportive when getting wet ie stretching out. The whole bodice was very comfortable on my body in the 32-band so I would say it suits someone in the UK 10-14 range the best (I am wear mostly 12 these days).

When it comes to cups, the Siren runs very true-to-size for Curvy Kate. So I would suggest taking your regular UK bra size unless you prefer your swim top bands a little bit more comfy like I do. The wires are actually quite narrow for CK which is a pleasant surprise and the cups also quite a lot deeper to contain all my full breast tissue. I love how stretchy the whole bodice is and also the way the sides can be adjusted by pulling the laces a bit – I personally prefer a a more ‘vintage’ look with a lower leg but especially if you have curves on your hips, the sides would look fabulous with a higher leg as well.

Comfort: I cannot praise this swimsuit enough for its comfiness! When thinking about swimming in it – cause I did swim even though the Adriatic was a bit cold at first – I cannot really think of anything that would have bothered me, at all. The Siren stayed on like a dream even without straps and did not move an inch on my body. I am used to lifting and adjusting my other strapless swimsuits so it was kind of a miracle that I did not have to pull the upper part of the suit up at all. Here’s where I have to stress that the right size makes all the difference with strapless bras and swimsuits – if you skimp on the size, it is no doubt going to end up feeling a bit uncomfortable and you have to make adjustments during your swim and especially when getting out of the water.

Some gals are a bit afraid of swimsuits with wires as they feel it makes the suit look a bit “old” and “granny-ish” but also feel uncomfortable. With the Siren swimsuit the wires are hidden inside the suit so they won’t appear on the outside but will give you phenomenal lift without anyone knowing there’s hardware in your suit! The wires are also the perfect length and width for me personally (I have a pretty average breast root) so I had no trouble with them poking or rubbing my armpits in anyway.

If you are looking for a cute pinup-appropriate swimsuit for a full-busted curvy figure, I would definitely recommend the Curvy Kate Siren. It is truly one of the best swimsuits I own and I am sure to wear it multiple times this summer! If you would like to give the Siren a try, it comes in sizes 28-38 D-J and retails for around £50 on SimplyBe, HerRoom, Figleaves & Brastop.

11 Responses to “Swimwear Review: Curvy Kate “Siren” Swimsuit in 32GG”

  1. Pearls and Panties May 26, 2016 at 12:34 pm #

    I love love love it! I would definitely buy it but I already have a bikini in this colour (last season’s Freya). But it’s so cute I may have changed my mind! You look truly stunning! ❤️

    • Sophie May 26, 2016 at 12:36 pm #

      Thank you ❤ It is stunning and one can never have enough cute swimsuits and bikinis 😉

  2. Sian May 26, 2016 at 12:51 pm #

    This is so gorgeous on you! You’re right, the bright shade really compliments your fair skin and red hair, and it would also look amazing on lovely tan too – seems like it could work for a lot of people! I hadn’t realised it was based on the shape of the Luxe so I’m a little concerned it may not work for me, as the Luxe sadly didn’t work. Although I’m thinking it looks every so slightly more open on top? My issue with the Luxe was a combination of things, but mostly it wasn’t quite tall, open or projected enough.
    Hope you had a lovely trip, even if the journey wasn’t quite smooth sailing 🙂

  3. Tessa May 26, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    Wow, those pictures are beautiful! Such a vibrant color, it really flatters you 🙂

  4. Karen Keener May 27, 2016 at 2:43 pm #

    I was looking into getting this suit. Since I’m in tthe US I have to order everything online and pretty much have it shipped from the UK. It makes sizing a pain. I’d love to know if you wear Panache bras and how this swimsuit size compares to Panache sizes. Can you help me get an idea on that?

    • Sophie May 27, 2016 at 8:39 pm #

      Hi Karen! I would go for the same size as Panache or perhaps a bigger band size if you are between sizes. I wear Panache in both 30H and 32GG as I am right in the middle, and the 32GG Siren swimsuit fits me snugly in the band. Hope this helps! ❤

  5. jelzzz June 10, 2016 at 9:23 pm #

    I love the colour and it looks great on you! My experience with CK is that everything seems to wide in the wires and shallow in the cups, but its a good looking suit.

  6. Lauren June 18, 2016 at 2:37 am #

    I just got my curvy kate “siren” one piece swimsuit. It was really hard to get on bc the waist and keyhole didn’t have much stretch, and though I have a small ribcage, I have a sizeable bottom. After much wiggling I got into it to discover it’s totally transparent in the lower half. I’m keeping it but I’ll be lining it. I do love how it looks on, even though the lack of bottom half support (see every dimple and bump) and being see through.

    • Sophie June 18, 2016 at 8:03 am #

      This is always a problem with one piece swimsuits: if you are not an hourglass shape, the bodice of the suit will probably not fit you. Sorry I forgot to mention this in my post! I am 42-29-40 at the moment which is why my proportions make it easy to wear a swimsuit without the bottom part stretching out a lot. Hopefully you will still feel amazing in your suit! There is a bikini version of it if you want to consider exchanging it for that xx

      • Lauren June 18, 2016 at 9:10 pm #

        I am most certainly am an hourglass shape. That’s why I had a hard time getting the small waist over my wider hips and bum. The bottom (and bathing suit torso) fit fine once I squirmed my way past the small and not very stretchy waist, and got it fully on. I am surprised that your review says nothing about the bottom half of the suit being unlined and therfore see through. I haven’t owned a one piece in 15 years and I was very excited to have one. I wouldn’t bother exchanging it as I have other bikinis. I also got a curvy kate bikini top as a part of my order.

      • Sophie June 18, 2016 at 9:35 pm #

        I am so sorry if I offended you – I thought you might be a pear shape as you mentioned that you have a small band size but wide hips! My mistake. Maybe you are a much more “radical” hourglass than me? The reason why I did not mention about the unlined bodice was simply because I really did not notice. I had no trouble with it, it wasn’t see-through on me so I didn’t think it could be on someone with more radical proportions. The things we miss when we look at matters from only our own perspective! Thank you for mentioning this though, now my other readers will now ❤ xx

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