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When the Washing Machine is a No-Go – Introducing Soak Wash

18 May

Let’s face it – no one really like washing their underwear by hand. My bff and guest blogger Jo has always convinced me she washes her bras by hand but with every other people – I call it bullshit! We have all been there, the underwear piling up and the annoyance of getting your hands dirty (or should I say wet?) with something as inconvenient as hand washing your bras. Ain’t nobody got time for that! On the other hand, you can’t wash your bras in a washing machine as if and when it kills the underwires and elastane, there is no taking back that bra to the lingerie store. It is your own damn fault and to be honest, it sucks. Enter: Soak Wash. A delicates wash that is so easy, it is almost ridiculous.

I think I first heard about Soak through another blog – not sure which one but I was a like “meh” because I did not get a proper picture of the whole product. To be frank, I really think you should try Soak for yourself to understand its value to your everyday life; how easy something so initially time-swallowing can become with the right tools. Anyways, months after reading that blog post a lovely man named Stephen gave me a few samples of Soak at Moda Exhibition and I was intrigued to make the chore of washing my lingerie a bit easier – I did not expect much from the product but it did surprise me quite a bit when I first used it.

The Soak wash works in such a way that you put a tea spoon worth of the liquid into a sink full of water. Add the lingerie or other delicates (silk and wool are perfectly fine as well!) you might have and soak them in the water for fifteen minutes. After this you can only drain the water, squeeze your garments a bit to shed the excess water and there you go – your underwear has been washed. The Soak wash transfers the dirt from your garments to the water and separates it from the clothes themselves. It also leaves no marks or traces of chemicals in your garments and this way suits everyone even with a sensitive skin.

Soak was kind enough to send me and Jo some samples of their products to try and we were happy to incline – who doesn’t want to make their everyday chores easier? We were sent a few travel samples which come in 5 ml packages which are suitable for one time use eg. when you are on a holiday and also full bottle of 375 ml Soak Washes in different scents. Soak comes in various scents from which you can pick your own favourite – I went for the Fig for myself as I had the privilege of testing out all the Mini Soaks in different scents and the clean and fresh smell of Fig just appealed to me above the others. I also picked the Scentless for Jo as she is pretty scent sensitive. I was so happy the Soak Gossip Girl Dani had included some mini Soaks for us as well as this was a way for Jo test them all out and see if the scents were too strong for her!

DSC_0012 DSC_0025
We have now used our Soaks for quite a bit and as we discussed them more elaborately today, we came to the conclusion that there is really nothing bad to say about them. First and foremost – the scents smell more like mild perfumes than actual washing liquids. This makes them very pleasing when actually washing the garments as they don’t really leave a scent on the garment after the wash (maybe a tiny bit but you’d have to take a very hard and good smell on them). Also it doesn’t leave a scratchy or a chemical-like feeling to the fabric even though the wash does NOT require any rinsing whatsoever. This still baffles me a bit but I am not complaining! On the contrary, it leaves the garments feeling quite soft and fresh – almost like after you have used a fabric softener. The scent is though quite a bit milder so it suits many people who are allergic to strong scents and can’t really use softeners. The only scent we didn’t really like was the Yuzu which was definitely the strongest of the scents and smelled like something sweet and tropical (the description says eucalyptus + citrus but I smell something else as well, not sure what).

The other scents called Fig, Lacey and Celebration are scents I would vouch for though and I can see each having a bit of a different demographic. The Fig is a scent for someone who likes the smell of green grass and summer rain, Lacey for someone with a more romantic & sultry side and the Celebration for someone girly & flirtatious. Each of them smell yummy though so why not pick a couple to test out!

All in all, Soak wash has been something that will probably stay with me for life – it’s like toilet paper but much better! The easiness and the lovely scents just makes the product all more approachable and I truly recommend it to anyone, even with skin or scent allergies as I must say it hasn’t irritated my skin at all. Also, if you are super careful about these things, the Scentless is always an option for you to try as it truly does not smell like any washing liquid you have ever tried. Also it works as well as any other washing liquid or even better – I have even removed some blood stains from my silks with it (don’t ask, I am a horrible scratcher by night).

If you would wish to purchase your very own Soak, my American and Canadian readers are getting lucky! You can purchase all the Soak products directly from their website and the big bottle which lasts up to 75 washes retails for 16 CAD – definitely worth the price! If you are from Europe for example, you can contact Soak via email and they are happy to handle your purchase that way.

How do you wash your lingerie? Would you be willing to try Soak and if you have, how do you like it? Let me know in the comments! xx

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