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Sunday with Samanta – Model A470 “Beryl” in 65J + A DISCOUNT CODE

26 Apr

Is it already the end of April? I may sound like a granny but recently time has flown by so damn quickly. Today I am bringing you the April’s “Sunday with Samanta” feature with a first moulded Samanta bra I have ever tried. When opting for the model, we decided to keep reviewing the more full-coverage models of Samanta, but next month will definitely be something a bit less covering. Today’s Samanta cut is “Beryl” (retailing for 63€) which is designed specifically for a larger bust. Keep reading and don’t forget to check out the discount code at the end! *Disclosure: This set was sent to me by Samanta for review purposes, all opinions as my own*

Design: When picking my next Samanta set, I was determined that at some point, the Beryl would definitely be on my list. Gladly, as the head designer of Samanta suggested the A470 model for my next review, I knew this would be the time to give this lovely combo of ink blue and gold lace a twirl. I am a big fan of both blue and gold since as a combination it whispers royal elegance. I was particularly keen on the lace which is absolutely breath-taking and somehow very European again – something that Samanta is well-known for. When the parcel arrived at my door, I was so happy to see that the design was even more beautiful and elaborate in flesh.

When it comes to the shape, the  A470 covers the breasts almost completely leaving them looking seamless and rounded under regular t-shirts. The A470 Beryl is a gorgeous bra to wear for boudoir purposes, but it’s true value is measured by how practical and gorgeous it is at the same time. If you are looking for the in-your-face kind-of look of the Freya “Deco”, this is not the bra for you but it is a great option to achieve a smooth and natural look to your bust line.

DSC_0018 DSC_0031
Fit: I opted for my regular Samanta size 65J with the A470 and the size seems spot-on again. As someone who has experience of Samanta bras in three different models, it seems that at least within the selection of bras in same cup depth they do run quite consistent along ranges. As the first A925 model I tried was a bit too roomy in 65K, I am really staring to think that my true Samanta size with the deeper models is 65J. This is a rough equivalent to a British 30GG which is my preferred size with deeper British bras as well (I wear a 30H with shallower cuts).

The band of the A470 Beryl is very comfortable yet snug in 65 (UK 30) band and I feel like Samanta has put a lot of effort in the comfort aspect of the underwear. Sometimes brands make their bands of otherwise stretchy materials but then add a rigid trimming to the band edge which takes away a lot off the comfort level of the bra; Samanta however crafts their bras with care to the last finishing touches, so every aspect of the bra fits and feels great. The cups are deep as mentioned before and fit well my full-on-top bust without any bulging, gaping OR folding at the bottom, which has been my problem with moulded padded cups for whole my life. The centre gore doesn’t tack completely (there is about 2 mm space from my sternum) but so far, this hasn’t affected the support or the fit of the bra notably.

DSC_0012 DSC_0025DSC_0003
Thinking about the comfort aspect of the set, I must say Beryl has been so far my favourite set from Samanta. The materials are absolutely lush, as mentioned before, and the lace of the bra and the panties is very soft and stretchy. As opposed to the previous styles Mintaka and Aurora, the materials of Beryl are also ever-so-slightly stretchier and there is no rigidness to the lace which could restrict your movements or feel scratchy against skin. The straps of the bra are also very comfy, 2 cm wide and half-adjustable – which of course affects the wearability of the bra depending on how tall or short-torsoed you are. I am 5’6 with a rather long torso and wearing the straps adjusted half-way, so I would estimate them to be rather accommodating to various torso lengths.

The wires with the A470 model are typical to Samanta – quite an average width so just about perfect for me. If you find other Polish brands’ bras too narrow-wired for your liking, you could definitely wear Samanta rather comfortably, unless you have very wide breast roots and need wires going farther into your armpits.

For the bottoms I opted for the D300 model – the so-called boxers (retailing for 29,70€) – which is a classic more covering style of bottoms. I am not a huge fan of thongs and even Brazilians make a wee bit uncomfy, so this style of bottoms has been my favourite so far from the Samanta bottoms selection. The D300 is super comfortable and the lace comes out gorgeously popping out over the blue base, creating a great co-ordinate to the more subtle bra style.

As we a are slowly but surely growing our Sunday with Samanta feature, I wanted to give you, my dear readers, something special regarding it as well. For this reason, Samanta and I have created a special discount code for anyone wanting to try the A470 model for themselves. The code “METTE” (my first name actually, if you care to know) is valid from today until next week’s Sunday and gives you a great discount of 20% off your A470 bra. If you do decide to use the code, let me know what you ordered and later on, how it fits! I would so love to hear your thoughts about the model and Samanta in general as well 🙂 Also, if you have any questions about the fit or ordering process, let me know – I try to be of help as much I can. Have a lovely time shopping gals and most of all, have a great Sunday 😉

Suomeksi: Moikka kaikille! Kuun viimeinen sunnuntai pyörähti taas käyntiin, eli meillä Kahdessa Kakussa se tarkoittaa Sunday with Samanta -arvostelua 🙂 Tällä kertaa Samanta lähetti meikäläiselle testiin ihanaisen Berylin A470-mallissa, joka on ulkomuodoltaan ja rakenteeltaan peittävä muotoonprässätty t-paitaliivi. A470 jatkaa sarjaamme lähes kokokuppisista liiveistä ja kuten mallit A925 ja A922, se peittää rinnasta n. 90%. Meille suomalaiselle juuri tällainen liivi onkin se mieluisin ja erityisesti malli on aikuisen naisen makuun sopiva. Lisäksi A470 on suunniteltu erityisesti suurille rinnoilla, jotka vaativat syvemmän kupin.

Beryl on kaikinpuolin juuri sitä, mitä niin moni nainen haluaa – sileää kuppia, hillittyä mutta kaunista värimaailmaa ja vain hieman pitsiä piristämään muuten peruskäytössä olevaa liiviä. Itse kaiken maailman pitsihörsylöitä rakastavana en sileäkuppisia liivejä juuri harrasta, mutta Berylissä yhdistyy käytännöllisyys ja kauneus niin upealla tavalla, ettei se jätä esteetikkoakaan kylmäksi. Lisäksi materiaalit ovat Berylissä niin pehmoiset ja joustavat, että se on mukavuudeltaan sopiva käyttöön kuin käyttöön.

Samanta käyttää kokojärjestelmänään EU-kokoja, jonka vuoksi valitsin kookseni perinteisen 65J:n, jota käytän erityisesti syvempien kuppien kanssa. Ympärys 65 on hieman joustavampi kuin useimmilla eurooppalaisilla ja varsinkin puolalaisilla merkeillä, joten jos olet kahden koon väliltä, suosittelen ottamaan sen napakamman vaihtoehdon. Kuppien koko riippuukin sitten niiden tilavuudesta ja varsinkin näissä malleissa, jota olen itse päässyt testaamaan, on kuppi ollut tilavuudeltaan suurehko.

Päällä setti istuu ja tuntuu kaikin puolin mukavalta, ja sen takaavat Samantan huolella tehty suunnittelutyö sekä materiaalien valinta. Muotoonprässätty kuppi antaa rinnalle luonnollisen muodon ja saumattoman lookin t-paitojenkin alla. Myös kaarituet ovat Samantan liiveissä hyvin kohdallaan allekirjoittaneella – ei huolta liian kapeista tai leveistä tuista, vaan ne asettuvat juuri oikeaan kohtaan hieman kainalon etupuolelle. 

Mikäli A470 näyttää ja kuulostaa siltä, että se voisi sopia juuri sinulle, olemme Samantan kanssa sopineet viikon voimassaolevasta alennuskoodista jokaisen Sunday with Samanta- postauksen yhteydessä. Nyt huhtikuun viimeisen viikon aikana on voimassa alennuskoodi “METTE“, jolla saatte A470-mallista mukavat 20% pois hinnasta. Nyt kannattaa siis ostaa omansa pois, sillä Samantan hinnat pyörivät enemmän siellä luksusluokassa! Laadultaan Samanta kuitenkin yltää ehdottomasti kalliimpienkin luksusmerkkien tasolla, jollei ylemmäskin, ja rahoilleen saa taatusti vastinetta, vaikka useampi kymppi rintsikoista voikin aluksi kirpaista. Koodilla esim. Beryl-liiveille jää hintaa vain 50,40 €, mikä ei ole enää ollenkaan paha hinta laadukkaasta liivistä 😉

New Feature on the Blog! – Sunday with Samanta: Aurora A922

29 Mar

I rarely post any ongoing regular features on my blog but since the blogging has really took off since last year, I decided why not to include some bigger projects with my ultimate favourite brands. When we talked about lingerie and blogging with Samanta, a Polish lingerie brand I have introduced to you here (click!) we decided to treat you my readers with a mutual project to showcase ALL of the cuts Samanta offers and to report to you about the fit. I have already written about the different models in a previous blog post but what better way to actually go in-depth with their fit features than to actually test the models out in real life! This brings us to our little venture with Samanta here at 2COP – each month will feature a new model to introduce to you. This blog post series will be called “Sunday with Samanta”. The feature name comes from my two favourite things combined: lingerie and lazy Sundays! I do hope you enjoy this blog post series and if you have any specific fit questions, do leave them in the comment box and I will try to help you with you anything you need.

As the first model I reviewed for Samanta was their A925 – a semi-padded balconette – this time I bring you something both a bit similar and different, that is the non-padded balconette A922. I was sent the Aurora, which is one of my favourite Samanta styles, in a cup size smaller than last time. Here is how I liked the A922 in 65J.

DSC_0010 DSC_0063
The Design: When I first saw the Aurora in its light gray version, I was instantly smitten. Even though the lovely Natalia tried to dig out the bra for me, unfortunately it seemed to be found nowhere and this is why I went for Mintaka with the A925 model (an equally beautiful style I might say!). When the new Claret shade of Aurora finally dropped on Samanta’s online store, I new instantly that this time I had to snatch it up real quick and to my luck, this was the time when we decided on the “Sunday with Samanta” collaboration. When the Aurora popped through my mail box, I knew that wait had been worthwhile! What a beautiful bra with such delicate yet bold lace adorning the cups in addition to the romantic colourway. As a ginger-haired (or is this more like auburn?) gal I knew it would look awesome with my colouring and I was definitely right. I also found a perfect lippie to match the set and voila, we had a winner!

The A922 model is very similar to the A925 which I tried before with Mintaka, only with the exception of being completely non-padded and sheer. The model description says that the cut is meant for larger breasts and is also suitable for someone with a little less firm bust. I myself still have a perky pair of boobies as I am young and haven’t had any kids yet but I can assure you the cut is great either way. The cups cover 90% of my bust but this does not decrease the bra’s sex appeal at all – in fact it’s one of my boyfriend’s favourite styles on me. The shape is quite natural yet very uplifted even with the three-part cup construction which can sometimes lead to the sad droopy look.

The Fit: As we talked about my size with Samanta, we decided to go for a smaller cup size this time as last time the deep cups were leaving me a bit of space at the tip of the apex. This happens to a lot of people if you’re shape is not naturally very deep: for example, Miss Underpinnings wore a cup size down with the deepest Samanta cups when she did a comparison between the different models. I found this to be very consistent with the A925 and A922 models and the 65J seems to be a better size for me with deeper cups. As both of the styles I have tried have been Samanta’s deepest cups, I cannot tell if the 65K will be better for me with their shallower cuts but this will definitely be discussed during this upcoming year and my other “Sunday with Samanta” posts!

I have lost a bit of weight recently which has got me back to my 30″ underbust measurement instead of the previous 31″. This is great as it usually makes opting for a band size a lot easier as I am a true 30-band at the moment and can usually opt for it or 65 band, depending on the sizing system a certain brand is using. Samanta uses a very standard EU sizing system which is quite accurate in my opinion. I am usually a 30GG-H at the moment in UK sizing, and the 65J translates roughly to UK 30GG. With the deeper cups this makes perfect sense and my advice would be to go for your smaller cup size with deep Samanta models if you are between sizes. The band is a very regular 65/30 band but a bit bigger than with most Polish brands. My most common Polish band size is 70 but with Samanta I can easily wear a 65 without any discomfort. This also comes down to preference: I like my bands snug but someone might like a more loose and “comfortable” fit.

DSC_0034  DSC_0030DSC_0077
Comfort: As a model that is meant to be really sturdy and supportive, the A922 does its job really well. This bra can take pretty much any kind of activity (though you probably shouldn’t use it as a sports bra 😉 ) from running for a bus to running errands. Even though the bra band features only two hooks and eyes the wiring and the strong materials make sure it will hold up even a heavier bust. Also the straps are lovely and just wide enough to feel comfy but still look pretty. The straps are  only half-adjustable but luckily they seem to be the right length for most people to still have enough leeway to adjust. My adjusters are a bit below half way so I would say the straps are designed with both taller and more petite women in mind.

The bottoms are this time a size Medium as I found them to run quite small, and the choice was definitely right. I would say to size up a whole bottom size with these as the material doesn’t have really too much give to it! The M300 – a sexy Brazilian cut – looks delish on my butt but anyone with a little more junk in the trunk seriously needs to size up even two sizes to avoid muffin top or any extra bulges! I would say the Aurora M300 fits more like a British size Small so take that into account when opting for your size!

How do you like Aurora? Do you need very deep cups or are you looking forward to hearing about the more shallow ones? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you would like me to review a specific model from Samanta next month, leave your suggestions below. For your own A922 Aurora, you can shop at the Samanta online store and the bra sets you back at 76,30 € and the M300 bottoms at 33€. This makes the set a more luxury option for some of you, but I can guarantee that the quality is right in line with the price tag!

Suomeksi: Blogissani harvoin näkee toistuvia tietyn teeman mukaisia blogipostauksia, mutta kun Samanta ehdotti pidempiaikaista yhteistyötä, olin heti jutussa mukana. Samanta on puolalainen merkki, jonka valikoimista löytyy yli 20 eri liivimallia, jotka sopivat erimuotoisille ja kokoiselle rinnoille riippumatta myöskään rintavarustuksen kiinteydestä tai täyteläisyydestä. Vaikka olen käsitellyt näitä eri malleja lyhyesti aiemminkin, päätimme alkaa tekemään Samantan kanssa yhteistyötä siten, että te rakkaat lukijani saisitte mahdollisimman kattavan kuvan merkin valikoimasta. Tästä lähtien Kaksi Kakkua esitteleekin joka kuukausi yhden Samantan liivimallin, ja tänään meillä on vuorossa A922 eli merkin toppaamaton balconette suurille rinnoille. Liivin itsensä nimi on Aurora, joka on Samantan malliston yksi ylellisimmistä liivimalleista.

Koska viimeksi A925 kohdalla koko tuntui suorastaan liian suurelta ja syvältä mallin ollessa Samantan syvimpiä, päätimme bröndin pääsuunnittelijan Marzenan kanssa, että jospa nyt kokeiltaisiin kokoa 65J, joka siis vastaa UK kokoa 30GG. Tämä oli todellakin oikea ratkaisu ja liivit istuivat ehdottomasti paremmin kuin viimeksi. Malli on kuitenkin edelleen todella syvä ja tarkoitettu erityisen suurille ja täyteläisille rinnoille, mikä puolestaan ei ehkä vastaa ihan omaa rinnan malliani. Omat tissini kun ovat aika keskiverrot kaikin puolin ja hieman vähemmänkin syvä kuppi riittäisi!

Malli A922 on mainio isorintaiselle sen mahtavan tuen ja peittävyyden kannalta. Vaikka olen itse paljastavampien mallien fani, on tällaiset lähes kokokuppiset balconetet paikallaan ihan vain päiville, jolloin menoja on paljon ja aktiivisuus nousee kevyen liikunnan luokkaan. A922:n tukevat kaarituet ja napakat materiaalit takaavat hyvän käyttömukavuuden ja toimivat erityisen hyvin ihan jokapäiväisessä elämässä, vaikka Auroran tyyli huokuukin erityisen ylellistä iltaglamouria. Mikäli mielit Auroraa omaksesi, löytyy malli Samantan omasta nettikaupasta 76,30 € hintaan, jonka päälle alushousut kustantavat 33€. Hinta on siis ehkäpä hieman kalliimpi kuin joidenkin muiden mallien kohdalla mutta laatu on siihen nähden myös kohdallaan! 

Lingerie for a True Pinup – Review of Gossard “Retrolution” in 32G

13 Jan

This is a review that is long overdue and there is actually a rather good reason for it – I have been wearing the set all the freaking time. I am wearing my vintage repro clothing almost everyday so it’s not a surprise that the Gossard “Retrolution” is a perfect match for my style. Gossard was so kind to send me the whole set of the semi-soft balconette bra, brief and the waist cincher. The bra is actually now on sale for £18 so pay close attention to this review to find out whether it would be a good fit for you!

DSC_0013 DSC_0024DSC_0029

The Design: I have actually been drooling over this set for ages. I mean like seriously, when I first saw Miss Underpinnings and Le Curvy Kitten wearing it, I knew this would be my goal – to have my hands on this set one day, when I had the money or a miracle would happen (as I was and still am a poor student). Fast forward a couple of years and I have reached this bra goal and I am so happy I did. The set is all I expected it to be – quality materials, the perfect vintage shape without being too cone-bra-like and beautiful finishing touches like the rose gold metal parts.

I must warn you that this is not the bra for those gals who love the round shape of Cleo bras but perfect for any pinup girl out there who would like to test out the vintage shape without looking too out-there. The shape is a bit cone-y but not too much for my taste. The cups are semi-soft meaning the lower part of the cup is padded and the upper panel is soft. I love a good well-crafted semi soft any day and this is definitely one!

DSC_0012 DSC_0023DSC_0018
The Fit: This is probably one of the best-fitting semi-soft bras I have ever tried. It’s also a first bra with a padded lower half that doesn’t crease. Like, at all. The lower part of the cup is just deep enough for me to fit the bra perfectly. The upper part is a bit more closed at top than my other Gossard bras but it doesn’t lead up to any quad-boob so it’s not a problem at all. The wires hit me at the right point and the cetre core tacks nicely. All in all, this is probably my best-fitting Gossard bra of all times!

When it comes to sizing, this bra is consistent with other Gossard ranges. I opted for my regular size 32G and it feels spot-on. The band feels a little snug for a 32, as always, but there is a great improvement compared to my other Gossard bras – it has three hooks and eyes! The band feels so comfortable and supportive I cannot thank the Gossard team enough for making the band wider. The cups run larger than with other British brands so even if you are more full-on-top I would suggest sizing down. However, if you want to buy this bra, do it now. Gossard will not be carrying this style above E-cup starting from this spring season so if you see your size still available on their website, snatch it up asap!

DSC_0027 DSC_0028DSC_0028
The Comfort: I am impressed by the comfort of Gossard sets over and over again as I try new goodies from them. This is set is a favourite of mine for various reasons: it has a wider band, wider shoulder straps and great quality metal parts. The waist cincher includes suspenders but I have detached them as in the winter time I don’t really have a chance to wear stockings. However, the suspenders seems good quality too and the panties, both of them, are rather comfortable.

As the bra seems like a regular fit and comfort level for Gossard I will tell you more about the co-ordinates. First of all, both the brief and the cincher run a bit smaller than your regular Gossard co-ordinates so I would suggest sizing up if you are between sizes. The size Small I opted for felt a bit on the snug side but is still comfy enough to wear on a regular basis. The waist cincher is gorgeous but a little too short for me so if you have a long torso, keep that in mind. For someone a little more petite, the fit will be a lot better (I am 5’6). However, the waist cincher still does its job and flattens my stomach a bit as I do possess a little cookie pouch no matter how thin I am. The waist rolls down a bit as it’s too short for me so I cannot wear it without a belt to cover the seams on my waist but I usually wear it with my wiggle dresses which I like to wear with a belt anyway. The brief feels tiny at first but there’s still a fair amount of butt coverage so it’s a practical little number after all.

All in all the set is very pretty, well-fitting and comfortable. As I said before, I have been wearing this set a lot lately and with the co-ordinate options you can make it more versatile. If you would like to get Retrolution for yourself, you can find it on Gossard online store. The bra is still available in sizes 30-38 B-G so if there are any E+ sizes left, do consider them as when they’re gone, they really are gone!

How do you like the Retrolution set? Have you encountered any other pinup inspired lingerie sets you like? Let me know in the comments!DSC_0074
: Moikka kaikille! Tänään arvosteluun on päätynyt Gossardin “Retrolution” alusvaatesetti, johon kuuluu puolitopattu balconette-liivi, muotoilevat korkeavyötäröiset alushousut sekä tavalliset hipster-malliset alkkarit. Gossard ystävällisesti lähetti tämän setin minulle mutta mielipiteeni ovat luonnollisesti omiani!

Gossard on jo pitkään ollut lempparimerkkejäni mutta nyt perusmallistosta on löytynyt oikea helmi. Olen jo pitkään kuolannut tätä retroa settiä muiden blogeista ja nyt onneksi sain kokeilla sitä myös itse. Setti on kaiken kaikkiaan upea ja hyvin istuva ja harmikseni sen valmistaminen G-kuppiin asti lopetetaan tänä keväänä. Jos siis nyt löydät kokosi jostain, nakkaappa suorin tein ostoskoriin! Nyt keväällä rintsikoiden valmistamista jatketaan vain E-kuppiin asti. Liivit ovatkin Gossardin sivuilla alennuksessa joten ne saa reilulla parillakymmenellä eurolla omakseen 🙂

Kooltaan Retrolution rintaliivit istuvat samoin kuin muutkin Gossardin rintsikat – hyvä sääntö on siis ottaa isompi ympärys ja pienempi kuppi kuin normaalisti. Itse ostan yleensä kokoa 65H muilta brittiläisiltä merkeiltä mutta Gossardin kanssa 70G riittää hyvin. Retrolution on muutenkin yksi parhaiten istuvimmista seteistäni, sillä sen ympärys on tavallista leveämpi ja kuppien alaosassa on enemmän tilaa rintakudokselle. Kupin alaosaan ei siis muodostu minkäänlaisia ryppyjä vaikka malli on niiltä osin topattu! Yläosa on pehmeää pitsin ja mesh-kankaan yhdistelmää, joka toimii hyvin näin yläpainotteisilla rinnoilla.

Alaosat setistä ovat tosi nättejä mutta mitoitukseltaan hieman normaalia Gossardia pienemmät. Jos arvot kahden koon väliltä, kannattaa ottaa se suurempi vaihtoehto! Lisäksi korkeavyötäröiset muotoilevat alushousut on tarkoitettu melko lyhyelle keskivartalolle, joten tämä kannattaa ottaa ehdottamasti huomioon. 

Kaiken kaikkiaan Retrolution on mahtava alusvaatepilari kaikille retrofaneille ja pinup tytöille. Mitäs sinä tykkäsit? Jätähän alle kommenttia!

Review of Lepel “Iris” full-cup bra in 32FF

16 May

Hiya lovely readers! I have so much to show you and would wanna blurt it out all at once but I have to be patient. In meantime I can reveal that there is still four lingerie reviews to come in the next couple of weeks and a dress review next week. Today I am reviewing a lingerie set that has been in my possession for quite a while. I took part in the Lepel’s #SelfieLove competition with a picture of me and my sister and for my surprise, won one of their sets as a prize. I chose the lovely Iris set first in a size 30G but as it arrived, I noticed the band was way too tight – closing but causing my back to bulge horribly. I changed the size to 32FF and now that I’ve tested it for grand three months, I think it’s time to review it properly.

The Design: Iris is a full-cup style bra which means it covers the breasts fully and the edge of the cup comes quite high up my decollete. I don’t have a lot of experience of full-cups except my old trusty Jasmine bra so it was a nice thing to try though I do love my balconettes. This style is very popular among people who want a more modest look and not too much cleavage. Many women also think it provides the most support since there is a lot more fabric going on than with plunges and balconettes. 

Iris has a three piece cup-construction meaning it gives a very nice lifted shape. I love my Iris for this reason exactly – even though it’s an unpadded bra it gives me a lovely natural shape and great uplift. The materials are also pretty thin which makes it a great bra when you wanna feel less bulky – this is the kinda bra you want to wear on a hot summer day to make you feel less clothed. The pale pink shade is also spot on for summer. It works well as a “nude” bra for me since I am very pale, almost white most of the time (except I have a class reunion tomorrow so now I’m definitely getting me tan on). It works really well under t-shirts and doesn’t show through at all. The lace of the bra is very beautiful and classy which makes it look a bit more romantic than your other everyday bras.

The Fit: Most of my friends love unpadded cups for their fit – they accommodate one’s bust shape nicely and don’t show size differences too drastically. I however have always preferred padded cups as a more secure option, but again, an unpadded bra amazes me with it’s lovely fit. It seems that Lepel fits me pretty much like Gossard – a band size up and a cup size down from what I’m used to wearing. This means good news for everyone who needs a GG-cup or a 28 band even though the brand is not offering them. I would gladly recommend to try Lepel out if you fit in their size range. The company has a long history of making bras and they produce fashionable yet well-fitting styles that are reasonably priced as well.

The band is not too stretchy, as said I needed a bigger size of it than with eg Panache and Curvy Kate. It features two hooks and eyes but feels still very supportive. The cups are very stretchy meaning they can easily accommodate size fluctuations. I would definitely recommend this bra especially to women whose breast size changes due to their monthly cycle. The cups are quite big all over so I would also recommend sizing down, at least one cup size. I believe that if I would go up a cup size, this bra would still be nice to me and fit well. The straps are quite long and I have to almost fully adjusted them, so this might be a problem to someone more petite. However, they are fully adjustable so it should not cause too much trouble with women of average height (I’m 5″6).

Comfort: Now, pay attention. First this bra was not the best for its comfort. But don’t make hasty conclusions! After only a couple of wears it softened a great deal and the center gore became a lot more flexible. First the center and the wires felt really stiff and almost a little painful but after wearing the bra and washing it, it now feels really comfortable and is one of my everyday bras for its great shape and comfort. The wires are an average width meaning it’s a great fit but also quite comfy. The wires aren’t poking me anyway and definitely sit on a right spot to encase all my breast tissue. Also the materials feel very soft against my skin and don’t cause any irritation.

I was sent the short-style panties that belong to the set and I quite like them as well. If I could say something that Lepel could improve, would be the rise of the panties – it’s quite high so for me so it’s not the most flattering style. If however you have a bit more booty (I have none) this might be just the right style for you. Say, if you hate Cleo panties, these are right up your street! I got mine in a size 10 which is pretty true-to-size so a bit roomy for me as I would need something between 8 and 10.

All in all Iris has worked lovely for me as a “skin tone” shade bra and I will most definitely get even more wear out of it when the summer finally comes (18 C tomorrow, think about that!). The size range is 30-38 A-G (panties 8-18) and the price for it is about £24 for the bra and the £13 for the panties – an absolute bargain I say! You can it at Figleaves, Brastop and Mio Destino.

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