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Moda Exhibition – Preview of the AW14 Eveden collections

26 Feb

Hi dear readers! Today I continue previewing the lovely new AW14 collection and next up is the Eveden brands; Freya, Fantasie, Fauve and Elomi. I will be focusing more on the first three since I’m not plus size and have no idea how to review that kind of bras, from a construction point of view. But, I will have a treat for you Elomi-fans in the end of the post since I saw this beeeeautiful bra that I wanna show y’all. 


I have always been most fond of Freya when it comes to Eveden brands; it’s their most youthful line with bright colours and quirky prints which makes it a great option for 20-something girls like me. The past couple of seasons however I have not seen that many deligthful designs from them which is why I was super-eager to see if they’d come up with something fun for the AW14 collection – and I was not disappointed. Decos had become even more lovely in their animal prints and bright jewel tones and neon colours had reached the Freya collection as so many others seen at Moda.


The Freya’s best seller Deco range had gained a few more members and renewed some of its old styles into new colourways. What especially caught my eye this season were the amazing Deco Charm in the new Fuchsia shade and also the more everyday look of Deco Spotlight, which I adored for its beautiful lilac shade. I also love how Deco has finally been turned into a animal print version which is a nice welcome to full-bust world. This pattern was also seen in a other collections but maybe in a more evening-wear way. The leopard-print Deco brings a nice sassy addition to one’s everyday look which is what I really like about it.

What really struck me about the Deco range this time was the fact that there was something for everyone; I could easily see me, my mom and my sister wearing certain pieces which is awesome regarding the popularity of the range amongst women of all ages, tastes and styles. Deco is truly an every-occasion style which can camouflage both into everyday and evening-look. In one sentence; all of my friends who I’ve introduced Deco to, have loved it to death.


With their other new styles I really felt like Freya got back to pleasing the young eye; it has all the neon brights and fun prints we are used to seeing from it. I find myself already leaning towards the more adult-appropriate lingerie but to see such nice colourways made me truly happy for those Freya girls who have been waiting for them the past couple of season. I would also say the designs were very girly; something I would have loved to wear as a busty teenager a few years ago.

What really caught my eye from the whole Freya lingerie collection was the new Pansy longline with adorable little violets on it! I would die to get my hands on that bra and am absolutely gutted I still have to wait until autumn to get my mittens on it. However, this design is exactly what my lingerie wardrobe craves – something fun yet quite sexy and feminine. I think the print is gorgeous and trendy and it’s definitely my favourite Freya design of all times (yes, even better than the Arabella!).


Freya Swimwear 

Oh hell yes! With their swimwear collection Freya hit the jackpot since it brings the funky 60’s and 70’s trends to swimwear world as well. I have seen dresses on high street with these kind of prints which is why I loved how Freya had made the perfect pair of bikinis to wear under those retro pieces I have been lusting for. Also the colours were amazing – I love a good portion of red and the shade was so appropriate for summer, a very bright hue with a dash of orange in it. So me!

Fantasie and Fauve are both brands I admire from a far partly because of their more grown-up styling and partly because of their also more grown-up price range. I love Fauve’s Bronte for its luxurious design but must say that I had terrible comfort issues with it according to my excema and bony ribcage. Otherwise my boobs got pretty well on with the fit but that’s about all I can say about Fauve. Lovely designs, just not for me.

Grown-up doesn’t have to mean boring though and I loved some of the styles Fantasie and Fauve presented for next season. I was especially thrilled with the unusual colour combinations and the amazing water colour prints that I saw. These brands are probably not something my super-traditional mom would wear but great for someone in her 30’s – the collections were luxurious but still quite young and fashion-forward with a feminine touch.




Last but not least Elomi which is very well known and loved in the lingerie-blogging world. I have not been following the brand too keenly because I don’t fit into their size range but this beauty above just stunned me with its sexiness. I love how Elomi had several options for different tastes; something for the wild and something for the sultry. I think this brand just upped their ante and with this design it hit the jackpot and probably will be a popular choice among their target market. I could easily see a couple of my dear friends lusting over this gorgeous design and the padded cups will make it even a more bet-safe hit.

Here were my Eveden favourites, now I’d like to know which ones were yours! Let me know in the comments xx

Diving into SS14 – My lingerie picks from Eveden, Panache & Curvy Kate

16 Dec

AW13 season was quite blunt to me when it came to lingerie and there was not much my regular go-to brands offered to a young fashion-seeking customer. As I went through preview pics of SS14 collections I felt a glimpse of hope since compared to our latest season there was much more innovation and colour involved. Today I’m gonna dive into the offerings of “the big guns” – Freya, Fantasie, Panache & Curvy Kate – and introduce you to my SS14 lingerie favourites.



Deco Original in Lagoon and Deco Honey in Topaz. I have loved Freya’s Deco range since I first had my Deco on back in spring 2013. The cleavage is phenomenal and the shape outrageously rounded. However I grew out of Deco Honey so this spring I’m on a quest to find myself a new Deco. I will probably go for the Lagoon colourway since it’s definitely something more unique the Deco range has ever provided and this time I’ll be opting for a size 30G. Also I love the Topaz since it is such a bright neon shade. I might be tempted to buy them both…



Elodie in Raspberry, Melissa in Soft Pink, Robyn and Vivienne in Silver. I really think that Fantasie upped their ante this season and delivers some astonishing luxurious styles to us with their SS14 collection. I would probably pick Elodie as my favourite but all the designs above are breathtaking. On the other hand Fantasie’s luxury label Fauve got completely off the track this season and this is why I did not include any designs from the Fauve collection. I don’t own any Fantasie bras yet but would be glad to try some out now that they have come up with new younger styles.

Panache Superbra


Clara in Turkish Delight and Idina Balconette in Blossom. I was a little bit disappointed with Panache’s designs this spring season but this has also something to do with my own taste evolving and getting more “playfully sexy” as I’d describe it. Panache is still a bit too adult and plain to satisfy my desire for unique styles and clashing colourways so maybe the blame is on our age gap. However I found these too styles to be very appealing even though they are not quite my usual style. Clara is super sexy in the new colourway and I love how it somehow reminds me of Indian fabrics and the smell of spices. Idina on the other hand is very sweet retro style that could be a great basic for so many women with fair skin tone.

Cleo by Panache


Lily in Magenta/Orange, Maddie Animal and Marcie in Yellow. Oh Cleo! I have always loved you and my love will never fade since once again you delight me with your incomparable colour combos and fun flirty designs. Though these styles do not scream “sexy” I would definitely describe them playful and funky. I am not always in a very sexy mood (*cough* period *cough*) and this is where I usually enter the fun. I have been drooling over the yellow Marcie since I first heard rumours of it and now that I still need to wait three whole months (!) for it I might just cry. Also I could really do with the new Maddie Animal style since it would be a great addition to my t-shirt bra collection. 

Curvy Kate


The Starlet in Tigerlilly, The Carmen in Rose and The Portia in Lime/Rose. This SS14 I feel like so many lingerie brands got back in the business with a BANG. One of those brands were definitely Curvy Kate which has been a favourite of mine since forever. Sadly AW13 brought nothing new to me and I ended up skipping the CK collection all together. However they are definitely back with one of their strongest collections and I’ll be especially curious to see if I had a better luck with this new Portia colourway. My seafoam Portia unfortunately died after a couple of months of wear so I’m curious to see whether the new Portia will live a little longer. Also the fit of their new collection intrigues me a lot so we’ll see… I’m ready to get surprised 😉

These were my favourite styles for SS14 and I’m hoping to be trying out at least a few of them and add a couple to my lingerie drawers. What styles and/or collections are you most looking forward to for SS14?

Summer dresses special: The body-con dress

21 May


This is a dress that makes me feel like Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara: hot and super curvy (which I’m actually not since I don’t own neither a waist NOR hips). And btw, I’m sorry for the gloomy face here in the pics, the sun shone straight into my eye and made them weep so it was reeeally hard to focus on my expression. Anyhow, to the point.. Guess which one of my bras I’m wearing underneath? Surprise: it’s the unrivaled egobooster cleavage bra Deco Honey by Freya! These pictures show you exactly how well it goes under super-clingy dresses like this because of its seamlessness and great lift. 

I usually don’t like to wear this particular dress because of its clinginess that shows all the lumps and bumps (believe, they’re there, I just wasn’t brave enough to show those pics that show them). However, when I do, I must make sure everything is in its right place and that means opting for a seamless plunging bra like Deco and a smoothing slip underneath. Mine is actually from H&M so it’s not that smoothing after all but gives me some security to go out the house. (Make sure to get a proper one.. I will, someday!)

This dress is made of thin jersey so it’s really tricky to pull off without moulded cups. I have two styles in my bra wardrobe (Smoothie and Deco) but Deco was better for this particular neckline. Seamlessness? Check! Great shape? Check! Deep neckline? Check! This bra ticks all the boxes and besides suits many styles of dresses. And there is a major plus for extra vavavoom: it actually adds me some more curves which go well with a sexy style of the dress.Image


Summer dresses special: The nude dress

16 May


This dress was bought when I graduated from junior high so it’s an oldie but a goodie. I actually didn’t wear it for a long time but then I decided to alter it by hand and now it’s about two sizes smaller and a couple of inches shorter than the original version.

What is quite tricky about this specific style is that the straps are quite narrow and that is why I SHOULD ideally wear a strapless bra with it. This however was not possible for my bra  wardrobe has no strapless bras in it (major fault, must be corrected, any suggestions?). What I wore instead was my Curvy Kate Smoothie since it is after all a nude bra and the shape suits this dress really well. The nude straps that could be seen didn’t really bother me since they were the same colour as the dress.

When you’re wearing a neckline such as this (almost square-y, low-cut) you must wear either a balconette bra or a strapless since plunges and full-cups usually tend to come higher up than this kind of neckline. ImageImageImageI have not tested out this Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless nor Freya’s Deco strapless longline but I have heard a lot of good things about them so these could be good alternatives for my Smoothie. The colours are also perfect even though my dress wouldn’t necessarily require a nude nor a white bra because of it’s firm cotton fabric. As I mentioned before the quality of the fabric must always be considered while opting for the right bra. If you had a dress this style in a thinner fabric you could probably go for e.g. Cleo’s Lucy in white for it’s nice shape and low cut cups. However it’s all white and if you happen to have a bit darker skin tone you should consider something darker with a similar cut.ImageI hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you. It’ll be 22 C degress tomorrow here in Oulu so I’ll definitely be out in the sun, I suggest you do the same!

Hello Sailor! – And some other picks for the upcoming bikini season

24 Apr


Hi there! Here in Finland the summer has definitely NOT started yet, we still have snow on the ground and something like +10 C degrees. Nevertheless somewhere around the globe summer is just around the corner which brings me to introduce you some new swimwear options for next season. Personally I think swimwear has a huge impact on how you look on the beach so make sure to find something that flatters you. For me as a top-heavy (bodyshape) girl I need something with halterneck or something very bra-ish. Triangle bikinis are definitely not for me since imho they require a somewhat hourglassy figure. Mine is more of a chocolate bar with boobies and by that I mean very straight overall excluding my breasts and shoulders.

This spring I was in a desperate need of something supportive so I went for the Freya’s Hello Sailor- balconette in size 30F. For a Freya top it has suprisingly snug band and the cups are quite true to size. What I especially liked about these is that they’re padded cause y’all know what happens when the weather gets windy or cold – awkward! The style is also very attractive and has a pin-up feeling to it.

Kuten varmaan olette huomanneet siellä ruudun toisella puolella, kesästä ei voi edes puhua vakavasti näillä leveysasteilla. Meikänainen otti kuitenkin asioikseen hankkia bikinit jo ajoissa, sillä ihanat mallit menevät koossani melko nopeasti kaupaksi jo kevään korvilla. Kipaisin siis pari kuukautta sitten jo paikalliseen alusvaateliikkeeseen hakemaan Freyan Hello Sailor – balconetesta oman kappaleeni ja olen ollut tähän kyllä todella tyytyväinen. Kooksi valitsin 30F, sillä toisin kuin aiemmissa Freyan malleissa tämän yläosan ympärys tuntui melkoisen napakalta. Testattukin tämä kaunokainen on jo ja hyvin pysyi päällä uidessa! Yhteensopivaa alaosaa en ostanut sillä sattumalta edellinen H&M:n alaosani mätsäsi hienosti yhteen tämän yläosan kanssa.

Uikkaritkin kannattaa tietysti valita oman vartalotyypin mukaan. Itse olen melko tasapaksu kaikin puolin lukuunottamatta tissejä ja hartioita, joten tämäntyyppisen balconette mallin lisäksi minulle sopii halterneck tyyppinen bandeau-malli. Valitettavasti mieluisia e.m. mallejana on tähän mennessä löytynyt vain ketjuvaateliikkeistä, joissa kokovalikoima on onneton. Lisäksi kaarituettomissa malleissa on aina se vaara, että meinaavat lähteä välillä minne sattuu suuntiin uidessa.

Here are some picks for different bikini-requiring destinations/ Tässä muutama ehdotelma kesän lomakohteisiin, joissa bikinit ovat lähes pakolliset:


ImageGreece is a place for party people but it is also a place of tradition. Greece is a synonym for colour blue and this is why I picked this Panache Tallulah bikini to embody the spirit of Southern Europian nights. Fun, flirty and just revealing enough!

Kreikka on bilettäjien ja perinteiden maa. Tämän vuoksi valitsin Panachen Tallulah bikinit, jotka edustavat hyvin hauskanpitoa mutta ovat peittävyydeltään silti juuri sopivat. Jos haluat kuitenkin repäistä, älä huoli: Kreikassa voit ruveta vaikka nakuilemaan, mikäli ranta sen sallii.


ImageWhen it comes to Hungary and their vibrant culture there are no limits. This country is not located on seaside but they sure know how to stroll around in bikinis at least when the temperatures rise up to +30 C degrees. The nation is also a big fan of pools and water parks so there is no fear of missing the water itself. For Hungary I picked Freya’s Flashdance bikini.

Unkarin kulttuuri on eloisa ja nuorekas ja se näkyy myös pukeutumiskulttuurissa: varsinkin nuoret ovat omaksuneet kesäkuumalla bikinit päivittäiseen käyttöön esim. shortsien kanssa. Vaikka maa ei sijaitsekaan rannikolla, ei Unkarissa ole pulaa uima-altaista ja vesipuistoista. Unkarin matkalle valitsisin Freyan Flashdance bikinit.

3. Nice, French Riviera

ImageNice is a sophisticated and cool but it also has great glamour feel to it. For me the perfect bikini to spend my days on the poolside is Curvy Kate’s Horizontal Red Stripe. It’s flirtatious but not too much to piss off those french ladies! (They have this sister jealousy thing..) But be cautious: those stone beaches are not for everyone!

Nizzassa on vanhojen aikojen glamouria ja siksi pin-up tyylinen Curvy Katen Horizontal Red Stripe olisi suosikkini allaspäiviä varten. Nizzassa on toki myös upeat rannat ja etenkin hieno rantatie, joka on lenkkeilijöiden suosiossa, mutta kivirannat eivät ole suoraan sanottuna kaikkien juttu.

The lingerie cult: the Deco by Freya / Alusvaatteiden aatelia: Freyan Deco

21 Apr

Hi there gals, and happy weekend! I hope you have had a great one so far. 🙂 My past week has been amazing, I have loved to answer your comments which are more than welcome and I have done so many fun things including a job interview at H&M and discussing blog co-operation with a Finnish lingerie webstore Lumingerie.  The job interview went well and tomorrow’s the third part of the interview which I’m looking forward to so much after a couple of weeks just studying at university. I resigned myself three weeks ago so it’d be awesome to get back to work asap. Anyway! I had a really nice and lovely chat via e-mail with Lumingerie’s Mervi who kindly send me a couple of bras of my own choice to review for you guys. The bras came in just one day after ordering which was really helpful since I’ve been wearing them to get a real feel of them both for proper reviews.

The two bras I got were ones that I had been eager to try on for a long time. The first was Freya’s cult bra Deco (Honey) and the other was praised and beloved Panache’s Jasmine. I actually had a bit of prejudice towards Deco since I know it’s not for all types of breasts and mine are pretty tricky with really deep necklines. After failing with Curvy Kate’s Elegance (which I can review for you later) I thought the Deco would be a hopeless case. Until I got it on.ImageImage

The cleavage! The lift! The shape! I was struck by the fact that for once in my life I had a bra that made me look like Kim Kardashian. And I NEVER have cleavage! I mean, like ever. My boobs have always been more on the sides of my torso than in the front of it and that is why most my bras have left them looking a bit like east-west, if you know what I mean? Curvy Kate’s soft cups which are my everyday go-to bras have always given me very natural look, so as some of my fellow bloggers would say: in those bras they look like my boobs but better.  Others like Smoothie and Marcie which are my absolute favourites make my breasts look really good but still they lack the appearance of great cleavage which I’d prefer especially with lower cut dresses on nights out.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my boobs to be stared at, for godsakes I have a boyfriend, but for my confidence cleavage is always a plus.


When I was opting for the size I’d like to try on I went for 28G since my boobs have grown a bit during the past two months or so (yes, they do that still after my 20’s..). There are some rumors that Decos run big in cup but for me going for the G’s was the right move. This means I’m currently in the 30FF/28G size range. For some gals with lower fullness the Deco can indeed be a tough one to find the right fit ad therefore some of you might consider going down a cup size. In my case I found the bra quite true to size, though a bit different than the unpadded styles of Freya which I have in 28FF. The 28 band was nice and firm but at first it was so tight is was a bit uncomfortable to wear for several hours. To me this bra needs a bit longer break-in period.

I think this bra’s assets are its oomph-affect and shape. It is wearable almost under everything because of its smooth appearance and that is what makes it an everyday bra. However some of you might find it a bit more suitable for nights out since it’s definitely not a bra too modest because of the cleavage it gives you. For me this is a great asset since I don’t like the idea of my bra showing too much under my clothes and the low center gore makes you at ease with cleavage-y dresses. I don’t mind a peek here and there but sometimes you just want to look classy, especially with dresses and shirts that have low necklines. If I’d have to say something bad about Deco it would probably just be the mild skin irritation it gives me near the armpits. However, this is mostly because of my skin and it happens almost always when wearing bra that comes that high up. Otherwise Deco Honey is looks- and fitwise a great bra.

This bra was sent me by Lumingerie for review purposes. However this does not affect on my opinion on the bra and my reviews will always be honest and true.


Moikka moi sinne! Mulla on ollut ihan mieletön viikko, kiitos ihanien kavereiden, mukavan työhaastattelun ja tietenkin uusien rintsikoiden. 🙂 Lumingerie -verkkokaupan Mervi laittoi mulle tulemaan parit itselleni mieluisat liivit, jotka saapuivatkin jo heti seuraavana päivänä tilauksen lähettämisestä. Huippua, että myös Suomessa on alusvaateverkkokauppoja, sillä itseäni ainakin ärsyttää lähetellä britteihin aina takaisin ostoksia ja vekslata niiden postimaksujen ja lähetysaikojen kanssa. Lumingerien valikoimasta valitsin jo kulttiklassikoiksi muodostuneet Freyan Decon ja Panache Superbran Jasminen. Molempia olen päässyt käyttämään jo ja pakko kyllä sanoa, että ovat aivan ihania vaikkakin kovin erilaisia.

Decosta valitsinkin sitten koon 60G, sillä rintavarustukseni päätti taas kasvaa vielä teinivuosieni jälkeenkin. Mahtavaa. No, joka tapauksessa kokoveikkaus osui oikeaan ja kuuskymppinen ympärys on jo alkanut tuntua suhteellisen mukavalta muutaman käyttökerran jälkeen. Teinkin teille pienen videon, jossa arvostelen liivit perusteellisemmin.

Tämä tuote on lähetetty Lumingeriestä arvostelutarkoitukseen. Tämä ei kuitenkaan vaikuta mielipiteeseeni tuoteesta vaan arvostelen jokaisen tuotteen rehellisesti lukijoitani kunnioittaen. 

2COP’s picks for V-Day adventures!

13 Feb

Hi there lovebirds, it’s finally time to be cheesy when Valentine’s Day arrives and fills us all with whole lotta love. I know there are some last-minute-shoppers out there so here is something you might get your hands on quite easily, especially if you’re living in UK or anywhere else with a decent lingerie shop. If not, promise to buy your loved-one something really special next time you hit a lingerie boutique and remember to buy at least some flowers! (And not those boring red roses, use your imagination.) And for you, sirens, it’s the last call to buy something a bit more sexy, daring or cute to impress your homeboy. And don’t you go calling me sexist, I’m a feminist but I believe in feeling amazing about yourself and for me that means sexy lingerie.

1. Curvy Kate Romance


The name tells it all! You don’t have to wear hot pink to be appropriately (un)dressed. This is a classy yet sexy set with a lot of different colourways to go for. My pick would probably be the black/purple or the black/red one. With a pair of stockings this will look great! (Psst, I’ll be reviewing this bra soon so stay tuned, gals!)

2. Freya Arabella

ImageNow here’s the pink you’ve all been eagerly waiting for! Just kidding, I’m sure most of you’re not such Barbie girls as me. I have had this one in a black/pink colourway and I’d definitely say it’s affective. I think all the Arabella shades are amazing so give it try! There’s also a cute matching suspender belt to make the set extra sexy. 

3. Bravissimo Darling Heart 

ImageAhh, can’t wait to try this one on! I haven’t tried any of Bravissimo’s own bras yet so it’s time to lose my virginity on that matter (Any tips on sizing, anyone?). This colourway is superduper cute and I might say suprising as well. I have never been a big fan of purple but here it just works. Plus I have never seen such a unique styling, this is a great example of a pattern that could have gone horribly wrong with the all the cute colours and hearts in a same bra. Bravo Bravissimo!

4. Gossard Ooh la la Corselette



Please someone help me, I can’t breath! So now everyone knows where my next paycheck’s gonna go? This amazing corselette is available also in black/blush but I think this one just takes your breath away. I’m so gonna keep my fingers and toes crossed that this one looks great in my size too cause I’ve had bad experiences of DD+ corselettes and basques. They just don’t look the same as in the pictures. (Did you note the models lipstick hue? Just perfect!)

5. Cleo Marcie

ImageLast but not the least, it’s my favourite girl Marcie! For a girl with upper fullness this is probably the best shape you can get. I know it’s not a “OMG, your cleavage is huge!” -bra but the style of Marcie speaks for itself. Plus the ruffle knickers are supercute. AND did I mention the new turquoise shade coming in stores this spring?! And the pink one in autumn?!! Nevertheless, just get your hands on this bra asap whether you’re going to wear it on Valentine’s or not. 

+ Something to wrap your gift in:


This can be something really cheap just to cover yourself up in a sexy way. I once bought a H&M robe for five euros and it has served me well. This is something that can make you feel luxurious without breaking the bank. Just buy an expensive-looking robe and a pair of stockings to match your old lingerie and tadah, you have brought your old set to another level. 

Have a great Valentine’s Day sweethearts and see you soon when my Figleaves order reaches our flat!



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