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We want more, and we want it now: #DiversityInLingerie

21 Aug


Me and some other bloggers have been discussing the problem of having no diversity in the lingerie industry and today is the day when all our posts on the issue will go (and have gone) live. I love how supportive and body snark free lingerie blogosphere is but there is still something missing from the industry as a whole.

We have seen Curvy Kate representing curvier girls with more flesh on their bones and whole lingerie brands dedicated to beautiful, gorgeous plus-sized women. But diversity does not only mean plus size: it means all types of women, all ages, races, shapes, sizes, women with tattoos or disabilities and so on. Personally I would love to see them all represented, since we all are different and amazing the way we are.

So I’m white, rather slender and a big-boobed gal. I know that, but that is not all that there is to me. I have also suffered from severe body-confidence issues and anorexia not to mention that my skin is never as pure and smooth as I’d like it to be. This is why the picture above shows a slice of my back: it’s the spot I’ve always been conscious about.

I have rather wide shoulders and back fat (conveniently covered by the robe) but what is most visible and heart-breaking for me are the scars and cuts that cover my back. I hatehatehate them and still cannot forbid myself to destroy my skin over and over again. But yet, this is me and I still wear pretty lingerie and more or less love the way I look. Why I’m campaigning for #DIversityInLIngerie is because I want you all to love your bodies and the small “errors” AND also to see the beauty in others.

As the inventor of the whole #DIversityinLingerie event I will let June of Braless in Brasil guide you how to join us on our mission.

From now on, if you want to join me take a picture of yourself (can be with or without your face, in lingerie or clothes- whatever you feel comfortable with!) and somehow fit in the hashtag #DiversityInLingerie.  You’re welcome to either post it on twitter with the hashtag or email me and I’ll put it up in  a post on my blog. Starting today (August 21st) other bloggers will becoming out with their own posts and pictures so check back to this post for the links! I’ll post them as they come out. I’d encourage women of ALL walks of life and appearance to join in.  By participating you can show the lingerie industry that, yes, you’d buy lingerie from a diverse group of models, not just the ones currently shown.  I want to be clear that this is nothing against the body types currently shown and I don’t want to get into a “real women” debate. We’re all real women.  I just want a bigger pool of models so that ALL women can see someone like them and say “hey, she looks like me and that bra looks awesome on her, it could look awesome on me too!”. -Braless in Brasil

So if you want to jump in I would also love to receive your photos and publish them in my blog (you can find my e-mail on the sidebar). Remember to be active in the social media as well and let me know your thoughts on the matter! Here is a list of other bloggers who are part of the event:

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