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DD+ OOTD – the Ultimate Party Dress

19 Jan


Good Sunday to y’all! I have been whisked off from pub to another over the past three days which is why I haven’t been writing or even indulged myself in the full-bust world. But yeah, now I’m back with an outfit aaand a small rant since I’m feeling BETRAYED by my favourite clothing brand.

Let’s start with the outfit. This dress has not made an appearance in my blog yet but to be honest it’s my favourite party dress ever. I wear it each time I have a wardrobe crisis before an important event, it never fails and always earns a few compliments. I actually bought this beauty at Oasis in London a couple of years ago in size 8 which I can pretty successfully still squeeze into, even though I’m more of a size 10 nowadays. This dress nips me perfectly at the waist and flatters my figure by hugging it from just the right places. I have also bought a couple of other items from Oasis in the past which have been great for my then-30F bust.

This leads us to the rant. Cause you know what happened when I landed in UK and eagerly went to see my dear friend Oasis again? Zippers not going up, zero boob space and a few tears. Well not literally tears but you bet I wanted to cry. I am very loyal to brands that get me and my body which is why I was devastated to see that they weren’t loyal to ME anymore. And now you want to say it’s not their fault I’m not 30F anymore – see, my size 8 dress zips up fine. I hate it when a brand I love changes their sizing standards and I felt completely let down by the one that was supposed to offer me the perfect Valentine’s day dress for my date. Thanks a shit loads, Oasis. (Don’t worry, I still love your designs but would LOVE to be able to wear them as well.)

What about the jacket then? Absolutely buzzing. I have been searching for a jacket like this which actually fits over my bust and finally Forever21 came to help me. I went into their store a couple of days ago and was certainly not looking for a jacket but when I was reaching one part of the first floor I felt a really weird sensation. You know, the kinda feeling when you think someone’s watching you. I know it sounds bullshit but then I turned around and saw it and BANG, it was love at first sight. This lovely thing is a size Small and cost me about 25 quids which is a total bargain.

So now I’m still one dress short from being ready for Valentine’s. Next up in the search of THE Perfect Dress will be River Island so fingers crossed I find something nice. I’m celebrating Valentine’s day a bit early since bf will be here (!!!!) a week before the actual day but nevertheless my Valentine’s week will be very special because I’m hosting my first blogiversary during that week. So stay tuned and remember to follow 2COP to get first-hand info on the celebrations taking place that week 😉

Dear Father, I have sinned: Confessions on going braless

28 Nov


When it comes to holidays and celebrations in general I have a VERY bad habbit I’m about to confess you right here, right now: I sometimes wear a dress too tight when it comes to my boobs. And that my dear friends means I can’t even stuff a bra between the dress and myself. I know, it is absolutely horrible and gets worse each time my boobs grow a bit.

This season is always a tricky one for me; lots of parties to attend to but also a loads of food to get stuck directly on my chest. No, they don’t go to butt, nor my thighs. Straight to my boobs, and I know many people would enjoy that. The thing is as a student my dress funds are limited and I often turn to old goodies; those that were bought about three cup sizes ago. This leads to very tricky situations when getting the dress on but also to enormous cleavage (as seen above) and eyes popping out of my friends’ heads (note that they are mostly girls). 

So I’m definitely not a perfect example of dressing my boobs appropriately, not at all. I just read a wonderful piece by By Baby’s Rules on how we as lingerie and bra fit bloggers never claimed to perfect. That particular post got me thinking about me as a blogger, my faults and mistakes that I make and how some of our readers are very eager to pinpoint “false” bra fitting or ill-fitting clothes/bras in our posts. I’m speaking of “us” as a group since I know so many other bloggers who have experienced the same.

So now that I have come out of closet with my bralessness I want to add WHY I sometimes compromise on fit. If you, my dear reader, are a big busted gal as well you might know the reasons but as I know that there are many more average-sized/moderately proportioned girls as well reading, I need to emphasize the reasons I sometimes choose to wear eg dresses that are way too small for me in the bust area. 

Well, I happen to be generally a size 8-10 in British sizes (4-6 in US) which means I have pretty slim waist and quite a flat butt. Add zero hips to that and you can’t make me wear anything above size 10. BECAUSE I want to look fit, I want to look my size. I do not want to hide my waist and small butt under baggy clothes just because I happen to own a pair of proportionally big boobs compared to rest of my body. Well, you might suggest labels like Pepperberry etc but I have to admit it, they don’t do much for me and my style. I need to wear clothes that scream my name to be happy and this is why I often go for brands that are not designed for full busts.

It is very vain and superficial to wear clothes or bras just for their appearance but we big busted gals have a RIGHT to wear pretty stuff as well. Luckily there are so many labels out there making cups up to K cup etc but sometimes you just need to have something that’s a little bit off. Just for the look of it. We have a right to compromise BUT that does not mean I will promote not wearing a bra even if I do it from to time to time. I truly believe wearing a bra most of the time is crucial to your health but when I choose to just look pretty and cleavage-y I prefer not to get snark for it.

DD+ Outfit of the day – Neon lights

19 Sep


Holla! What ya all been up to? My night went pretty… weirdly yesterday. We had an event organized especially for our freshmen and of course I wanted to be part of all the fun. Today I unfortunately had to participate in a lecture and felt like throwing on something that’s supercomfy yet edgy. From time to time my inner gangsta starts to scream and shout and this is what happens; wearing leggings as pants. Oh dear God…

Recently I have started to feel that jeans are made to torture us women; why would I put on something that squeezes my stomach after a delicious lunch or need to pulled up constantly after a few wears? Don’t understand. They make my butt look pretty good but heck, so do leggings. And yes, I did swear I’d never wear them as pants but never say never.

This shirt is bought from Forever21 and I love the colour which just pops out. I have been fancying neon colours for a while and as I found a few gems while shopping in NYC, I just had to buy something to brighten up all those black and grey outfits that rule every Finn’s autumn wardrobe. This shirt is in size S and it feels a tad tight on my boobs (bought it without trying, not recommended) and arms which is kinda expected so I’m not that bothered. I often have a LOT of gaping when it comes to shirts so it’s not that bad. Wanna see my Frankie bra? Help yourself and take a peek!

The jacket is also bought from Forever21 and was super cheap! Like $22!! It also fits fine over my boobs in size S and still sits nicely on my waist so I absolutely love it. Sneakers are from Skechers and sunglasses from Ray-Ban. I noticed that neon or patterned sneakers were a hit among New Yorkers so I just had to buy myself a pair! Don’t they look so fresh and sporty?

Til next time my fellow gals, now I gotta get some sleep…

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