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Moda Lingerie & Swimwear Show: Introducing Moontide & Piha Swimwear

31 Mar

When it comes to swimwear, I tend to be extremely picky – I hate triangle bikinis, can’t stand tacky 90’s patterns and a tankini is a definite no-no. I like my swimwear cute, comfy and retro-inspired which makes my hunt for the perfect swimwear a bit tricky. Not to mention my size – someone in the 30-32 G-H range ought not be too fussy, but what can you do! However, now and then I come across brands with exactly my kind of aesthetics and one of those brands were Moontide and their sub-label Piha at the Moda tradeshow. One thing that made the brand instantly more appealing to me was that the Moontide range actually goes up to G-cup with some styles. Let’s dive into this swimwear giant a bit more…

DSC_0912 DSC_0913 DSC_0914
Tulip, Poppy & Bauhinia in their fantastic tropical floral prints (all from their SS14/15 collection)

Moontide was founded 35 years ago in Auckland, New Zealand and is now one of the leading fashion-forward swimwear-only brands in the world. When going through the Moontide website, it’s easy to see that in addition to fabulous fashion styles the brand is extremely confident about their fit. The passion towards well-fitting swim pieces is pretty obvious which makes me a new fan of the brand. The fuller-busted customers have been thought of too; there is a separate logo for the so called “cup fitting” pieces, which simply states “CF”. These pieces are either sized in bra sizes (with some styles going to up F/G) or offer a separate full-bust fit (this feature is mainly used with the one-piece swimsuits). Even though this kind of sizing cannot cover each and every bust size, it’s a good way to acknowledge that there is indeed a demand for more boob room among us gals with fuller busts. To be honest, I would be quite intrigued to see how well the full-bust version of the swimsuit would hold up my ~GG boobies!

DSC_0907 DSC_0909 DSC_0910
When it comes to styling, I find the Moontide to be an instant winner – I mean, who can resist a good floral or juicy summer brights? Well I certainly can’t. My favourite of the new collection pieces (pictured above) would definitely be the yellow one with the black and white rose print as it’s such a lovely vintage-inspired style. These pics are however only my favourites, so if floral and super bright colours are not your thing there is also lots of black and white monochrome, stripes and abstract prints on offer. I have previously worked as a gardener and a florist which should explain my love for all sorts of floral prints 😉

Even though I have pictured above only Moontide swimsuits, they do offer also a wide array of other cuts to choose from. To be honest, I have never seen such a variety of different styles when it comes to a single design of swimwear! Most Moontide swim pieces come in an array of tops, bottoms and even a couple of different onepiece styles so everyone can make their pick and be happy with it. As a lover of onepieces I would love to try their “Twist”-style swimsuits with the fuller bust fit as the whole design seems very flattering allover.

DSC_0915 DSC_0918 DSC_0919
Piha (which, funny enough, means ‘yard’ in Finnish) is a sub-label of the more mature Moontide brand. Even though Moontide’s designs could probably appeal to any age group depending on one’s personal style, Piha is clearly directed to a younger audience with a love for clashing colours and pop-art kind-of prints. The size range of Piha is much smaller, only accommodating up to D, but I am really hoping and wishing for a bigger size range in the future – these pieces would definitely rival the likes of Cleo and Freya in the full-bust swimwear market! However, I do understand the limits of making cup sized swimwear/lingerie as you do always need to make a profit. Just hoping Piha could someday make a profit of us bigger-busted gals as well 😉

If you are interested in the brands more, I suggest you visit their websites for more info. Also, the brands are sold world-wide so if you are still in a need of proper swimsuit for the upcoming summer, do check out the likes of Asos, House of Fraser and Simply Beach to find your favourite style. The Moontide and Piha websites have both a very impressive list of stockists and online retailers stocking their designs so you can pick one according to your own location!

How do you like the Moontide and Piha designs? Do you think Piha should extend their size range eg. up to G as well? Let me know in the comments!

Moda Lingerie & Swimwear Show: Panache AW15 Collection

6 Mar

When I visit Moda, there is one brand I always need to book in advance because hell no I’m going to miss it – that brand being the giant lingerie power house Panache. Panache is very close to my heart as its Marcie bra was one of those sets that supported me through my late teens and still works its magic in my bradrobe, sadly being a bit small at the moment though. I was super excited to see what these bad boys would have in store for autumn 2015 season so we rushed off with Anna to our appointment quite eagerly. Sadly our rep was sick at the time but we got to chat to Panache’s intern Craig (hi Craig!!!) who was happy to guide us through the collection.

DSC_0179 DSC_0194 DSC_0208 DSC_0211
Floris & Jasmine in Abstract, Floral & Snake prints

When it comes to their main line Panache does not go over board with their prints and I think it’s cool that way – the target market is a little more mature than with their Cleo line so clean cuts and sophisticated details is the thing. The Jasmine and Floris are the exception to this rule though and I always look forward to seeing especially Jasmine in its new colourways. This time was no different and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Jasmine comes out in three new prints this upcoming season and they are all clearly designed for different characters; there is the mysterious and bold snake print, the feminine and sultry floral (and not just any floral – I mean, VIOLETS!) and the playful and young abstract water colour print. All so different and at the same time, they speak to different sides of me as well.

The Floris is made in a Space-kind-of abstract print this time, and seems to be going along with the same colour theme as most of the Panache collection – blue with some berry tones to spice it up. Personally I haven’t tried the Floris yet but Jasmine is my old favourite which I can recommend basically to anyone with asymmetry or just a need for a regular supportive everyday bra. The construction is pretty much the same with all Panache balconettes but Jasmine sports a lovely stretch lace that seems to go well together with most breast shapes.

DSC_0191 DSC_0198 DSC_0201 DSC_0202 DSC_0220 DSC_0224 DSC_0254
Clara, Hepburn, Olivia, Idina & Tango in their sea-themed colourways

Then onto the trend I am always fan of – mermaids! I am a red haired gal myself and basically I see myself as a new incarnation of Ariel so how could I resist all the petrol and royal blue lingerie? I could not. My absolute favourite was the new Clara which is now released in this amazing Navy/Jade colourway. Isn’t it perfect? I got way too excited about it at the Panache stand, I mean, embarrassingly excited. When Clara was first released a couple of season ago I fell in love with the Gold/Black colourway but I think the Jade version takes it up to another level with a very fresh yet autumn-appropriate touch. Another favourite of mine was the gorgeous Idina which has actually never caught my eye before this season. The Teal colourway however is absolutely stunning and would make a great fashion-forward everyday piece in anyone’s bradrobe.

Olivia and Hepburn are a bit less-known older Panache styles in new colourways with generous size range of 30-38 D-K. So something for you GG+ gals as well! I personally liked more of the young look of Olivia as the cups are not as full-coverage as with Hepburn. However, I do adore the colourway Hepburn and also the new Tango come in – cobalt blue is definitely one of the most flattering shades of blue on my skin. The styles though are a bit too mature for me so I would love to see some other style (perhaps Jasmine?) come in the same shade as well.

DSC_0187 DSC_0193 DSC_0204 DSC_0209 DSC_0214 DSC_0218 DSC_0222
Georgia, Clara, Cari, Andorra, Brooke, Fontaine & Rhapsody in deep berry tones

It’s funny how clearly you can divide the AW15 Panache collection into two separate colour schemes: the mermaid and the berry shades. I am actually a fan of both so no complaints here! I especially liked how the Clara was made in both; the gorgeous Jade but also the beautiful Claret colourway. The use of lace overlay colours was also pretty interesting to me: rarely have I seen brands using charcoal grey instead of black which is a definite plus for me. I am all about sexy black but dang it gets boring sometimes!

Georgia, Brooke and Cari are all new styles with first two going up to K-cup and Cari going up to G. I am actually quite sad about the Cari size range as it’s such a pretty t-shirt bra in a fabulous colour. Red can be quite a predictable colour for autumn/winster season but I think Panache has managed to make it a bit more sophisticated and unique with a tad deeper tones, resembling cranberry. I am suspecting the Brooke to be a hit as it’s rather similar cut to Jasmine, which has already acquired a cult reputation among Panache lovers. My personal favourite (in addition to Clara, of course) would be the Fontaine though (going up to H-cup) with its French aesthetic and deep plunge shape.

I am so looking forward to this upcoming season and Panache will definitely be on my wishlist of brands to try when their new styles hit the stores. What do you gals think of the new collection? Any favourites? Let me know in the comments! xx

Moda Exhibition – Preview of Panache’s Sculptresse and Masquerade AW14 collections

30 Mar

As a big Cleo by Panache fan I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the other Panache collections as well but when browsing through the collections I was very pleasently surprised by so many lovely things I encountered in their Sculptresse and Masquerade lines. ImageImageImage
Masquerade is Panache’s more luxurious line, like an evening version of their Superbra line and caters with most of their styles to D-H cups. Even with a target on more mature women than myself I feel like they have found a way to my heart with their AW14 collection. I loved so many styles so I really can’t forgive myself only taking pictures of the two of them. Their loved Antoinette design will be released in a delicious Ruby shade and I am very keen to see how the style would work for my breasts, since it’s a bit of an unusual shape for a full-bust bra (a bandeau bra). Masquerade is also offering a tons of different options for us balconette-loving ladies. Best of which I picked to photograph the lovely Angie in Rasberry, a feminine set with an absolutely gorgeous lace and colour.

I loved how unusual the colours of the whole collection were; very sexy yet a bit quirky. Most of them reminded me of baroque in their rich tones of green, mustard and magenta. One of my favourites was the sumptuous new Aleah with a mustard detailing over a shiny silvery satin and lace. The detailing of Masquerade always manages to amaze me since it’s very elaborate and makes even a simple style such a balconette strapless a bit more exciting (hint: a style called Amelia in olive green with amazing detailing, just created by clever seaming!) All in all a big thumbs up for the whole Masquerade collection!

Paradise, Flirtiny and May in their delicious candy shades

And now onto the very best bits! Honestly, I am so GUTTED that I don’t fit into Sculptresse’s size range since the collection is absolutely fantastic. This range is meant for the fuller figured customer with 36-46 D-HH(-J) bust. As talking about Sculptresse with the people of Panache they told me that this particular line had taken a whole new direction with its style which I’m personally very happy about, even though I’m not part of the target market. It was first clear to Panache that people in the plus-size range wanted basics and this is what they started producing when launching the Sculptresse collection. Then what happened? The collection went live and everybody was asking for the famous Panache colours! Learning from this Panache decided to give some more spicy attitude to the line and now we can see it as vibrant as ever. I hope retailers and customers are brave next autumn, since this collection is not for the shy!
Pure Lace and Chi Chi

When it comes to colour schemes Sculptresse is pretty much in line with the rest of the Panache collections with some saucy shades of pinks. I loved how the raspberry tones were combined with another hit for the AW14 season – purple. The whole line stands out of the other collections by being a flirty fun option for fuller figures. I have always hated the way some fuller figure brands seem to stick to the old and safe and it’s very refreshing too something like this as a choice for young women wanting some more colour in their lives. Also crafting a babydoll for this collection? Genius! Again, I’m super-jealous. 

If you wanna know more about the sizing of some particular Panache collections or styles, just leave me a comment! Also leave me a comment about how you feel about the new collections, I would love to know xx

Moda Exhibition – Preview of Lepel AW14 collection

2 Mar

There were so many brands that I really liked at Curve but the jewels of the whole show are the ones that surprise me somehow – either with their new style, size range or improved fit. When I visited the Lepel stand I was just blown away by how this brand has renewed itself bringing new lovely colours and bold new aesthetics to the collection, which of course included some their best-sellers as well. I had the loveliest chat with the people of Lepel and they were incredibly nice about me wanting to have a good look at the collection. I felt very comfortable and welcomed when browsing around the stand which is always a good sign about a brand – you can instantly see how people working for the brand love what they do and really want to spread the love to bloggers, buyers and consumers alike. 



Matilda in Lipstick Red and Iris in Purple Passion

I see Lepel as a very feminine glamorous brand which has always suited many tastes by being classic yet sexy in its own way. This season I was glad to see them taking a step towards more fashion-conscious direction which is a great twist to their otherwise sultry look. I was delighted to see some of the hottest shades of autumn amongst the best-seller lines and also some new styles they had come up with for the new season. One of my favourites was definitely the lovely Matilda which is a gorgeous young style for girls like me who want a bit of in-your-face red mixed with bold almost geometric lace and a neutral undertone. Another style that got me ooh-ing was their continuity line Iris which had been transformed into a sexy magenta shade, lovely trend colour of the season. I would love to see this style going up to G-cups, so there’s a hint for you Lepel!


I know right, we are seeing A LOT of purples, pinks and reds this season, but what can you do? They certainly look hot! The sets above are from the Lepel’s bestselling Fiore-line which features many cup-constructions and colours in each collection. I have heard blogger friends calling the line one of their favourites and also as one of “the most comfortable bra they have ever tried on”. It has worked well for so many women and as I used to be a regular customer of our local lingerie boutique (sorry girls, I will visit you when I get back from here, pinky-promise!) I often heard the owners speaking fondly of the Fiore as one of their best-sellers as well. Can’t really argue the evidence, huh?

AW14 adaptions in Fuchsia and Bluebell are a really nice addition to the Fiore line and I was especially stunned by the bold shade of Fuchsia which is one of my all-time favourite colours, like, since forever (yap, since pre-school me and fuchsia were inseparable). It was stunning on a semi-bronzed skin as you can see but I could see this colour working for paler skin tones as well, as it’s a such a great shade of pink. What is also great about this bra set is the size range; no matter which style you choce – balconette, plunge or full-cup – they all go up to G-cup! Besides that Lepel runs a bit large in cup and quite tight on the band so even GG’s are practically included in the size range (I know this of experience). 



The thing I love about AW14 collection is how they always manage to invent black again making it even sexier – or on the other hand sweeter – collection after collection. I loved the LBB’s (aka little black bras) of Lepel AW14 collection since black was seen in so many different styles and shapes. Alexandra (pictured above) was such a girly and yet sexy twist of a classic black bra and boy, the new style Lara was a jackpot. I can’t express how gutted I am for not having picture of it – don’t know what struck me cause obviously I was not in my right mind when photographing the collection (too much lingerie makes me go crazy, apparently). Anyways, you guys. That set is AMAZING. I know I’m a horrible teaser but I just have to do with describing it – a deep plunge bra with subtle white flower embroidery and touch of mesh and pink. And the set includes a suspender belt – BANG! I can’t even believe how much I lust for this set even though I almost never wear black. That’s how pretty it is.

Lepel collection is already a great success to me and I can’t wait to get trying the new designs when they are released. Lepel has managed to put together a very versatile yet cohesive collection of basics, little sexy numbers and something in between for girls and women alike looking for styles suitable for both everyday and night. I would love to see them continuing to make styles like this in the future as well and maybe someday branching to bigger cupsizes to delight women with G+ bust as well.

What was your favourite from the Lepel AW14 collection? Let me know in the comments!

Moda Exhibition – Preview of Gossard AW14 collection

19 Feb


When previewing the collections at Moda I was very excited to meet one oldie-but-a-goodie brand in flesh, one that has been a show-stopper for over 100 years. I was actually really baffled when I realized I have never owned a set of theirs in my life, but they are loved by all the world – even my little sister and mom. Ladies and gents, I present you the queen of sexy – ever-loved, ever-drooled-at Gossard. ImageImage

Lola in amazing neon orange shade!

As I’m previewing the Gossard collection I have to start with the surprises. Cause boy, I was very surprised by all the bold colours shining in bright neon orange and vibrant turquoise. I am used to seeing a lot of pale, blush colours in addition to sexy dark shades when it comes to Gossard so I was smitten to see something else as well this time. Don’t get me wrong; I am always a fan of a sultry dark blue or a black set but there are times when a girl needs to wear something cheerful just for herself. I think the gorgeous orange Lola and the new Luxury Lace in Aqua are exactly what I need for those gloomy Mondays when I need physical and mental uplift to get the day going.

What I’ve always admired Gossard for is the fact that it’s one of those rare brands which makes most of its designs in two different styles. Great for different sizes and shapes of breasts, especially with the padded styles featuring some extra oomph for those craving for it. I know for sure that Gossard is ideal for my sister and I could imagine many of my friends and fellow bloggers wearing it successfully. Let’s see in the future how their fit suits yours truly! I can imagine their unpadded balconette styles to be heavenly on my full-on-top boobs.


Luxury Lace in Aqua featuring a lovely neon pink bow!

I would say the AW14 collection divides into three categories – the girly, the sweet and the sexy. I think those are actually the three words I would use to describe Gossard as it is now. I can find all those sides in myself as well so the current collection was a spot-on for my own taste tempting me with almost every single piece. I also loved how they still manage to follow the lingerie world trends and at the same time preserve their own look very well.

The amazing Pheobe, one of my ultimate favourites from the new collection!

Let’s move on to the sweet part. This little beauty caught my eye instantly when I saw it at the stand. How could it not; the set in question was also pictured on the wall in its whole gorgeousness, skirted suspender belts and all! This set was crafted to the last detail with frills, colour and lace to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s also very sexy by being both innocent and naughty at the same time. The silver embroidery adds a nice luxurious touch to the set and also gives it a trendy edge, also seen in other collections at Moda.


Temptation and Botanical bringing us the winter gardens in sumptuous shades.

And then the sexy. This is the pure essence of Gossard and it always baffles me how they do it year after year. The formula of Gossard sexiness seems to be unique shapes and exquisite vintage-y pieces with a lot of lace, see-throughness and a dash of romantic flowers for a feminine touch. Last time it was the divine Edina, this time they have upped their ante with a sexy see-through Temptation bra and high-waisted suspender belt/girdle. This is exactly the kind of daring approach I need from full-bust companies and I love the way Gossard has brought the sexiness to full-bust world.

If full-on sexy is not your thing, Gossard has created more softly feminine pieces to suit your style. My favourite was definitely the amazing magenta-coloured Botanical range which includes a bra set, a cami and a babydoll crafted from 100% pure silk. Luxurious, no? Colour-wise it’s also a hit for autumn, magenta being one of the hottest shades of the season. In addition Gossard AW14 collection abides very nicely the colour scheme of the AW14, still managing to preserve its precious basic colours in some styles.

What do you think of Gossard’s AW14 collection? Which one of the three categories appeal to you the most?

Moda Exhibition – Preview of Curvy Kate AW14 collection

18 Feb



Curvy Kate has always held a special place in my heart for being the first brand I tried in my real size. I have cherished their sets and cried over each one I’ve grown out of, well almost at least. I have bought the sets over and over again and felt amazing and comfy each time. Curvy Kate was also one of the brands I most anticipated seeing at Moda and so it was the first company I ran to when entering the great exhibition hall. Their latest AW13 collection never got that close to my heart so the hopes for AW14 were high.Image

Dare with amazing silver embroidery! 

First when I saw Curvy Kate stand what stood out were the amazing colours of the new collection. To me, they were very fearless and fashion-forward with all the turquoise and magenta shades which surprisingly turned out to be a big hit in other collection as well. These colours were extremely juicy and delicious which is exactly what I expect from Curvy Kate. I was also pleased to see so many new unpadded styles which included a lot of designs for different kind of occasions and different kind of women. ImageImageImage

Jewel, Ritzy and the Coppafeel bra in rich tones of red and raspberry!

As always, red was a big hit for autumn and especially for Christmas season and it’s one of my personal favourites which is why I always love to see designers using it in their collections. I loved the new Ritzy in red which was perhaps my ultimate favourite from the whole collection. I will get my hands on the black version very soon so expect a review in a couple of weeks! I still might might get the red version as well, so lovely it was.

More traditional very CK-like sets were Daisy and Jewel which were gorgeous unpadded styles in very vibrant shades of red. I especially loved the little diamante detail on the center gore of Jewel, very grown-up yet fun and luxurious. For a more basic everyday wear I found the new Coppafeel collaboration set to be perfect – my fave t-shirt bra Smoothie turned into a quirky hand-print style that donates £1 for each bra to Coppafeel breast cancer charity! Also was pleased to see how the thong was made completely seamless to prevent VPL. This bra will remind you to cop a feel every now and then – it’s important to check your boobs even at young age. ImageImageImageImage

Starlet, Dreamcatcher, Princess and Roxie, the classic CK styles transformed by a seaside colour scheme! 

Blue being one of the most flattering shades for me and many Finns alike I was pleased to see it was one of the colour trends for AW14. Curvy Kate managed to bring it in the collection in a very versatile way – mixing many shades from turquoise to navy and electric blue. Also love love love the combination of magenta and turquoise in the Starlet and Dreamcatcher, it looks super fresh and young!

What I found interesting was the choice of a cami in the collection – I think I haven’t see a bra sized one ever! Now Curvy Kate has brought a choice for those women who don’t find babydolls practical and still want something sexy for a night out. I also think that the navy blue shade is awesome and sexy, I almost like it more than the black Roxie we saw this spring. Navy also suits many more skin tones than black which makes it a more flattering choice for many women. 

Here are my thoughts of the new Curvy Kate collection, what are yours? Any favourites? Remember that by commenting you will also send a message to many retailers making their next season choices! What you ask is what you get 😉

Moda Exhibition – Preview of Tutti Rouge AW14 collection

17 Feb

When choosing UK for my exchange destination I had a clear vision of how it would benefit me and my readers blog-wise. I wanted to see as much lingerie as I could and especially anticipated for the Moda exhibition which is held semi-annually in Birmingham NEC centre. I was so eager to see all my favourite designer and big brands at once and when I went there yesterday it was like entering a lingerie wonderland – all the new collection which I could touch, feel and take photos of. In one sentence, I was in heaven. Now it’s time to preview some of my favourite collections and first up is the new pet of the lingerie blogosphere – Tutti Rouge.

 Betty, Nichole & Liliana in their new SS14 shades!

 I was very nervous to meet Jessica, the designer of the Tutti Rouge, in person – after all I had admired her work from day one and loved all the Tutti Rouge sets I’d owned. I was also very eager to see the collection and what a treat it was when I saw not one, but three of her collections at one glance. I will start with a quick preview of SS14 since it will be released in March which is actually quite soon!

What spring brings us… One of the biggest hits colour-wise for spring and autumn alike are definitely different shades of blue. When shifting towards winter the shades will get presumably darker but I loved how vibrant the shades for summer were. I am not a big fan of baby blue which is why I was delighted that especially Tutti Rouge had a lot of more turquoise choices in their SS14 collection. The colours might be a bit off in the pictures so imagine them a smidge brighter than presented.


 Fifi, Beatrice, Nichole & Rosa. Loved the sweet rose print which was exclusively designed for the set!

 I loved how girly and vibrant the SS14 collection is and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the goodies. Completely new styles this season will be Fifi (already released in Apple Green at Bravissimo) and Nichole which are both non-padded bras. Fifi seems like a great everyday balconette which might suit my shape (full-on-top) really well and also the Creme shade is pretty awesome for fair skintones like mine. We discussed the colours with lovely Jessica and agreed that the Green Apple would look amazing on more tanned skin. Great for summertime, that is! 

I also liked the Nichole since it’s a fun and girly yet a bit more sexy style with a more plunging shape. I loved how the little bows gave some edge to the style and also how the bows were added little hearts as small detail. I have always loved Tutti Rouge for their exquisite detailing and they manage to wow me once again.

And how they proceeded to AW14… Oh boy. For the AW14 collection Tutti Rouge evolved a bit to a sexier darker direction which was a great move from the designer. I have loved the sweetness of TR sets for the past collections but for autumn it is always necessary to do something different, a bit more mysterious and sultry. Tutti Rouge has preserved all the shapes and some of the styles they created for SS14 with a “mistress of Dracula” twist, which is how I would describe the collection.


 Eliza, Kitty, Magenta & Nicole, pretty in pink and purple!

Throughout the AW14 collection presented at Moda red, pink, purple and blue were the most celebrated colours for next season. When discussing the use of purple in the collection the response was that it is a big hit for Christmas and less in-your-face than the traditional red. I have always been more of a red-girl but when facing a right shade of purple I go all gimme-gimme. Also the colour combinations are crucial – I especially went bananas for Tutti Rouge’s Eliza which had a beautiful undertone of raspberry pink. 


 Liliana & Mercy in bold shades of red and black!

Even if the shapes have pretty much stayed the same for next season I think the designs have been taken to next level with even more exquisite detailing and bolder colour combinations. I also love how Tutti Rouge finishes each of their sets with amazing panty designs, one of my favourites this season was the Mercy (about same shape as Olivia) – the knickers had a more-than-little peek-a-boo element on the back side which I absolutely adored.

To name the favourites for this season would definitely be Eliza, Magenta and Kitty, but to be honest the whole collection is stunning. I love how Tutti Rouge has evolved to be a bit more grown-up and sultry for their AW14 and can easily imagine myself wearing all of the sets in different occasions. Even though I loved Betty’s adorable Poppy print I feel like the new Magenta is more approachable to wider audiences, especially for autumn season. All in all I think Tutti Rouge has managed to put together a very cohesive and alluring collection which won my heart from the moment I laid my eyes on it. The collection will be launched in august 2014.

What do you think of the SS14 and AW14 collection of Tutti Rouge? Any instant favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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