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What I wore for Christmas – The review of Parfait “Charlotte” in 30G

25 Dec

As many of you my readers know I have an slight obsession over everything pin-up and vintage-y – especially lingerie with a good retro vibe. Well, I was over the moon when Large Cup Lingerie offered to send me a set of lingerie for my b-day and I decided to opt for the Parfait Charlotte set I’ve been drooling over for months. I decided to go for the new Wild Pink colour since it is such a vibrant shade and very suitable for any occasion (also I gave my bf a chance to pick a favourite which I agreed on). Charlotte has already become one of my favourite sets to wear so today I’m gonna review it for you! Enjoy xx


Design: Divine! Charlotte is a padded bra with three-seam cup construction. This gives my boobs a great rounded shape which makes it an easy everyday choice to wear under clothes. Due to the padding this bra gives me a bit of oomph to my boobs and makes them seem almost a little bigger than they actually are. This feature is not something I look for in every bra I buy but it doesn’t bother me at all with this bra – quite the contrary. Also the cleavage is pretty awesome even though the style of this bra is something between balconette and plunge.

Looks-wise Charlotte is a darling indeed. It has great colour options which made me weigh in my options for quite a while. The bold black trimmings are great to give the design a little rougher edge and contrast. This set is also famous for it’s quite unique fabric choices – the set features both matte and shiny materials.


Fit: I have seen my fellow bloggers encountering some fit issues with Charlotte but to me it’s one of my best-fitting bras. The wires are quite wide but not disturbingly so and I find them almost the right length for me.

The cups of this bra run a little small I’d say. I’d say these are something between FF and G but fit me just fine. As many of you know I have slight size difference when it comes to my breasts and this is why I feel like my left breast is trying to escape the cup just a little without anycausing spillage though. I’d say my other boob would actually almost need size GG. This can be also due to cup depth; Charlotte is quite shallow when it comes to cups. The band on the other hand is very true to size and has three rows of hooks and eyes which gives me extra support for my ever-growing boobies.

The straps are the minor fault of this bra since they are too wide-set for most of the bloggers that have tried this bra. I found them quite ok but would say that a girl with narrower shoulders could have a problem with them.  Also the cup height has been a problem often reported with Charlotte (cups come too high up in the armpit) but I will discuss that in the comfort section.


Comfort: With time I have become more and more aware of how important comfort is when it comes to bras and lingerie in general. Comfort is actually one of the things that can make or break a bra and with Charlotte it really gives the lingerie set it’s best advantage. Besides great looks Charlotte is one of those sets I wear on a daily basis since it’s made of great materials and eg has less rigid wires than Parfait’s Danielle.

If I had to point out one thing that gives this set a slight minus it would be the cup height. Even though I prefer cups that come up quite high in my armpit (to cover all my breast tissue) these cups feel a little too high even for me. In some positions or as I make certain moves with my upper body the cups pinch me a little in the armpit which certainly needs to be considered as a minor flaw that Parfait could probably easily fix for next season.

Panties: This time I went for the bikini bottoms since I wanted to try if they flattered me better than those high-rise panties. I opted for a size Small which seems to run a bit large so I probably could have gone down to size XS (but there would have been a little muffin-top going on so I’m still better off with the Small). These panties are super cute and comfy and I might say very flattering on my boyish hips. I found them much more suitable for me than the high-rise knickers of Danielle.

You can find Parfait’s Charlotte on Large Cup Lingerie with an impressive size range of 28-40 E-K. If LCL doesn’t have your size in stock just contact them and I’m sure they can figure something out for you. Again, I have to mention that this online store has the most wonderful customer service and besides that they offer free international delivery.

Have you tried Parfait’s Charlotte yet? If so, did you like it and which one is your favourite colourway? Let me know in the comments! Also I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, hope you have a good time! 🙂

Disclosure: This set was generously gifted to me by Large Cup Lingerie. All opinions are my own.

Friday Review: Parfait “Danielle” – Arvostelussa Parfaitin “Danielle”

25 Oct

Hi lovelies! Oh how did my autumn break go? Well, I had a lot of fun but also “wonderful” time as a babysitter to my drunk friends. We had our annual uni event called “Mallasappro” where uni students drink a certain amount of pints and get a stupid badge for it to attach to their student overalls. Dumb, huh? Well, I was there, witnessing about 300 people getting mortal and puking every place they could think of. Fun!

But I’m not here to talk about my wild student life. I have a review (!) for you starring Parfait’s Danielle set. This set was provided generously by Finnish online store Lumingerie but this does not affect my opinions on the set.


Design: I had been eyeing Danielle from a far for a couple of months when I first saw it appear on someone else’s blog in the ss13 shade of pale rose. I love how Parfait provides many options for different tastes when it comes to Danielle; there’s a regular moulded cup bra, also a very vintage-y longline bra, high-rise knickers and low-rise hipsters. This also solves a lot of problems fit-wise since not everything suits everyone. I first thought about going for the longline but then ended up with the regular bra (I have bad experience with longlines) and the high-waisted brief. 

When it comes to materials Parfait’s Danielle has everything covered: sultry shiny fabric with small fabric-covered buttons on the front, MASSIVE lace with a slight hint of sheen to it. Absolutely beautiful. Also the lace seems very high quality and mature so this is definitely not a the kind of bra you find from your regular high street store. 

The shape that this bra gives is pretty good. It is quite rounded which is due to the cup construction being moulded. It’s not much of an cleavage-giver and tends to splay my breast more in an east-westy style. I would prefer something that makes my boobs more centered under clothes but to me, this is more of a boudoir kind of style anyways. This bra should actually come with a warning – it adds a lot of volume to your natural breast size! What I noticed after ripping the package open was that the bra looked HUGE. I was almost convinced it would be too big on me but apparently you should never judge a book by its cover.


Fit: As one of my readers pointed out of the Parfait promotional pic, the model’s boobs looked a little unsupported in her Danielle. I have a reason for this; the biggest issue with this bra are the straps. They are quite long and only half-adjustable which leads the model’s boobs to hang lower than they should (besides the fact that she was probably wearing a wrong size anyways). I could have done with a little shorter straps myself but when I fully adjust them they are quite ok. I’m still considering to shorten them a bit which seems a pretty easy task to do.

The band of this particular bra (and Parfait bras in general) tends to be quite tight. I opted for a 30G this time since my boobs have grown a bit but also my band size is a solid 30 (boxing lessons, thanks for back muscle). 30 band on Danielle feels to be on tighter side of 30 so this is good news to women with smaller underbusts than mine, I think a 28 or 29 could easily wear this with full support. The band has three rows of hooks and eyes which is good for extra support.
The cups are pretty wide and tall which adds the effect of whole-lotta-bra. However I didn’t feel like it had those infamous high-set wires people often have trouble with when it comes to Parfait and G+ sizes. I felt like the wires were a tad too wide on me but it’s not really notable like on my Fauve Bronte longline. What about the cup depth then? Pretty average too but I would say a little more on the shallower side towards the center especially. With this bra I’d suggest you to go a cup size up from your Panache size (mine’s 30FF) and leave it completely for other people if you tend to have really deep breasts.
I also got to try out the high-rise briefs which I have in size Small. I would say that these panties are pretty much true to size but suit the best women with short-to-average crotch-navel ratio. I have quite a long one so these cuties didn’t quite reach my navel area. This caused them to sit on my cookie pouch and roll a bit during the day. (Scroll down to the video to see a glimpse of the panties!)


Comfort: As I said before, for its looks this is a boudoir kinda set which definitely adds glamour to your night out. It’s also a pretty sturdy style which makes you feel supported the whole time you are wearing it. On the other hand this causes some comfort issues that I need to notify. I have gained about an inched to my underbust which is why the band and the wires of this bra feel very restrictive and rigid. I can easily wear this bra for the whole day but it’s not the one I opt for home usage for example. 

The wires are made of very rigid material and do not bend easily. This is why you should seriously consider whether your underbust can take the pressure of the wires. I know some of you might suffer from a condition which causes bruising on your underbust skin and this is definitely not the bra for you. 

Verdict: Who do I recommend this bra to then? Well, as we have discussed. Sexiness is not something that is find easily in the full bust market. This sultry shade of purple gives a great sexy look to your autumn evenings. I would also recommend this bra to someone who prefers tight bands, women with longer torsos and women who need a bit wider than average wires and cups on the shallower side.

All in all this is great set for special occasions but fit- and comfort-wise Parfait has a bit to improve yet. Size range is 30-40 DD-G and very reasonably priced for such luxurious set (bras around £40 mark) compared to other brands and sets with the same kinda style.

Moi! Tiiättekö oikeesti paniikki iskee AINA kun istun tuohon kameran eteen, tosi kuumottava tilanne. Ja näin sivukommenttina hell yes laitoin näköjään nopeasti mun meikit koska en yleensä näytä noin umppalumpalta, sorry for that. Lisäksi musta on aivan äärimmäisen vaivaannuttavaa puhua kameralle, että antakaa armoa. Pliis.

Asiaan. Sain Lumingerielta arvosteltavaksi pari settiä ja ensimmäisenä niistä arvosteluun pääsi tämä ihana Parfaitin Danielle. Parfait onkin ihan uusi merkki meille suomalaisille ja on tosi hyvä juttu, että on saatu ihan oma jälleenmyyjä sillekin tänne Suomeen. Mun mielestä heidän tyyli kun on jotenkin  tosi uniikki ja vintage-inspiroitunut.

Settinä Danielle on tosi boudoir-tyylinen valtavine pitseineen ja kiiltävine materiaaleinen, elikkä jos suosit alusvaatevarastosi jaottelemista päivä- ja iltahepeniin, niin tässä setissä riittää koko illalle kyllä hohtoa. Tämä malli lisää myös rintoihin hiukan volyymia muotoonprässätyn mallinsa ja paksun kuppimateriaalinsa vuoksi.

Minulle Danielle tuntui istuvan oikein hyvin lukuunottamatta muutamaa seikkaa. Mitä en tuossa videolla maininnutkaan, ovat tämän mallin ohuehkot ja pitkät olkaimet, jotka tuntuivat olevan myös melko kauas toisistaan aseteltu. Elikkä valitettavasti naisille, joilla on lyhyt ylävartalo ja kapeat hartiat tämä malli ei välttämättä sovi. Olkaimet ovat vain puoliksi säädettävät ja itse jouduin säätämään niitä niin paljon kuin vain pystyi. 

Muutenpa en voi kuitenkaan moittia hirveästi settiä, tosi kivan näköinen ja ihan mun tyylinen! Lumingeriesta näitä saa koissa 65-90 DD-G ( 47 €) ja alushousuja XS-2XL (26€). Vaikka Lumingerielta nämä sainkin arvostelua varten niin tämä ei vaikuta arvosteluun, kaikki mielipiteet ovat omiani! 🙂

Lingerie wishlist for AW13

22 Sep

Okay, so it’s starting to feel a lot like autumn here in Finland, with the rain and all, but I haven’t really talked to you guys about this season’s styles and trends yet, not to mentions my picks of the lot. There is actually a reason for this; as you may have read my post on the “sexiness” matter some of you might have guess that there is not much for me in the market at the moment. I still have drooled over a few items, so here is my AW wishlist (luckily my birthday and Christmas are still ahead of me!).


All Undone – The Mai

Amazing set with a totally unique design and aesthetics. There is only thing that’ll stop me from snatching this set up when it’s released – the price. It’s not that it’s not worth it, it totally is, but I’m still a student and it seems like my financial situation is getting month by month even more depressing. So I hope it’s not gonna be a totally miserable season for reviews.. Well, anyways, if I happen to win a lottery or something this will be on the top of my shopping list!


Gossard – Edina Body

Completely amazing, very quirky yet sexy. I absolutely adored this body from the moment I saw it and my desire for it grows each time I see pictures of it! This one is also a bit too pricey for me with its 69$ price tag but you never know, I just might get myself a sugar daddy 😀 Just kidding… 



Love Claudette – Ouvert

Fantastic pattern with a naughty twist – cups that open at the front! I’m so glad that this set is also available to full-bust customers since the fun and the sexiness is definitely needed.


…Aaand then everything from the new Tutti Rouge collection. Well, not EVERYTHING but like most of them. At least I need to buy a new Betty in red to save my old one from dying (its elastic has already started to suffer after some hardcore wearing).

I was a bit disappointed in this season styles from the Eveden Group and Panache. Especially Cleo by Panache has always been my precious one and this time it feels like it’s cheating on me by being.. Well, a bit boring. I love how Cleo has been offering a lot of colourful quirky styles but this season all the colour combos and prints felt a bit outdated, too weird or smudgy (can I even use that word?). So, onto the next season Cleo and we’ll see you again.

Also my past favourite Curvy Kate let me down this autumn. I saw both their AW13 and SS14 collections and felt immediately like wanting to skip the winter (which I’m btw gonna do by leaving Finland for three months). Their SS14 collection was super-colourful with amazing prints etc so I’m kinda sat to skip their AW13 collection all together… I would definitely consider trying on eg the new Starlet but that is about it. Sorry CK, I’m gonna take a break from our love affair for a while.

What I will try out this season instead are some new-to-me brands, mostly Polish ones. I definitely want to see what the fuzz is all about and expand my knowledge to other than British brands. I love how Miss Underpinnings has presented a lot of Polish brands after her trip to full-bust promised land and can’t wait to try some of those gorgeous pieces on. Image

I’m really tempted to try on some Ewa Michalak stuff after her recent FB releases. I mean, that shit’s brilliant. Pure gems after gems, I’ll probably end up wanting them all even though I swore on my mother’s life I’ll never buy anything from her. Damn you, EM.


Also another Polish designer on my get-to-know list; Ewa Bien. Love their autumn collection!

Sooo, that was about it for today and I’ll see you next week! What would you like to try out this season? Any new brands, colours, styles? Let me know in the comments!

A Rainbow Sunday: Pink dip-dye and Love Claudette

21 Jul

ImageImageImage Yes, I just dipdyed my hair in pink! My friend Jo had to dye it twice to get this look but I think it’s pretty much perfect now, nice My Little Pony shade with a touch of peach. What do ya think?

Ok onto today’s topic which is all about wonderful colours as well. I want to tell you about one of my present objects of lust: Claudette. As you all may know I’m not too shy to paint my lips red or purple neither I’m stuck with lingerie that is “only” pretty. A girl needs sometimes lingerie that makes her feel like a total superwoman.

As with Fräulein Annie, I came across Claudette on Invest In Your Chest (a link to a review on Dessous range) where Cheryl introduced the fairly new brand to us lingerie enthusiastics. I fell completely in love with the look; their colour combos were amazing when the designs were pure and simple. Their brand has been a true success story even if they are turning just two next November (haha, I’m turning 21 in Nov and still feel like a child..). Here are the wonderful Claudette ranges I would love to try on one day!

The Dessous rangeImageImage

Dessous is Claudette’s most popular line that carries whopping 18 colourways at the moment with five more to be stocked soon and eight to launch next spring! This style is a almost completely see-through which is rare for a bra going up to G cup. The bra is made with three-piece cup construction. There is also a new padded convertible Dessous coming up this fall (above in Black Grape) which will make a great addition to the line.

2COP’s colour combo picks: Cyber Yellow/Navy, Peony/Limeaid, Sucre, Navy, Chinchilla/Lollipop, Tomato Soup (the orange one above, last three picks are from AW13 collection so they are not sold anywhere yet).

Paramour RangeImage

I feel like Paramour is kind of a big sister to the Dessous range. It covers more and has a little bit more glamorous feeling to it with the satin panel on the lower part of the bra. This range does not have that many colour combos yet but it’s a good choice for women who don’t dare to bare all (believe me, there are LOTS of them).

2COP’s pick: Seafoam

A review here! 

En Dentelle RangeImage

En Dentelle is a half cup bra with a beautiful lace on jewel tone satin. This shape is quite different from Dessous and Paramour and the style is definitely a bit more romantic and classic with a sexy edge.

2COP’s pick: Neon Pink/Black

A review here! …and here.

Sophia RangeImage

Sophia is also a half cup bra but in a simple everyday manner. It is said to be great under t-shirts while offering a round shape and smooth cups with two-piece cup construction. Also the materials are divine and suit women with more sensitive skin. What I personally love about this range are the knickers. They spice up the otherwise sporty style perfectly! Claudette team is also re-colouring this range for SS14, can’t wait!

2COP’s pick: Papaya/Navy

A Review here

New lines for AW13: Ouvert and FishnetImageOuvert is definitely something else: it’s a half-cup bra with buttons on the front that ACTUALLY OPEN. This might not be your everyday bra under a white t-shirt but it’s a perfect option for a night out to show a glimpse of you underwear. The debuting style in Snake Print is a definite confidence booster and a choice of every fashion-forward lingerista.ImageImage

Fishnet is another new style to wow us with its sheer sexiness. There will be two options when it comes to cup construction: a half-cup and a plunge. The colour combos are a bit too traditional for me with their shades of pink and aqua but we’ll see what Claudette will come up with for spring season if this style is continued. However the suspender panties look amazing and would be a great pair with even a plain black bra.

In addition Claudette has a range called Cool Cotton which is their basic line consisting of neutral colours and vertical seaming.

All the styles are available in 28D-G, 30, 32, 34A-G, 36,38B-G which is pretty amazing for such a new brand! Claudette is sold at HerRoom, Asos and Faire Frou Frou which all ship internationally though the size range varies from store to store. Thanks for Claudette’s Bok for providing all the useful information! Have a relaxing sunday ya’ll, xx

The most intriguing lingerie sneak peeks for AW13

13 Jul

Hi there and lovely weekend to y’all! My week started off horribly with all break-up s*** piling up on me but I kept my chin up and now it’s all better, a lot of wonderful things cheered me up a couple of days ago (more on that later..).

I’ve always been a big sucker for fashion shows but recently fashion itself and the world it represents has started to bore me a bit. I mean, I keep watching all the shows online and nothing new never comes up. I need something delightful, feminine, fun! But yeah, basicly what I get is clothes resembling boxes of plastic. Attractive? Not. 

What I decided to do this summer was to look for some interesting lingerie collections for you (and myself of course) to get inspired and to dream of. I love how lingerie speaks to me in different, mysterious and playful way; the way fashion has not spoken for so many seasons. Here are my favourite video clips so far showcasing some of the most powerful collections for AW13.


I just NEED to have that rose-patterned Edina bodysuit or whatever it is, it’s freakin hot! What I also loved is their new take on the Retrolution line which I’ve been dying to try on for months. The corselette looks absolutely breathtaking! This collection looks really diverse to me so I really think that there’s something for everyone. Eg. Felicity (the blue-hued floral plunge) is a killer bra for those seeking something girly but there’s still a lot of styles for women prefer pure seductiveness.

Tutti Rouge

Haha, who would have expected this? Well, I believe everyone. I love how Tutti Rouge AW13 collection is so clearly designed with autumn and maybe even Christmas in mind. How it seemed to me was that Tutti Rouge mixed in a bit of more mature styles as well this time: deeper shades and silk-like materials with subtle yet girly details. Obviously I’m drooling over each and every one of them but still my heart is definitely settled for the more sexy styles (like the red one!) when it comes to this collection and autumn/winter season in general.


I’m about to cry here cause WHY on earth did Bronte have those super wide wires? This AW13 colurway looks amazing in silvery baby blue and I want it. On the other hand I want lots of things but not all of them are meant to be, sigh. Another styles that caught my eye were the sheer black Anastasia (only up to F cup, sniff..) and the red beauty Delphine which luckily goes up to G cup. Pretty please Fauve, make the Delphine work for me!

Can’t wait to try these beauties on! At this point I’m actually yearning for autumn and these new collections to be launched. And besides, my birthday is in November which mean a lot of lingerie related gifts from my family and friends! (I know, I NEVER grow up.)

See ya next week darling readers! I have some lovely things coming up for you 😉

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