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Moda Exhibition – Preview of the AW14 Eveden collections

26 Feb

Hi dear readers! Today I continue previewing the lovely new AW14 collection and next up is the Eveden brands; Freya, Fantasie, Fauve and Elomi. I will be focusing more on the first three since I’m not plus size and have no idea how to review that kind of bras, from a construction point of view. But, I will have a treat for you Elomi-fans in the end of the post since I saw this beeeeautiful bra that I wanna show y’all. 


I have always been most fond of Freya when it comes to Eveden brands; it’s their most youthful line with bright colours and quirky prints which makes it a great option for 20-something girls like me. The past couple of seasons however I have not seen that many deligthful designs from them which is why I was super-eager to see if they’d come up with something fun for the AW14 collection – and I was not disappointed. Decos had become even more lovely in their animal prints and bright jewel tones and neon colours had reached the Freya collection as so many others seen at Moda.


The Freya’s best seller Deco range had gained a few more members and renewed some of its old styles into new colourways. What especially caught my eye this season were the amazing Deco Charm in the new Fuchsia shade and also the more everyday look of Deco Spotlight, which I adored for its beautiful lilac shade. I also love how Deco has finally been turned into a animal print version which is a nice welcome to full-bust world. This pattern was also seen in a other collections but maybe in a more evening-wear way. The leopard-print Deco brings a nice sassy addition to one’s everyday look which is what I really like about it.

What really struck me about the Deco range this time was the fact that there was something for everyone; I could easily see me, my mom and my sister wearing certain pieces which is awesome regarding the popularity of the range amongst women of all ages, tastes and styles. Deco is truly an every-occasion style which can camouflage both into everyday and evening-look. In one sentence; all of my friends who I’ve introduced Deco to, have loved it to death.


With their other new styles I really felt like Freya got back to pleasing the young eye; it has all the neon brights and fun prints we are used to seeing from it. I find myself already leaning towards the more adult-appropriate lingerie but to see such nice colourways made me truly happy for those Freya girls who have been waiting for them the past couple of season. I would also say the designs were very girly; something I would have loved to wear as a busty teenager a few years ago.

What really caught my eye from the whole Freya lingerie collection was the new Pansy longline with adorable little violets on it! I would die to get my hands on that bra and am absolutely gutted I still have to wait until autumn to get my mittens on it. However, this design is exactly what my lingerie wardrobe craves – something fun yet quite sexy and feminine. I think the print is gorgeous and trendy and it’s definitely my favourite Freya design of all times (yes, even better than the Arabella!).


Freya Swimwear 

Oh hell yes! With their swimwear collection Freya hit the jackpot since it brings the funky 60’s and 70’s trends to swimwear world as well. I have seen dresses on high street with these kind of prints which is why I loved how Freya had made the perfect pair of bikinis to wear under those retro pieces I have been lusting for. Also the colours were amazing – I love a good portion of red and the shade was so appropriate for summer, a very bright hue with a dash of orange in it. So me!

Fantasie and Fauve are both brands I admire from a far partly because of their more grown-up styling and partly because of their also more grown-up price range. I love Fauve’s Bronte for its luxurious design but must say that I had terrible comfort issues with it according to my excema and bony ribcage. Otherwise my boobs got pretty well on with the fit but that’s about all I can say about Fauve. Lovely designs, just not for me.

Grown-up doesn’t have to mean boring though and I loved some of the styles Fantasie and Fauve presented for next season. I was especially thrilled with the unusual colour combinations and the amazing water colour prints that I saw. These brands are probably not something my super-traditional mom would wear but great for someone in her 30’s – the collections were luxurious but still quite young and fashion-forward with a feminine touch.




Last but not least Elomi which is very well known and loved in the lingerie-blogging world. I have not been following the brand too keenly because I don’t fit into their size range but this beauty above just stunned me with its sexiness. I love how Elomi had several options for different tastes; something for the wild and something for the sultry. I think this brand just upped their ante and with this design it hit the jackpot and probably will be a popular choice among their target market. I could easily see a couple of my dear friends lusting over this gorgeous design and the padded cups will make it even a more bet-safe hit.

Here were my Eveden favourites, now I’d like to know which ones were yours! Let me know in the comments xx

Full bust problems – Bringing sexy back?

17 Sep

So I promised you a rant and you’re gonna get one, sorry. If it’s not your thing, just scroll down and read some more positive stuff, right? What I want to talk to you about is how full bust lingerie has ignored one massive target market; us who want sexy, seductive and sultry.

When I entered the full bust world there weren’t that many options for me; basically just Curvy Kate and Eveden Group brands. This was fine to me, hell, I had upgraded to 30E/F and felt amazing in my new CK bras! Also I had been dating my (ex)boyfriend for a while back then and didn’t feel like pleasing him so much anymore. I didn’t need a confidence boost so I went for what I thought looked nice and girly, and most of all, what fitted me.

Well fellas, eating makes you even more hungry so here I am, craving for more. AGAIN. I know, I should take what they give me but ya know, I was never that girl. I’m the girl whose lust for better is never satisfied, so I’m gonna let it all out.



I snatched this one up on The Lingerie Lesbian and the set is by Agent Provocateur, one of the sexiest British lingerie manufacturers in the market. YET, not in my size range (shocker). This is what I would love to see from full bust brands as well; something innovative, dark and sultry. I know there must be tons of limitations when it comes to creating bigger cupsizes (and smaller backs especially) but I’d still like to see it happen, somehow.ImageImage

And yet another British brand that tempts me tremendously – Myla. Great designs, sexy as heck and oozes bedroom fun.

So why did I end up craving something tiny, translucent and silky in my drawers? Yeah you guessed it, I’m single and it puts certain pressure on me. It is kinda sad but on the other hand, extremely exciting. I do not feel the pressure from the society to crave for certain kind of lingerie but I do feel like full bust lingerie is not giving me enough to feel confident and desirable. It’s stupid since men usually don’t give a single fuck (excuse my language) about lingerie, they never have and probably never will. It’s just like a shoe-thing for me; I just get a kick out of a high heel, not a damn sneaker. 

Not that the industry lacks the sex appeal totally, there are some brands that I applause to and want to encourage to go even further with their designs.


Well hello there, Fauve! Fauve is one of Eveden’s sub-labels that carry grown-up pieces with a sexy edge. I LOVE this new Delphine style that should come available this autumn/winter and I’ll definitely be saving my pennies for it. Unless it has that weird wire problem like last time… Not pretty and certainly not comfortable. Anyways, keep up the fantastic design work, Fauve and I’ll get back to you!


Claudette certainly upgraded their game this season and I’m glad they did! I mean, how much closer can you get to sexy than a bra whose cups OPEN at the front. Also the snake print  of this Ouvert set is absolutely breathtaking.


Gossard, you’re doing it well grrrl! This is a brand that I’ve been lusting to try out since they mix traditional sexiness to quirky prints and colours; a winner combo to me! What I would love to try on are these new Edina and Retrolution styles that are totally drool-worthy.



Ok, I swore never to buy from Ewa Michalak after that horrible event with their customer service BUT now I may have to take my words back. Don’t eat me! Just look at those beautiful babydolls and your heart is gonna melt away too. (the pic is taken from their FB page)



And then last but not the least Parfait which has gone through a big size extension lately. I love their Charlotte range and hope dearly that this kind of designs will be seen in their collections even more in the future.

So there it is, I said it and now I’m gonna cross my fingers that something will happen. What do you think, would there be more room for sexier designs in the full bust market? Do you own a truly seductive piece of lingerie above DD cup? Let me know in the comments!


The most intriguing lingerie sneak peeks for AW13

13 Jul

Hi there and lovely weekend to y’all! My week started off horribly with all break-up s*** piling up on me but I kept my chin up and now it’s all better, a lot of wonderful things cheered me up a couple of days ago (more on that later..).

I’ve always been a big sucker for fashion shows but recently fashion itself and the world it represents has started to bore me a bit. I mean, I keep watching all the shows online and nothing new never comes up. I need something delightful, feminine, fun! But yeah, basicly what I get is clothes resembling boxes of plastic. Attractive? Not. 

What I decided to do this summer was to look for some interesting lingerie collections for you (and myself of course) to get inspired and to dream of. I love how lingerie speaks to me in different, mysterious and playful way; the way fashion has not spoken for so many seasons. Here are my favourite video clips so far showcasing some of the most powerful collections for AW13.


I just NEED to have that rose-patterned Edina bodysuit or whatever it is, it’s freakin hot! What I also loved is their new take on the Retrolution line which I’ve been dying to try on for months. The corselette looks absolutely breathtaking! This collection looks really diverse to me so I really think that there’s something for everyone. Eg. Felicity (the blue-hued floral plunge) is a killer bra for those seeking something girly but there’s still a lot of styles for women prefer pure seductiveness.

Tutti Rouge

Haha, who would have expected this? Well, I believe everyone. I love how Tutti Rouge AW13 collection is so clearly designed with autumn and maybe even Christmas in mind. How it seemed to me was that Tutti Rouge mixed in a bit of more mature styles as well this time: deeper shades and silk-like materials with subtle yet girly details. Obviously I’m drooling over each and every one of them but still my heart is definitely settled for the more sexy styles (like the red one!) when it comes to this collection and autumn/winter season in general.


I’m about to cry here cause WHY on earth did Bronte have those super wide wires? This AW13 colurway looks amazing in silvery baby blue and I want it. On the other hand I want lots of things but not all of them are meant to be, sigh. Another styles that caught my eye were the sheer black Anastasia (only up to F cup, sniff..) and the red beauty Delphine which luckily goes up to G cup. Pretty please Fauve, make the Delphine work for me!

Can’t wait to try these beauties on! At this point I’m actually yearning for autumn and these new collections to be launched. And besides, my birthday is in November which mean a lot of lingerie related gifts from my family and friends! (I know, I NEVER grow up.)

See ya next week darling readers! I have some lovely things coming up for you 😉

Bra Review: Bronte by Fauve

31 May

Hi there ya’ll! I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you for a moment but I had soooo much to do. My sister just graduated today which was very emotional to me even though I’m not that person who usually cries at everything. Btw, she was the student of the year 2013 which made me extra proud! Anyways, here I am with a new bra review and I actually decided to make a small change on my review posts which is dividing these posts to three different “sections”: fit, comfort and design. I think this will make the reviews more constructed and clear to all my readers. This time I reviewed the Fauve’s stunning Bronte longline which is one of the most beautiful bras I’ve ever seen.ImageImage

Design: As you can see the Bronte has a very nice orange colour to it which is super-summery and fun. It’s also quite luxorious and has a deep shade which makes this longline vibrant yet grown up. I payed a LOT for this beauty ( about 90 e and that was after I got 15% off!) but the looks ALMOST make up for it. Just almost, cause u know, appearance is not something we splurge a 100 e for. The detailing is amazing, very mature but in a good way. I also love the shade of the lace because it’s not all white or creamy but really a shade of pale grey(ish). The materials are also really special and make this bra look as expensive as it is. It has vertical seaming which I love look-wise, it kinda makes the bra look sexy and classy at the same time. However, one minus would be that this is not much of a longline because the band does not get that low on my torso. But that could only be me, someone with a shorter torso might find it just fine for them.


Fit: Fit-wise this bra is not the best for me. It runs quite true to size on the band but I would definitely recommend to size up in the cups. I’m wearing a 30FF which is a rather good size for me BUT I could have probably gone up to 30G. As you can see the lace on the cups makes them look like the other one is gaping but it really isn’t, it’s just the lace standing in a weird position. The other cup is actually giving me almost double-boob. Shape-wise I would compare it to Curvy Kate “Tease Me” since it’s quite shallow in the cup and has the same “cakes on a plate” effect on cleavage.

This bra has reeeeeally wide underwires. The wires go actually way back in my armpit which was super weird cause I have never EVER seen such wide wires. However, they do not come up that high but still, the wires are a big issue for me or I think for anyone but I’ll cover up that issue on the comfort section. I think something has gone badly wrong when designing this bra and I think this could be better for someone with a bigger band size. It almost seems like they only sister-sized this bra down to the small bands and left the wires as wide as with the bigger bands. CAN’T UNDERSTAND.

Comfort: I must admit it: this is NOT an everyday bra! Don’t even think about wearing it for longer periods than three hours. It’s absolutely pure pain. I had this bra on for work (6 h) and I constantly tried to bend the wires away from my body to feel comfortable. The wires are so wide they poke on my ribs.  When I finally got to take the bra off it had left me serious red marks like two inches away from my breast tissue which is not good! The bones that were on the sides of the bra were also painful and poked me constantly, especially while bending myself and moving around our store.

Other thing that really bugged me big time was the lace on the lower part of the longline. It was itchy as hell and kept rolling up because of my ribs that are super outward projected (sounds weird I know, but just take a look at the video, that underbust “fat” is actually mostly my ribs sticking out). This was so uncomfortable I doomed this bra to go to hell until something really special happens or I need a dose of sexiness.

Seriously, I just hope Bronte needs a break-out period but I doubt it. This bra was just not for me and It’s killing me and my wallet.

Suomeksi/In Finnish:

Lisäystä sen verran videoon, että Bronte oli päivän päätteeksi melkoisen epämukava malli ainakin minun päälläni. Kuuden tunnin työpäivän jälkeen halusin repiä rintsikat päältäni ja niiden alta paljastuikin mukavat jäljet, jotka olivat MONTA SENTTIÄ liian kaukana rintakudoksestani. Tämän mallin ongelma on siis todellakin nuo liian leveät kaarituet, jotka painavat ja pistelevät inhottavasti ainakin tässä koossa. Voi tietysti olla, että isommissa ympärysmitoissa ongelma voi helpottua mutta sitähän en voi tietää kun näyttöä asiasta ei ainakaan vielä liiemmin ole. Jos on mahdollisuus käydä jossain kokeilemassa, niin raportoikaa ihmeessä minulle mikä on asian laita!

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