Introducing Rougette by Tutti Rouge – Affordable bras, bralettes & bodysuits for the full-busted

16 Jul

Tutti Rouge has been one of go-to brands in the past, when I want something to delight me and make me smile. They know how to do prints and their prices are very affordable, so the styles are available to most wallets and also to many sizes. Sure, as a rather young brand they have had their ups and downs with sizing and fit, but I never say no to giving them a try when a chance arises.

Last year I got emailed by the TR team and asked whether I would like to try and review somet of their newer Rougette range. So of course, I was intrigued and gladly said yes. The Rougette is sort of a naugthier, edgier sister to Tutti Rouge and is asthetically very up my alley. The sizing is a bit more limited than with their regular range – from UK D to G cup – but I was happy to give my sister size 34G a try.

I am happy I did, as even though the fit wasn’t perfect, the styles are fun and comfortable! I always like to remind you that the key is comfort and even the best fit cannot save an uncomfortable bra – thus I always advocate for a good fit but it’s definitely the only thing to be considered when opting for lingerie.

I usually pick the pieces I like from any collection that is offered to me, but this time the Rougette team send me a few goodies they thought I might like. I am happy to say, they got it right, and to be quite honest, this brand pleases my eye as a whole. At the moment, there really aren’t that many styles I didn’t like, which obviously quite an achievement. Us lingerie folks get quite picky when we see a collection after a collection!

To get a proper idea of the collection, I received a padded bra set, a bralette set and a lacy bodysuit. These were in sizes 34G, 34FF/G and a Medium. As said, I had to sister size to get the cup size closer to mine, but I don’t see it as a huge problem with these particular pieces. The products I received were the Cruz-bodysuit, Erica- bra set and the Phoenix bralette set.


The Erica features a padded bra and mid-waisted knickers. I was sent the sizes 34G UK and Medium, which were pretty close to fitting my 32GG-H bust. The fit was as expected: a little too loose in the band, a little too small in the cup. Nothing drastic and still wearable for the purpose this bra serves me – something cute to wear on a night-out when I want to feel like a vixen. Padded bras are still a rarety in my bra closet and they don’t come very often to play – but when they do, I am glad I have them for that specific mood and outfit.

I am very happy to say the Erica bra ran true-to-size and has a lovely rounded shape – something a good padded everyday bra should possess. The panties are one of my favourites which is great, as my previous TR panties haven’t been a great success with my current body type. These are wonderfully strecthy and suit a rounder bum as well – yay!


The Phoenix is a lovely lacy laid-back set that features a lightly-padded bralette and a strappy mid-waisted knicker. I have to admit I underestimated this set waaaayy too much when I first got it and yes, the birdseye view wasn’t the one that impressed me. But when I actually got wearing this set, it turned out to be extremely comfortable and also surprisingly sexy. I wore to bed when I was visiting a friend and she commented that the set looked a lot expensive than it actually was, and I think I agree. For such a low price, I would expect the lace to feel scratchy and look a bit plasticy, but it’s not – in fact, the materials on all of the pieces from this collection are very comfortable, soft and nice to touch.

Both the bralette and the panties run true-to-size and even the if the shape of the bralette is not the most uplifting my size, it doesn’t really need to be. I don’t view bralettes equal to bras in uplift and support, as they are not meant to be worn on your most active days but to lounge around home or even sleep in.


The Cruz bodysuit was a lovely surprise fit-wise, as it only comes in regular dress sizes such as Small and Medium. I went for the Medium, as it seems to be my most common size the moment. The fit is spot-on, and I am very happy to say it even fits my 32GG-H bust! The cups of the bodysuit are generous and stretchy, so I would guess they accommodate a plethora of sizes. There is also plenty of room for my bum, which still grows by the day (intentionally, haha). I am so glad, these garments are actually designed with the curvier lady in mind! Great choices of materials are also a key to a better fit, when it comes to these sort of garments. The look of the bodysuit is very pleasing to me as well – even though it’s not the most daring of styles, it remains sexy and has a few lovely details, as the unusual strap style on the back. No bad things to note about this, as the shape of the bust area is quite good as well!

Have you tried Rougette yet and how did you like it? I would love to hear your opinions! If you want to browse their selection, you can do it HERE.

Psst! If you care to know, the bangles and earrings are by Splendette, which has been my latest obsession!


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  1. JC July 27, 2019 at 2:57 pm #

    Glad to see you back!

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