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Sleepwear Worth of Sleeping Beauty – Review of Gossard “Elegance”

8 Apr

When it comes to sleepwear, there are occasions when I see something really pretty, get my hopes up but unfortunately my boobies turn out to be a bit too big for the beauties I have laid my eyes on. This is exactly what happened with the “Elegance” sleepwear range that Gossard sent me a few weeks ago – what pretty pink shades, what a lovely rose petal print! And when the parcel arrived at my door and the skivvies were on, I huffed and puffed for a moment because the garments just didn’t fit my 30GG/H bust. What a bummer! In these occasions I usually always do the same thing – I ring my friend Jo to “help” me (aka release me from the agony of owning too small pretty things) and there again she was, turning something that didn’t work on me into pure magic. Here are a few notes and pics of the lovely Gossard “Elegance” slip, cami and the french knicker which are part of the Gossard SS15 collection.

DSC_0228 DSC_0245  DSC_0255DSC_0252
To start off we perhaps need to mention Jo’s bra size which is usually something around 28F or 30E (with the expception of Gossard bras fitting in 30DD). She is quite tiny all over and wears a UK size 8 (EU 34, US 4) with underbust measurement of roughly around 28″. The Elegance comes in UK sizing, sizes 8-16 which translates roughly to 34-42 in EU sizes (excluding France, Spain and Italy). Even though I am usually a size 10 and Jo a size 8, I did feel the Elegance sleep range does run a bit small so the 10 fitted Jo quite comfortably without much extra looseness. The fabric (which is mostly polyester and elastane) is rather stretchy so you might get away with your regular UK size but just be aware that this way it will be quite clingy!

The bust area of the Cami and the Slip feature lovely stretch lace which is very soft and forgiving for different bust sizes but with size 10, I wouldn’t recommend anyone with above 30F wearing this, unless you don’t mind a very odd shape to your bust line. Even with the stretch lace, the top part squishes a bigger bust to very sad droopy boobs and this is definitely not ideal for support nor aesthetics! This however, is not the fault of the product but something that us GG+ have to get used to now and then. Up to F though, the slip and the cami should do their job fine and the bust area certainly looks great with Jo’s 28F full-on-bottom breasts.

The colour scheme of the set is very pale but even with our Finnish practically white skin tones, it does work pretty anyways. Some people are convinced that pink and red/ginger hair don’t go well together but I disagree on that too – I think the pale pink is a marvelous companion to Jo’s light ginger bob! The print is very unique and on-trend considering that water-colour and painting-like prints have been really “in” for a couple of years or so. Nevertheless, the print is by no means restless and seems like a pretty suitable option for someone wanting either pretty bedroom or loungewear.

When it comes to practicality, the Elegance range does seem to suit boudoir or lounge purposes better than actually sleeping in. Both of us sleep pretty much butt naked or in old longjohn’s (yap, I said it) so for actually sleeping in, these wouldn’t be neither of us’ first choice. However, if you are in a mood of looking/feeling a bit prettier in the morning/evening and feel like slipping into something luxurious, Elegance is a very good quality choice for an affordable price. The slip retails for £32, the cami for £28 and the french knicker for £21. As opposed to some other high-end or even pricier high street brands, this is a fair price for something a bit more special for your loungewear. However, the range does include a lovely plunge bra up to E-cup and some skimpier bottom choices as well, so if you love the print but are not a big fan of sleep/loungewear, you can invest in something a bit more practical as well 😉

What do you think of the Elegance range? Do you wear pretty sleepwear on regular or is it just an occasion-kinda-thing? Let me know in the comments!

Introducing Bitter Lollipop: Tailored Fashion for the Full-Busted

16 Dec

When Kelly, the owner of Bitter Lollipop clothing, emailed me some time ago, I had not heard of her brand and was delighted to be asked to review something from their recently launched AW14 collection. Of course, I knew I had to give Kelly’s baby a big shout out as there are not that many brands making tailored clothing for us full-busted gals. I am not usually a fan of most companies that make full-bust appropriate clothing as they usually come up a bit dull with their designs (with some exclusions of course) so I was smitten to see some nice prints in the Bitter Lollipop collection.

The first dress I tried from the brand was their lovely Riley which appeared to be a bit too big for me. This was the time when Kelly and her tailor were still figuring out the sizing, so I just sent the dress to a fellow blogger so she could try it on. A few weeks later, Kelly asked if I wanted to try either of her New Year inspired dresses and of course I said yes!

Bitter Lollipop designs come in UK sizes 8-16 and two different fits – Busty and Buxom. To determine your size, I would recommend taking a look at the brand’s own size chart. The first time I tried the Riley dress I went for a size 12 Buxom as that was the size the chart put me into. Unfortunately, the sizing was a bit off back then and the dress seemed to fit better someone between UK sizes 12 and 14. However, Kelly quickly fixed the sizing to be more true-to-size and here I am, prancing around in my lovely new Emma dress, size 10 Buxom.

The size 10 Buxom should fit someone with a waist around 27″ and a bust of 38″ but I can tell you that there is a bit of room for size fluctuation with this dress. My waist is currently around 27,5″ tightly measured and the size 10 feels very comfortable and not tight at all. Also the bust part has plenty of room to it and can accommodate my 30H bust easily.

IMG_7772.JPG_effected IMG_7837.JPG_effected
The dress feels incredibly well-made and that really makes up for the price (£129), which can seem a bit high at first. Bitter Lollipop products are handmade in UK which really adds up the value as well. You can literally see that this dress is lovingly crafted by hand and well-though out to suit a curvy body type. It’s lined with a stretchy cotton all the way which makes the dress quite heavy but also really comfortable against skin.

Usually the Bitter Lollipop dresses are about knee-length but this particular dress along with the Isabel fit-and-flare dress are made a bit shorter to make them more appropriate for New Year’s celebrations. I usually wear knee-length dresses but it’s good to have an option. Also, the Emma dress certainly makes my legs look super long! As the style is meant to be festive, I paired it with some red satin pumps (some old YourFace collection), a vintage belt and a feather-y hair clip from H&M. I also added some red lip gloss for extra sparkle 😉

IMG_7801.JPG_effected IMG_7817.JPG_effected
All in all I am extremely impressed with the quality of Bitter Lollipop and it’s safe to say that their designs are a long-awaited addition to any busty girl’s party or work wardrobe. The necklines and hems seems to be appropriate for office and the cuts perfect for a curvy figure. Also, listen up gals! Bitter Lollipop has a FLASH SALE for two days now so you can snatch up your very own Emma dress (or something else as well) with a mighty 50% OFF. That means you’ll only pay £65 for this beauty! The items are made-to-order so it usually takes about 3-5 days to finish the product.

So lovelies, how did you like my Emma dress and the Bitter Lollipop? Also, do check out my lovely friend Sarianna at “the Sweet Vanity” -blog. She was kind enough to take the pics for this post! The makeup and hair is by yours truly 🙂

Suomeksi: Meillä kurvikkailla naisilla ja tytöillä ei ole aina ihan hirveästi valinnanvaraa mitä vaatetukseen tulee – usein napit sinkoilevat paidoista jo heti kättelyssä ja mekot harvoin menevät kiinni vyötärön yläpuolelta. Olinkin siis todella mielissäni kun Kelly “Bitter Lollipop” -nimiseltä merkiltä otti minuun hiljattain yhteyttä. Bitter Lollipop on myös minulle ihan uusi merkki, joten oli mukavaa päästä kokeilemaan heidän uusinta luomustaan, Emma-mekkoa!

Bitter Lollipopin mekot tehdään käsityönä Briteissä ja ne on suunniteltu erityisesti rintaville naisille. UK-kokoja löytyy 8-16 eli EU koissa nämä vastaavat 34-42. Istuvuutta löytyy kahdenlaista, rintavalle sekä todella rintavalle (Busty ja Buxom). Itse kokeilin vaatemerkin uuden vuoden rientoja varten suunniteltua Emma-mekkoa koossa 10 Buxom, joka tuntui olevan juuri oikea kooltaan ja istuvuudeltaan.

Mlyös laadultaan ja mukavuudeltaan Emma tuntuu olevan huippuluokkaa, mikä sitten näkyykin hintalapussa. Onneksi voin kuitenkin todeta, että mekko on todella hintansa (£129) väärti! Jälki on todella siistiä ja mekkoa ryhdittää joustavasta puuvillasta tehty valkoinen vuori. Tyylikin on kohdallaan: Emman kangas heijastaa mukavasti valoa ja näyttää upealta vaikkapa punaisten korkkareiden kanssa!

Jos oma tissiystävällinen mekko kiinnostaa, kannattaa Bitter Lollipopin sivuille suunnistaa NYT. Nettikaupassa on nimittäin meneillään tästä päivästä huomiseen iltaan asti FLASHSALE, jonka aikana valikoiduista tuotteista (mukaan lukien Emma!) saa alennusta 50%. Nyt Emman saisi siis 65 punnalla 😉 Mitä mieltä muuten olet tästä mekosta ja asukokonaisuudesta? Käypä ilahduttamassa minua kommentilla!

My boudoir experience with Andrew Wood Photography

22 Mar

There is a great experience I haven’t told you about yet, mostly due to some technical issues I’ve had recently (read: I wrote an entire post about it and it vanished before publishing, thanks to WordPress). However I can no longer postpone rewriting the whole story to you, since I believe there are so many of my dear friends as well anticipating to hear about my experience with Andrew Wood Photography and my boudoir shoot with them. 

A while ago I saw George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust posting a bunch of lovely pictures of her and to my surprise the very same studio held a competition with FFFB to giveaway a few complimentary photoshoots for some lucky ladies. When I got the email saying I was one of those ladies chosen to do a boudoir photoshoot with Andrew Wood Photography I couldn’t believe my luck. I never win anything! I rushed to call the studio and in no time had booked my very first boudoir shoot. The lovely lady on the phone gave me clear instructions what to bring with me and also told what was going to happen, on my own terms of course.



When the day arrived I was super nervous and ran to the bus stop at seven in the morning, and guess what – I fell. Face down, to the pavement. The bus driver felt so bad for me he literally let me in the bus without even paying anything for it. No wonder, my face was bleeding and bruised. Soon I could see my blood vessels through my cheek, becoming dark and very notable. I thought my shoot would be ruined and called Andrew to ask whether we should do it another time. He was absolutely lovely and told me to get there anyway since the makeup artist was a pro and they could also do some pretty magical airbrushing. Tearing up at the train station I got my ass in the train and finally arrived at the studio in Manchester to face very sympathetic yet a bit amused faces. I got myself a glass of bubbly and finally sat down to the makeup artist’s chair aka the the place where magic happens.

And magic it was. First of all, Rebecca is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. So funny, bubbly and apparently gets along with everyone. She is also a perfectionist and very creative which meant me getting a total makeover from the bruised corpse bride to Cinderella. I requested a vintage-like look which was also one of Rebecca’s favourites to do so we hit off right from the start. As trying desperately to make my victory rolls (apparently my hair is in great condition which means it’s super hard to work with) Rebecca decided to make me a whole crown of rolls pinned up to the top of my head. Needless to say, it looked awesome.


When my makeup and hair was done I got whisked off my photoshoot with Kayleigh who was so lovely and listened to all my wishes and insecurities I had about my body. I am not comfortable showing my tummy area and wanted the pictures to highlight my best features. Kayleigh totally got me and worked with me to get the best out of my face and body. I felt really at ease and actually very confident around her which is great when you are photographed in your undies. 

Soon the photoshoot was over and I got back home with a confidence that my photos had turned out lovely. However when they offered me a time to view my pics when my bf was in town I turned the offer down since I wanted my viewing session to be more about me and wanted to be the very first person to see how I looked, just in case of some awkward poses which is always predictable with these kind of shoots (I am still in a fresh relationship so no embarrassing pictures of me shown to my bf yet, please). 


When I entered the FFFB competition in the first place, I wrote the judges a story about me growing out of my phase of anorexia and how it had affected my self-esteem. It is not easy for someone who has been obsessing about her weight for years to just not think about it anymore – every additional kilogram still makes my heart sink a bit and gives a fair amount of guilt (this is why I have ignored scales for the past two years. As so many people have said, the thoughts never go away permanently. I still struggle to see myself as I really am but the pictures Kayleigh took are helping, big time.

When I saw the retouched pictures (apparently I wasn’t made to look thinner which gave me a great deal of relief somehow) I felt amazing. I sat in the viewing room, tearing up and my mouth half open. I couldn’t believe why I still sometimes feel guilty about some extra pounds. I didn’t intend to buy this many of the pictures but as I see it now, it’s an investment in a better mental health. Andrew Wood Photography also offers the chance to pay for the pictures in a small parts which is exactly what I’m doing. Cause boohoo, I’m a poor student. 

If you, my dear reader, ever have a chance to do a boudoir photoshoot I would recommend it from the bottom of my heart. It can make such a difference to one’s well-being and confidence which a goes a long way when it comes to overall happiness. Hope you enjoyed my story! xx 

PS. If you want to tell me what you think of the pictures, feel free! Comments are always welcomed 🙂 Also, if you have done a boudoir photoshoot yourself, I would love to hear about you experience as well!

Photography: Andrew Wood Photography
Lingerie: Curvy Kate (Tease Me and Carmen, both in 30GG)
Dress: Dorothy Perkins (size 8)

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