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Moda Lingerie & Swim Show: Tutti Rouge SS16 “Tutti Rocks” Collection

12 Oct

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy! Tutti Rouge is such a fun brand to see at Moda – they always cater for the young pinup ladies such as myself as their lingerie is always a piece of cutesy pop art with a hint of romance. This time, we were not disappointed either and were so happy to see Tutti Rouge tackling the unique prints and bright colours again this season. For those of you who don’t know, Tutti Rouge also goes up to J-cup and is sold at a great price point which makes it all the more exciting for us fuller busted ladies at budget! Let’s see what they have in store for spring 2016…

The new print that came along this season was the lovely Betty in “Brighton Rocks” which pays homage to the great British summertime. Who doesn’t love seashore and summer holidays?! I am always in awe of new Tutti-exclusive prints and when I just thought the Sailor Jerry -inspired print couldn’t be topped, this Brighton babe might have just done that. To be honest, I see myself as a Tutti collector – I want all their exclusive prints as part of my lingerie art gallery! This cute print comes in the shape of Betty, a padded balconette shape that has been around since the very launch of Tutti Rouge.

DSC_0384 DSC_0387
The Jessica has been released now and it is the world’s first non-padded bra with detachable cookies inside the cups. I am particularly excited for this bra and it’s versatility, as it is something that serves both as a non-padded and a padded bra – which ever pleases you at the moment. I am a big fan of unpadded bras as I have plenty of padding of my own, but I do like to get some cleavage at times, especially when hopping at the pubs during the weekend. The cookies come in two size “Tutti Boosters” and “Tutti Super Boosters” from which you can opt the right amount of oomph for your specific needs.

The Jessica will include some high-waisted bottoms which will be added to the collection later on, however, they won’t be available right from the launch as there were some problems with the initial production. However, the collection will include a lovely suspender belt as well which will be a nice option if you want a bit more coverage over your tummy! The Black version of Jessica is out now and the caramel/ivory colourway will be launched in spring 2016.

When it comes to Liliana, it has now been clad in a lovely pumpkin shade, which is very much on trend for SS16 season. I am super glad that our voices have been heard and now, we can enjoy a plethora of unusual colours in the lingerie world – yellows, greens and oranges are finally on trend! As I have mentioned before, orange/pink is my fave colour combo of all time and I am excited to see it made in the form of the best-seller Liliana.

The Fifi has also been reinvented and brought back in a lovely cool pink tone and I love the whole “Barbie” feel of it – so many polka dots, ruffles and lace! The shape of the bra reminds me of the Cleo balconettes which many of us love to death, which is why I could see it as a potential best-seller. The first time this bra launched it had some problems with the bands fitting way too small but I am hopeful that this has been rectified since.

The pumpkin theme goes on and we get to see another Tutti regular in it – the delicious Kitty. I have always loved the look of this shape but unfortunately it does not fit my boobies the way I would like it to fit. The cups are just too shallow and wide and thus, our romance had to end a few months ago. However, if you are on the wider and shallower side, do try this one out as it looks so gorgeous on!

The Nichole has so far fitted me the best with all my Tutti bras I have tried. This season it is made in two basic colours Black and Beige, but also in a wild animal print that absolutely screams my name. The Nichole gives me a fantastic rounded shape which is why it could be, that I am getting back to this bra when the spring arrives – besides, I do have to get on the animal print bandwagon sooner or later!

How do you like this new Tutti Rouge SS16 collection? Also, are you feeling the pinks and oranges as well? Let me know in the comments!

My First Bosom Galore Review! – “Amelia” in 30H

2 Jun

Let’s be fair – I absolutely love it when new full-bust brands burst into the scene and when I heard about Bosom Galore the first time, I was super excited to get interviewing the founder Katy about this new luxury brand designed for gals with small backs and big boobs. Also, I was intrigued to be looking at a new mid-market brand who had promised to use UK-only manufacturers and luxurious silks and laces to create a more luxurious feel to the garments. As we had seen the rise of All Undone just recently catering the same superb quality with a similar price tag, I was looking forward to see what Bosom Galore had in mind regarding their own aesthetics. Would it be something romantic or fashion-forward?

After seeing the first designs of Amelia and Classique styles and especially the first reviews from other bloggers, I was pleased to see them going for the young adult target market, meaning women in their late twenties and early thirties (or at least this is how I interpreted the brand image). However, the Bosom Galore styles are also very timeless and classic with a little bit of romantic and sultry vibes to spice them up, which I personally really like. Today, I am finally reviewing my first pieces from this lovely brand so if you are interested in the fit specifics of Amelia and Bosom Galore in general, hang in there! *Disclosure: This set was sent to me free of charge, however all opinions are my own as always!*

Design: The Amelia was definitely the set that got me to fall in love with Bosom Galore in the first place – it was very light rose pink with some delicate white lace over it which made it appeal to my more romantic side. I have always loved the combination of very fair pink and ginger hair, so I also thought it would suit my hair and skin colour really well. Also the plunge shape intrigued me – I am always looking for a good plunge that would go under my deepest and most open necklines.

The shape of Amelia is very rounded for a plunge bra – there is no clear point on sight even though the construction is pretty much the same three-part cup construction as eg with the Bravissimo “Satine”. However, Bosom Galore has managed to create a very rounded shape, not even using a moulded cup, which is actually pretty impressive. The gore of the bra is very low as with any regular plunge bra but it is so cleverly made, even a fuller bust can sport a good wide neckline without showing the bra peeking under the neckline. So very practical!
Fit: Well now we get to the fun part! As Bosom Galore is a very new brand with only a couple of bra styles out at the moment, it is vital for us bloggers to let you all on the other side of the screens to know, what the sizing and fit with this particular brand are like. When discussing the sizes throughout the design and manufacturing process, we came to the conclusion that a 30H would be the best size for me, as it is my regular British size at the moment, especially with plunge bras that tend to cut my upper breast tissue anyway. At first I was a bit hesitant as I had seen the reviews from other bloggers about the Classique bra which seemed to be very tight in the band and small-ish in the cups. However, Katy reassured me that the Amelia would be much truer-to-size so I took her word for it and stick with my usual 30H.

I was so glad I did as the 30H fitted me very well! As I guessed, I did need an H as opposed to GG as plunges usually fit me snugly over my upper breast tissue. This was no exception and to be honest, I would have liked to try even a cup size up to compare how it would have fitted! As my left boob is a bit bigger than the right one, I did have some spillage on the other side and needed to adjust the bra a bit now and then. This however, is more due to the cup shape than the bra being a bad fit in general. Also, I did have some empty space in the bottom of the cup which tells me the cups are still a tad shallow for me. However, I can still wear the Amelia for several hours and feel secure enough in it to wear it on a regular basis! The BG online store states that the Amelia shape is best for women with wide-set breasts and I would agree – any excess breast tissue on top and at front will have a very high risk of spilling over!

The 30 band is supposed to be a truer-to-size fit with Amelia than Classique, which is great and seems to be correct based on my experience. My underbust measurement is about 30″ right now and the 30″ fitted me comfortably – a bit snugger than Curvy Kate or Freya, so just comfy and a bit sturdy enough for me. The wires are rather regular for a British brand so I would say a bit wide for me but still not going down to my back! 

Comfort: Especially on the comfort front, Bosom Galore has done incredibly well in my opinion. The materials for example get full ten points! As someone suffering from a serious skin condition I could really appreciate the cotton lining inside the bra cups. To be honest, my skin has been itching like crazy recently so artificial materials are no good for me at the moment (last nigh I scratched myself so much I got bruises in addition to bleeding wounds – ouch!). Also the silk blend on top layer of the cups feels lovely to touch and the lace is one of the stretchiest and softest I have seen. So you truly get some great quality for your money! If you are worried about the wide wires, I would still like to assure you that they don’t come high up at all in the armpits – this means even if you are more on the narrow or petite side yourself, they won’t start rubbing your underarm area.

When talking about the panties I first need to mention the sizing – these suckers do run a bit small so I would advice everyone to size up with both Classique and Amelia bottoms. I am usually wearing a UK size 10 (US 6) when it comes to bottoms but with this particular brand I am wearing a size 12 briefs comfortably. To be frank, the 12 is very near to perfect and the fit is great for my muscular butt – the stretch lace accommodates even a curvier figure and leaves no lumps or bumps seen under your jeans/pencil skirts. I would actually be pretty keen on seeing a high-waisted version of these as well – it would be perfect for me under my tighter pencil dresses! The materials and the cut of the brief is very flattering and comfy so I would definitely vouch for getting the panties to match your bra – in one word, they feel amazing.

All in all I am very impressed with the fine details and the quality of my first Bosom Galore set and am looking forward to see how it translates to their other styles as well. For example, the strappy new style Louise is something I am definitely drooling over and would love assess the fit of it s it is one of the rare cage bras that come in my size!

If you are interested in getting your own Amelia set from Bosom Galore, the bra comes in sizes 26E-34H (£82) and the brief in sizes 6-16 (£38). Note the 26-bands as they are very welcomed addition to any full bust brand out there! At present, I think Bosom Galore is the only brand making them as a non-custom option so extra points for them because of that 😉 When it comes to the price, taking into account their ethical way of making the garments and the quality they are offering, Bosom Galore prices their lingerie very reasonably. The prices can be a shock to someone but if you are interested about the pricing of luxury lingerie, I would suggest you take a look at this The Lingerie Addict article – it explains why these sorts of garments cannot be priced too modestly!

What do you think of the Amelia or Bosom Galore in general? Also, would you be willing to pay more for a more local and ethical way of manufacturing lingerie plus a better quality materials? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know what my readers think of this matter! 🙂

Lingerie News 7/14 by 2COP

1 Jul


There has been some pretty interesting things going on in the lingerie world lately which is why I decided to put together a monthly “News” feature that would gather all the important happenings together. Hopefully this will keep you posted on things such as new D+ brands, sizing and fit corrections that brands make and events to come in the near future. Enjoy!

New lingerie brands in the scene

I have found a couple of brands you might be interested in which is why I wanted to share them here. I think many of you have heard of Bosom Galore by now but the stunning brand has now created another new style to be introduced next spring and also decided which styles they are launching first. Their first styles will include my personal favourite style Amelia which is a gorgeous pale pink plunge with a beautiful lace overlay (pictured above, image courtesy of Bosom Galore). Can’t wait to try the set on when it is launched! The launch will take place this autumn and if everything goes as planned, it will take place in September.

Another brand called Juliana London has mysteriously burst onto the scene and I say mysteriously cause to be honest, we know nothing about it except it’s targeted to women with small backs and big busts. I will be meeting the owner of the brand in London sometime soon so after that I will hopefully have new info. Juliana London is a luxury brand so if you have any wishes for their size range, materials, designs or pricing, let me know and I will discuss it with the founder!

Freya changes their sizing markings

Freya has made the decision to change how their sizes appear on the size tags. This might seem a lot smaller change to most of you but as I work for the lingerie retail I know it’s a massive one for online retailers. The sizes are changed into EU sizing meaning the chart will go as follow: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L… etc. This means they will be differently displayed on websites and online stores and instead of picking your UK size, you need to convert it to your EU size, eg. GG -> J. Some of the online stores may not be changing this so be careful how the sizes are displayed on web. If there are no double sizes (FF,GG,HH..) they use the EU sizing instead of UK.

A Finnish lingerie online store goes international!

I have worked with a Finnish lingerie online retailer Lumingerie for quite a while now and have some awesome news for those looking for the best selection of British and Polish brands on the scene. Lumingerie has finally decided to go international and has started to prepare for translating their website and making it easier for international customers to approach them. The English version of the website and online store does not have a launch date yet, but as soon as I have more info, I will let you know!

The Moda Birmingham Exhibition is held again next month!

I decided not to take part in Moda this season but what happened? I accidentally booked flight tickets and now I am planning my trip to London and Birmingham. This will mean you will get to see the new ss15 collections fresh from the catwalk and I will report you with the latest trends and best picks! I am especially excited to see what my favourite brands Tutti Rouge, Panache and Gossard have to offer but will visit as many stands as I can during the Sunday. I will also be meeting another lingerie bloggers so you might see them costarring the blog soon 😉

Shapewear Innovators – Introducing Figgahugga

6 Jun

I have recently been looking for cute and fun shapewear that would suit my taste and hold in my cookie pouch a little. I am pretty comfortable with my body but when wearing tight-fitting clothing I wanna feel more secure either with slimming high-waisted panties or a slip dress. I would love to try some “real” shapewear brands in the future so I’m kind of doing my research now before opting for something.

 I came across a brand called Figgahugga on Twitter and instantly thought this brand is exactly what I’m looking for – a fresh young brand that offers a huge range of rainbow colours in a form of a slip dress. The best thing about the Figgahugga? Their slimming dress can also be worn as outerwear, which makes it a great choice for girls who want a simple flattering summer dress that can be dressed up and down. 

Just look at them! I think the concept is really cool and this kind of shapewear looks exactly the kind that young customers would love. It’s also really affordable since Figgahugga costs you only £49,99. Just comparing the price to many other similar shapewear dresses, I really feel the Figgahugga crew has kept their young customer in mind. This is what the brand has to say about their product:

Figgahugga is a totally new shapewear brand designed specifically for younger women, that both looks and performs unlike anything that’s currently on the market. Figgahugga is entirely British (both material sourced and manufactured in Britain) which, we believe, makes us the only all British shapewear label on the market.  

The idea behind Figgahugga came from the rising number of young, often slimmer women, who are going out for the evening without eating, for fear of developing the dreaded “food baby” – and often suffering as a consequence. We thought it was time they could eat, drink and still look and feel great.

The majority of shapewear wearers are often larger women, however, there are as many slim women out there who have as many body issues.  At Figgahugga, we want to keep young girls safe, by encouraging them to eat, stay healthy and look good.

Better Performance.

Figgahuggas are double layered to offer a stronger hold and more comfort than anything out there. And because they have been designed with younger women in mind, they are infused with Feran Ice to wick away moisture and keep you cool on the dance floor.

 Better Looks.

Unlike most shapewear, Figgahuggas have been designed to be seen. So they come in multiple bright colours to complement your wardrobe. What’s more, they look just like normal dresses – so if your boyfriend or flatmate walked in on you getting changed, they would have no idea you were wearing shapewear! Here are some of the ways you can wear a Figgahugga.”

I love Figgahugga’s colours – my personal favourites would be yellow and neon pink! Unfortunately Figgahugga is such a new brand that they have only one model that’s available now with the existing model being designed more for core sizes when it comes to breast size. However, as I contacted Figgahugga and as they told me that they haven’t YET released a full-bust suitable model, there is one coming very soon! I love that this kind of new brand wants to branch out to full-bust appropriate designs as well as vest and a longer version of the original design. I think this shows a lot of dedication to improve their product and that they really want to take into account all of their possible customers. 

The new models including the full-bust one should be launched in the next six months so keep your eyes peeled for them on Figgahugga’s facebook page. If you are a little more small-busted, I would suggest taking part of Lingerie Blog’s comp in which you can win yourself your very own Figgahugga!

How do you like FIggahugga? Which colour is your favourite? 😉 xx

Interview with the founder of Bosom Galore – a new brand for small backs and big busts

23 Apr

I KNOW, I’M A BAD GIRL. No, not really cause who actually has been pretty bad is my dear laptop. First I thought there was something horribly wrong with my internet access but this bastard had decided just be a d-bag and not to let me use connect to the internet. Well, that is that and now I can get to the point. Today I am introducing y’all to a brand new lingerie designer who caught my attention recently. I was lurking in the wonderful Twitterville and discovered a brand that caters classy sophisticated lingerie for small backs and big busts so what’s not to like? I decided to contact the founder and designer of Bosom Galore, Katy Payne, to interview her about the upcoming launch of her first collection and was happy to get a quick reply. This was great news since I warmly welcome a new brand with size range starting from 26″ backs and going up to HH-cup. Bosom Galore also manufactures their designs in UK which supports the local textile industry. Here is what Katy had to say about her brain child…

First of all, I find it very interesting that you have worked for mental health care previously (I study psychology myself). How did you end up in the lingerie business? Do you think there is something you can apply from your previous jobs to your new career as a designer?

There isn’t really an obvious link between my work in mental health and founding Bosom Galore. Psychology has been a passion of mine since I was about 8 years old and my degree, along with my certificate in counselling, suited a career in mental health perfectly and I look back on my experiences incredibly fondly. As many may find however, working in mental health can be intense and emotionally draining and after a few years, I decided to take a break to reflect on the impact it was having on my own mental health. During that time, to help out, I started working for my husband as a web developer; he would send me the designs and I would build them in HTML.

During this period, one afternoon, my husband and I were sitting outside talking. I was having another rant about how frustrating it was to find lingerie that I like; complaining that the few bras available in 28GG look frumpy and are in garish fabrics and colours. I started talking about what I would do if I designed lingerie, when my husband said ‘well why don’t you?’ And it was then that I thought ‘yeah, why don’t I?’. And that’s when I launched into founding Bosom Galore. 

My website development skills certainly come in handy when it comes to managing my website but I’m yet to learn about e-commerce (which I start doing next week). With regards to applying my skills from mental health, I’m naturally a very genuine person and this, along with transparency, are traits that were fostered in my counselling certificate and I think that they are beneficial both in business and life; it can help to establish healthy and positive working and customer relationships.

Tell us about the core values of your brand. What are the most important aspects when creating lingerie? 

A core value behind our brand is that women of any size should be able to wear beautiful, supportive and comfortable lingerie that boosts self-esteem and confidence. Wearing a correct fitting bra, that feels and looks sumptuous, can significantly improve posture and boost self-esteem. 

The most important aim with our brand is to provide lingerie and nightwear in small band and large cup sizes, although we do aim to expand our size range as we grow. Crucial qualities of this lingerie and nightwear are quality, shape, support, comfort and appearance. We are working incredibly hard to ensure that the bras are comfortable and create a lovely rounded shape. Our motivation behind this comes from my own experience of struggling to find lingerie with these qualities.

In addition to what we aim to produce, we support the UK textiles industry and so our lingerie is both designed and manufactured within the UK.

How would you describe your brand aesthetics and who is it essentially designed for? 

Aesthetically, I would describe our designs as classic, elegant and with a little vintage inspiration. Initially our size range is for women with small band and large cup sizes, however, we will expand this range as we grow. 

I would say that our lingerie is essentially designed for women who want satisfaction from their lingerie; to feel comfortable, supported and sexy. Our lingerie is designed by a consumer, for the consumer and so we have responded to, and resolved, the little things that can affect lingerie satisfaction. For example, we have designed our briefs to sit gently against the skin, to avoid any uncomfortable or unsightly indentations; an issue that we feel is all too frequently overlooked. And our labels are soft and positioned in a comfortable place to avoid any possible discomfort that they could cause. All of these little things can significantly affect our experience of our lingerie.

Your collections are designed and manufactured in UK. How did you come up with this decision?

We didn’t even consider importing. It seemed obvious to me to provide business within our country; supporting the UK textiles industry and the communities that it supports. I also feel that business and lingerie development is easier and more efficient when everyone involved lives in the same time zone, where mail delivery is swift and cheap and you can easily travel to meet in person if necessary; it was a wonderful experience to be able to pop over to our manufacturer a few weeks back to look around the factory and have a chat over a cup of tea. And working with a British designer has proven essential for ensuring regular lingerie fittings and efficient amendments to designs.

Where did you draw inspiration to your first collection?

Our first collection is our Classique balconette lingerie and the design is one that I’ve held in my mind for perhaps a decade. For years, all I wanted was a classic, elegant, day to day balconette bra made from silk and lace. The design is ideal for wearing under t-shirts, shirts and evening wear; I see it an essential lingerie set that can be worn for all occasions. 

The emotional motivation behind it comes from the impact that I feel day to day lingerie has on our self-esteem. Like many women, I’ve spent years starting my day putting on my trusty old and tired t-shirt bra and each time I’ve looked in the mirror to see a grey, tired bra with mismatched knickers; I’ve felt unattractive. It’s quite a sad way to start your day, every day. Starting my day in a matching set of beautiful silk and lace lingerie sets a completely different tone; I can feel proud of what I see in the mirror and I am sending myself the
message that I deserve to wear nice lingerie, every day. 

What has been the hardest part in setting up your own business and designing lingerie?

That’s a tough question to answer because whilst I’ve faced lots of challenges with Bosom Galore, I’ve enjoyed each and every one and have learnt so much about the industry, business and myself. I suppose the most difficult hurdle has been raising funds. Starting up a lingerie company requires significant investment prior to even having a product to sell, due to the expense of design and development. Managing impatience has also been a challenge. We’re incredibly eager to launch but must remain patient whilst we make the last few little tweaks to our designs to ensure good fit and shape.

You are one of the first lingerie companies to include 26 backs in their collection. Was it an easy decision for you and why did you eventually end up making it?

It was a very easy decision. For a decade I have been a 28 band size, which has been the source of my prolonged frustration with trying to find a bra that I like. I’m quite an average sized woman and so I know that there must be smaller framed women than me who need a 26 band size. Our model for our photo shoot for example, was a 26, which shows that there are women out there who need a 26 and so we feel that it’s important to cater for them.

If everything goes according to plans, your first collection will be launched next autumn. Any
plans, dreams or goals after that happens?

We have so much planned ahead. With regards to our future products, we aim to continue to expand our lingerie range to include different fabrics and styles and to resolve various wardrobe problems such as backless or strapless tops and dresses. We also want to significantly expand our nightwear range; at the moment our designs are more for special occasions and include an inbuilt, wired bra. However, we aim to offer more casual sleepwear with inbuilt, non-wired bras. In addition, we plan to offer maternity, nursing and mastectomy lingerie, to expand our size range significantly and to eventually offer swimwear… I’m yet to own a supportive and attractive bikini!

Many thanks to Katy who took the time to answer my questions! I am already in love with Bosom Galore and can’t wait to try their designs on when the autumn season comes 😉


Moda Exhibition – Preview of Tutti Rouge AW14 collection

17 Feb

When choosing UK for my exchange destination I had a clear vision of how it would benefit me and my readers blog-wise. I wanted to see as much lingerie as I could and especially anticipated for the Moda exhibition which is held semi-annually in Birmingham NEC centre. I was so eager to see all my favourite designer and big brands at once and when I went there yesterday it was like entering a lingerie wonderland – all the new collection which I could touch, feel and take photos of. In one sentence, I was in heaven. Now it’s time to preview some of my favourite collections and first up is the new pet of the lingerie blogosphere – Tutti Rouge.

 Betty, Nichole & Liliana in their new SS14 shades!

 I was very nervous to meet Jessica, the designer of the Tutti Rouge, in person – after all I had admired her work from day one and loved all the Tutti Rouge sets I’d owned. I was also very eager to see the collection and what a treat it was when I saw not one, but three of her collections at one glance. I will start with a quick preview of SS14 since it will be released in March which is actually quite soon!

What spring brings us… One of the biggest hits colour-wise for spring and autumn alike are definitely different shades of blue. When shifting towards winter the shades will get presumably darker but I loved how vibrant the shades for summer were. I am not a big fan of baby blue which is why I was delighted that especially Tutti Rouge had a lot of more turquoise choices in their SS14 collection. The colours might be a bit off in the pictures so imagine them a smidge brighter than presented.


 Fifi, Beatrice, Nichole & Rosa. Loved the sweet rose print which was exclusively designed for the set!

 I loved how girly and vibrant the SS14 collection is and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the goodies. Completely new styles this season will be Fifi (already released in Apple Green at Bravissimo) and Nichole which are both non-padded bras. Fifi seems like a great everyday balconette which might suit my shape (full-on-top) really well and also the Creme shade is pretty awesome for fair skintones like mine. We discussed the colours with lovely Jessica and agreed that the Green Apple would look amazing on more tanned skin. Great for summertime, that is! 

I also liked the Nichole since it’s a fun and girly yet a bit more sexy style with a more plunging shape. I loved how the little bows gave some edge to the style and also how the bows were added little hearts as small detail. I have always loved Tutti Rouge for their exquisite detailing and they manage to wow me once again.

And how they proceeded to AW14… Oh boy. For the AW14 collection Tutti Rouge evolved a bit to a sexier darker direction which was a great move from the designer. I have loved the sweetness of TR sets for the past collections but for autumn it is always necessary to do something different, a bit more mysterious and sultry. Tutti Rouge has preserved all the shapes and some of the styles they created for SS14 with a “mistress of Dracula” twist, which is how I would describe the collection.


 Eliza, Kitty, Magenta & Nicole, pretty in pink and purple!

Throughout the AW14 collection presented at Moda red, pink, purple and blue were the most celebrated colours for next season. When discussing the use of purple in the collection the response was that it is a big hit for Christmas and less in-your-face than the traditional red. I have always been more of a red-girl but when facing a right shade of purple I go all gimme-gimme. Also the colour combinations are crucial – I especially went bananas for Tutti Rouge’s Eliza which had a beautiful undertone of raspberry pink. 


 Liliana & Mercy in bold shades of red and black!

Even if the shapes have pretty much stayed the same for next season I think the designs have been taken to next level with even more exquisite detailing and bolder colour combinations. I also love how Tutti Rouge finishes each of their sets with amazing panty designs, one of my favourites this season was the Mercy (about same shape as Olivia) – the knickers had a more-than-little peek-a-boo element on the back side which I absolutely adored.

To name the favourites for this season would definitely be Eliza, Magenta and Kitty, but to be honest the whole collection is stunning. I love how Tutti Rouge has evolved to be a bit more grown-up and sultry for their AW14 and can easily imagine myself wearing all of the sets in different occasions. Even though I loved Betty’s adorable Poppy print I feel like the new Magenta is more approachable to wider audiences, especially for autumn season. All in all I think Tutti Rouge has managed to put together a very cohesive and alluring collection which won my heart from the moment I laid my eyes on it. The collection will be launched in august 2014.

What do you think of the SS14 and AW14 collection of Tutti Rouge? Any instant favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Bathing in red for Valentine’s – SugarShape “Ruby” review

12 Feb

Oh my lovely dear readers, how I have missed you! So basically what happened to me a couple of weeks ago was an epic disaster with my camera AGAIN and I ended up with no equipment to shoot my review photos or anything else for that matter. Luckily, I am in the most awesome university EVER and they have this great media centre to get cameras from. So here I am, operating with my fancy borrowed camera and providing you the long-planned review of SugarShape “Ruby” set.

So recently I wrote a brand portrait on the wonderful new brand on the full bust market, SugarShape lingerie which is a lingerie brand based in Germany and making lingerie with a whole new fuzz-free way when it comes to sizing. The lovely ladies of SugarShape kindly offered to send me a set of lingerie and I went for the very appropriate style for the Valentine’s Day – Ruby. I was a bit between the sizes in both panties and the bra but I relied on the owners’ judgment and went for 80/102,5 which are quite near to my own measurements in cm’s. My underbust is about 73 cm at the moment but as the ladies at SugarShape told me Ruby runs particularly tight in the band so I decided to go with the 80 band. Here are my thoughts on the set…


First of all, when the parcel arrived I instantly thought, good job for the package choice. The set arrived in a box which meant the cups of the bra were not folded on each other but placed carefully in the box with some wrapping paper around them. The insides of the parcel stunned me immediately; the box included little paper hearts that made the set feel already special, not to mention the lovely post card hand-written by the ladies themselves. I wanted to try the set on right away since it looked amazing and I was very anxious to know about the fit.


Design: I have loved the Ruby for its design from the moment it hit the SugarShape online store. As you guys know, I never say no to red lingerie and I really wanted to embrace the Valentine’s season with something appropriate. It was like the SugarShape ladies had read my mind; my beautiful red set arrived with a little luxurious Swarovski heart charm to attach to my bra. To me, it felt like just the right touch for the bra to make it less Christmassy and more Valentine’s Day. The design is otherwise all red but has a little black/green bow in the middle which gives the set a more quirky unique look.

Ruby is set that includes a three-part cup construction balconette bra and three choice of panties. I loved how one can choose the right panty choice for yourself; I went for the low-rise panty since high-rise panties never tend to work on me and strings can sometimes be uncomfortable. The bra gives a very round uplifted look to my boobs and is a great choice for everyday use since it goes well with any t-shirt, excluding pale colours of course. The Ruby does not have any thick lace on it which is why it doesn’t show under clothes at all. Otherwise it’s fully covered in beautiful thin lace and mesh which makes the bra feminine and accessible to many women. 


Fit: The fit of the 80/102,5 was spot-on on me. I couldn’t believe I had received the right size right away with my first try which is why I was very pleasantly surprised. My bust measures about 102-103 cm at the moment which is why I think the size fit me so well. The cups contain my boobs fully without any spillage or gaping (on neither side btw, a miracle?) and the gore tacks beautifully on the sternum. I would say that the centre gore is also a pretty average width since it played well with my average-set boobs and didn’t cause any chafing nor extreme cleavage. Also it’s quite high due to the balconette style of the bra which needs to be kept in mind when choosing for lower necklines.

I do not want to screw SugarShape’s wonderful sizing system which is why I won’t tell you what I think would be the size equivalent in UK sizes. Instead, I can state that the band is very comfortable yet snug on my 29″ ribcage and I loved how it stretches and doesn’t leave any back spillage or lumps anywhere. Also the cups and wires were spot on, which made the size even more perfect for me. Straps of the bra are fully adjustable which makes the bra a very accessible option for more petite women as well. 


Comfort: I love this bra for the same reasons I love my Tease Me by Curvy Kate. It is amazingly comfortable with itss wires that are the right length for and its fully adjustable straps that are placed in the right spot for me. I would say this bra would also work for women who suffer from too high cups on the sides; Ruby gives plenty air for your armpits and doesn’t chaff at all in that area. I also didn’t find any other chaffing parts but would imagine that the high centre gore might cause slight issues with very bony sternums. I have no experience of that sort of problems excluding my Panache Jasmine which is why I can’t really tell.

The materials of the set are pretty well thought-out, but I still always long for cotton-lined cups when it comes to bras. The panties are extremely comfortable as well and don’t dig in in size 95 at all (my hips are about 94 cm measured over the butt). I love how the back of the panties feel smooth over my butt and rise high enough to cover all the critical parts. The rise is very comfy overall: it’s a perfect alternative for the high-rise panty that might not suit everyone. I would say the rise on the panties is something between Cleo and Tutti Rouge which is perfect for me!

I hope you enjoyed the review and keep checking for my blogiversary giveaways as well! The Ruby is available at SugarShape online store for 58,50 € for the bra and 18,50-25 € for the panty, depending on your panty choice. If you want to order from outside of German speaking countries, I would suggest you contact the ladies behind the brand, they are very helpful! This set was generously gifted me by SugarShape, however this does not affect my opinions on the set.

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