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Five bra fit myths busted!

4 Dec


Since boob blogosphere has been all about bra fitting wars and such lately, I decided to jump in with my opinions on the matter. To sum it all up I’d say there is no guide how to fit someone correctly; no formula of success, no godly ten commandments of bra fit that would apply to every woman on the planet. Here are five most ridiculous bra myths I have encountered since entering the world of boobs, bras and blogs.

1. There is only one way to fit women into bras

This is probably the most dangerous of assumptions I’ve ever faced in the boob-blogosphere; people thinking that they are some kind of bra fit gods that have an upper power over methods that should be used. First of all; no one is a god and nor you should act like one. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover nor a person by his/her fitting methods and I would so HOPE and wish that everyone out there would keep that in mind.

I have heard of the “War on +4” and on one hand I’m really on “their side” for not fitting myself with the traditional “add four inches to your underbust measurement” method. This however might work for someone as you clearly state after taking a peek at eg. The Lingerie Addict’s blog. However I would say that most people I know need something closer to +0 method that claims your underbust measurement should be somewhat the same as your band size. Which means 30″ underbust = a 30 band. As said before I prefer to use this method as it works for me and keeps my somewhat larger than average bust supported and happy.

However bra fit should ALWAYS be about preferance and how you feel in your bra. If a bra band feels too tight, it probably is, at least to you. I would encourage people to check some basic “fit rules” (not spilling out of the cups, not gaping, band that’s parallel to floor and does not ride up..) but from that on, I would suggest you do what feels good and right for you. Everyone is different, all bodies are different, so why waste time on arguing something that’s pretty much up to so many details that cannot be even listed in one sentence.

2. Your bra should not leave any marks on your skin

This is one of those things my mom just HAS TO point out to me constantly. “Your bras are leaving marks on your skin, they must be waaay too tight, how can you even breath and BLAHBLAHBLAH”. (I know, mature right?) But seriously, this is not a deal breaker when it comes to choosing a bra.

I can admit that my bras are leaving red marks all over my chest and back area. However this is due to my skin type and condition which means my skin is super sensitive and get’s… well, red, very easily. Here we bump into the same thing again; everyone is different and also our skins react differently to our bra bands. I also wear tight jeans and tights (!) that leave red marks on my waist. Does this mean I wear my jeans and tights too tight? No, I know my size when it comes to bras AND clothing. Leave everyone’s red marks alone since you can’t tell by them if the bra fits.

3. If the bra does not fit or seems somehow wrong, you are in a wrong bra size

No, this is not how it works. There are so many different types of breasts and bras and you can’t expect them all to go well together. For example, I have full-on-top breasts which means I have more breast and fat tissue above my nipple than below it. This affects tremendously on how a certain kind of bra fits and sadly sometimes you just have to kiss many frogs to find the prince charming.

Bras come in various styles: plunges, balconettes, halfcups, fullcups, with vertical and horizontal seams, with side support panels and three-part cup construction. This means there should be something for anyone and hopefully you will find the best options for your breasts. Knowing your own breasts is the key to great bra fit but also the key to understanding that only sizing up or down does nothing if the bra style is simply wrong.

4. Bra sizes start from 32AA and end at 38DDD

When I visited NYC a local bra fitter told me there are no cupsizes above DD in USA. I smiled at her and was like “Oh, ok!” *cough* Parfait! *cough* Clearly I took it very personally that they tried to stuff me into 36DD but when I look back at it now I just realize how widespread ignorance is when it comes to certain parts of the world.

To me, bra sizes are not something that a culture or a single store or even a whole industry can dictate. If you feel like having a 26″ or 24″ band that is YOUR choice and YOUR preference. If 26K fits you, it exists! If a 44C fits you, it exists! There is NO WAY a person can tell you your bra size does not exist cause as long as you know your body you have the right to decide which bra size you prefer. If a certain brand carries sizes up to, say, D or L cup, that is not where the sizes stop. If you need a bigger cup than L, then you do. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else cause a woman’s body cannot be calculated into only certain numbers and letters.

5. A bra fitter/ manufacturer/ blogger knows her stuff and is always right

What I’ve learned in uni is that we need to question everything. When it comes to bra fit there are no absolute truths to be told so if anyone tells you otherwise; question it. Manufacturers are looking for money, so are bra fitters. Some of them just try to make a sale and you have to accept that (it’s not right but money talks..). Also bloggers have preferences cause they are human beings and try to “sell” people ideas of things that work for them.

So here they are, five most annoying bra fit myths that just need to be busted! What pisses you the most off when it comes to bra fit rules? Have you ever participated a bra fit “war” and if so, why?

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