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Lingerie Review: Curvy Kate “Cabaret” in 30H

25 Mar

After all these years, Curvy Kate still manages to be one of my favourite DD+ brands of all time. I am now leaning towards their more sultry styles, meaning the Scantilly collection, but I do love even their “everyday” sets for amazing comfort and cute styles. When team CK asked if I wanted to try something from their new SS16 collection, I was over the moon as I haven’t reviewed much from their core collection (ie non-Scantilly range) in a looooong while. I was offered the amazing Cabaret set, which is definitely one of my faves from their ss16 offering. Here’s how I liked the set!

The Design: I love how Curvy Kate is brave enough to do completely sheer styles even up to J-cup – not exactly what you can say of so many mainstream full-bust brands such as Freya! There is nothing more disappointing than to see a gorgeous see-through bra and then find out that all the sizes above G-cup are made with double-lining, which absolutely ruins the design. I would say CK is actually one of the first UK brands to toy with this design feature and they are absolutely rocking it! The style of Cabaret is otherwise quite simple and the black mesh is paired with scallop-y embroidery and a bright fuchsia-shade accents.

The shape of the bra is very similar to the Daisy Chain non-padded plunge I tried a couple of years back and liked a lot. Back then, I was super surprised to see CK doing such an uplifted shape but today I have come to expect it and was not disappointed – long gone are the days when Curvy Kate bras looked a bit downwards-pointing and frankly sad. To be completely honest, I think the shape of the bra would be better suited for someone with lower fullness but I think it works fairly well on my full-on-top boobs as well.

The Fit: I opted for sizes 30H and UK 10 with this set as they were the most recent sizes that have fitted me with Curvy Kate specifically. As I have stated in my previous blog posts, I am now right between two bands sizes, that is 30 and 32, but as CK bands tend to be a bit on the stretchier side, I can easily fit into the 30 band with them. The band is still snug so it’s definitely not a full band size big but is just quite stretchy and thus suits us girls who want more comfort when it comes to our bra bands. The band features three hooks and eyes so that makes it extra supportive and sit nicely on the torso without creating extra bulges that too-narrow bra bands can sometimes cause.

The cups fit very much true-to-size which is something I am used to with Curvy Kate bras. This is what makes the brand a solid choice for young women on a budget – CK prices are very affordable and it’s hard to go wrong with their sizing when you “find the one”. This is at least my experience with them! The shape and width of the cups is not the best for me personally as they are much too wide and a bit east-west for my liking but the cup depth is reasonably good, especially when comparing to the CK bras from a few years back. So if your breasts are both wide and full, Curvy Kate could be an excellent option for you!

Comfort: As always, the Cabaret is definitely a very comfortable set – nothing less than I expect from Curvy Kate! Both the straps and the bra band are nice and wide to keep the weight of my bust well-distributed and the wires are flexible enough to move comfortably with my my moving body. Even though the underwires are definitely too wide for my breast root, they do not poke me in the armpit uncomfortably. The bra straps are a bit too widely-placed for me personally but are sturdy enough to stay on my shoulders for most of the time – they are also fully-adjustable which is always a huge upside when it comes to making the bra suitable for women of many different heights!

The materials are a bit more stiff than with some of my other CK sets, meaning I would suggest sizing up with the bottoms if you are between sizes. I thought a 10 would be a good size for me as it is the one I wear with eg Carmen but apparently the mesh with this set is rigid enough to make me want to size up to 12. I can wear the 10 easily but I think a 12 would have been a more flattering look on me. As the size is a bit too small for me, I cannot really judge the co-ordinates (expect that they look gorgeous!) but usually CK underwear is some of the best out there and I have no doubts that these would feel amazing if they were just a smidge looser on me.

All in all I really love how sexy and yet still so practical the Cabaret set manages to be – not to mention its amazing size range of  28-38 D-J and the price point around £30 for the bra. If you would like to try it for yourself, Brastop has a decent selection of sizes left and a top price for the set. How do you like Cabaret? Let me know in the comments! xx

Review of Lepel “Iris” full-cup bra in 32FF

16 May

Hiya lovely readers! I have so much to show you and would wanna blurt it out all at once but I have to be patient. In meantime I can reveal that there is still four lingerie reviews to come in the next couple of weeks and a dress review next week. Today I am reviewing a lingerie set that has been in my possession for quite a while. I took part in the Lepel’s #SelfieLove competition with a picture of me and my sister and for my surprise, won one of their sets as a prize. I chose the lovely Iris set first in a size 30G but as it arrived, I noticed the band was way too tight – closing but causing my back to bulge horribly. I changed the size to 32FF and now that I’ve tested it for grand three months, I think it’s time to review it properly.

The Design: Iris is a full-cup style bra which means it covers the breasts fully and the edge of the cup comes quite high up my decollete. I don’t have a lot of experience of full-cups except my old trusty Jasmine bra so it was a nice thing to try though I do love my balconettes. This style is very popular among people who want a more modest look and not too much cleavage. Many women also think it provides the most support since there is a lot more fabric going on than with plunges and balconettes. 

Iris has a three piece cup-construction meaning it gives a very nice lifted shape. I love my Iris for this reason exactly – even though it’s an unpadded bra it gives me a lovely natural shape and great uplift. The materials are also pretty thin which makes it a great bra when you wanna feel less bulky – this is the kinda bra you want to wear on a hot summer day to make you feel less clothed. The pale pink shade is also spot on for summer. It works well as a “nude” bra for me since I am very pale, almost white most of the time (except I have a class reunion tomorrow so now I’m definitely getting me tan on). It works really well under t-shirts and doesn’t show through at all. The lace of the bra is very beautiful and classy which makes it look a bit more romantic than your other everyday bras.

The Fit: Most of my friends love unpadded cups for their fit – they accommodate one’s bust shape nicely and don’t show size differences too drastically. I however have always preferred padded cups as a more secure option, but again, an unpadded bra amazes me with it’s lovely fit. It seems that Lepel fits me pretty much like Gossard – a band size up and a cup size down from what I’m used to wearing. This means good news for everyone who needs a GG-cup or a 28 band even though the brand is not offering them. I would gladly recommend to try Lepel out if you fit in their size range. The company has a long history of making bras and they produce fashionable yet well-fitting styles that are reasonably priced as well.

The band is not too stretchy, as said I needed a bigger size of it than with eg Panache and Curvy Kate. It features two hooks and eyes but feels still very supportive. The cups are very stretchy meaning they can easily accommodate size fluctuations. I would definitely recommend this bra especially to women whose breast size changes due to their monthly cycle. The cups are quite big all over so I would also recommend sizing down, at least one cup size. I believe that if I would go up a cup size, this bra would still be nice to me and fit well. The straps are quite long and I have to almost fully adjusted them, so this might be a problem to someone more petite. However, they are fully adjustable so it should not cause too much trouble with women of average height (I’m 5″6).

Comfort: Now, pay attention. First this bra was not the best for its comfort. But don’t make hasty conclusions! After only a couple of wears it softened a great deal and the center gore became a lot more flexible. First the center and the wires felt really stiff and almost a little painful but after wearing the bra and washing it, it now feels really comfortable and is one of my everyday bras for its great shape and comfort. The wires are an average width meaning it’s a great fit but also quite comfy. The wires aren’t poking me anyway and definitely sit on a right spot to encase all my breast tissue. Also the materials feel very soft against my skin and don’t cause any irritation.

I was sent the short-style panties that belong to the set and I quite like them as well. If I could say something that Lepel could improve, would be the rise of the panties – it’s quite high so for me so it’s not the most flattering style. If however you have a bit more booty (I have none) this might be just the right style for you. Say, if you hate Cleo panties, these are right up your street! I got mine in a size 10 which is pretty true-to-size so a bit roomy for me as I would need something between 8 and 10.

All in all Iris has worked lovely for me as a “skin tone” shade bra and I will most definitely get even more wear out of it when the summer finally comes (18 C tomorrow, think about that!). The size range is 30-38 A-G (panties 8-18) and the price for it is about £24 for the bra and the £13 for the panties – an absolute bargain I say! You can it at Figleaves, Brastop and Mio Destino.

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