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Lingerie Review: Parfait “Leslie” in 32G

5 Nov

For a long time, I have been eyeing Parfait and been asking myself the question – should I just cheat and buy something in a 32G? As some of you may know I have been having a love/hate relationship with their Charlotte bra – I am a size 30HH with their G+ version of the bra and to be honest, it is just way too much of a bra for me. Sadly none of their other styles go above G-cup, hence my hesitation. When Parfait contacted me and asked if I would like to try something from them, I jumped at the chance and asked to try their lovely Leslie bandeau balconette in 32G. As my usually size ranges between 30-32 GG-H, it was a long shot but one worth taking – here’s how I liked this spicy little beauty!

DSC_0200 DSC_0227
The Design: I have recently got more into animal prints which is why I decided to give the leopard print Leslie a go – also, I am a huge fan of blue as it suits my own colouring so well. The Leslie is very similar to Charlotte in styling as it comes in both the classic contour bra and the balconette one and it also features the signature black trimming we all have come to love. As a print lover this version of the classic Charlotte shape intrigued me and I decided to challenge the bandeau bra and see how it would work for my breast size and shape. I was very happy with the results and as you can see, the bra gives me a lovely vintage-sorts of looking Brigitte Bardot kinda cleavage.

The Leslie bandeau balconette is not a moulded cup bra as it might seem but the cups construct of three parts with one vertical and one horizontal seam. This gives the bra its distinct shape and gives phenomenal uplift even with padding. The Leslie is indeed quite heavily padded, meaning it’s a great option if you want that extra oomph (I wear this bra mostly under my Collectif “Dolores Doll” dress).

DSC_0203 DSC_0206
Fit: As I knew, the 32G wouldn’t probably be my best option, but this time it came pretty close. As I have a-symmetry, my other boob is spilling over the cup just a bit but my other one seems perfectly fine – which is why I can easily wear this bra especially if I want some vavavoom with my dresses. The 32 band is surprisingly firm and passes almost as a 30. If you are between sizes with bands like me, I would suggest sizing up! The cups seem very true to size, meaning in a perfect world I would be wearing a 32GG.

The wires are a tad to wide for me as per usual with Parfait but somehow, they are far better than with the 30HH I wear my purple Charlotte in. The cups are fairly deep as well so no orange-in-the-glass effect luckily! They are also quite closed at top which makes me wonder if I would have been fine with a 32G if they were more open. However, this makes the bra perfect for any full-on-bottom ladies out there. The centre gore floats just a bit from my sternum but as I have noticed, I prefer it that way because of my atopic eczema – super tacking gores give me a horrible itch!

Comfort: For my luck, the straps of the Leslie are not quite as widely placed as with Charlotte. I really like this feature as my armpits get chafed really easily if the underwires are too high at the sides and straps are placed right at the edge of my elbows. The straps and the bra band are both wide meaning the bra is truly created to take a lot of weight and support you throughout the day. The materials are not horribly rigid meaning I can wear the bra for hours without discomfort. The cups are lined with black cotton which feels nice against the sensitive skin of my boobs.

I also received the Leslie high-waisted briefs in size Small which is still my preferred size with Parfait. I wanted to give their high-waisted options a chance again and was not disappointed – these panties are fantastic! I must admit they are not the most seamless option under tight dresses or jeans but still look gorgeous as they are and I love how high they actually come – right up to my belly button! The back side of the knickers is completely sheer which makes them a bit more sexy than your regular high-waisted panties and thus, I love them all the more.

If you would like to give Leslie a try, do check out Amazon as they have the best size range for the bra. What do you think of Leslie? Do you like the animal print more than the basic two-toned Charlotte? Let me know in the comments! xx

The new Fraulein Annie lines coming next year!

12 May

As promised, here is the picture of the new Fraulein Annie lines to come. The lines “How To Marry” and “Sei Lieb Zu Mir” will be released next year and I myself am particularly fond of the new pale pink version of the last-mentioned. 

Here is what the designer has to say about the lines:

Sei Lieb Zu Mir (Be Nice To Me) is an alluring, sensual range and another homage to a song by Marlene Dietrich. Its almost transparent, fine and light embroidery featuring an art-deco-arch design is combined with satin details and a statement grosgrain bow.
It comes in a seductive jet black and an enticing rose colourway. Styles include an unpadded balcony bra for smaller busts, an unpadded fuller bust bra up to a G cup, a short and a thong with keyhole detail in the back. Both can be worn with the shaping suspender belt. For ultimate support, there is the waist-cinching panty that flattens the tummy, waist, hips and lifts the bum.
  • 2COP’s comments: SLZM (a short version of the name, pain in the ass to write it over and over again!) is an elegant everyday set with a sophisticated touch. The materials are well thought-out and the colours classic as always with Fraulein Annie designs. I love the blush which will suit pale skin tones as a “nude” bra and will be most likely invisible under light coloured clothing and thin materials. I am particularly fond of the suspender belt which is a guilty pleasure of mine each time I see one.
How To Marry is designed for the vintage bride and made of a romantic jacquard satin with a floral bow pattern and a shimmering, light mesh that is ruched in places. The range comes in a mother-of-pearl shade and has padded, strapless bandeau bras from A to F cup, a short and a thong with an arched keyhole in the back. The tummy flattening waist cincher with removable suspenders, a garter and a flirty suspender belt complete the range.
  • 2COP’s comments: I love how this range features an elegant version of a bandeau bra – a shape that is often overlooked but very practical for weddings. So many wedding dresses feature a strapless neckline these days which requires a balconette or a a bandeau shaped bra under it. I think this set is a lovely option for those with a little less padding on the bust area though Frauke has mentioned extending the size range if the demand meets the supply nicely when the line launches next year. Hopefully, by the time that I get married (which will probably not be in the next couple of years) this style will be available up to G or GG!

How do you like the new Fraulein Annie lines? Which one would you like to snatch up? Let me know in the comments! xx

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