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Lingerie Review: Maison Lejaby “Crystal” Padded Demi-Cup Bra in 32D

13 Jul

As summer has arrived in pretty much anywhere else but Finland, I decided it is time to introduce the perfect lightweight summer bra to you, my dear readers – The Crystal by Maison Lejaby. Now, I must warn you this little beauty only goes up to DD which is why our lovely 2COP guest blogger Jo will be introducing it. However, I thought it would be lovely to showcase some smaller/average-bust options on the blog as well! Here are our thoughts on the Maison Lejaby Premium Collection continuity style, Crystal. *This set was sent as a gift to Jo from Maison Lejaby. This does not affect her or my opinions on the set.*

DSC_0210 DSC_0218
Design: Crystal comes in various shades for each season, this ss15 season being the time for a lovely coral-like pink. As Jo is a bit on the paler side when it comes to skin tone (not as white as me though), the peachy colourway works as a pretty good “nude” on her too. The only thing that takes away from the practicality of the set, is the lace that is pretty prominent under very thin top materials. However, this feature can be used as an asset too – why not pair it with something a bit see-through for a night out with the girls?

The shape of the bra is rather pointy yet not very notable under regular t-shirts, especially a bit looser ones. The top panel of the bra is made of very light stretch lace which is amazing for any breast shape – particularly full-on-top boobs. Jo is more full on bottom, but rocks this style equally well. The coverage is pretty low meaning there might be some nipple (gasp!) showing through the lace (a feature neither of us is that scared of…). The star of the show however, are the lovely Swarovski crystals at centre gore, which add a nice feminine touch to the set.

Fit: As most Maison Lejaby styles do not carry 30 backs not even talking about 28’s, we decided to ask a size 32D for Jo. What can I say, who doesn’t compromise sometimes? (I know I do -naughty me!) As we knew Maison Lejaby runs large in the cup, we decided go for the D, which is technically a cup size smaller than Jo usually wears (meaning 30E/28F). The size guess was pretty much spot on! Even though the band is definitely a rather regular 32, it does not ride up Jo’s back as her bust is not particularly heavy. She does wear the band on the tightest hook which is by no means the best solution, but as I said, the fit is still reasonably good. Also the cups fit her really well with no gaping or bulging as the stretch lace is such a forgiving choice of material.

The wiring is a lot narrower than with British brands, which makes Maison Lejaby a good choice for Jo – she is rather petite all over with her bird’s bones so too wide/high/dense wires tend to poke her in the armpits and even her ribs. With Crystal the wire width and length seem to be spot-on which makes the bra a better fit for Jo despite the loose back band.

DSC_0222 DSC_0236
Comfort: As I conducted with my ML “Feline” set (click the link to read the review!), Jo came to the same conclusion with Crystal – Maison Lejaby knows how to make comfy lingerie. It is no wonder though, as they have been in the industry for so many years and clearly, some serious bra-making knowledge has tagged along since the 19th century. Everything from the materials to flexible wiring has been perfected to the very last detail which makes the higher price tag of the garments absolutely worth it.

Jo was also sent the size 1 knickers (translates to UK 8 and US 4) which finish off the set beautifully with the same amount of comfort and style that was put into the bra. The stretch lace is again there to save the day – these panties are great when you need something seamless! Also to praise the bra even more, the half-adjustable straps are just the right length for Jo who usually suffers from too long bra straps (petite ladies, take note!).

All in all, this set definitely scores an A+ when it comes to comfort – it is the perfect light-weight bra for hot summer weather and is equally great when lounging around at home.

If you would fancy to give the Crystal a try, it is sold at least on Amazon and House of Fraser for a reduced price. However, the style is a continuity range which will be available this autumn in Love Red colourway in addition to basic colours Black, Lily and Cashmere. What do you think of the Crystal? Let me know in the comments!

Class, Comfort and Cleavage for the Small-Busted – the Gossard “Super Smooth”

30 Jun

Hello everyone! Life has been busy and I have been super tired lately which has meant less blogging for me even though I do have some great stories to share with you. Today I’m gonna talk about not one but two things I do not know that much about and it’s small busts and wireless bras. I was recently contacted by the lovely and generous people of Gossard about their new range, a wireless super-plunge bra called Super Smooth. I was very interested in the product but sadly it didn’t come in my regular Gossard size meaning 32FF. I can totally understand this and the reasons behind it – it is not an easy task to craft a wireless that would work above DD-cups. However Gossard offered to send me a bra to try on my sister and just to have a look and feel of it. Here are my thoughts about the bra.
This bra is truly what is promises to be – a sleek wireless that gives you the ultimate cleavage without any wires or discomfort. I really like the soft materials and how the bra is crafted. This bra has been under construction for quite while since Gossard has carefully planned the product and used specific technique to make it work. I tried the bra on a few different gals but us all being not exactly the right size for it, I cannot really tell about the fit. The bra was first sent out for my sister to try it but as she suddenly shrunk, the 32D didn’t work that well anymore (I would say she’s about 30C/D at the moment). In addition I tried it on myself and well, being a 30GG it wasn’t much of a help either.

According to the what we noticed with my sister is that this bra runs quite true to size. It has push up padding on the sides of the cups to give your boobs the ultimate lift and to bring them in front of you to form the most perfect cleavage. With my waaaay too big boobs for the bra I definitely got tons of cleavage (in addition to the massive spillage) but I think if the bra would have fitted my sis better, she would have had the same stunning effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the bra on anyone who would actually be the right size for it as most of my friends are either full-busted or quite petite. However, I could easily image one or two of my friends enjoying the benefits of the bra quite happily in their 30C’s and 30E’s.
Super Smooth comes in a size range going up to E-cups meaning it’s suitable for the smaller end of the full-bust spectrum and people who wear core sizes A-D. I think this bra would be fabulous for the summer, especially in its beige shade for those with a similar skin tone. I would gladly welcome a bra like this to my bradrobe and I’m only waiting for Gossard to make it work for fuller busts someday (I have faith in you, guys!). The bra costs £39 so it’s a little pricier than your average Gossard bra but I would say it’s worth it if you are on a look out for a comfy everyday bra with discreet appearance but a phenomenal cleavage!

For more thorough Gossard reviews keep watching this space! There will be some coming in the next couple of weeks 🙂 xx

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