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Kris Line – Brand Introduction & Bra Review

17 Sep

During my visit to Moda last month I encountered a brand I had heard of a long time ago – Kris Line. I had never tried their lingerie before so I was eager to see what they had to offer to the full bust industry. As I have been looking into Polish lingerie more recently I was indeed interested to see how they fit but was unsure about the sizing as it can be a bit baffling to someone with no knowledge of the brand in question.

Anna and I talked to the brand representatives and also met their lovely new head of marketing, Patryk. The whole crew was so kind to introduce us to their new SS15 collection but also to tell us a few things that were on Kris Line’s radar in the near future – including a nightwear line especially designed for the most full-busted. After the show Patryk came to talk to us and seemed to be sincerely interested in the industry and also what their customer really need and like. Later on, I got an email from Patryk and we decided to introduce Kris Line properly on Two Cakes On a Plate. This is what they have to say about the brand…

“Kris Line is one of the leading manufacturers of large cup lingerie in Central and Eastern Europe.Kris Line company was founded in 1992. With 20 years of experience in lingerie design and manufacturing we offer premium quality lingerie on over 30 international markets. We produce only in Poland using exclusively top European materials, laces and embroidery.

We are very proud of our modern management methods and high tech technology in production processes. Despite of having 100% EU production we manage to offer our products at prices very competitive to brands who produce in far east.

Our philosophy of looking for high productivity  leads not only to well priced premium quality products. We support European Common market by defending over 1000 workplaces in our company and at our suppliers’ sites.  Our philosophy also reflects in corporate social responsibility, we actively support local healthcare and sport initiatives.  All this allows us to successfully introduce our products to demanding Western European markets. Now we would like to bring our products to the UK.

Each 6 months our designers work on new designs, forms and construction types. Wide range of our products is divided into following collections: basic, fashion, nightwear, nursing and swimwear. Basic collection consists of two models Fortuna and Brilliant. They are available whole year around. Fashion, nightwear and swimwear is designed twice a year for spring/summer and fall/winter seasons.

We realize that high quality and well fitted bra is a guarantee of beautiful and healthy breasts. This is why bra-fitting is Kris Line’s top priority and trade mark for now and many years to come.”

As their bras are not widely sold online nor offline in Europe, UK and US, Kris Line is currently looking for retailers in these areas to widen their market and influence. So if you are a lingerie retailer and feel like Kris Line would be a suitable brand for your business, don’t hesitate to get in contact with them! Also, if you are an individual customer, you always have a chance to ask your local retailer for new brands. If Kris Line seems like a good choice for you, just let people know and you might just get what you want. The size range is enormous, including sizes up to O-cup with the smallest band sizes and 115 bands up to H cup depending on the style.

As the fit of different brands usually differ a lot, Kris Line was so kind to send me a set to review. Here’s how I liked their lingerie…

The Design: As my first Kris Line set, I picked the gorgeous Marilou Deco in 70H and Small. This style is from Kris Line’s SS14 collection so it is possible that you’ll be able to snatch it up online somewhere either now or later. Older Kris Line styles show up on Zulily and Brastop now and then, so be sure to check them both out to see if you’re in luck.

I chose the Marilou Deco as it was such a lovely unusual colour combination and one can never own too many light-coloured t-shirt bras. The style features almost seamless moulded cups (with one nearly-invisible seam going across the outer part of the cups) and a plunging shape to go well with lower-cut necklines. The shade is a bright lemony yellow with some beautiful grey and yellow embroidery adorning the band and the straps. This style is great under light-coloured shirts and dresses and it is my go-to bra with my ivory Collectif “Phyllis” dress. The colour and the shape allow a lot of outfit options so I would say the Marilou Deco is a great bra for both day- and nighttime. The bra gave me a lovely rounded shape and one of the best cleavages I have ever had in a well-fitting bra and that is always something I appreciate.

DSC_0033 DSC_0055
The Fit: Kris Line bras fit a bit differently than you might imagine when you compare to British or even other Polish brands. They do include the double letters, just like Ewa Michalak (who btw used to work for Kris Line!) and all the British brands, but they also include the letter “I” in their size chart. This means figuring your bra size with KL can be a tricky task to do. I was provided with the size chart for their brand and finally opted for the same size as with Ewa Michalak padded bras – 70H (32H).

My usual size with British brands is now between 30GG and 30H and sometimes I also go for the bigger band size of 32 (eg. with Lepel and Gossard). On the base of this, I would say that Kris Line tends to run smaller in the cups (partially due to the “I” letter being included) so going up a couple of cup sizes is something I would definitely recommend. I also opted to go up a band size as I usually do with Polish brands. I felt like I might be between 65 and 70 with Kris Line but so far the 70 has worked for me fine. However, if I would happen to lose even a little weight I would probably need to go for a size 65HH.

The cups feel great though I do feel my other boob is very near escaping the cup a bit but that’s what happens when you have a-symmetry. However, there’s no spillage, just a feeling of little restriction with the other boob which is very familiar to me with padded moulded cup bras. The cups push my breasts up and bring them in front of me to create a phenomenal cleavage. The wiring feels great – it’s very similar to other Polish brands but perhaps not as narrow as with EM. This is good news to me as I sometimes feel the EM wires are a tad too narrow for me, especially the unpadded styles. The cups seem medium-to-deep, just the way I like them.

DSC_0039 DSC_0056 DSC_0091
Comfort: Marilou Deco is made of the most soft micro fibre and carefully placed lace to keep you comfortable during the day. As the wires and straps seems to be perfectly placed for me, I have no complaints about the comfort aspect of this set. The bottoms run quite small and seem tiny at a first look but they are made of extremely stretchy materials to accommodate a range of sizes. I opted for my regular size Small and even thought the panties looked Barbie-sized they fitted my butt and hips quite well. If you are between sizes, I would advice to for the bigger size for comfort reasons.

All in all, the Marilou Deco feels like a great option for something pretty and practical for everyday wear. The Deco shape can be found in many Kris Line styles so even though you couldn’t get your hands on Marilou, there are plenty of similar styles you can have access online.

What do you think of Kris Line and Marilou? Have you tried their lingerie previously? I would love to hear about your experiences, both about buying them online and the sizing, as it seems to be a mystery to so many women interested in them! Drop me a comment if you have any useful tips xx

Ava Lingerie – A Quick Overview / Pikainen katsaus Avan malleihin

3 Aug

As many of you have noticed I am on a bit of quest to find the best of Polish lingerie – and have already found so many wonderful brands and styles to try on and review. Today I will overview a few styles from a Polish lingerie brand called Ava. This brand offers great basics and lovely lacy styles for women with small and big busts. Ava offers different styles to suit a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it a great option for many girls on a tighter budget. I am wearing a 70I in these bras (32G in UK sizes) and I would suggest everyone to size up in the band and stick with your regular cup size. The sizes go up to EU J-cup.

DSC_0009 DSC_0017
This style is called Orne and it’s a basic blush beige bra by Ava. When looking at the stock photos Orne wasn’t something I would have jumped up and down for, but when I got it on, I truly fell in love with it. The look is great for everyday and the colour is more blush pink than beige actually. I really like the cup construction as it gives me tons of lift and a lovely curved shape. The upper material of the bra is stretch lace which is great for accommodating a-symmetrical boobs. The bra is also very pretty – it would probably be one of my safest choices under light-coloured clothing. 

This style doesn’t have a name decided by Ava but at Lumingerie (where I got to try on these bras) we decided to go for the name “Pearl”. It’s Ava’s basic strapless style that is also great option for brides as it’s an off-white colour and features some lovely rhinestones and lace. I personally am not a big fan of the shape but it’s not the worst I can get – it actually reminds me of the “Evie” by Panache which is very popular style for a strapless. The band features silicone strips to keep the bra from shifting downwards.

Blois is a nursing bra with underwires and drop cups. I think it’s a pretty boss option for those looking for a comfortable good-looking wired nursing bra. The bra felt great on and features a cotton lining inside the cups to make them as comfortable as possible. The drop cup is easy to use with a single hand and the cups are quite stretchy to accommodate size fluctuation. Of course, I am not a mother yet but if I were, this would definitely be a bra on my shopping list.

What do you think of Ava and their styles? Which one would you like to try on? Let me know in the comments! xx

Disclosure: I tried on these bras at Lumingerie where I worked for the summer. This does not affect my opinion on the bras and I simply wanted to show them to you here on my blog. I was not compensated for this post.


Suomeksi: Olin töissä Lumingeriella tämän kesän ja saimme varastolle testiin muutaman mallin Avan liivejä. Ava on puolalainen alusvaatebrändi, joka valmistaa hyvinistuvia malleja naisille, jotka shoppailevat hieman tiukemmalla budjetilla. Ylläolevissa kuvissa teille olisi pientä maistiaista siitä, mitä malleja Lumingeriella on valikoimissa ja on vielä tulossa valikoimaan Avalta. Kaikkia malleja kokeilin koossa 70I, joka vastaa UK-kokoa 32G. Suosittelisin siis jokaista kokeilemaan rinnakkaiskokoa isommalla ympäryksellä, sillä ympärykset Avan liiveissä ovat tiukahkot. Kokoja on tarjolla EU J-kuppiin asti,

Kokeilin kolmea eri mallia: Ornea, Pearlia ja Bloisia. Kaikki mallit istuivat hyvin samassa koossa, joten epäloogisuus eri mallien välillä ei pitäisi olla ongelma näitten liivien kanssa. 

Omaksi lemppariksi muodostui ehdottomasti Orne – ihana perusliivi vaaleiden vaatteiden alle. Väri on enemmänkin puuterinen pinkki kuin beige, eli näyttää hieman nätimmältä kuin perus beiget mummoliivit. Myös muoto oli todella kiva – oikein tuettu ja melko luonnollinen. Parasta liivissä oli kuitenkin sen rinnan muotoa myötäilevä pitsi – tällä on helppo tasoittaa rintojen välisiä kokoeroja!

Toisena liivinä kokeilin olkaimentonta Pearlia, joka on oiva vaihtoehto niin morsiamille kuin muille valkoisten liivien ystäville. Muoto ei välttämättä ole se pyörein mutta liivit tuntuivat tukevilta yllä ja pysyivät hyvin päällä silikoni-nauhojensa vuoksi.

Viimeisessä kuvassa kaarituellinen imetysliivi Blois. Blois tuntui todella mukavalta päällä ja antoi rinnoille ihanan pyöreän muodon sekä riittävästi peittävyyttä. Liivi on varustettu avattavilla kupeilla sekä vuorattu pehmeällä puuvillalla taatakseen parhaimman käyttömukavuuden. Itsellä ei vielä lapsia ole mutta mielestäni vaikuttaa oikein hyvältä vaihtoehdoilta imettäville äideille, jotka haluavat kaarituellisen imetysliivin!

Mitäs mieltä te olette Avan malleista? Löytyykö jotain, mitä voisitte itsekin kokeilla! Heittäkäähän kommentia tuonne boksiin! 🙂

HUOM: Kokeilin näitä liivejä töissä Lumingeriella mutta en omista niistä yhtään antaakseni tarkempia tietoja esim. käyttömukavuudesta. Työskentelyni Lumingeriella ei vaikuta mielipiteeseeni liiveistä vaan halusin esitellä ne teille omasta tahdostani blogissani. Minua ei ole kompensoitu postauksesta.

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