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Ewa Bien Size Comparison and Review: Fago B111 and Suria B111

12 Mar

When it comes to new brands I try it’s always a bit of hit and miss with the sizing. Even with a decent size chart you never know what’s the brands policy on eg. band sizing. Most Polish brands appreciate a really comfortable fit which means a girl who’s used to tight UK bands can be left with band that feels way too loose for her preferences. My hard and fast rule has been to size down a band size from the recommended size by the brand and it has so far worked well. As I measure 75 cm under my bust, most brands would put me in the 75/34 category but I prefer a 65-70 bands and could never feel comfortable in a 75 band. This is why I decided to try a couple of sizes from Ewa Bien in the same bra model so I could compare the fit and tell you what I think about it. Let me introduce you to Suria and Fago in model B111! (These bras were gifted for me for review purposes, all opinions are my own.)

DSC_0071 DSC_0073 DSC_0088
I tried sizes 65K and 70J (which are sister sizes) in the Ewa Bien B111 model. The model is a low-coverage balconette with a three-piece cup construction and VERY see-through cups (a massive YAY for me, I am all for no double lining!). The shape this model gives me also very Polish: uplifted, quite rounded in-your-face kinda boobs, if you know what I mean. The black Fago is in size 65K and the band feels definitely a bit snugger than the Fago B150 I tried in 70J. However, the difference isn’t that big so I actually feel I can comfortably wear them both without any discomfort.

Oddly enough, both of the B111 models feel exactly the same on me nevermind the size difference. I suspect this is due to the fabric choices of the different styles – the Suria’s materials are a lot less stretchy than with Fago which leads both the bra band and the knickers run a bit on the smaller side. I would advice to take this into account when opting for you Suria size as the band feels exactly as tight as the 65 with Fago! Also do take this into account when opting for your knicker size with Suria – the materials are truly quite rigid so size up a whole knicker size with this style!

DSC_0115 DSC_0119 DSC_0130 DSC_0144
When it comes to fit, I need to disclose one thing: as you can see, I haven’t quite pulled up the Suria to where it should be and this causes the bottom of the cups to look a bit off. However, I assure you the fit is exactly as good as with Fago and the model seems consistently constructed with both bras. All in all, I am in love with how this style fits me! The lower coverage option is always good to have even when you are a lady with a large bust – it just makes some clothing choices so much easier and makes you feel a lot sexier than in a full-cup bra. As you can see, the uplift and fit still look great – it’s a total misconception that full-bust women NEED a lot of fabric in their bras. BUUUULL-SHIIIT, I say. You CAN make beautiful bras with less fabric and still keep the girls supported (and just a side note – these bras are beautiful as heck, right up my street!).

As you can see, the straps are detachable which is one feature I am quite baffled with. It doesn’t really bother me or affect he fit anyway. I recall that the other strap has come undone twice now that I have worn these bras several times, so not too bad (and the occasions were the kind of situations when I had run or done something extra active). So to be honest, I don’t really have an opinion on the straps – if you do and have tried these kind of bras, please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

All in all the bra is quite comfy, though as with the Fago B150, the wires are a bit on the wider side for me. This doesn’t really bother me that much as the cups still seem deep enough and the fit stays superb (when the bra is pulled high enough though!). I am very pleased with every aspect of Ewa Bien lingerie – especially with the aesthetics that really speak to the princess in me. I just wish Ewa Bien will start making their fashion styles up to J-K, as I really feel like these shapes work well for us full-busted gals as well. If you want to read about the brand and the ordering process more, do check out my Fago B150 review here.

Suomeksi: Viimeksi esittelin teille yleisesti merkkiä nimeltä Ewa Bien ja arvostelin heidän Fago B150-mallinsa. Tällä kertaa tarkoituksena olisi pureutua B111 malliin ja vertailla hieman kahta eri kokoa – kaikkihan me tiedetään kuinka vaikeaa varsinkin kahden ympärymitan väliltä on valita (vai olenko yksin tämän ongelman kanssa?). Sain siis testattavakseni Ewa Bienin Surian ja Fagon heidän B111 toppaamattomassa balconette mallissaan. Itseeni kyseinen malli vetoaa erityisesti ulkonäön puolesta, se on ihanan tukeva malli kuitenkin läpinäkyvillä ja “matalilla” kupeilla – voisipa mallia jopa kutsua half-cupiksi.

Musta Fago on koossa 65K ja sininen Suria koossa 70J. Halusin kokeilla näitä sisarkokoja siksi, että saisin selville kumpi ympäryskoko olisi parempi – itse kun olen yleensä kahden eri koon väliltä. Näissä kahdessa mallissa oli kuitenkin erona eri materiaalit, jotka vaikuttivat myös kokoihin. Mustan Fagon ympärys on periaatteessa  pienempi kuin Surian, mutta käytännössä liivien koko tuntuu samalta. Ai miksikö? Koska materiaaleilla on vaikutusta siihen kuinka hyvin liivit “antavat periksi”, voi 65 ja 70 ympäryksen välillä olla hyvinkin pieni ero. Surian materiaalit ovat paljon “tiiviimmät” eivätkä anna periksi yhtä paljon venyttäessä kuin Fagon. Kannattaa ottaa tämä huomioon ja ehdottomasti ottaa se isompi koko Surian kanssa sekä ympärysmitassa että alushousuissa! Itse valitsin alkkareista koon M ja se vastasi aika tarkasti meidän suomalaisten kokoa S.

Kaiken kaikkiaan olen todella tyytyväinen Ewa Bienin alusvaatteisiin ja toivonkin, että merkki tekisi tulevaisuudessa myös isompia kokoja heidän “fashion”-malleistaan. Mielestäni molemmat B150 ja B111 mallit sopivat oikein hyvin myös isommille rinnoille ilman minkäänlaisia ongelmia istuvuuden tai tuen kanssa. Jos haluat lukea lisää Ewa Bienistä ja miten heiltä voi tilata, kannattaa tsekata tämä postaus aiheesta 😉 

Lingerie Review: Samanta “Mintaka” in 65K

28 Jan

I am sorry this review is a bit late but I had a very rough evening with Thai boxing and mixed martial arts yesterday and was not in my best shape to write a proper review. It still hurts when I laugh! But onto the review. The lovely Natalia from Samanta sent me this bra to get some feedback on the style but also so I could show it to you and report about the fit. I hope enjoy the post! (If you want to read more about Samanta, read my post here!)

The Design: Well, as you can clearly see, this is one of the MOST gorgeous pieces of lingerie I have ever owned. The colour and the detailing is so exquisite and I am especially big fan of the lace. I mean how stunning is it? I think the Slavic European vibes are clearly seen in the detailing and I do appreciate the design as a unique jewel among other ordinary plain everyday bras.

The construction is superb as well. The cut is called A925 which is a semi-padded almost full-coverage balconette style for large breasts and soft less firm breasts. Well, my breasts are pretty damn firm but I still found the style to be a great shape for my boobies. The cups construct of three parts with one vertical and one horizontal seam with the lower part of the cup padded and upper half non-padded. The bra gives me a lovely rounded yet very uplifted shape with a natural curve at top but it does boost my breast a lot so this may not be the most subtle bra shape, if that’s the look your are aiming for. Also, the cups come quite high up my torso so you might want to skip combining the style to a low-cut t-shirt.

DSC_0066 DSC_0125
The Fit: I opted for the size 65K with this style as it is the most accurate equivalent to my British size 30H. When I tried out the Samanta size chart I was given the size 70J but as I had heard Samanta fits their customers in looser bands for comfort reasons I decided to sistersize to 65K. This was the right size as the bands do run on the looser side. I just measured myself recently and my underbust measurement is 31″ currently (yay, back muscle!) so I am right between band sizes 30 and 32 according to British sizing. The band features two hooks and eyes but still feels supportive as the 65 band feels snug enough for me and hasn’t worn out easily after a bunch of wears.

The cups seem like a regular fit and I would count on the Samanta size calculator on that. I also skyped with Natalia and this was the size she suggested me through our video chat (very accurate estimation I might say!). The cups are the deepest Samanta makes and this can be seen easily – there’s a fair amount of room in the apex, even for someone with more projection than me. However, if you are even shallow-ish, don’t bother trying the style – Samanta has plenty of other lovely styles to offer for you! The wires are rather good on me but I tell you, they are not nearly as narrow as eg Ewa Michalak. I might even say they are the widest I have encountered among the Polish lingerie brands, but not as wide as most British brands.

DSC_0116 DSC_0120DSC_0075
The Comfort: As it appears to be, I forgot to measure my butt correctly before I opted for my panty size, so I went for my regular Small. The panties are Small indeed! However, not horribly so and if I lost my cookie pouch they would look much more flattering on me. The materials are very stretchy though so the butt part looks great and actually super sexy. The back is completely seamless so it’s a great choice to wear with eg tight jeans. But my rule of thumb would be to definitely size up if you are between sizes like me!

The bra is a pretty comfy number though there are couple of things you might want to consider. First of all, the wires are a bit wider than with other Polish bras I have tried but usually this is more of a plus when talking about comfort (unless the wires reach your back, cause that might be inconvenient). The straps are quite widely placed which is common for Polish bras, especially with small-band-big-cup combinations. The straps are half-adjustable but an average length so I had no problem with them.

All in all the well-selected materials and great construction make this bra good for everyday use though you can utilise it as a boudoir set too, as it’s such a sexy style after all (at least in my opinion). If you would like to order yourself the Mintaka, you can do so on the Samanta online store. They ship EU-wide but if you would like to order eg. from US, I suggest you contact them directly for more information. The A925 goes up to M-cup so it’s great for the big-boobed gals like me, but if you are a bit smaller, there is also a fair amount of choices for you from sheer balconettes to low-cut plunge styles. The A925 bra sets you back at 63€ and the tanga (or brazilian) at 26,30€.

How did you like the Mintaka? Any thoughts or questions on the sizing, construction or looks? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 xx

Suomeksi: Tänään blogissa olisi esittelyssä Samantan “Mintaka” setti, jonka merkin “alusvaate-stylisti” Natalia lähetti minulle ystävällisesti arvostelua varten. Samanta on puolalainen perheyritys, joka on perustettu vuonna 1992 elikkä brändi on täsmälleen samanikäinen kuin allekirjoittanut 😉 Samantan perusti Natalian ja Marzenan (Samantan pääsuunnittelija) äiti ja yritys on kehittynyt perheen naisten hellässä huomassa yhdeksi Puolan innovatiivisimmista alusvaatemerkeistä.

“Mintaka” on ihanan ylellinen violetti kaunotar, jonka materiaaleina on käytetty kaunista eurooppalaista pitsiä sekä sisämateiaalina pehmoista puuvillaa. Kuppien rakenne on myös mallillaan; ne on koottu kolmesta palasta, joita yhdistää yksi poikki- ja  pystysauma. Yleensä tämä kombo johtaa hieman surulliseen ja roikkuvaan ilmeeseen mutta Samantan liivissä muoto on todella kauniin ylöspäinsuuntaava ja pyöreähkö. Kupit ovat puoliksi topatut ja peittävyys on juuri suomalaiseen makuun – ne peittävät n. 90% rinnoista.

Mukavuudeltaan ja istuvuudeltaan malli A925 ja EU-koko 65K olivat minulle juuri passelit. Samantan mallit nimetään numeron ja kirjaimen yhdistelmillä, jotka kertovat mallin käyttötarkoituksen. A925 on tarkoitettu suurille, vähemmän-kiinteille rinnoille, mutta mielestäni malli toimii myös kiinteille rinnoille erittäin hyvin. Kupeissa on paljon syvyyttä, joten tissiä saa näihin rintsikoihin olla ihan reilusti! Mintakasta on kuitenkin olemassa myös muita versioita, esim ihan puolikuppinen ja plunge-malli, joita kannattaa kokeilla, mikäli omaa hieman pienemmät rinnat. 

Mikäli Samanta kiinnostaa enemmän, saa heidän nettikaupastaan tilattua setin myös Suomeen! Nettikauppa toimii englanninkielellä, joten tilaamisen pitäisi olla helppoa ja kätevää. Rintsikat veloittavat 63€, pöksyt puolestaan 23,30€. Ihan passeli hinta tällaiselle luksus-setille! 😉 Vai mitä mieltä itse olet?

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