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A Very Pink and Red Valentine’s Day Lingerie Lust List!

18 Jan

And apparently a post with a very long headline, hehe. So, it’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day is around the corner. And guess what? I am actually spending it with my boo this year – what a shocker! I have been with Mr. M for 2 years and two months now and not once have we spent the Valentine’s Day together since I have spent my Valentine’s in UK for the last couple of years.

This time, I am visiting the Paris tradeshow which is held a couple of weeks before Moda, meaning I will finally get my cheesy date this year! I am also big on V-day gifts cause hell, who doesn’t like gifts? I certainly do and am looking forward to getting something for my Mr Right from my Paris trip. When it comes to gifts for myself on Valentine’s, I do love a bit of lingerie. Here are a few examples of cheesy V-day lingerie a pink princess like myself would enjoy!

Scantilly “Invitation”

I am in love with Scantilly and I suppose everyone around here knows about my big crush already. But the collection reeeeaaally screams Valentine’s Day (or night?) date and would be something most full-bust girls would dream of receiving on a romantic and sexy holiday like that. I have reviewed the Scantilly “Peek-a-boo” set before and already have my eyes on the Surrender basque and the lovely pink “Invitation” which is the perfect demi-cup pink/black bra under a low cut dress. I am also pretty damn sure any guy/girl would be lucky to see this worn after the hot date! Scantilly goes up to HH-cup at the moment and can be bought at Brastop and Figleaves.

Cleo by Panache “Kali” Babydoll

Cleo makes lovely options for young women with full-busts and just in time for Valentine’s Day, they have come out with an amazing shade with the Kali babydoll. The babydoll might be a cheesy option for V-day with its hearts embroidery but who said cheesy was a bad thing? I personally love the deep raspberry hue of the babydoll and the amazing thing about it is that it goes up to J-cup. You can get the babydoll and a matching low-cut brief at Bravissimo and the babydoll itself sets you back £37 – not bad, huh?

Comexim “Rita”

Ordering from Poland is always a bit of a hassle as the bras are usually made-to-order and thus take a bit more time to ship. Luckily, there is still time to make that order if you are in the mood to treat your girl with something a bit more special. Processing the order can take up to 10 days but after that, the set should arrive in no time, no matter if you live in Finland or USA. The Polish brands are also usually great value for the money – this particular Rita bra sets you back at 35$ which is not bad for something that has on-point construction and a stylish design.

Curvy Kate “Tease” babydoll and bra set

This is probably one of my ultimate lust-list sets as it was the first well-fitted set I got when I was 18. I am so glad CK brought this colourway back as it is definitely one of the most gorgeous ones ever seen – and for once the red is not paired with black. I am also loving how they turned the Tease into a ruffly sweet babydoll which will be perfect for this Valentine’s Day. As this colourway is already technically last season, you can now get it at a reduced price almost everywhere. Brastop has a pretty good selection of prices available, so I would check there first.

Samanta “Anvers” in A470

If you are buying for a basics-loving lady but still want to treat her for a little bit of pink goodness, why not try another Polish brand, Samanta. Samanta has been reviewed here on 2COP many times and this particular set is called “Anvers” will be the next one reviewed on the 31st of January. This set is breathtakingly pretty in flesh and features a lovely smooth finish which is perfect under sleek t-shirts and jersey dresses. To give your a spoiler on the fit of the bra in A475, Jo said that it might actually be her best-fitting bra ever. Quite a compliment, huh?


Vollers “Lusso” Waist-Training Corsets

Not every gentleman/lady has the money to splurge on a well-made waist-trainer but in my dream world, there would be such corsets to everyone! I have been lusting after a proper waist-trainer for months now but I am not sure which company to go to – I don’t want to get anything rubbish that will wear out right away and in the worst case scenario, would hurt my body some way. I have heard that Vollers is a very reputable corset company so what better brand to add on my lust list? The pink Lusso corset is a perfect option for long-torsoed gals like me and IF you would happen to have the dough to spend, it would be yours for £155.

Here’s my wishlist for this upcoming Valentine’s Day! What is on your list? Also, what are your plans for the V-day? Let me know in the comments! xx

Nifty Little Worker in Your Bradrobe: “The Strap Saver” Review + GIVEAWAY!

31 Aug

We all know that sometimes we buy a bra that does not quite fit our body type perfectly but still, it feels impossible to part with a bra so beautiful just because it is not perfect fit- or comfort-wise. Also, sometimes you love a bra to death and it gets a bit tired – but again we face the problem whether to ditch it or try to bring it back to life. When I was contacted on the behalf of the so called “Strap Saver”, I was instantly intrigued about this nifty little helper that would make some of my favourite bras work a little better.

In a nutshell, Strap Saver is a metallic little tool to make your bra straps tighter – the product was invented for the purpose of bringing life back to worn-out straps but to me, this seemed like a perfect option to test out with some of my bras that have quite long shoulder straps and kept falling off for this very reason. I also knew this “mommy’s little helper” would be perfect for Jo as she is very petite and almost all of her bras have too long straps for her tiny figure – which is why I went all greedy and asked a pair of Strap Savers for both of us. The Strap Saver team was happy to oblige and sent us both a pair – one in the one inch width and another one in the 1/2 inch width. Here’s our review on this convenient little product!

DSC_0518 DSC_0523 DSC_0557DSC_0516
The Strap Saver package comes with a cute pink pouch for your Savers, a set of two Savers with your preferred width (you can choose from 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ – so plenty of options there!) and two small leaflets which include the instructions of how to use the product. As we both got different widths, we have tried to showcase the size of these different options in the pictures, to give you a good idea what size would be a good one for you personally.

As I am big-busted gal myself, my bra straps usually come with quite wide straps which is why chose the widest Strap Saver for myself. In the pictures below you can see the Saver attached to my Comexim “Irish Coffee” which has extremely stretchy and slippery straps – something that the strap saver will be of help with! Jo went for the 1/2″ Savers as most of her bradrobe consists of Gossard who are notorious for making narrow bra straps. Her Savers are pictured on the to-be-reviewed Gossard “Gypsy” (which will btw be introduced tomorrow!).

When we tried to Savers for the first time, it was a bit off a hassle with the instructions – keep in mind that we are not native English-speakers and sometimes require a bit clearer instructions to actually understand how something works. This is something that the Strap Saver team could perhaps take into consideration – some people might need a bit more detailed pictures to figure out how to use the product! After a little while of chewing our finger nails, Jo finally figured out how the product works and off we went with the trial-and-error. Here’s how the thing works in all its glory!

DSC_0559 DSC_0560 DSC_0562
1. Pull your bra adjuster to the point from which you want to start shortening the strap. After this, pull the loop which the adjuster creates and try to figure out an ideal length for your strap. The more you pull the loop, the shorter the straps get eventually. Then, press the loop against the top part of the strap (the part near to the bra cup edge).

DSC_0563 DSC_0564
2. Slide the Strap Saver through the loop, UNDERNEATH the strap with the bigger half of the Strap Saver grasping the strap first. The narrower half of the Saver is left underneath the strap at this point.

DSC_0565 DSC_0567 DSC_0569
3. Slide the the strap that’s coming through the bigger half of the Strap Saver through the smaller half and pull a tiny bit. And voilà – you are done! Not tricky at all in the end but feels a bit daunting at first 😉

I know some other bloggers have come up with their own instructions as well, but we really wanted to explain it in the most simple way so that all of our international ladies as well can get a proper idea. Not at all hard to do, but you may find this How-To or the video clips on the strap saver site quite useful.

While at 2COP we believe that a worn-out bra is no longer worth your unconditional love and you probably should get a new one if your straps have worn out, there are a LOT of occasions in which the Strap Saver seems like a fantastic choice. Have you ever had problems with spaghetti straps on your dresses or tank tops? Strap Saver is a great way to shorten those up too but for this purpose, you need to sets of strap savers if the item in question does not have adjusters of its own. There is a separate instruction leaflet for that as well and this way, you can use the Saver on items that were not “supposed to be” adjusted in the first place. The materials of the Strap saver are quite “rough” so not the prettiest but this probably helps the little thingys to stay in place and be actually functional. If the metal colourway is not your thing, there is also black and beige on offer. The first pair in your order costs $15 but each additional pair is only $10 extra – how cool is that!

DSC_0517 DSC_0525 DSC_0528
If there is a way to make non-slippery Strap Savers without making them look too rough (see, we don’t know cause engineering is not our thang!), we would love to see more rounded corners and prettier colours with this product – it is so extremely practical that I wouldn’t mind having it in gold or rose gold colour options as well! And indeed, when it comes to practicality, the Strap Saver is truly something every girl should own to make your bradrobe much more functional!

If you want to give the Strap Saver a proper try, you can now get it at the Strap Saver online store and the international shipping is just $2 regardless of how many Savers you decide to purchase! Standard US shipping is completely free which makes it all more accessible to domestic customers.

NOW, if you want to try your luck you can take part in the Strap Saver raffle to win a $50 VISA gift card! The raffle ends on 7th of September which gives you roughly a week to take part. It is very simple! Click the link below and follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget. The only compulsory task is to comment on this blog post with your worst strap malfunction story and you will gain an entry to the raffle! The other tasks are completely optional and will give you extra entries in the raffle. Good luck and do also let me know what you think of the product!


Lingerie Review: Comexim “Irish Coffee” in 70J

24 Feb

As you all may know by now, I have been very keen on Polish bras lately; they have certain European appeal to them and even though the sizing can be confusing, when you get the fit right it usually is spot-on. One Polish brand I was yet try was Comexim which I had heard so many great reviews on. This is why I was so happy when the owner of Zathiya lingerie online boutique contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out something from their collection. Zathiya is still a very new company but is already dedicated to serving their customers in a best possible way to find the best possible fit with their bras. It is an American company, so you US girls will be happy to know that there will now more Polish lingerie available to you! Today I will reviewing the lovely Irish Coffee from Comexim in 70J.

DSC_0017 DSC_0051
The Design: Irish Coffee is a regular Comexim padded plunge-balconette style bra with three-part cup construction. The style is very fresh in the full-bust lingerie scene – I have literally never seen any other brand doing dark brown. To be quite honest I am probably the biggest hater of brown in general but this colour combo is so sweet I absolutely fell in love with it. The name says it all – this truly is a creamy Irish Coffee blend with a little coral sweetness to it, in a from of cute bow adorning the centre core. The hues are very chocolate-y and creamy, just the way I like them.

The shape of the cup is super rounded and uplifted and creates a very in-your-face type of cleavage. As a fan of epic cleavage, I really love this feature of the bra. When wearing Irish Coffee I actually feel like my boobs are defying gravity – almost like floating on my chest. The bra features a lovely thin lace overlay which can show through the thinnest of clothes but is pretty invisible under eg. thicker cotton blends.

The Fit: When I first took the bra out of its parcel, I was very hesitant it would fit me – it looked so tiny compared to my other bra in similar sizes. However, I soon noticed that this was due the bra construction; the cups were so deep and narrow it made the bra look smaller than it actually is. When putting it on I found out the size was absolutely spot-on and cup depth was like heaven; rarely have I seen such deep cups that would not crease at the bottom for the lack of depth.

I went for the size 70J as I had went through some social media discussions and determined that I should go by the Comexim size chart but then sister size down in the band. The Comexim size chart puts me at 75HH which is a sister size to 70J. As I am more of a 70 with Polish brands usually, I decided to go for my usual band size and a cup up. As you can see from the size chart below, Comexim does include the HH-cup though they don’t do any other double letters and they drop the “I” altogether. This means the sizing is AGAIN very unique and I suggest you do some research to determine your own size. A good place to start would be the “Clothes for boobs” group at Facebook or other lingerie blogs that have covered the sizing.

Size Table

The band of Irish Coffee felt really good so I would say, you should definitely go for your regular Polish band size. For reference, I wear 70 with Ewa Michalak and Avocado as well, but would need a 65 with Kris Line and Samanta nowadays (it depends totally on your preferences as well, you might prefer your brands either looser or tighter). The wires seemed very narrow at first but there is something about them that really makes them comfy even though I don’t cope with very narrow wires in general. Maybe it’s the flexibility of the wire material; some wires can be more rigid than other and the Comexim wires were a great length and flexible enough for me.

DSC_0042 DSC_0059DSC_0004
Comfort: When I first got the Irish Coffee set on, I literally thought I was in lingerie heaven. As the fit was spot-on, the comfort kind of followed the same pattern and felt divine as well. The band was just stretchy enough to feel comfy and the straps were super flexible and full-adjustable to add another great feature to the bra. As I mentioned in the fit part, the wires felt very comfy too and I can easily wear the bra for several hours without any discomfort.

Even though I did love the stretchy bra straps at first there is a small downside to them: as they are super flexible, they also tend to fall off my shoulders quite a bit, especially combined to other slippery materials. Overall the bra is so comfy though the strap thing is only a minor thing I would change about it and the bra still gets a lot of wear on a regular basis.

I opted for the matching panties in a size Medium which seems to be my most accurate size with Polish brands at the moment. With the bottoms I would also suggest going by the size chart as it worked well when I gave it a try. The panties feature a soft mesh back and a lacy front and also tiny cute suspender-like thingys at the front. I would describe them as low-to-medium rise so very flattering on yours truly! I’d reckon these bottoms are one of my favourites for everyday wear as fit well and feel so comfy on at all times.

If you would like to get your hands on your very own Irish Coffee set, you can head over to Zathiya and snatch one up for $50 for the bra $18 for the panties. Definitely not a bad price for such a lovely well-fitting set of lingerie! In addition, you will get a 10% discount off your order with code 2cakes10 😉 Sizes go up to a Comexim L-cup which translates roughly to a UK HH. So, what do you think of Comexim and Irish Coffee in general? Have you tried any of their lingerie yet? Let me know in the comments!

Suomeksi: Kuten blogistani on voinut jo tovin huomata, on blogissani vilahdellut aika monta puolalaista alusvaatemerkkiä viime vuoden aikana. Trendi jatkuu tänä vuonna: puolalainen estetiikka ja istuvuus kun ovat aivan omaa luokkaansa ja iskevät ainakin meikäläiseen aivan kympillä. On kuitenkin vielä monta merkkiä, joista en ole blogissani ennen kirjoittanut, joten tänään olisikin tarjolla jotain ihan uutta herkkua: nimittäin brändiltä nimeltä Comexim. Comexim on tunnettu etenkin rapakon toisella puolella todella tinkimättömästä laadustaan sekä huippuistuvuudesta, jota ei myöskään hintalapun numerolla ole pilattu. Tänään arvostelussa olisi Comeximin “Irish Coffee”, joka minulle ystävällisesti lähetettiin jenkkiläisen Zathiya alusvaateverkkokaupan toimesta.

Comeximin mitoitus on taas jälleen kerran ihan omaa luokkaansa, aivan niinkuin muillakin puolalaisilla merkeillä. Comexim sisällyttää taulukkoonsa HH-kupin mutta jättää I:n kokonaan välistä. Itse olin aiemmin kokeillut Comeximin 70HH kokoa Lumingerien varastoja penkoessani (mikä aarreaitta!) ja tiesin tuon koon olevan hieman liian pieni. Tutkin hetkisen merkin kokotaulukkoa ja päädyin kokoa isompaan eli 70J:hin. Kokotaulukon mukaan ympärykseni tulisi olla 75 mutta puolalaisilla brändeillä on taipumus suoraansanottuna kusta silmään ympäryssuositusten kanssa: he ovat tottuneet löysähköihin ymrpäyksiin, mikä ei mielestäni kuitenkaan palvele suuririntaista naista. Otinkin minulle suositellun 75HH:n sisaruskoon 70J:n, sillä ympärykseni on normaalisti puolalaisten merkkien kanssa 70 (brittien koko 32).

Koko sattuikin onneksi nappiin, vaikka liivit näyttivät luonnossa ensin melko pieniltä. Pienen ulkomuodon salaisuus oli kuitenkin kapeissa kaarituissa sekä todella syvissä kupeissa. Jos siis tarvitset syvyyttä kuppeihisi, tätä merkkiä kannattaa ehdottomasti kokeilla! Vaikka kaarituet näyttivät todella kapeilta ensin, olivat ne päällä kuitenkin mukavat ja kroppani kesti käyttää näitä rintsikoita useita tunteja putkeen.

Kokoja Comeximilta löytyy rutkasti, joten isorintaisempikin nainen löytää näistä melko varmasti kokonsa. Lisäksi, jos tilaat suoraan merkiltä (heillä on myös oma verkkokauppansa!) on Comeximin mahdollisuus toteuttaa erityistoivomuksia kuppien mallin ja koon suhteen. Englanninkieli heiltä taittuu ehkä hieman niin ja näin mutta palvelu on ystävällistä ja apu vaikeampiinkin toiveisiin löytyy varmasti. Mitäs mieltä te olette Comeximista ja tästä syötävän suloisesta setistä?

The best of the Polish lingerie brands – 2COP’s picks for the season

30 May

As I promised earlier this year, I will be digging into the world of Polish lingerie this year. I am always curious about new brands (even just new to me) so today I have been doing some research on the brands that I would like to try in the future. Most of these brands I have not personally tried yet but there are plenty of other bloggers who have reviewed them previously! If you see something you like, with a quick google search you can find plenty of info. If you want to make it super quick, just check out blogs such as CurvyWordy, WindieGardie and Miss Underpinnings (all found on my blog roll) who have reviewed many styles from a range of brands.

Avocado is a brand that I’ve been eyeing for a moment now and I especially loved the reviews that have been popping up all over the lingerie blogosphere, eg you can check out Miss Underpinnings and Bras and Body Image for this. Avocado doesn’t go all wild with fashion colourways or new ranges, instead they create classic lingerie for your everyday needs with a luxurious touch. 

I like the colours Avocado is using when creating lingerie – they use very basic colours including lovely blacks, beiges and reds but still make them look fresh and strong. I am just one of the fans of their lovely Nina, Reglisse (pictured above) and Caprice styles, the latest of them being a lovely “nude” bra with a golden glow. There will soon be a Avocado review up on the blog and I promise you will love their bras just as much as I love them!Image
Comexim is a fairly new brand to me also – so new that I haven’t had the chance to try them out quite yet! The brand is known for their uplifting padded bras that are crafted for a feminine taste. I myself love more their sexy and lacy styles but I think the majority of people go bananas for their cute floral prints and girly soft colours. My favourite from their recent collection is definitely the sultry Irish Coffee style that features a unique colour combo of dark brown satine and mesh and creamy lace detailing. 

Comexim seems like a pretty special and customer friendly company since they are willing to alter the bras just for your needs, by eg lowering the cups for less coverage or making a custom size for those needing it. I think this shows a lot of commitment to what they do and that they have a clever sense of customer valuation. 

Samanta is yet another brand I dying to try out this year! They have a stunning collection including these lovely “Blackcurrant” and “Rain” designs. I must say I am drooling over Rain so hard I’m having hard time to focus on writing. Focus! Both of these styles are from their Pret-a-porter collection and feature a ton of lovely lace embroidery, just the way I like it.

I must admit I have no idea how this brand fits or how the sizing works so I advice to check out Miss Underpinnings for that. However, I hope that I have the chance to try them out in the future and offer you more info so that you can start fangirling as well.

Ewa Michalak is well-known for their great fit and beautiful designs. I have been on the edge of ordering from them for so many times but haven’t had the guts to do it because of the problems they have had in the past with delivery etc. Today however my boyfriend placed an order on the lovely black SM Czarny Mgielka pictured above cause he wanted to treat me a little. It’s such a sexy style and I can’t wait to try it on! 

I think Ewa Michalak is great for those seeking for bigger sizes as well since they do have a custom order option. The brand also offers a variety of styles for everyday and night. The above pictured PL Slowianki is one the new styles that has caught my attention and speaks to my more girly side as the Mgielka brings out the sexy side of me. 

Ava is a brand that I got to know at work – I work in lingerie retail for this summer and I happened to see their new collection while my boss was picking the styles for next aw14 season. There were so many styles that I really liked and the price point was very affordable meaning this is a great brand for those seeking Polish lingerie in large cups on a budget. I think Ava uses the same kind of colour palette as Avocado but adds a little bit of dustier tones to it as well. This brand can definitely do a smokey grey or a silver and succeed in it! 

So this was my round up for the Polish brands I drool over, let me know which ones do you like! Also, if you have tips about their fit as well, leave me a comment 🙂 xx

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