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Lingerie Review: Signature “Ginger” in 32F

4 Feb

It has been a couple of months since we reviewed After Eden’s Signature range here at 2COP and I am happy to say that it was not the last time for us! Signature is a very promising new full-bust/full figure targeted brand which has only been going on for a couple of seasons now. Today we are reviewing a longline bra set from their AW15 collection, before completely diving into the SS16 season – also, take note about the style of this set as it might be the perfect ensemble for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Design: Ginger is a lovely young yet sexy style that comes in a very classic combination of black and red and a smooth moulded cup style. What I think is one of the biggest assets of Signature lingerie, is the cute and approachable styling that lures in the younger girls, who might not fit into the chain stores’ and Victoria’s Secret lingerie as they¬†stop at DD. This effect would be even greater if the brand started making smaller band sizes, so hint hint, Signature! ūüėČ

I picked this set up for Miss E completely out of blue – she had no idea what I had chosen for her but when I came to her doorstep around Christmas time, she was very pleased with my pick. The longline is still something that has been quite neglected by some DD+ brands (even though the AW16 will totally change the game!) and I am happy to see such a new brand making them for us fuller busted ladies. The cups are very rounded and smooth so Ginger could easily be worn under regular t-shirts without showing through. The band features four hooks and eyes so it’s not the widest longline ever but still enough to give the bra its distinctive look.

Fit: Even though Miss E’s best size with Signature would be closer to 65H (that is 30FF in UK sizes) we are both quite happy with the 70G (= UK 32F), especially when worn on the second tightest hooks. The band does not ride up but could be a bit sturdier to stay supportive for a few more months. The cups are just the right size for Miss E so there’s no spillage or gaping in sight! After seeing already three bras on my girl, I would say Signature runs on the generous side of true-to-size – Miss E is usually something between 30FF and 30G and all of her Signature bras have been just the right size (cup-wise) for her in the sister size of 30FF, that is 32F.

The wires are perfect for Miss E with the Ginger bra and she is also very happy to report that this time, the wires do not come too high up for her and there is no chafing near the armpit area whatsoever. As all different brands¬†producing lingerie seem to sport a different underwire shape and size, I would say Signature’s wire seems to be the perfect medium between the very narrow Polish and the quite wide British ones. The depth of the cup is a bit too shallow for Miss E which you can see by looking at the root of the bra cups. There is a bit of empty space there but E gave me no complaints about it as the bra is so comfortable in general.

Comfort: Out of the three sets Miss E owns from Signature, this might be her most comfortable one yet! The materials of the set are very sleek and soft against the skin and the straps are placed in a nice spot where they won’t rub her armpit area and cause irritation. As you can see, the strap placement is much more centered than with the Grace and Sophia bras she tried earlier. That’s definitely a HUGE improvement! This time the straps are only half-adjustable so if you are more on the petite side, I would advice to skip this bra unfortunately – Miss E is quite tall so she had no problem but someone under 5’5 might find them too long for her height. The longline band features additional boning under the armpits to keep the band from flipping, but the boning is flexible enough not to poke E on the sides.

The Ginger set comes with two different co-ordinate options which are a regular shorts-style knickers and a thong. We went for the same size as last time, that is Medium, but thought about trying a Small next time, as especially the thong seems to be a bit big for Miss E. Bottoms-wise, I think Signature runs on the snugger side of true-to-size, yet not a full size smaller. The bottoms are the same smooth material as the bra so very wearable for everyday, whether it be under dresses or the tightest of jeans.

You can find Ginger on Signature’s online store, here¬†(and it’s on sale, yay!). Signature ships only to Netherlands at the moment but if you are interested in stockists near to you, feel free to contact them via email or on social media!

Review of Freya Deco in 30GG – Testiss√§ Freyan Deco

26 May

Last year I did a round up of dresses and bras that go together really well when the party season ie May/June comes.Now it’s time to talk about festive undercrackers again; I myself have chosen a bet-safe combo of a high-waisted knickers, my Made in Preston dress and a cobolt blue Freya Deco. I recently got this new ss14 shade of Deco from a Finnish D+ lingerie online store called Lumingerie and I have been testing the set a lot lately while attending several low-key cocktail occasions and also on regular working days. I think many of us know how well Deco suits so many different occasions but here is a review of the classic version of it. If you wanna compare it to the little more feminine Deco Honey, feel free to click here for the review.

The design:¬†Deco is a t-shirt bra with a very low plunging neckline. It’s great under clingy materials and doesn’t show through t-shirts or dresses. I love how great it looks under everything and am very pleased with how Freya changed a little detail recently – they replaced the molded plain edge of the cup with a trimming that should correct the “curving over” effect of the previous models. I feel like it has worked wonderfully for me and there is no fear of the edge curving at all, in fact it’s now completely invisible under most of my clothes.

The colours are always lovely with Decos – I am especially big fan of this cobolt blue version but also adore the Lagoon colourway with its soft fabric and whimsical pattern. I think the blue colour suits so many Finns and is a great basic colour in addition to black and beige. The centre gore and the straps feature little bows that add a little cuteness to the mix and make the bra more feminine. The padding of the bra is quite thick which can put off some people. However, even my mom who hates extra bulk is a devoted fan of Deco for its great shape. I love how round the cups are and the cleavage is a whole another story – it’s truly sensational.

Fit:¬†I got Deco in my regular size 30GG which is cup-wise at the higher end of the spectrum of the size range. I think the bra fits quite like so many other brands such as Panache and Curvy Kate – the sizing is very British, if that is a proper way to put it. There is no spillage at the centre of the cups and the cups suit very well my full-on-top shape. I would say the fit of the bra is very average overall – average width wires, average deep cups and average size band. I think the band is a lot more stretchy than with my Deco Honey and this way a lot more comfy as well. I however don’t agree with the others saying Deco would run a full band size big in the band, to me it feels more like a true to size 30″.

If I could advise Freya to do something a bit differently, I would say the straps are placed a little too far away from each other. I have pretty wide shoulders but still the straps could have been more centred to avoid any slipping off the shoulders. The wire however was really great for me, not too narrow or wide, not too high in the armpits either.

Comfort:¬†The Deco is an everyday t-shirt bra but also a popular choice for big celebrations such as matriculation parties here in Finland. For this reason, it needs to be extra comfy and not cause any irritation on your big day. I found the materials to be really nice with the smooth polyester blend that feels great on my skin. However, as said before the strap placement could have been better and I would actually advise to go for the strapless deco if you don’t want to worry about the straps slipping off your shoulders during the celebrations. The wires are pretty flexible meaning the bra is very easy to move around with and doesn’t a cause a feeling of restriction. Also the panties are quite comfy though I could have definitely gone down a size since the Small fits more like a snug Medium. The material of the panties is the same lovely sleek polyester blend as the bra and feels lovely against my skin.

Have you ever tried Deco and if so, how do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This set was gifted by Lumingerie for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Suomeksi: Meillä Suomessa alkaa olla juhlakausi hyvin lähellä ja monet etsivätkin hyviä liivejä juhlamenoja varten Рkovassa kulutuksessa ovat erityisesti t-paitaliivit ja olkaimettomat. Viime vuonna tein kevätkesällä postauksia hyvistä mekko- ja rintsikkayhdistelmistä mutta nyt esittelyssä olisi oma tämän kevään suosikkikomboni РMade in Prestonin punainen kynämallinen mekko, muotoilevat alushousut ja Freayn koboltin siniset Deco-liivit. Sain Lumingerielta testiin nuo uutukaiset Decot ja ovat kyllä heti muodostuneet hyväksi vaatekaapin peruspilariksi niin arki- kuin juhlakäyttöönkin.

Freyalla on tapana tehdä Decosta joka kausi uusia malleja ja vähän ehostaa vanhoja Рniin suosittu se on ympäri maailmaa. Omassakin lähipiirissä Deco-faneja löytyy, mukaan lukien parhaat ystäväni ja äitini. Deco on todella hyvä perusliivi malliltaan, sillä se tarjoaa sileän pinnan vaatteiden alle sekä syvän pääntien, joka sopii syväänuurrettujen mekkojen ja paitojen alle. Freya on nyt uudistanut Decoa siten, että sen reuna on kokonaan sileän ulkomuodon sijaan varustettu ylimääräisellä nauhalla, jonka pitäisi estää reunan kääntyminen ulospäin liivien ikääntyessä. Itselläni tämä pieni fiksaus on toiminut ainakin hyvin eivätkä liivien reuna näy useimpien vaatteiden alta ollenkaan. Väriltään koboltti on kaunis ja sopii hyvin perusvärien mustan ja beigen rinnalle.

Istuvuudeltaan Deco ei petä tälläkään kertaa. Sen hyvänmittaiset kaarituet, sopiva syvyys ja joustava mutta napakka ympärys tuntuvat juuri oikeilta omalle vartalolleni. Kaarituet tuntuvat keskiverroilta ja pitävät sisällään kaiken rintakudoksen karkaamatta kuitenkaan syvälle kainaloon. Kooksi valitsin oman yleisimmän kokoni 65GG ja se istuu melko samalla lailla kuin muutkin brittimerkkien liivit. Deco on siis istuvuudeltaan hyvin samanlainen verrattuna esim. Panacheen, Curvy Kateen ja Tutti Rougeen.

Decot ovat itselleni hyvin mieluiset liivit niin istuvuudeltaan kuin mukavuudeltaankin mutta olkanauhojen paikkaa Freya voisi vielä vähän miettiä. Vaikka allekirjoittaneelta hartioita löytyykin, tuntuu silti että kauas toisistaan laitetut olkaimet tippuvat välillä päivän aikana. Decosta on onneksi kuitenkin myös olkaimeton versio joka on varmasti oiva juuri juhlakäyttöön eikä olkainten tippumisesta tällöin ole ongelmaa. Materiaalit kaikissa Decoissa ovat kuitenkin todella ihanat ja polyester sekoite tuntuu mukavalta vasten atooppista ihoani.

Alushousut tässä setissä ovat melkoisen reilun kokoiset, joten suosittelisin ottamaan koon pienemmät mikäli mahdollista. Itse valitsin koon S, joka on hieman liian suuri ja tuntuu löysältä etenkin pepun puolelta. Muuten alkkaritkin ovat mukavat ja samaa liukasta pehmeän tuntuista kangasta kuin liivitkin.

Decon löydät Lumingerielta ja toimitusaikakin on vain 1-3 päivää, joten vielä ehtii tilata liivit esim.YO-juhliin tai vaikkapa kesähäihin. Kokohaarukka on liiveissä 60-85 DD-GG, hipsterhousuissa XS-XL.

Onko kukaan vielä päässyt Decoa testaamaan itse ja jos on, niin mitä olette tykänneet? Laittakaa kommenttiboksiin viestiä, olisi kiva kuulla myös teidän mielipide tästä klassikosta!

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