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Lingerie Review: Freya “Fancies” Bralette

11 Jan

How are all my lingerie enthusiasts doing? I started my new year with a mild flu and I am already dying of boredom – I want to go out and do stuff like hit the gym and go to burlesque practices! Now that I am staying inside for a while, I might just blog. I am actually quite excited for year 2018 when it comes to basically… everything! That means blogging as well. I am just a bit afraid that people are not interested in my blog anymore – I do hope there are some of you left there! At least most my subscribers are patiently waiting for my posts as I don’t think many have unsubscribed yet. Thank you a thousand times for that!

Today I am bringing you some new year loungewear/ bralette action. We all know the hot potato in the full-bust world has been the praised bralette trend that most of us cannot really take part in – bralettes are traditionally geared towards more small-busted people and thus the breezy light undergarments are something we don’t really have access to. However, over the past year or so a few brands have come up with bralettes that actually work for more full-busted women as well! The first bralette I got to try was the Freya “Fancies” collection bralette. Cha at Large Cup Lingerie heard about my interest to try a good full-bust bralette and offered to send me a couple to try. I was super excited and here are the results…

DSC_0125DSC_0100The Design: The Freya “Fancies” bralette comes in many different colourways, the newest one being the adorable Orchid colour which is very vibrant in flesh. I got to try the red and turquoise bralettes in sizes Small and Medium and kept the red Medium one for myself in the end. The Small turquoise bralette is with my friend Eeva and she thoroughly enjoys it as a UK size 30F/32E in regular bras. The Fancies bralette is available both in brights and in neutrals, so if you like a more toned-down shade such as black or navy, Large Cup Lingerie and Freya have you covered.

The bralette comes in regular dress sizes XS-XL and is supposed to fit a plethora of cup sizes. The bralette is a pull-over style which means it is not fastened at the back – this can be a tricky design decision for us small-band-big-cup needing women, but the materials are quite stretchy and thus the pull-over feature is not too bothersome. The bralette is made out of firm lined mesh and stretchier lace and the straps are pretty similar to a regular bra, just narrower than regular Freya bras would have in big cup sizes. The straps are fully-adjustable which means the style will suit both shorter and taller women alike.

The look of the bralette is quite simple but I like the simplicity with the fun colourways. I would love to see some prints, and different types and colours of laces though! Compared to other full-bust bralettes, I think the Fancies bralette is actually rather sexy which is always an upside for me.

The Fit: I wear bras in a range of 30-32 GG-HH at the moment so I have a big bust and still quite a small band size. I know a friend of mine who wears 2-3 bigger cup sizes than me and she wears a Large in the bralette, so I pretty much knew the Medium would fit me. However, Cha was so kind to send me both Small and Medium so I could compare them to each other.

The size Small was pretty good in the band (not tight whatsoever) but the “cups” were at least a couple of sizes too small. I would say the size Small bralette would best fit someone with a 30-32 band and cup sizes DD-FF, maybe G. The Medium is a bit of a reach with my usually 32GG bust, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a bigger bust than mine. If I could put together size Small’s band section and size Large’s cup section, that would probably be the ideal fit for me. However, the Medium is definitely not bad and I literally wear the heck out of this thing almost everyday (I need more of these…)!

I would like to remind everyone that this is a bralette, NOT a bra that lifts and supports your throughout a long day at work. My breasts are rather self-supporting, so I don’t feel like I need more support when lounging around at home. However, if your breasts are soft and bigger than mine, I wouldn’t expect too much of this bralette – it truly is only something to keep the boob sweat at a bay and make you a bit more comfortable at home than your average bra.

Comfort: Yes, it is the most comfortable thing I have put on my boobs in a while! Of course – it is a rather well-fitting full-bust appropriate bralette after all. The materials are fine on my skin but if I was completely honest, I would rather have a cotton lining inside the bra than the same mesh as on the outside. I think the mesh has been an aesthetic choice mostly, as it gives the bralette a more sheer sexy look to it.

The Fancies bralette is very stretchy and I like the slightly taller band that lies nicely on the ribcage rather than distributing the weight of my chest only directly under my bust. I have protruding ribcage which means my upper ribs stick out a bit more than usual, so I love the stretchy lace longline that works well with both bones sticking out and bloating that comes with the unfortunate IBS I suspect having.

All in all, I am super pleased with the Freya Fancies bralette and am planning to get a few more in the future, so this one won’t be in the wash all the time 😉 Head over to Large Cup Lingerie and check out their impressive selection of colours! The bralette costs a very affordable £20 and you can also buy a pair of matching panties from the Freya Fancies collection for the price of £14.

My 2nd Blogiversary: Large Cup Lingerie Giveaway

9 Feb


Large Cup Lingerie is one of the first companies I ever worked with when I started blogging two years ago. I reviewed the beautiful set pictured above, the Fraulein Annie “Falling in Love”. This online store is guaranteed to offer the best lingerie basics and most attractive prices plus a free worldwide shipping! LCL is offering 2COP readers a chance to win a £50 gift voucher to be spent in their online shop so you can choose something that really tickles your fancy 😉 LCL offers bras up to K-cup and the prize is subject to availability.

To enter the giveaway, just follow the link below and the instructions on Rafflecopter. The only mandatory task to enter is commenting on this blog post by answering the question I have set up on the Rafflecopter widget. Other tasks will gain you more entries and increase your chance of winning 😉


When it comes to the rules of the raffle, all of our giveaways will run until 22nd of February 2015, 12 am (GMT). The winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter and announced on my blog soon after the raffle closes. If a winner fails to claim their prize within a week’s time of announcement, there will be another winner drawn. Now, get entering and good luck! xx

Blogiversary giveaway – a £50 voucher for Large Cup Lingerie!

13 Feb


On the third day of my blogiversary I have arranged you my dear readers a chance to win a voucher for the lovely Large Cup Lingerie, a lingerie online store specializing in large cups and a wide range of styles and brands. If I could give one store a golden star for their customer service it would definitely be LCL; always helpful towards bloggers and customers alike. Large Cup Lingerie has offered a £50 voucher for one lucky reader so this time you will have a range of lingerie options to choose from. Also this wonderful online store offers free worldwide delivery which is a great plus when ordering overseas!


LCL has in stock some of my favourite styles and brands of all time, including the Parfait “Charlotte” which is one of my bra success stories. To get yourself eg. your very own Charlotte follow the instructions below.

To enter the competition, there is four ways to gain an entry. The compulsory one is to leave a comment telling me what would you get with your gift card? You can also subscribe to me by e-mail to gain another entry. Also you can follow Two Cakes On a Plate on Facebook andTwitter to gain an entry. If you decide to do either or both just include your Facebook profile URL and/or Twitter account name in comment. Remember to fill the e-mail field in the comment form so that I can contact you in case of winning. 

This giveaway is available internationally and will be open for entries until Sunday 23rd of February 11:59 pm GMT. Winners will be contacted the following week by email.

Good luck and get entering! xx

What I wore for Christmas – The review of Parfait “Charlotte” in 30G

25 Dec

As many of you my readers know I have an slight obsession over everything pin-up and vintage-y – especially lingerie with a good retro vibe. Well, I was over the moon when Large Cup Lingerie offered to send me a set of lingerie for my b-day and I decided to opt for the Parfait Charlotte set I’ve been drooling over for months. I decided to go for the new Wild Pink colour since it is such a vibrant shade and very suitable for any occasion (also I gave my bf a chance to pick a favourite which I agreed on). Charlotte has already become one of my favourite sets to wear so today I’m gonna review it for you! Enjoy xx


Design: Divine! Charlotte is a padded bra with three-seam cup construction. This gives my boobs a great rounded shape which makes it an easy everyday choice to wear under clothes. Due to the padding this bra gives me a bit of oomph to my boobs and makes them seem almost a little bigger than they actually are. This feature is not something I look for in every bra I buy but it doesn’t bother me at all with this bra – quite the contrary. Also the cleavage is pretty awesome even though the style of this bra is something between balconette and plunge.

Looks-wise Charlotte is a darling indeed. It has great colour options which made me weigh in my options for quite a while. The bold black trimmings are great to give the design a little rougher edge and contrast. This set is also famous for it’s quite unique fabric choices – the set features both matte and shiny materials.


Fit: I have seen my fellow bloggers encountering some fit issues with Charlotte but to me it’s one of my best-fitting bras. The wires are quite wide but not disturbingly so and I find them almost the right length for me.

The cups of this bra run a little small I’d say. I’d say these are something between FF and G but fit me just fine. As many of you know I have slight size difference when it comes to my breasts and this is why I feel like my left breast is trying to escape the cup just a little without anycausing spillage though. I’d say my other boob would actually almost need size GG. This can be also due to cup depth; Charlotte is quite shallow when it comes to cups. The band on the other hand is very true to size and has three rows of hooks and eyes which gives me extra support for my ever-growing boobies.

The straps are the minor fault of this bra since they are too wide-set for most of the bloggers that have tried this bra. I found them quite ok but would say that a girl with narrower shoulders could have a problem with them.  Also the cup height has been a problem often reported with Charlotte (cups come too high up in the armpit) but I will discuss that in the comfort section.


Comfort: With time I have become more and more aware of how important comfort is when it comes to bras and lingerie in general. Comfort is actually one of the things that can make or break a bra and with Charlotte it really gives the lingerie set it’s best advantage. Besides great looks Charlotte is one of those sets I wear on a daily basis since it’s made of great materials and eg has less rigid wires than Parfait’s Danielle.

If I had to point out one thing that gives this set a slight minus it would be the cup height. Even though I prefer cups that come up quite high in my armpit (to cover all my breast tissue) these cups feel a little too high even for me. In some positions or as I make certain moves with my upper body the cups pinch me a little in the armpit which certainly needs to be considered as a minor flaw that Parfait could probably easily fix for next season.

Panties: This time I went for the bikini bottoms since I wanted to try if they flattered me better than those high-rise panties. I opted for a size Small which seems to run a bit large so I probably could have gone down to size XS (but there would have been a little muffin-top going on so I’m still better off with the Small). These panties are super cute and comfy and I might say very flattering on my boyish hips. I found them much more suitable for me than the high-rise knickers of Danielle.

You can find Parfait’s Charlotte on Large Cup Lingerie with an impressive size range of 28-40 E-K. If LCL doesn’t have your size in stock just contact them and I’m sure they can figure something out for you. Again, I have to mention that this online store has the most wonderful customer service and besides that they offer free international delivery.

Have you tried Parfait’s Charlotte yet? If so, did you like it and which one is your favourite colourway? Let me know in the comments! Also I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, hope you have a good time! 🙂

Disclosure: This set was generously gifted to me by Large Cup Lingerie. All opinions are my own.

Review Time: Falling in Love with Fräulein Annie

16 Sep

Hiiii! A bit too excited?? Um, yap but it’s all for a good reason. I have been so eagerly waiting for to give you some review time lately and now it’s finally happening!

Recently I was a given a chance to try out some lovely Fräulein Annie lingerie from Large Cup Lingerie and now that the whole set has arrived (I had bit of gamble with the sizing and styles) I’ll proudly present to you: “Falling In Love” set.

As some of you may remember Fräulein Annie has been on my wishlist for some time now. Frauke, the designer and founder of FA, has an unique vision of lingerie design and I love how she combines unexpected colour combos to classic and feminine, yet sexy styles. For me at least it sometimes feels there is not much “sexy” going on in the full bust lingerie world and this is why Fräulein Annie strikes a chord with me; it provides something breathtakingly beautiful without forgetting the impeccable fit and comfort. If you want to read more about the brand and the lovely lady behind it CLICK HERE. Onto the review…


Design: This style screams 50’s vintage romance yet is completely wearable even as an everyday set (minus the suspender belt, perhaps). The colours are very much “nude”-like (I know some of you hate that word… but it’s there now!) with their almond/cinnamon shades and combine perfectly together. What I personally loved most about this set’s looks is the beautiful lace on the bra and the knickers. All the materials feel extremely luxurious and the whole set is clearly made out good quality fabrics.

There is basically nothing I wouldn’t like about the design; even the interior parts of the bra (read: cups) are crafted beautifully. What I also like about the cups is how the vertical seams are left shown and accentuated; a feature I am a sucker for.

Shape-wise this bra gives me quite a rounded shape with a hint of natural curve. It does not give me drastic forward-projection or cleavage but for a sexy piece like this one, it’s not really necessary. The lift however is just right for me; not up my neck but not droopy-looking “sad boobs” effect either.


Fit: When I first put this bra on I was like “Aaah.” A big deep sigh and then a scream of joy as I had been suffering from bras that had started to rebel against my upper-fullness a short while ago. Plus I had gained a cup size so this was a heaven after a few weeks of squishing myself into 30F’s. I opted for size 30FF (I’m now hovering between 30FF-30G) and the size was spot on. The stretch lace makes this bra a good choice for many women and for me it was a saviour for my bigger boob. I can notice some slight looseness under the lace on the side but it’s not visible under clothing and does not bother me. So I would actually say this bra runs a tad big in the cups! A good feature on a bra that goes only up to G cup (size expansion, plz? I know there are FA fans out there how are past the G cup).

The band on the other hand was on the smaller side of a 30. I have a 29″ ribcage which meant it was just right for me but someone between 30 and 32 might want to size up for comfort reasons. When it comes to straps some really petite girls might get disappointed: they’re only half-adjustable (it’s a look thing, I suppose). To me this wasn’t a problem though and I didn’t even have to adjust them a lot like with my Tutti Rouge bras for example.

The knickers felt quite true to size for me and I opted for size 8. They sit beautifully on my recently curved butt (yeah, I’ve been working out lately! …aaand eating some chocolate) and don’t dig in at all. The suspender belt on the other hand felt to be a bit on the smaller side: make sure to ask sizing advice from Frauke herself if you’re unsure which size to go for. I chose randomly a size S since it’s the most common dress size I wear but felt it to be a bit unflattering for my waist. BUT that’s due to that chocolate, can’t help but to hit the gym today. So I think in the end of the month I’ll have to re-evaluate the fit of the suspender belt, keep checking for that! 😉 It just feels a bit unfair to review it properly at this point. Looks-wise though, it’s an amazing piece of lingerie and I sooo want it to fit me better some time soon! (Zumba, anyone?)


Comfort: Absolutely. Stellar. No other words would be needed but I will tell you why. First of all, this beauty has amazing cotton-lined cups that prevent my skin from irritation. And second of all, it does not have any itchy lace in inconvenient places, on the contrary, the lace is divinely soft and comfortable.

What gives a huge plus to this is set is they the knickers are made to feel and look. I personally have just started to think about how panties can affect my comfort level during the day and I tell you sistas, there’s a lot to consider. I could wear pretty much anything before I started to do squats but now that I have a real arse, it’s getting more complicated. These panties just do the trick for me: they hit just the right spot on my front AND my back. There is also this wonderful stretch lace where my hips meet the panties and it’s saving me from a lot of booty bulge.

All in all this set is made for a Woman with a big W and I can’t help but to feel like one while wearing it. It’s definitely a welcomed addition to my lingerie wardrobe and I am even considering to snatch up some more Fräulein Annie goods in the future. (Bye Bye, Mein Herr, your mine when I have the money to buy you). I want to thank Frauke for making such lovely lingerie and of course, Large Cup Lingerie for being amazing with me and other bloggers as well!

Til tomorrow and I wanna warn you already; it’s RANT TIME. Cause I’m furious (well maybe not that much, just a bit bummed).

Disclosure: These items were send to me for review purposes. All opinions, good or bad, are my own and remain to be so.

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