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Getting to Know Signature by After Eden – Review of “Sophia” and “Grace” in 32F

19 Nov

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the new After Eden sister-label which is created for fuller busted and also fuller figured girls. As I mentioned in my latest post about the brand, even though the range is targeted for girls with bigger band sizes as well, the brand does make their bands in 32 and even 30 in some styles. When the head of marketing for Signature and After Eden, Paul, contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of their lingerie, I jumped at the chance even though I knew I wouldn’t be in their size range exactly.

When the beautiful “Sophia” and “Grace” sets arrived at my door, I was so exacted I ripped the packaging open and was faced with two gorgeous bras accompanied with both briefs and thongs for both of them. I instantly tried on the bras with both fear and excitement – would they fit even though being a couple of cup sizes too small to begin with? I had indeed heard that Signature would run big so I was hopeful. Unfortunately, the bras came about two cup sizes too small for me, so I would have needed a 32G with them. Then something struck me – I had just bravangelized one very sweet and gorgeous young girl who would be perfect for both the brand and the size. Let me introduce to you: Miss E and Signature!


When it comes to Miss E’s regular bra size, she is usually something in the 30FF-G bra range and wears a 30G in Parfait “Charlotte”, for example. She is a very sporty young girl so she’s quite fit and small around her underbust area, meaning 30″ band is the best option for her in most bras. As Signature bras start usually at 32 (excluding their continuity style Anna which starts from 30) I was a bit hesitant if the bras would come up too big for her small frame, but luckily they fitted quite nicely. The Signature 32 bands seem to be quite snug, especially with the black flock print “Sophia” (49,99€), as it can be converted into a strapless. This particular bra also features some silicone strips going around the band, to keep the bra up when worn strapless.

The gorgeous snake-print “Grace” (44,99€) was a bit on the looser side compared to Sophia, so Miss E is wearing the bra in the second tightest set of hooks and eyes. Speaking of hooks and eyes, there is four sets of them on each bra which is absolutely amazing! The bands are pretty wide and thus supportive and they feature three hooks and eyes in each row. The metal parts of the Signature sets are done in such a beautiful way – they are gold in colour and look very expensive and luxurious taking into consideration how affordable these sets actually are.

The cup sizing is pretty similar to any other mainstream brands, if not a tiny bit more generous than eg with Freya or Curvy Kate. Signature uses EU-sizing as they are a Dutch brand, meaning the UK size 32F translates into 70G in their own size chart. As we know Miss E’s regular size is 30FF-G, the 32F is a sister size to 30FF, making me think these the cups are a bit bigger than a 30FF would normally be. This is great for E, as she is between FF and G in the first place.

As I tried these bras on myself, I noticed the cups are especially closed at top with Sophia – this happens quite often with strapless bras but it’s also a brand spesific thing; for example, Freya is great for full-on-bottom boobs, Cleo is great for full-on-top breasts. I would say E’s breasts are pretty full allover, meaning the fit of Signature is quite good for her (actually, most bras fit well with evenly-full breasts). There is no bulging or gaping and both of the bras fit smoothly.

image4image6 (1)

When it comes to wiring, the underwires of Signature seem to be in line with most British brands – they are rather wide but not as much as with eg. Tutti Rouge. I would compare their wires to most Curvy Kate bras – great for people who need average to slightly wider wires. The Sophia and Grace are a bit different to each other in this sense as well – the Sophia is a bit wider when it comes to wires and also has a bit more widely-placed straps. E mentioned the straps right away went she put on the bra – they were chafing her armpits a bit. However, the bra is great for its strapless feature and is something that will probably be a good choice under a spagetti strap top which is something E wears from time to time. The straps are fully-adjustable with both bras which is always an asset for taller or more petite girls.

The centre gores are a bit wider as well with Signature, so if you are close-set, you might want to consider this. E seems to be pretty average-set with her breasts so there seems to be no issue with the gores and they are tacking her sternum pretty well. The Grace bra is a bit lower with its gore area and seems to be sporting a nice practical plunge balconette shape that is great for everyday, especially combined to the smooth t-shirt finish.

image11 (1)image11

The materials and styling used with the Sophia and Grace sets feels and looks absolutely luxurious. The Grace set is finished with beautiful stretch lace that makes the panties so much more comfortable to wear – both the thong and the shorts leave a seamless finish and match the bra nicely. The bottoms are a bit higher than what E is used to but she seems pretty happy with them anyway – the rise is actually quite flattering and is something most women would find comfortable.

The Sophia is made of quite thick power mesh sorts of material which is adorned with a velvet-y like flock print. The basic black looks so amazing with the print and contrasting textures and is suitable under most clothing as the print is not too prominent, unless you are wearing something super thin.

All in all, we are both very impressed with Signature and I can safely say that it is a good option for young girls out there who are looking for their first full-bust bras. Signature is sold on their own website but unfortunately, they only ship to Netherlands at the moment. However, if you live somewhere else and want to give this brand a try, do let the brand know about it! I am sure they would be eager to hear enthusiasm from their international fans and let you know about any retailers near you 😉

Moda Lingerie & Swimwear Show: Introducing Moontide & Piha Swimwear

31 Mar

When it comes to swimwear, I tend to be extremely picky – I hate triangle bikinis, can’t stand tacky 90’s patterns and a tankini is a definite no-no. I like my swimwear cute, comfy and retro-inspired which makes my hunt for the perfect swimwear a bit tricky. Not to mention my size – someone in the 30-32 G-H range ought not be too fussy, but what can you do! However, now and then I come across brands with exactly my kind of aesthetics and one of those brands were Moontide and their sub-label Piha at the Moda tradeshow. One thing that made the brand instantly more appealing to me was that the Moontide range actually goes up to G-cup with some styles. Let’s dive into this swimwear giant a bit more…

DSC_0912 DSC_0913 DSC_0914
Tulip, Poppy & Bauhinia in their fantastic tropical floral prints (all from their SS14/15 collection)

Moontide was founded 35 years ago in Auckland, New Zealand and is now one of the leading fashion-forward swimwear-only brands in the world. When going through the Moontide website, it’s easy to see that in addition to fabulous fashion styles the brand is extremely confident about their fit. The passion towards well-fitting swim pieces is pretty obvious which makes me a new fan of the brand. The fuller-busted customers have been thought of too; there is a separate logo for the so called “cup fitting” pieces, which simply states “CF”. These pieces are either sized in bra sizes (with some styles going to up F/G) or offer a separate full-bust fit (this feature is mainly used with the one-piece swimsuits). Even though this kind of sizing cannot cover each and every bust size, it’s a good way to acknowledge that there is indeed a demand for more boob room among us gals with fuller busts. To be honest, I would be quite intrigued to see how well the full-bust version of the swimsuit would hold up my ~GG boobies!

DSC_0907 DSC_0909 DSC_0910
When it comes to styling, I find the Moontide to be an instant winner – I mean, who can resist a good floral or juicy summer brights? Well I certainly can’t. My favourite of the new collection pieces (pictured above) would definitely be the yellow one with the black and white rose print as it’s such a lovely vintage-inspired style. These pics are however only my favourites, so if floral and super bright colours are not your thing there is also lots of black and white monochrome, stripes and abstract prints on offer. I have previously worked as a gardener and a florist which should explain my love for all sorts of floral prints 😉

Even though I have pictured above only Moontide swimsuits, they do offer also a wide array of other cuts to choose from. To be honest, I have never seen such a variety of different styles when it comes to a single design of swimwear! Most Moontide swim pieces come in an array of tops, bottoms and even a couple of different onepiece styles so everyone can make their pick and be happy with it. As a lover of onepieces I would love to try their “Twist”-style swimsuits with the fuller bust fit as the whole design seems very flattering allover.

DSC_0915 DSC_0918 DSC_0919
Piha (which, funny enough, means ‘yard’ in Finnish) is a sub-label of the more mature Moontide brand. Even though Moontide’s designs could probably appeal to any age group depending on one’s personal style, Piha is clearly directed to a younger audience with a love for clashing colours and pop-art kind-of prints. The size range of Piha is much smaller, only accommodating up to D, but I am really hoping and wishing for a bigger size range in the future – these pieces would definitely rival the likes of Cleo and Freya in the full-bust swimwear market! However, I do understand the limits of making cup sized swimwear/lingerie as you do always need to make a profit. Just hoping Piha could someday make a profit of us bigger-busted gals as well 😉

If you are interested in the brands more, I suggest you visit their websites for more info. Also, the brands are sold world-wide so if you are still in a need of proper swimsuit for the upcoming summer, do check out the likes of Asos, House of Fraser and Simply Beach to find your favourite style. The Moontide and Piha websites have both a very impressive list of stockists and online retailers stocking their designs so you can pick one according to your own location!

How do you like the Moontide and Piha designs? Do you think Piha should extend their size range eg. up to G as well? Let me know in the comments!

Introducing Samanta Lingerie

26 Jan

As many of you know the year 2014 was a year of Polish lingerie for me. When I first started the year and promised myself I would look more into our Slavic neighbour in East, I was prepared for a secretive world of lingerie elite brands but as I discovered later, the research was way worth it. I was not sure if the Polish brands could top up the likes of Panache and Curvy Kate I had adored for a while but was so happy to find a whole different world of lingerie aesthetics and fit solutions. The British and the Polish brands are so different, I can’t really compare the two to each other but I was happy to have the option of narrower wires and deeper cups with lovely European detailing. Today I am bringing you the one Polish brand I have been talking to for so many months now and we have finally put together a decent info post for you, topped up with a review that will be published tomorrow.

When I first contacted Samanta on Facebook I was instantly greeted warmly by the lovely Natalia, the lingerie stylist of the brand. We talked through the different cuts and the aesthetics of Samanta and also what I liked as a customer. I really felt like she knew what she was talking about and that there was a huge amount of passion behind this brand. Fast forward to today and I have finally my first Samanta set with me and I can see the fruit of passion in flesh.

Boshenit, Aurora & Earth from the SS15 collection inspired by stones

Samanta is a family business and Natalia’s sister designs the bras to the very last perfect detail. To me, Samanta is one of the most detailed extravagant brands that cater to women who seek that special look and pure beauty when it comes to their undergarments. The sets are named after a certain theme, this SS15 it’s stones, last season they draw inspiration of the galaxy of stars. This is what Natalia has to say about the materials and quality of their lingerie:

“Our products are made from the highest quality materials from the best producers in Europe: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, which have an Oeke-tex certificate, which means that they are pleasant for the skin. This ensures standard quality products which aren’t harmful for us.”


All of the products, both the bras and bottoms, are made in different cuts to ensure a perfect fit. The cuts are named by a letter and a number which forms an array of cup depths, constructions and bra shapes from which the customer can opt the ones best for her.

A111 This bra design is dedicated to women with larger breasts. Optically reduces the bust, exposes it and slightly raises it up. It maintains and naturally rounds the bust. Deep cups cover 80% of the bust, ensuring maximum subtlety and comfort.
A122 This bra is designed for women with larger breasts. It collects the bust to the cleavage. Lifts it giving it strong support and comfort. Hidden supports inside the bra offer additional support.The cups cover 80% of the bust.
A222 The bra is designed for women with larger breasts. It doesn’t enlarge the bust, but lifts and gathers it, providing it with strong support. The cups cover 80% of the bust. The bra is made of lace or embroidery, lined on the inside by an extra net which has the same values for usability as in the A122 model.
A142 The design of this “balconette” type bra with a shallow cup is meant for women with firm breasts. Lifts and raises the bust to gently promote cleavage while giving it stable support. Hidden supports inside the bra offer additional support. It sensually exposes the bust.
A211 This bra design is dedicated to women with larger and/or less firm breasts. It lifts and naturally rounds the bust, without making it appear larger. Deep cups cover 80% of the bust ensuring maximum subtlety and comfort.
A225 The design of the “semi-soft” type bra (bottom of the cup stiffened, reinforced by foam with cotton from the side of the body), is dedicated to women with less firm breasts. Rounds and supports large breasts very well, collects and naturally lifts the bust up, while providing maximum comfort.
A242 This “balconette” type bra is additionally reinforced with a net layer on the inside cups. It is dedicated for women with firm breasts. It raises and collects the bust to gently promote cleavage, giving it stable support at the same time. It sensuallyexposes the bust.
A330 The design of the push – up type bra is dedicated to women with smaller and less firm breasts. Lifts and collects breasts to promote cleavage while it enlarges and rounds the bust. Provides impressive level of comfort while wearing.
A331 The design of the stiffened push – up type bra is for women with smaller and less firm breasts. Displays and enlarges the bust. Also has the asset of extreme comfort when wearing.
A333 The design of the stiffened push – up type bra is directed to women with larger breasts. Raises, rounds and collects the bust promoting cleavage and providing strong support. Cups cover 80 % of the breasts. The cups are mounted on a 3/4 high gore, which encourages the display of cleavage. Ensuring maximum comfort while wearing. This model is especially designed for women with softer, less firm breast. It’s perfect women who have just completed breastfeeding.
A335 Push-up bra design. This design is meant for women with smaller as well as widely spaced breasts. Lifts and collects the bust to promote cleavage, creating a “round apple” effect. A shallow cup promotes appropriate exposure of the bust making it ideal for very deep cleavage.
A341 Balconette type push-up bra design. Designed for women with smaller and medium-sized breasts, which are widely spaced and less firm. Lifts the bust and helps to expose it sensually and supportively.
A345 This bra design is stiff with a deeper cup, designed for women with a larger and/or less firm breasts. Gently enlarges, lifts and rounds the bust, while strongly supporting it. Collects bust to gently promote cleavage.
A351 Contour type bra design. The sides of this bra are finished off with silicone. It greatly lifts and exposes the bust. Ideal for dresses with bare shoulders and back.Detachable shoulder straps .
A470 Contour bra construction without push-up padding, designed for women with fuller breasts. The bra gathers, fills out, and naturally enhances the bust. The cup is smooth, seamless and stiff, placed high on the gore. The sides smoothly adjoin to the body. Detachable shoulder straps, where the width depends on the cup size. Designed for fitted outfit, thanks to the smooth finishing it stays hidden beneath clothes.
A472 Contour, push-up, décolleté bra construction. It lifts, strongly enhances and enlarges the bust. Smooth and stiff cups are placed high on the gore. The sides of the bra are seamless, finished with silicone. Ideal for dresses with exposed shoulders and back. Detachable shoulder straps. Designed for fitted outfit, thanks to the smooth finishing it stays hidden beneath clothes.
A475 Contour type push-up bra design. Lifts, enlarges and naturally exposes the breasts. The cup is smooth and rigid, mounted on the gore. The sides of the cup cling smoothly to the body. Detachable straps and their width is adjusted to the size of the cup. The bra is ideal for women with widely spaced breasts. Designed for close-fitting outfits, thanks to a seamless finish that does not stand out under clothing.
A476 Design of the multi-functional, front-fastened contour type bra. Allows for a variety of strap pin-ups and the back can be change to a silicone one. 6 combinations depending on your needs. Naturally enlarges and rounds the bust. Ideal for deep cleavage and an exposed back.
A479 Contour type, mega push-up bra design. Ideal for women with a smaller bust.Greatly enlarges and rounds the breasts, sensually exposing them.
A922 Thise bra design has additional strength. Designed for women with larger and/or less firm breasts. Patented straps add to increased comfort and stability. Deep cups cover 90% of the bust and the additional strength of the cup ensures stable support.  This bra gathers and rounds the bust, naturally exposing it.
A925 This bra design is for women with larger and/or less firm breasts. Patented straps guarantee comfort and stability. Deep cups cover 90% of the bust and foam in the lower part of the cup provides additional strengh and ensures stable support. This bra gathers and rounds the bust, naturally exposing it.
B0309 Classic briefs. Height below the navel. Discreetly covers hips and buttocks. Gives a beautiful shape. Perfect for women who appreciate a classic style and comfort.
B0501 Maxi briefs – very high up to the navel. Fully covers hips and buttocks. The sides and a wider crotch provide more privacy. Ideal for women who want to discreetly model their figure.
B300 Classic briefs. Height below the navel. Discreetly hides the sides and buttocks. Give a beautiful shape. Perfect for women who appreciate a classic style and comfort.
B400 Midi briefs – high below the navel. Cover the sides and buttocks almost completely. Perfect for women who appreciate comfort and a classic style.
B500 Maxi briefs – very high up to the navel. Fully cover the sides and buttocks. The sides and a wider crotch provide more privacy. Ideal for women who want to discreetly model their figure.
B700 Control briefs – high waist reaching above the navel. Fully covering the sides and bottocks. The sides and a wider crotch provide greater comfort. Front reinforced, for a slimming effect. Ideal for women who want to discreetly model their figure.
C100 Mini thongs – very low on the abdomen line. Fully expose the sides and buttocks.
C200 Hip hugging thongs- low on the hips. Discreetly obscure sides and fully expose the buttocks. Perfect for women wearing low-waist pants.
C300 Classic thongs below the navel. Discreet and fully expose the buttocks. Perfect for women who appreciate a classic style and comfort.
D100 Boy shorts on the abdomen line. Cover sides and discreetly exhibit the lower part of the buttocks. Perfect for women wearing low-waist pants.
D200 Hip boyshorts, covers sides and discreetly exhibits the lower part of the buttocks.Perfect for women wearing low-waist pants.
D300 Classic boyshorts, below the navel. Covers and discreetly exposes the lower part of the buttocks. Ideal for women who appreciate a classic style.
F60 Garter belt, reaching from the hips to the waist. Back fastened with hook and eye clasps. Front and sides high, reinforced with a net to perfectly model the figure.
G251 Linen corset with a balconette type cup. Back fastened with hook and eye clasps, bottom garter clasps. Corset greatly lifts and exposes the bust. Ideal for wedding dresses, emphasizes the shape of the body. It has detachable shoulder straps .
M200 Thong, often called “Brazilian”, held on the hips.Covers about half of the buttocks and expose feminine shape. Ideal for low waist pants and clothing that clings firmly to the body.
M300 Thong, often called “Brazilian,” of a classic height below the navel. Hides and exposes half of a woman’s buttocks. Ideal for clothing that clings firmly to the body.

This table was sent to me by Natalia which shows the differences between the cuts. I have not edited it so this is the brand’s view on their styles. I myself have tried their A925 which is an almost full-coverage balconette bra for large breasts. The style is specifically designed for less firm breasts but I can assure you that it will work for various breast types. These descriptions above are merely guidelines to find the perfect fit but many of the styles work for multiple breast shapes despite of being designed for something particular.


The different models can be confusing so if you want to see them in action, I would suggest you take a look at Miss Underpinnings’ guide to all the different cuts. However, if you set your eyes on something the list above is also very useful to determine whether a certain style would be a good choice for you. Also, all the styles come in different size ranges which will limit the option you have in the first place. The whole size range of the brand goes from 60-95 (UK 28-42) A-M (UK A-J) which is amazing for a family business! The sizing is pretty regular EU sizing so my 30H translates straight to 65K.

If you want to know more about the sizing and fit, I will share my first Samanta review tomorrow so stay tuned for that! Samanta ships to everywhere in EU but if you are based eg. in the USA, I would suggest you try to contact them directly for more details. For promotions and new collections, do check out their Facebook page too!

How do you like Samanta? Have you ever ordered from them and how do you feel about their products? Let me know in the comments!

Kris Line – Brand Introduction & Bra Review

17 Sep

During my visit to Moda last month I encountered a brand I had heard of a long time ago – Kris Line. I had never tried their lingerie before so I was eager to see what they had to offer to the full bust industry. As I have been looking into Polish lingerie more recently I was indeed interested to see how they fit but was unsure about the sizing as it can be a bit baffling to someone with no knowledge of the brand in question.

Anna and I talked to the brand representatives and also met their lovely new head of marketing, Patryk. The whole crew was so kind to introduce us to their new SS15 collection but also to tell us a few things that were on Kris Line’s radar in the near future – including a nightwear line especially designed for the most full-busted. After the show Patryk came to talk to us and seemed to be sincerely interested in the industry and also what their customer really need and like. Later on, I got an email from Patryk and we decided to introduce Kris Line properly on Two Cakes On a Plate. This is what they have to say about the brand…

“Kris Line is one of the leading manufacturers of large cup lingerie in Central and Eastern Europe.Kris Line company was founded in 1992. With 20 years of experience in lingerie design and manufacturing we offer premium quality lingerie on over 30 international markets. We produce only in Poland using exclusively top European materials, laces and embroidery.

We are very proud of our modern management methods and high tech technology in production processes. Despite of having 100% EU production we manage to offer our products at prices very competitive to brands who produce in far east.

Our philosophy of looking for high productivity  leads not only to well priced premium quality products. We support European Common market by defending over 1000 workplaces in our company and at our suppliers’ sites.  Our philosophy also reflects in corporate social responsibility, we actively support local healthcare and sport initiatives.  All this allows us to successfully introduce our products to demanding Western European markets. Now we would like to bring our products to the UK.

Each 6 months our designers work on new designs, forms and construction types. Wide range of our products is divided into following collections: basic, fashion, nightwear, nursing and swimwear. Basic collection consists of two models Fortuna and Brilliant. They are available whole year around. Fashion, nightwear and swimwear is designed twice a year for spring/summer and fall/winter seasons.

We realize that high quality and well fitted bra is a guarantee of beautiful and healthy breasts. This is why bra-fitting is Kris Line’s top priority and trade mark for now and many years to come.”

As their bras are not widely sold online nor offline in Europe, UK and US, Kris Line is currently looking for retailers in these areas to widen their market and influence. So if you are a lingerie retailer and feel like Kris Line would be a suitable brand for your business, don’t hesitate to get in contact with them! Also, if you are an individual customer, you always have a chance to ask your local retailer for new brands. If Kris Line seems like a good choice for you, just let people know and you might just get what you want. The size range is enormous, including sizes up to O-cup with the smallest band sizes and 115 bands up to H cup depending on the style.

As the fit of different brands usually differ a lot, Kris Line was so kind to send me a set to review. Here’s how I liked their lingerie…

The Design: As my first Kris Line set, I picked the gorgeous Marilou Deco in 70H and Small. This style is from Kris Line’s SS14 collection so it is possible that you’ll be able to snatch it up online somewhere either now or later. Older Kris Line styles show up on Zulily and Brastop now and then, so be sure to check them both out to see if you’re in luck.

I chose the Marilou Deco as it was such a lovely unusual colour combination and one can never own too many light-coloured t-shirt bras. The style features almost seamless moulded cups (with one nearly-invisible seam going across the outer part of the cups) and a plunging shape to go well with lower-cut necklines. The shade is a bright lemony yellow with some beautiful grey and yellow embroidery adorning the band and the straps. This style is great under light-coloured shirts and dresses and it is my go-to bra with my ivory Collectif “Phyllis” dress. The colour and the shape allow a lot of outfit options so I would say the Marilou Deco is a great bra for both day- and nighttime. The bra gave me a lovely rounded shape and one of the best cleavages I have ever had in a well-fitting bra and that is always something I appreciate.

DSC_0033 DSC_0055
The Fit: Kris Line bras fit a bit differently than you might imagine when you compare to British or even other Polish brands. They do include the double letters, just like Ewa Michalak (who btw used to work for Kris Line!) and all the British brands, but they also include the letter “I” in their size chart. This means figuring your bra size with KL can be a tricky task to do. I was provided with the size chart for their brand and finally opted for the same size as with Ewa Michalak padded bras – 70H (32H).

My usual size with British brands is now between 30GG and 30H and sometimes I also go for the bigger band size of 32 (eg. with Lepel and Gossard). On the base of this, I would say that Kris Line tends to run smaller in the cups (partially due to the “I” letter being included) so going up a couple of cup sizes is something I would definitely recommend. I also opted to go up a band size as I usually do with Polish brands. I felt like I might be between 65 and 70 with Kris Line but so far the 70 has worked for me fine. However, if I would happen to lose even a little weight I would probably need to go for a size 65HH.

The cups feel great though I do feel my other boob is very near escaping the cup a bit but that’s what happens when you have a-symmetry. However, there’s no spillage, just a feeling of little restriction with the other boob which is very familiar to me with padded moulded cup bras. The cups push my breasts up and bring them in front of me to create a phenomenal cleavage. The wiring feels great – it’s very similar to other Polish brands but perhaps not as narrow as with EM. This is good news to me as I sometimes feel the EM wires are a tad too narrow for me, especially the unpadded styles. The cups seem medium-to-deep, just the way I like them.

DSC_0039 DSC_0056 DSC_0091
Comfort: Marilou Deco is made of the most soft micro fibre and carefully placed lace to keep you comfortable during the day. As the wires and straps seems to be perfectly placed for me, I have no complaints about the comfort aspect of this set. The bottoms run quite small and seem tiny at a first look but they are made of extremely stretchy materials to accommodate a range of sizes. I opted for my regular size Small and even thought the panties looked Barbie-sized they fitted my butt and hips quite well. If you are between sizes, I would advice to for the bigger size for comfort reasons.

All in all, the Marilou Deco feels like a great option for something pretty and practical for everyday wear. The Deco shape can be found in many Kris Line styles so even though you couldn’t get your hands on Marilou, there are plenty of similar styles you can have access online.

What do you think of Kris Line and Marilou? Have you tried their lingerie previously? I would love to hear about your experiences, both about buying them online and the sizing, as it seems to be a mystery to so many women interested in them! Drop me a comment if you have any useful tips xx

Ava Lingerie – A Quick Overview / Pikainen katsaus Avan malleihin

3 Aug

As many of you have noticed I am on a bit of quest to find the best of Polish lingerie – and have already found so many wonderful brands and styles to try on and review. Today I will overview a few styles from a Polish lingerie brand called Ava. This brand offers great basics and lovely lacy styles for women with small and big busts. Ava offers different styles to suit a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it a great option for many girls on a tighter budget. I am wearing a 70I in these bras (32G in UK sizes) and I would suggest everyone to size up in the band and stick with your regular cup size. The sizes go up to EU J-cup.

DSC_0009 DSC_0017
This style is called Orne and it’s a basic blush beige bra by Ava. When looking at the stock photos Orne wasn’t something I would have jumped up and down for, but when I got it on, I truly fell in love with it. The look is great for everyday and the colour is more blush pink than beige actually. I really like the cup construction as it gives me tons of lift and a lovely curved shape. The upper material of the bra is stretch lace which is great for accommodating a-symmetrical boobs. The bra is also very pretty – it would probably be one of my safest choices under light-coloured clothing. 

This style doesn’t have a name decided by Ava but at Lumingerie (where I got to try on these bras) we decided to go for the name “Pearl”. It’s Ava’s basic strapless style that is also great option for brides as it’s an off-white colour and features some lovely rhinestones and lace. I personally am not a big fan of the shape but it’s not the worst I can get – it actually reminds me of the “Evie” by Panache which is very popular style for a strapless. The band features silicone strips to keep the bra from shifting downwards.

Blois is a nursing bra with underwires and drop cups. I think it’s a pretty boss option for those looking for a comfortable good-looking wired nursing bra. The bra felt great on and features a cotton lining inside the cups to make them as comfortable as possible. The drop cup is easy to use with a single hand and the cups are quite stretchy to accommodate size fluctuation. Of course, I am not a mother yet but if I were, this would definitely be a bra on my shopping list.

What do you think of Ava and their styles? Which one would you like to try on? Let me know in the comments! xx

Disclosure: I tried on these bras at Lumingerie where I worked for the summer. This does not affect my opinion on the bras and I simply wanted to show them to you here on my blog. I was not compensated for this post.


Suomeksi: Olin töissä Lumingeriella tämän kesän ja saimme varastolle testiin muutaman mallin Avan liivejä. Ava on puolalainen alusvaatebrändi, joka valmistaa hyvinistuvia malleja naisille, jotka shoppailevat hieman tiukemmalla budjetilla. Ylläolevissa kuvissa teille olisi pientä maistiaista siitä, mitä malleja Lumingeriella on valikoimissa ja on vielä tulossa valikoimaan Avalta. Kaikkia malleja kokeilin koossa 70I, joka vastaa UK-kokoa 32G. Suosittelisin siis jokaista kokeilemaan rinnakkaiskokoa isommalla ympäryksellä, sillä ympärykset Avan liiveissä ovat tiukahkot. Kokoja on tarjolla EU J-kuppiin asti,

Kokeilin kolmea eri mallia: Ornea, Pearlia ja Bloisia. Kaikki mallit istuivat hyvin samassa koossa, joten epäloogisuus eri mallien välillä ei pitäisi olla ongelma näitten liivien kanssa. 

Omaksi lemppariksi muodostui ehdottomasti Orne – ihana perusliivi vaaleiden vaatteiden alle. Väri on enemmänkin puuterinen pinkki kuin beige, eli näyttää hieman nätimmältä kuin perus beiget mummoliivit. Myös muoto oli todella kiva – oikein tuettu ja melko luonnollinen. Parasta liivissä oli kuitenkin sen rinnan muotoa myötäilevä pitsi – tällä on helppo tasoittaa rintojen välisiä kokoeroja!

Toisena liivinä kokeilin olkaimentonta Pearlia, joka on oiva vaihtoehto niin morsiamille kuin muille valkoisten liivien ystäville. Muoto ei välttämättä ole se pyörein mutta liivit tuntuivat tukevilta yllä ja pysyivät hyvin päällä silikoni-nauhojensa vuoksi.

Viimeisessä kuvassa kaarituellinen imetysliivi Blois. Blois tuntui todella mukavalta päällä ja antoi rinnoille ihanan pyöreän muodon sekä riittävästi peittävyyttä. Liivi on varustettu avattavilla kupeilla sekä vuorattu pehmeällä puuvillalla taatakseen parhaimman käyttömukavuuden. Itsellä ei vielä lapsia ole mutta mielestäni vaikuttaa oikein hyvältä vaihtoehdoilta imettäville äideille, jotka haluavat kaarituellisen imetysliivin!

Mitäs mieltä te olette Avan malleista? Löytyykö jotain, mitä voisitte itsekin kokeilla! Heittäkäähän kommentia tuonne boksiin! 🙂

HUOM: Kokeilin näitä liivejä töissä Lumingeriella mutta en omista niistä yhtään antaakseni tarkempia tietoja esim. käyttömukavuudesta. Työskentelyni Lumingeriella ei vaikuta mielipiteeseeni liiveistä vaan halusin esitellä ne teille omasta tahdostani blogissani. Minua ei ole kompensoitu postauksesta.

Shapewear Innovators – Introducing Figgahugga

6 Jun

I have recently been looking for cute and fun shapewear that would suit my taste and hold in my cookie pouch a little. I am pretty comfortable with my body but when wearing tight-fitting clothing I wanna feel more secure either with slimming high-waisted panties or a slip dress. I would love to try some “real” shapewear brands in the future so I’m kind of doing my research now before opting for something.

 I came across a brand called Figgahugga on Twitter and instantly thought this brand is exactly what I’m looking for – a fresh young brand that offers a huge range of rainbow colours in a form of a slip dress. The best thing about the Figgahugga? Their slimming dress can also be worn as outerwear, which makes it a great choice for girls who want a simple flattering summer dress that can be dressed up and down. 

Just look at them! I think the concept is really cool and this kind of shapewear looks exactly the kind that young customers would love. It’s also really affordable since Figgahugga costs you only £49,99. Just comparing the price to many other similar shapewear dresses, I really feel the Figgahugga crew has kept their young customer in mind. This is what the brand has to say about their product:

Figgahugga is a totally new shapewear brand designed specifically for younger women, that both looks and performs unlike anything that’s currently on the market. Figgahugga is entirely British (both material sourced and manufactured in Britain) which, we believe, makes us the only all British shapewear label on the market.  

The idea behind Figgahugga came from the rising number of young, often slimmer women, who are going out for the evening without eating, for fear of developing the dreaded “food baby” – and often suffering as a consequence. We thought it was time they could eat, drink and still look and feel great.

The majority of shapewear wearers are often larger women, however, there are as many slim women out there who have as many body issues.  At Figgahugga, we want to keep young girls safe, by encouraging them to eat, stay healthy and look good.

Better Performance.

Figgahuggas are double layered to offer a stronger hold and more comfort than anything out there. And because they have been designed with younger women in mind, they are infused with Feran Ice to wick away moisture and keep you cool on the dance floor.

 Better Looks.

Unlike most shapewear, Figgahuggas have been designed to be seen. So they come in multiple bright colours to complement your wardrobe. What’s more, they look just like normal dresses – so if your boyfriend or flatmate walked in on you getting changed, they would have no idea you were wearing shapewear! Here are some of the ways you can wear a Figgahugga.”

I love Figgahugga’s colours – my personal favourites would be yellow and neon pink! Unfortunately Figgahugga is such a new brand that they have only one model that’s available now with the existing model being designed more for core sizes when it comes to breast size. However, as I contacted Figgahugga and as they told me that they haven’t YET released a full-bust suitable model, there is one coming very soon! I love that this kind of new brand wants to branch out to full-bust appropriate designs as well as vest and a longer version of the original design. I think this shows a lot of dedication to improve their product and that they really want to take into account all of their possible customers. 

The new models including the full-bust one should be launched in the next six months so keep your eyes peeled for them on Figgahugga’s facebook page. If you are a little more small-busted, I would suggest taking part of Lingerie Blog’s comp in which you can win yourself your very own Figgahugga!

How do you like FIggahugga? Which colour is your favourite? 😉 xx

Luxury for full-bust – An interview with Harlow & Fox

17 Dec
Recently there has been a few new-comers popping up in the field of luxury lingerie for full busts. This is definitely welcomed and many luxury lingerie lovers have been “ooh”ing and “aah”ing over the silks and quality laces that have suddenly reached the full bust world. I for one love a great silk or lace anytime and will definitely be investing in these new brands as soon as I land a new job and a stable income. While dreaming of these amazing designs and the pure quality I wanted to look into one of these new-comers known as Harlow & Fox. H&W was founded in England in 2011 and produces its designs in Great Britain. I truly value the kind of craftsmanship that is put into this brand’s designs so I decided to reach out to Harlow & Fox’s creative director Leanna Williams to ask some questions. Enjoy the interview!
Tell me first a little bit about your brand; how it was born and who is the woman/team behind it?
– Harlow & Fox is a new British lingerie brand, specialising in luxurious, elegant garments designed specifically for the DD-G size range. The brand was born from my own desire to find sumptuous, beautiful, high-end lingerie that would fit a fuller bust size, with the same level of attention of detail and luxury fabrics as I saw in smaller size ranges. I was previously working as a registrar of marriages, so an entirely different field, but I knew what I wanted as a consumer, and set out to create it!
What does luxury mean to you? Was it easy/hard to combine luxury and full-bust products in practice?
-To me, luxury means beautiful materials, attention to detail, and garments that just feel special. Although an entirely impractical fabric, it was very important to me to be able to use as much silk as possible, and to use the same delicate, finely-made leavers laces I saw and loved in smaller size pieces. It was incredibly difficult to find a way to combine these materials with the need for greater structure, support and strength that comes with larger cup sizes, but we have used various reinforcing techniques to be able to make the most of the beauty of the silk, whilst not compromising on the fit. Everything possible is also lined in silk as well, to give that feeling of luxury next to the skin as well as on the outside.
Where did you draw inspiration to your first collection?
-The inspiration for the first collection came from all the classic inspirational things – old time glamour, elegance, reclining on a chaise longue with a martini wearing ethereal floating robes… But the way they came together was more about the materials, and the colours. The fabrics themselves were perhaps the most important inspiration – the Viola, for example, was created from trying to find a way to showcase the exquisite lace to its best advantage.
Which one has been the most popular line of Harlow & Fox since you launched the first collection? Which design is your personal favourite?
-The most popular is probably a close contest between the Eleanor Almond and the Viola in terms of images shared online, and press interest, but the Alexandra is the one we’ve already sold out of some sizes in! (It is still possible as a special order though, so do send us an email if your size isn’t available online) So I’d say they’re all popular in their own way, but my personal favourite has to be the Eleanor. It’s just so timeless, and the colour looks so beautiful on.
We are reaching season SS14 already. Is the new collection already on it’s way and if so, what should we expect from it?
-The SS14 pieces will be arriving in Janauary and March, and will be the Eleanor recreated in a deliciously rich mink shade, perfect for Valentines Day; the Lydia, a combination of antique gold panelling and an intricate silk blend jacquard; and the Sophia, named after my mother, which features a gorgeous floor length sheer kimono and beautifully subtle allover leavers lace.
Tell me about your target market. Who is Harlow & Fox woman? 
-The Harlow & Fox woman is not necessarily a rigid follower of fashion, but appreciates classic, timeless styles, and wears her lingerie to feel beautiful within herself, first and foremost. She wants to own something that is made well, that brings out her natural beauty, and that makes her feel special, elegant and indulged.
What is in store for Harlow & Fox in the future?
-We will be introducing our AW14/15 range to buyers in the new year, which we’re very excited about, and hope to expand into more international wholesale stockists in the near future.
Many thanks for Harlow & Fox for the interview! I personally am already in love with this brand and can’t wait to be in the position to buy their designs. What about you? Is H&F something you would wear? Let me know in the comments!

Brand portrait: Parfait Affinitas

7 Oct

Hi all ya lovelies out there! It’s been a long time again but you can’t blame me, this second year of studying psychology has tried to kill me a few times but not managed quite yet. Anyways, that means I haven’t been able to post that often. I would LOVE to, but seriously, there are only 24 h in a day. Fortunately there is a lot of fun stuff on my to-blog list and today I’ll be introducing you to one of my new favourite DD+ brands, Parfait by Affinitas. As many of you know this particular brand went through a big size extension recently and is now available in 28″ bands and up to K-cup! This is particularly good news to women who want something sexy and sophisticated in bigger cupsizes.

I reached out to Parfait to learn a little bit more about them and here are some basic facts you might enjoy! 😉

SUOMEKSI: Heippa kaikille! Taas on mennyt vähän aikaa postailusta mutta hei, ylipistoelämä on melkoisen raskasta ottaen huomioon kaikenmaailman tapahtumat ja bileet ja.. ainiin ja opiskellakin täytyy jossain välissä. No ei, oikeesti olen ihan opiskellut ja siihen se kirjoittaminen onkin sitten jäänyt. Tiedossa on kuitenkin paljon kivoja juttuja ja tänään haluan esitellä teille yhden uusista lempparimerkeistäni, Parfaitin. Parfait kävi läpi suuren uudistuksen nyt hiljattain ja tuotteet on nykyään siis saatavissa myös 60-ympärysmitalla sekä K-kuppiin asti. Minusta tämä on ihan superhyvä homma ainakin naisille, jotka haluavat tuntea itsensä seksikkääksi suuremmasta kuppikoosta huolimatta (sillä faktahan on, että K-kupeille vaihtoehdot ovat todella minimissä).

Otin siis yhteyttä Parfaitiin ja tässä olisikin muutama perusfakta jo Suomeenkin saapuneesta merkistä!

First of all Parfait Affinitas was founded in California and their first collection launched in 2007. The style of the brand is very distinctive providing fashionable women and girls designs with a sexy edge. To me, Parfait is exactly what I want from my lingerie; sexy, inventive and supportive. I also give a thumbs up for their size range and price point; sizes range between 28-40 D-K (depending on the line) and their bras are usually around the £30 mark. Not bad, huh?

Ensinnäkin, Parfait Affinitas perustettiin Californiassa ja ensimmäinen mallisto lanseerattiin vuonna 2007. Siitä asti Parfait on luonut muodikkaita ja seksikkäitä vaihtoehtoja naisille laajalla kokoskaalalla. Nykyään mallistot tehdään koissa 28-40 D-K, riippuen tietysti mallista (osa on “vain” G-kuppiin asti). Hintakaan ei kirpaise, sillä yhdet rintsikat kustantavat suurinpiirtein 30-40 e.


  • Why did Affinitas & Parfait decided to expand up to K-cups?
    As you know, our standard Parfait sizing is a D through to G cup from a 30 to 40 back but we found that increasingly our specialist retailers were asking for larger cups.  So, in response to this feedback, we are now offering some of our best selling styles up to a K cup.  For similar reasons, Affinitas, which is our brand that normally ends at a DD cup, now has a few E’s in some of the best selling bra frames too! /Miksi Parfait päätti laajeentaa kokovalikoimaansa? – Spesialistijälleenmyyjämme kysyivät enenevissä määrin lisää kokoja ja päätimme tämän vuoksi laajentaa suosituimpien malliemme kokovalikoimaa. Samaisesta syystä Affinitas, jonka koot yleensä loppuvat DD:hen, laajensi suosituimmissa malleissa E-kuppiin saakka!
  • How has the size expansion been received by consumers and retailers?
    Our customers are very happy with the fit of both brands, and to have larger sizes offered in the best selling styles has been very well received.  😉 / Miten kokovalikoiman laajentaminen on otettu vastaan? – Asiakkaamme ovat erittäin tyytyväisiä molempien merkkien istuvuuteen ja parhaiden myydyt tyylit isommissa kuppikoissa on otettu todella hyvin vastaan. 😉 


  • What are their most popular lines?
     The Parfait brand’s Charlotte is very popular.  It is a sassy retro style collection that is offered in some great colours up to a K cup (and this season we have introduced a 28 back too).  The basics in Affinitas have been causing a stir recently, especially Nicole’s racerback, but all of our continuity in both brands are best selling collections and fortunately, we have many of them to offer our retailers in fashion as well as the basics.  Additionally, our customers like the fact that there are many add-on possibilities in many collections – camisoles, chemises and babydolls for example. / Mitkä ovat suosituimpia mallejanne? –Parfaitin Charlotte on todella suosittu. Se on sähäkkä retrotyylinen malli, joka tarjoaa mahtavia väriyhdistelmiä K-kuppiin asti. Basics-mallisto on aiheuttanut viime aikoina hämmennystä, erityisesti Nicole (painijaselkämalli), mutta kaikki jatkuvat mallimme myyvät hyvin ja onneksi niistä onkin valittavissa usein trendi- sekä perusversio. Lisäksi asiakkaamme pitävät siitä, että heille on tarjolla myös “ylimääräisiä” vaihtoehtoja kuten babydoll-mekkoja.
  • What are their core values when it comes to the brand and the designs?
    Primarily, the fit has just got to be right.  Additionally, we continue to listen to our markets and respond to the commercial demands.  Each season we layer on top of that, the right designs at the right price points.  /Mitkä ovat perusarvojanne mitä brändiin ja suunnittelutyöhön tulee? – Istuvuus on meille ensisijaista. Lisäksi kuuntelemme jatkuvasti kohderyhmäämme ja vastaamme kaupalliseen kysyntään. Joka sensonki lisäämme näihin seikkoihin vielä sopivat tyylit, sopivilla hinnoilla. 


  • What does the future hold for Affinitas Intimates?
    We shall continue to listen to what our customers have to say and respond to what is needed to continue our growth in Europe! /Mitä tulevaisuus pitää sisällään Affinitas Intimatesille? – Jatkamme asiakkaidemme kuuntelua ja vastaamme kysyntään kasvaaksemme merkkinä myös Euroopassa!

This brand makes me super eager to try them out and luckily I will be reviewing two of their styles soon! Parfait is stocked at ie. Large Cup Lingerie (UK) and Bare Necessaties (US).

Olen jo pitkään halunnut kokeilla tätä merkkiä ja pian tänne blogiinkin ilmestyy arvostelut kahdesta eri Parfaitin mallista! Pysykääpä siis kuulolla. Suomessa Parfaitia myy ainoastaan Lumingerie ja onkin mahtavaa, että kyseinen verkkokauppa on ottanut tällaisen merkin valikoimiinsa.

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