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DD+ OOTD – the Ultimate Party Dress

19 Jan


Good Sunday to y’all! I have been whisked off from pub to another over the past three days which is why I haven’t been writing or even indulged myself in the full-bust world. But yeah, now I’m back with an outfit aaand a small rant since I’m feeling BETRAYED by my favourite clothing brand.

Let’s start with the outfit. This dress has not made an appearance in my blog yet but to be honest it’s my favourite party dress ever. I wear it each time I have a wardrobe crisis before an important event, it never fails and always earns a few compliments. I actually bought this beauty at Oasis in London a couple of years ago in size 8 which I can pretty successfully still squeeze into, even though I’m more of a size 10 nowadays. This dress nips me perfectly at the waist and flatters my figure by hugging it from just the right places. I have also bought a couple of other items from Oasis in the past which have been great for my then-30F bust.

This leads us to the rant. Cause you know what happened when I landed in UK and eagerly went to see my dear friend Oasis again? Zippers not going up, zero boob space and a few tears. Well not literally tears but you bet I wanted to cry. I am very loyal to brands that get me and my body which is why I was devastated to see that they weren’t loyal to ME anymore. And now you want to say it’s not their fault I’m not 30F anymore – see, my size 8 dress zips up fine. I hate it when a brand I love changes their sizing standards and I felt completely let down by the one that was supposed to offer me the perfect Valentine’s day dress for my date. Thanks a shit loads, Oasis. (Don’t worry, I still love your designs but would LOVE to be able to wear them as well.)

What about the jacket then? Absolutely buzzing. I have been searching for a jacket like this which actually fits over my bust and finally Forever21 came to help me. I went into their store a couple of days ago and was certainly not looking for a jacket but when I was reaching one part of the first floor I felt a really weird sensation. You know, the kinda feeling when you think someone’s watching you. I know it sounds bullshit but then I turned around and saw it and BANG, it was love at first sight. This lovely thing is a size Small and cost me about 25 quids which is a total bargain.

So now I’m still one dress short from being ready for Valentine’s. Next up in the search of THE Perfect Dress will be River Island so fingers crossed I find something nice. I’m celebrating Valentine’s day a bit early since bf will be here (!!!!) a week before the actual day but nevertheless my Valentine’s week will be very special because I’m hosting my first blogiversary during that week. So stay tuned and remember to follow 2COP to get first-hand info on the celebrations taking place that week 😉

Summer dresses special: The LBD

23 May



Hello! I feel so weird seeing these pictures of me cause the weather has become much more warmer and snowless here in Oulu. I’m actually wearing a thin blouse and shorts at the moment so you can imagine how fine the weather is, it’s just perfect (it’s +18 C at the moment which is great for me as I don’t fancy anything above +23 and under +17). But yeah, let’s cut the bull and get back to business.

First of all, I KNOW this dress squishes my boobs but what can you do, this is a problem I hardly ever avoid. I just have to deal with it and the solution I came up with was an unpadded bra with superthin fabric. So as I weighed my options I came up with a perfect style: Cleo Marcie. We all know that I LOVE this particular bra cause it’s such a multi-tasker and suits under almost everything I wear. I own other unpadded bras as well but e.g. Freya Arabella is too much of a plunge style for this LBD.

My mom actually found this Rinascimento dress for me and it was a great steal for a 40-something euros since it was originally something like 129 e. I have worn this for our university’s formal table parties (called sitsit in Finnish) and I really think it’s a good mix of elegance and sexiness. As I have mentioned before I’m not a fan of black but for some occasions (formal events, funerals etc.) a girl just need to have a little black dress. What I usually hate about LBDs is the fact that they’re so utterly boring with their sleek and classy look. I opted myself for this dress since it has that beautiful rose-lace-thingy on it which makes the outfit interesting. Image

Me at a formal table party with other Psychology and Education students.

Why the Marcie is so great under this style of dress is the fabric and the balconette style of it. This dress is quite low cut with almost square-y neckline so it has to be worn with a low-cut balconette/half-cup style with wide-set straps. What is great about black dresses though is the fact that they are well, black, and usually not see-through so the colour of your bra does not really matter. My LBD is also made from a firm fabric so that anything (aka nipples) isn’t showing through. However the fabric is so unstrechy it doesn’t really allow my boobs any extra space so this is something you should think of when buying the dress itself. I didn’t and look what happened 😀

Ok, so the last one will appear online soon, keep checking out for it! xx

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