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Guest Review of Chantelle “Superbe” Full-Bust Half-Cup Bra

16 Nov

A couple of months ago I received a very alluring invitation to a Chantelle Blogger’s Party which was all about their new “Superbe” full-bust line. I was so excited one of the most sophisticated brands in Europe had decided to make something for the full-bust customer and even though I did not make it to the party (for obvious reasons…) I was sent one of the bras to test out. I am still nowhere near their size range as a 30GG (the range stops at FF) but luckily, I do have my lovely friend Jo who is a very practical size of 30E/28F. Here are some thoughts on Chantelle’s full-bust half-cup bra, hope you like the review!

DSC_0013 DSC_0015
The Design: We both really liked the look of the bra: it’s very sophisticated, sexy, very “French”. The black on purple/blue make the bra look interesting but still practical and approachable to those who are not fans of bright colours. The lace looks lovely too and the whole bra is super chic. The cups are nice and low for a full-bust bra which makes the bra look even more attractive. The bra gives Jo a lovely naturally rounded look with a rather low profile. The bra construction could be a bit tricky with bigger cup sizes but luckily this style works quite well up to F-cup. The cups are constructed of two parts with a vertical seem in the middle and some extra support from side-support slings.

DSC_0014 DSC_0019
The Fit: When it comes to fit, new full-bust brands and sub-labels are always tricky as you never know how much work has gone into them, if the grading has been done properly and what the construction is going to be like. Even though the 30E is in the bottom end of full-bust spectrum, it’s still easy to see that Chantelle has a very long history of making bras and the fit looks rather good on Jo. The sizing was a bit of an issue for us though; we had no previous experience with Chantelle so we went for the size that we thought would probably do the best.

However, we found that the bra runs a little on the bigger side with the band and smaller side with the cups so we came to the conclusion that 28FF would have been the best size with this bra. The 30-band seems like something I would have gotten well on with as I am on the larger end of 30″ and sometimes need a 32 with tighter bands. Even though Jo is very full on bottom when it comes to her breasts, the left cup cut into her breast a bit which leads me to the conclusion the cups ran a bit on the smaller side. In the pictures we have hooked the bra to the tightest set of hooks and it’s still a tad loose. However, the cups have nice average-to-narrow sized wires and otherwise enough room for Jo’s projected breasts, which improves the fit tremendously.

Comfort: As the bra was not the right size to begin with, it’s really hard to say about the comfort aspect of this bra as with a too-loose band it’s never perfect. I have seen Jo wearing this bra though for a few times now (I totally know what underwear she is wearing when we see each other!) and seems like it’s doing its job pretty well! The materials of the set are very high-quality and look super luxurious. The wires hit Jo at the correct spot which is always a key to great comfort.

The centre core is quite high which can lead to less-than-perfect fit with very close-set breasts but as Jo’s pair is a bit more widely-set the core tacks nicely.However, wide and tall cores can also be a bit irritating and even stab you in the chest if you are a bit bony on your upper body. As Jo is pretty thin and doesn’t have that much flesh on her chest, she found the core to pinch her sternum a bit at first. She tried bending the wires as I had suggested her before with other bras as well (this is a rather common problem for her) and now the wires are much more comfy.

The panties of the set are a low-cut Brazilian-style shorts which I really liked. Unfortunately the size Small was a bit too roomy for Jo so I snatched the panties to myself. I find them to run true-to-size as I am now a solid size Small with most of my bottoms. However, if you are between sizes, I would suggest you to size down. The panties look super flattering and great quality and can be combined with a lot of other bras I own, so I am definitely not too sad that they didn’t fit Jo! 😀

The Superbe half-cup bra comes in sizes 30-40 D-F whereas the plunge and t-shirt styles go up to FF. You can find the set eg. at HerRoom. How do you like the new Superbe bra and would you be interested to try it in your size? Be sure to leave me a comment, I would love to know 🙂 

Interview with the founder of Bosom Galore – a new brand for small backs and big busts

23 Apr

I KNOW, I’M A BAD GIRL. No, not really cause who actually has been pretty bad is my dear laptop. First I thought there was something horribly wrong with my internet access but this bastard had decided just be a d-bag and not to let me use connect to the internet. Well, that is that and now I can get to the point. Today I am introducing y’all to a brand new lingerie designer who caught my attention recently. I was lurking in the wonderful Twitterville and discovered a brand that caters classy sophisticated lingerie for small backs and big busts so what’s not to like? I decided to contact the founder and designer of Bosom Galore, Katy Payne, to interview her about the upcoming launch of her first collection and was happy to get a quick reply. This was great news since I warmly welcome a new brand with size range starting from 26″ backs and going up to HH-cup. Bosom Galore also manufactures their designs in UK which supports the local textile industry. Here is what Katy had to say about her brain child…

First of all, I find it very interesting that you have worked for mental health care previously (I study psychology myself). How did you end up in the lingerie business? Do you think there is something you can apply from your previous jobs to your new career as a designer?

There isn’t really an obvious link between my work in mental health and founding Bosom Galore. Psychology has been a passion of mine since I was about 8 years old and my degree, along with my certificate in counselling, suited a career in mental health perfectly and I look back on my experiences incredibly fondly. As many may find however, working in mental health can be intense and emotionally draining and after a few years, I decided to take a break to reflect on the impact it was having on my own mental health. During that time, to help out, I started working for my husband as a web developer; he would send me the designs and I would build them in HTML.

During this period, one afternoon, my husband and I were sitting outside talking. I was having another rant about how frustrating it was to find lingerie that I like; complaining that the few bras available in 28GG look frumpy and are in garish fabrics and colours. I started talking about what I would do if I designed lingerie, when my husband said ‘well why don’t you?’ And it was then that I thought ‘yeah, why don’t I?’. And that’s when I launched into founding Bosom Galore. 

My website development skills certainly come in handy when it comes to managing my website but I’m yet to learn about e-commerce (which I start doing next week). With regards to applying my skills from mental health, I’m naturally a very genuine person and this, along with transparency, are traits that were fostered in my counselling certificate and I think that they are beneficial both in business and life; it can help to establish healthy and positive working and customer relationships.

Tell us about the core values of your brand. What are the most important aspects when creating lingerie? 

A core value behind our brand is that women of any size should be able to wear beautiful, supportive and comfortable lingerie that boosts self-esteem and confidence. Wearing a correct fitting bra, that feels and looks sumptuous, can significantly improve posture and boost self-esteem. 

The most important aim with our brand is to provide lingerie and nightwear in small band and large cup sizes, although we do aim to expand our size range as we grow. Crucial qualities of this lingerie and nightwear are quality, shape, support, comfort and appearance. We are working incredibly hard to ensure that the bras are comfortable and create a lovely rounded shape. Our motivation behind this comes from my own experience of struggling to find lingerie with these qualities.

In addition to what we aim to produce, we support the UK textiles industry and so our lingerie is both designed and manufactured within the UK.

How would you describe your brand aesthetics and who is it essentially designed for? 

Aesthetically, I would describe our designs as classic, elegant and with a little vintage inspiration. Initially our size range is for women with small band and large cup sizes, however, we will expand this range as we grow. 

I would say that our lingerie is essentially designed for women who want satisfaction from their lingerie; to feel comfortable, supported and sexy. Our lingerie is designed by a consumer, for the consumer and so we have responded to, and resolved, the little things that can affect lingerie satisfaction. For example, we have designed our briefs to sit gently against the skin, to avoid any uncomfortable or unsightly indentations; an issue that we feel is all too frequently overlooked. And our labels are soft and positioned in a comfortable place to avoid any possible discomfort that they could cause. All of these little things can significantly affect our experience of our lingerie.

Your collections are designed and manufactured in UK. How did you come up with this decision?

We didn’t even consider importing. It seemed obvious to me to provide business within our country; supporting the UK textiles industry and the communities that it supports. I also feel that business and lingerie development is easier and more efficient when everyone involved lives in the same time zone, where mail delivery is swift and cheap and you can easily travel to meet in person if necessary; it was a wonderful experience to be able to pop over to our manufacturer a few weeks back to look around the factory and have a chat over a cup of tea. And working with a British designer has proven essential for ensuring regular lingerie fittings and efficient amendments to designs.

Where did you draw inspiration to your first collection?

Our first collection is our Classique balconette lingerie and the design is one that I’ve held in my mind for perhaps a decade. For years, all I wanted was a classic, elegant, day to day balconette bra made from silk and lace. The design is ideal for wearing under t-shirts, shirts and evening wear; I see it an essential lingerie set that can be worn for all occasions. 

The emotional motivation behind it comes from the impact that I feel day to day lingerie has on our self-esteem. Like many women, I’ve spent years starting my day putting on my trusty old and tired t-shirt bra and each time I’ve looked in the mirror to see a grey, tired bra with mismatched knickers; I’ve felt unattractive. It’s quite a sad way to start your day, every day. Starting my day in a matching set of beautiful silk and lace lingerie sets a completely different tone; I can feel proud of what I see in the mirror and I am sending myself the
message that I deserve to wear nice lingerie, every day. 

What has been the hardest part in setting up your own business and designing lingerie?

That’s a tough question to answer because whilst I’ve faced lots of challenges with Bosom Galore, I’ve enjoyed each and every one and have learnt so much about the industry, business and myself. I suppose the most difficult hurdle has been raising funds. Starting up a lingerie company requires significant investment prior to even having a product to sell, due to the expense of design and development. Managing impatience has also been a challenge. We’re incredibly eager to launch but must remain patient whilst we make the last few little tweaks to our designs to ensure good fit and shape.

You are one of the first lingerie companies to include 26 backs in their collection. Was it an easy decision for you and why did you eventually end up making it?

It was a very easy decision. For a decade I have been a 28 band size, which has been the source of my prolonged frustration with trying to find a bra that I like. I’m quite an average sized woman and so I know that there must be smaller framed women than me who need a 26 band size. Our model for our photo shoot for example, was a 26, which shows that there are women out there who need a 26 and so we feel that it’s important to cater for them.

If everything goes according to plans, your first collection will be launched next autumn. Any
plans, dreams or goals after that happens?

We have so much planned ahead. With regards to our future products, we aim to continue to expand our lingerie range to include different fabrics and styles and to resolve various wardrobe problems such as backless or strapless tops and dresses. We also want to significantly expand our nightwear range; at the moment our designs are more for special occasions and include an inbuilt, wired bra. However, we aim to offer more casual sleepwear with inbuilt, non-wired bras. In addition, we plan to offer maternity, nursing and mastectomy lingerie, to expand our size range significantly and to eventually offer swimwear… I’m yet to own a supportive and attractive bikini!

Many thanks to Katy who took the time to answer my questions! I am already in love with Bosom Galore and can’t wait to try their designs on when the autumn season comes 😉


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