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Rant time – Dressing big boobs

2 Apr

Today I want to talk about something that has bothered me recently even more than previously and I can’t hold it in – after all I have a wonderful media for this kind of rants. I wanna talk about dressing big boobs and how difficult it is when they cross the G-barrier. I have always been aware that I can’t really try all the trends and all the fashionable shapes since I own a pair of D+ boobs. I have been told by my mom that “Sorry hun, those just will not fit into a size XS anymore” which is honest but brutal to hear when you are a rather slim 14-year-old. Not the thing you wanna hear when shopping for clothes, rather desperately I might add.

My boobs grew when I was about eleven and I started wearing my 32A on 5th grade (should have probably worn a 28C). I was the first one in my class and when I look back now it was pretty devastating to hear from other kids “You’re fat!” just because you start to develop a womanly figure while being so young. I sucked it up and handled it the way 11-year-olds do – shut my mouth and developed an eating disorder. Not a way to go, I assure you.

When my boobs got even bigger I couldn’t really do the box-y shirt thing like others my age. I still did and wanted to do it so badly that I ended up reminding a massive box walking on two sticks. Not an attractive look but I wanted to convince myself I was just like other girls, just a bit curvier. I also wore shirts that were pulled quite high by my boobs and again was teased by other kids cause they could see a tiny slice of my belly. I personally didn’t care that much but for others it was apparently a big deal.

There are definitely some complaints I’d like to make about dressing boobs in a world we live now: one of them is that you end up looking heavier than you actually are by wearing the kind of baggy sweaters and t-shirts fashion world just loves to death. I bought a lovely thick box-shaped sweater from Urban Outfitters a couple of months ago and I must say, as nice as it might look on someone else it’s not the most flattering look on me. I hate how I end up looking way heavier than I am and it is the kind of clothing that was one of the reasons for my anorexia back in the days. When dressing up in baggy shirts you will only see how big you look in them and feel a bit frumpy about your looks. But what can you do, fashion is fashion and you can’t really affect the clothing manufacturers. 

The common “sin” when wearing regular clothes on big boobs is the amount of attention your form-fitting “too sexy” clothing attracts. However this kind of sexy clothing is usually something that would look just cute or pretty on someone with a smaller bust, and you are making it look inappropriate just by the curves God gave you. Makes me super mad and even though I find my figure-hugging dresses lovely and flattering I have had comments about them looking way too sexy and uncomfortably tight. Well, let me tell you something my friend, they might look uncomfortable to you but do you know how uncomfortable it makes me that you are looking at it that way even though I just wanted to look NICE, for once. It seems like people feel like they are entitled to comment on someone’s clothing even with sporting a whole other bodytype which might be ten times less hard to dress “appropriately”. 

When this kind of talk about my clothes arises, especially while wearing something form-fitting yet otherwise totally modest, you can only imagine the looks of contempt when I have a full-on cleavage going on. I personally enjoy my cleavage and I think it looks good but there are definitely times when people actually stop and stare it like it’s some kind of exhibition object. It’s not but I don’t mind the stares unless you are going to say something inappropriate or judging. Cause judging is the worst you can do to someone who can’t choose their boobs and happen to have a cleavage when the dress is a bit too tight over her boobs or the cut of the neckline is low. My sister goes out wearing a tank top and my mom says nothing. I wear a tank top when seeing my mom and she literally tries to yank the neckline up just to notice it sliding down after a few seconds. This is my life and I require some respect and sympathy as well, even though my cleavage might be offending you.

So here’s a piece of advise for you who feel entitled for your comments about my or my busty friends’ clothing choices – try to dig your head out of your ass and put yourself in our shoes. It is hard enough to learn to like your curves and dress them nicely, we don’t need anyone to make it even harder. 

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