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Avocado Bra Review: Calypso in the new NF-cut!

22 Jun

As regular readers of my blog know, Avocado has been a very near and dear brand to me for some time now. I have reviewed several of their bras now and as the time has flown, it is now time to open the final Pandora’s box and stick my claws into the H-cut, which has been requested to be reviewed for a long time since we all got to know Avocado about a year ago. I was always intrigued by this style as you know, the grass is greener on the other side and I had not had the chance to try it on yet.  However, it turned out Calypso is no longer available in the old H-cut which lead Avocado to send me its new improved version, the NF-shape. Here’s how I liked their revised fit! *This bra was gifted to me by Avocado. This however, does not affect my opinions or thoughts on it in anyway.*

DSC_0113 DSC_0126
The Design: The NF-cut (with the lower part of the cup attaching to the straps) is something Avocado calls their more “natural” pointed shape and it is fairly obvious when putting on the bra for the first time. Before I started to wear the pinup and vintage-style clothes regularly on a day to day basis, the pointed shape was definitely not my cup of tea but something I tried to avoid like plague. However, as the women in 40’sand 50’s did wear a lot pointier bras than women today, I have come to embrace the shape and wear it with my more authentic looking vintage repro pieces (as I don’t own any genuine vintage yet). The NF-cut is perhaps not something I would like under all my clothes, but it does have a place in my bradrobe for those full-on pinup days.

The Calypso style was something that definitely caught my eye when I first came across it on Facebook. I just knew I had to have it! Fortunately, the ladies at Avocado had noticed my admiration and were so kind to send me the gorgeous green little number. Although green is not one of my favourite colours in any way, I do love a good emerald or jade green. I actually have a trench coat in the same colour as well (great combo for some flashing, huh? JK!)! Also the accent colour of taupe is very chic, however the combo makes it very hard to match this set with anything else than the actual bottoms created for the set. As a matching set kinda gal it does not make this the most practical bra but it sure is pretty, to say the least!

The Fit: As the NF-cut is supposedly a much deeper cut than the A and K which I had tried before, I decided to stick with my regular size 70H. This was the right choice even though I am bulging over my 70H in A- and K-cuts. As a conclusion, I would advise to size down with the NF-cut, especially if you are between sizes! The band fits about the same as every other Avocado band I have tried, even though I am now contemplating on trying the 65 sometime in the future. I think might be between 65 and 70 as the bands stretch quite a bit after a few wears so it would be good to know if I could manage to close the 65 and then stretch it to be more comfortable.

The wires are again perfect with the Calypso and in addition to Kris Line and Ewa Bien, they are the best the Polish brands can offer me. Take note, everyone who don’t cope with the narrower wires of EM and Comexim, this is the brand for you! The cups are nice and deep but also pretty closed at the top. This however, is no problem to be even though my boobs are more full-on-top – the cups are pretty full-coverage meaning the edge of the cup doesn’t cut into my breast tissue.

Comfort: I sometimes have problems with a non-tacking gores and even though some bra fitters claims it’s not the most important fit factor, I do like my gores tacking even moderately as it makes the bra feel a bit more sturdy and shows how well the cup depth fits me. Well, this sucker definitely tacks to my sternum! The downside? It can me a be stabbing at first to be honest. However, usually people who report their gores stabbing them have not tried to bend the gore, which is sometimes essential when breaking in the bra. I had the same thing with Tutti Rouge “Nichole” and the issue was easily fixed with some bending, wearing and washing.The same thing applies with Calypso – just be patient.

Another thing that bothered me a bit was the far-apart straps which did chafe my armpit a bit. To be honest, I haven’t had this problem with any of the other Avocado bras I have received so it might be just a small downside to this particular cut. Otherwise, the materials, straps and band are super comfortable as always and I am especially happy about how wide and comfy the bra band is with all Avocado styles.

If you are interested to snatch up the Calypso in the new NF-cut (Natural Firm) for 72,15€, you can do so at the Avocado online store.

Have you tried the NF-cut yet and how did you like it? Let me know in the comments! xx

EDIT: As we had a slight communication problem with Avocado, this style was indeed the new NF-cut instead of the H. As I only got this info now, I have changed the review a bit to avoid any confusion!

Luxury Loungewear Review: Introducing Andrés Intimates

8 Jun

As you my dear readers know, I am all for luxurious fabrics and girly underwear – whether it was a new lacy bra, a pair of well-crafted knickers or a piece of beautiful loungewear. This is why I was so smitten when Andrés Intimates reached out to me and asked if I would like to review some pieces from their current collection. I did some research on the brand and knew immediately this was something I was going to love; the pieces were something my grandma would have worn in the 40’s and as I am vintage-kinda girl, my answer to their request was “Hell yes!” I told the brand representative Dan what my preferences were colour- and style-wise and he was happy to send me their iconic X-back chemise and a matching circle kimono to fulfill my luxury dreams. Here’s how I liked the combo!

When I first unwrapped the parcel and had my first touch with the garments I was absolutely blown-away – this was one of my first touches to genuine silk underwear and I had already started to feel there was no going back now. I knew the quality and the feel of the garments was indeed going to be premium to say the very least but as the I slipped into the chemise I let a small “Ah” out of my mouth as the materials were heavenly against my sore skin (I am having one of those worse months with my skin right now…). I had already had the chance to try some silks a couple of weeks back at my bra fitter training so I knew what the benefits of silk were to my skin – it calms it when everything else makes it feel like on fire. Trust me, I have not tried anything more practical and relieving when it comes to materials on an irritated skin!

Styling-wise, I was so happy to see Dan had picked something I really loved as his choice of colours: I asked him to surprise me and he definitely did that with this combination of radiant coral red + peachy rose pink. As I had picked out the pink circle kimono as one of my favourites, Andrés Intimates was happy to dye the tulip lace of the chemise with the same colour to offer me a matching set. How thoughtful is that! The whole set was so “me” and I cannot thank Dan and his coworkers enough for the spot-on colour choices.

DSC_0317 DSC_0308DSC_0371
What really makes Andrés stand out from other loungewear brands I have tried, is their craftsmanship and attention to details. All of their garments are created made-to-order in San Francisco which makes it a local business instead of something that is flown from China to lower the costs. The prices consist of a lot of love, attention, care and commitment put into the garments as well as the local production costs and the superb materials. These prices have no extra air in them whatsoever!

In addition to lovely soft materials and the killer colour combo, I really fell in love with how comfy the garments are on. To be honest, I was bit shocked at first to receive a size Large chemise (the circle kimono is one-size) but as I discussed the matter with Dan, turned out he had discussed my bust size with a few of their retailers and decided he wanted to put my comfort first as I am a full-busted lady. Even though I usually wear a size Small and sometimes a Medium, I do suggest that especially full-busted gals sized up with the chemise! If you prefer a snugger fit or are less-endowed in the boob area, you could get away with your regular size but I do think the sizes are still on the smaller side. However, the Large was a bit loose on me and as I gave more thought to it, it was a right decision on the behalf of Dan to send me the L as loungewear is supposed to be as comfy and care-free as possible.

DSC_0321 DSC_0338
When it comes to covering your fuller bust, Andrés does have your back (see what I did there?) with the X-back design and some adjustable straps. I found myself loving the more loose and lower fit at the front but if you feel like your bust is slipping out and it bothers you (to be honest, I don’t really care when I am at home), you can easily adjust the straps to pull the chemise up a bit at the front. In my opinion the ensemble looks the most flattering when “hanging”  a bit lower but this is always down to personal preference.

All in all I am very impressed with the Andrés Intimates and the way they have renewed their brand to provide classic lounge- and sleepwear options to the modern woman. If you would be interested to treat yourself or have someone treat you (ahem, boyfriends and girlfriends pay attention!) I would recommend Andrés as a good option for something a little more special. If interested, you can use the code 2CAKES25 to claim 25% off your first order. Their classic 32″ chemise retails for a $158 and the circle kimono for $170. Also, if you want a second opinion before your purchase, do check out Becky’s and Afilal’s reviews on Andrés Intimates!

Do you own any luxury lingerie or loungewear? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 xx PS. Huge thanks to Jo for taking the pics – they turned out really well, right?

Getting to know Avocado – Review of “Caprice” and “Annick In Love” in 70H

12 Jun

Hello everyone! You have NO IDEA how I’ve been struggling with my internet the past week. Today I got so sick of it that in my desperation I handed the whole thing to my boyfriend and somehow, magically he solved it all. Apparently, my Java needed an update. What a stupid blogger I am… Well, to the point. The reason I wanted to blog so much was that I have been owning a couple of wonderful bras from a Polish luxury brand Avocado and I wanted to review them as soon as possible after proper testing.

I became familiar with Avocado while reading Miss Underpinnings and she has a pretty amazing guide to the brand as well. I got a chance to try some of Avocado’s styles and was so excited since it was my first Polish brand to try. Today I’m introducing you to couple of their styles – the classic best-seller Caprice and their more fashion-forward style Annick In Love. 
When I first saw Caprice I thought what a pretty shade of beige it is. It’s not even beige really, more like a golden hue that has a lovely sheen to it. I am not too much into “nude” bras since I don’t wear much white and they don’t really complement my skin or natural colouring that well. This golden hue however is great for my skin tone, if not a bit too tanned. For this reason it’s a great shade for summer when my skin gets a bit darker. The lace is very luxurious and beautiful and for a beige bra, the design is quite gorgeous.

The shape that this bra gives me is quite natural, not too rounded or pointy but a lovely curved uplifted one. Polish bras are very well-known for their great uplift which makes them an awesome choice for big breasted women who need a bit of extra lift. Caprice is quite full-coverage and is constructed as A-shape (see Miss Underpinnings for the shape guide!). I like that Avocado has made the upper panel of the cup of sheer mesh since it gives it a bit more young look even though the cups come up quite high.

I asked for advice with sizing from Avocado and they opted for the best size for me according to my measurements. I got my bras in size 70H which cannot quite be converted to British size since Avocado (and all the Polish brands alike) has their own sizing system. I think this size converts approximately to a size 30GG in British sizing – however the whole feel of the bra is so different comparing it to British bras feels a bit off. Size 70 converts to a 32-band but I feel like in my size, the band feels more like a stretchy 30-band. The wires are quite narrow but don’t sit on my breast tissue so I’m suspecting I need narrow-to-medium width wires nowadays. It’s strange how your needs and preferences change when your shape and size changes!

I wore this bra for quite a while the first time I had it on – meaning it hadn’t stretched to fit my body that well yet and felt a bit tight on my ribs. The band left massive red marks on my upper body and the bra chaffed a bit too. However, after a few wears the bra has softened up quite a bit meaning it’s now rather comfy and I can easily wear it for several hours.

(Apparently, there’s an ice-cream stain on the bra, apologies for that!)

This style is called Annick In Love and it’s an Avocado K-shape, a balconette that offers the most lift of Avocado’s shapes. I personally feel this reminds a lot of Cleo bras – it gives me that phenomenal rounded shape that is great under shirts. The size 70H feels spot on again, although a bit more generous than with Caprice. I feel like Caprice would suit more full-on-bottom breasts whereas Annick in Love has a lot of depth also in the upper part of the cup. I have heard some people find the trimming on the edge of the cup restricting but it worked fine with my FOT breasts.

I really like the sheer fabric of AIL, it’s quite sexy yet fun and everyday-appropriate.I LOOOVE the colour combo and it’s also very on-trend as magenta is one of the most popular shades for next autumn. The bra also features little colourful bows that give the style a cute-ish look to it. Both of the bras feature three hooks and eyes for extra support and a secure feeling that lasts throughout the day.

All in all I am very impressed with Avocado and would love to try their other shapes in the future as well! Especially the sexy Nina makes my heart beat a bit faster and the shape looks like a great match for my own breast shape. I am also considering ordering their panties so if you have any suggestions about the sizing, let me know! Also, any other opinions/tips/tricks are always welcomed, so do leave me a comment below 😉

Disclosure: These bras were gifted for review purposes by the generous people of Avocado. All opinions are my own.

Luxury for full-bust – An interview with Harlow & Fox

17 Dec
Recently there has been a few new-comers popping up in the field of luxury lingerie for full busts. This is definitely welcomed and many luxury lingerie lovers have been “ooh”ing and “aah”ing over the silks and quality laces that have suddenly reached the full bust world. I for one love a great silk or lace anytime and will definitely be investing in these new brands as soon as I land a new job and a stable income. While dreaming of these amazing designs and the pure quality I wanted to look into one of these new-comers known as Harlow & Fox. H&W was founded in England in 2011 and produces its designs in Great Britain. I truly value the kind of craftsmanship that is put into this brand’s designs so I decided to reach out to Harlow & Fox’s creative director Leanna Williams to ask some questions. Enjoy the interview!
Tell me first a little bit about your brand; how it was born and who is the woman/team behind it?
– Harlow & Fox is a new British lingerie brand, specialising in luxurious, elegant garments designed specifically for the DD-G size range. The brand was born from my own desire to find sumptuous, beautiful, high-end lingerie that would fit a fuller bust size, with the same level of attention of detail and luxury fabrics as I saw in smaller size ranges. I was previously working as a registrar of marriages, so an entirely different field, but I knew what I wanted as a consumer, and set out to create it!
What does luxury mean to you? Was it easy/hard to combine luxury and full-bust products in practice?
-To me, luxury means beautiful materials, attention to detail, and garments that just feel special. Although an entirely impractical fabric, it was very important to me to be able to use as much silk as possible, and to use the same delicate, finely-made leavers laces I saw and loved in smaller size pieces. It was incredibly difficult to find a way to combine these materials with the need for greater structure, support and strength that comes with larger cup sizes, but we have used various reinforcing techniques to be able to make the most of the beauty of the silk, whilst not compromising on the fit. Everything possible is also lined in silk as well, to give that feeling of luxury next to the skin as well as on the outside.
Where did you draw inspiration to your first collection?
-The inspiration for the first collection came from all the classic inspirational things – old time glamour, elegance, reclining on a chaise longue with a martini wearing ethereal floating robes… But the way they came together was more about the materials, and the colours. The fabrics themselves were perhaps the most important inspiration – the Viola, for example, was created from trying to find a way to showcase the exquisite lace to its best advantage.
Which one has been the most popular line of Harlow & Fox since you launched the first collection? Which design is your personal favourite?
-The most popular is probably a close contest between the Eleanor Almond and the Viola in terms of images shared online, and press interest, but the Alexandra is the one we’ve already sold out of some sizes in! (It is still possible as a special order though, so do send us an email if your size isn’t available online) So I’d say they’re all popular in their own way, but my personal favourite has to be the Eleanor. It’s just so timeless, and the colour looks so beautiful on.
We are reaching season SS14 already. Is the new collection already on it’s way and if so, what should we expect from it?
-The SS14 pieces will be arriving in Janauary and March, and will be the Eleanor recreated in a deliciously rich mink shade, perfect for Valentines Day; the Lydia, a combination of antique gold panelling and an intricate silk blend jacquard; and the Sophia, named after my mother, which features a gorgeous floor length sheer kimono and beautifully subtle allover leavers lace.
Tell me about your target market. Who is Harlow & Fox woman? 
-The Harlow & Fox woman is not necessarily a rigid follower of fashion, but appreciates classic, timeless styles, and wears her lingerie to feel beautiful within herself, first and foremost. She wants to own something that is made well, that brings out her natural beauty, and that makes her feel special, elegant and indulged.
What is in store for Harlow & Fox in the future?
-We will be introducing our AW14/15 range to buyers in the new year, which we’re very excited about, and hope to expand into more international wholesale stockists in the near future.
Many thanks for Harlow & Fox for the interview! I personally am already in love with this brand and can’t wait to be in the position to buy their designs. What about you? Is H&F something you would wear? Let me know in the comments!
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