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Happy New Year! – What is in store for 2014?

1 Jan

Hello dear readers and the happiest New Year to y’all! I had such a laid-back casual celebration last night and am quite happy that I didn’t end up hitting the night clubs – I wasn’t really in the mood and felt like staying in with a few friends. So my year wrapped up quite nicely. I hope you had a lovely time as well and feel hopeful about the new year we are facing.

My year wasn’t THE best of all with the break up and other social conflicts besides weight gain which has been really hard to accept because of my past with eating disorders. Sometimes I don’t mind all the shit that happens but this year there has been too much of it going on. BUT on the other hand I would like to single out this December which has been great excluding a couple of fights with my ever-so-lovely dad. (Don’t get me wrong, I love him but he is sometimes the most ignorant annoying person that I know…) I also am now “officially” with someone I really love to death, he makes me the happiest girl alive and I have no words to describe how wonderful he is. In addition to that my blog had 18 000 views last month which felt amazing and I can’t thank you all enough. I am so grateful of how my blog has turned out and how much you all have been involved somehow through social media and my comment box. THANK YOU. Also I’d like to thank everyone who has worked with me and made all the reviews, interviews and brand portraits possible; you have all been vital to my success.

Because I love you all so much I would like to reveal you what is store for 2COP in 2014. I have a feeling that this will be such a good year both regarding my personal life and my blog. So what is ahead? Let me hand you some hints..

  • I will be leaving to Liverpool on 5th and as soon as I get my internet access I’ll be reporting you on Bravissimo’s fitting service and their products. I have planned to go bra shopping immediately I arrive since guess what? I GREW OUT OF MY CK SMOOTHIES and my life is ruined. Just kidding but I seriously need a couple of t-shirt bras. 
  • Moda and possible Pure London exhibitions in February which means a lot of info on new lingerie products and brands
  • Full bust shopping in UK aka more OOTD posts (I haven’t bought a single piece of clothing since Sep, I might just die out of happiness when I get to Liverpool One)
  • So many bra reviews!
  • A blogiversary in February which will mean some goodies to you my dear readers! Remember to follow me through e-mail and/or social media to find out about any giveaways I’ll be hosting. You’ll find the links on the sidebar –>

So those were the ones that come to my mind right now but sure there will be plenty of topics I’ll be covering this year. Happy last days of holidays to everyone, enjoy! xx

More About Soph – The Love Edition

21 Oct

Hi lovelies, waddup? I have been doing great recently and today I feel like posting something completely different from the usual boob stuff. So no boobs in this post, sorry! I have been writing almost 9 months now and more actively just a few months so I decided to share a bit of myself as a person to you. After all there is not much that you know about me, just the tip of a very large iceberg. So as I am not a much of an over-sharer usually here on my blog, I’ll reveal some stuff that you might want to know. I kind of want to get to know you better so feel free to comment below and tell a bit about yourself, something that you find interesting 🙂

First I’m going to tell you about things I enjoy and love…


I love travelling! And street musicians. The first time I travelled to a foreign country was when I was about six and we visited Sweden with my family. Since then I have been in Sweden about seven times or so and many more places in addition; Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary x 2, Austria, UK (London x 2, Edinburgh, Glasgow), Ireland and USA. I can’t wait to travel to Liverpool in January and spend three whole months in UK. As you may have guessed Britain is my number one holiday destination and I always long to go back while living here in gloomy Finland.

What is one of my go to things when abroad is getting to know the music culture of the place I’m visiting. One of my favourite destinations Dublin has an amazing music scene from rock to pop and traditional Irish music. What really makes my night is good music, Bulmers and talking to strangers. Cause I love speaking English.


Speaking of Bulmers, I find a lot of alcoholic drinks quite yummy. I know it sounds bad but I have a serious weakness for great beer, wine, dry apple cider and whisky. I’m not the kind of person to get absolutely mortal but what can I say, apple cider (Bulmers, Happy Joe, Somersby) is like a pile of cookies; you just can’t take one and leave it there! BUT as I am a uni student we have a lot of parties and I have actually made a decision to drink only on special occasions so that my life and drinking habits don’t run off the track. Which means I am quite often sober when I party or go to a bar.


I have the most amazing family and friends. We fight, we cry, we love and smile but whatever happens we stick together. It was not like that years ago when I had “friends” who used to walk all over me each time they got a chance. Then I grew a pair of balls and now I’m happier than ever. I have 11 people in my life that I truly love from the bottom of my heart and in addition many more wonderful people around me. I think that’s quite an accomplishment! And what we usually do together? Basically whatever comes to our minds; watch (Disney) movies or Geordie Shore, go sled-riding, go for a walk or a run, play badminton, spend a night out, play board games or just eat and gossip.


Do I like princess-y stuff? Oh yes I do. I also have a weird obsession of “Despicable Me” and “Moomins.” (Click if you don’t know what Moomins are, YOU NEED TO KNOW) So basically, I’m a grown up child who will never stop watching cartoons and getting excited of Barbies. What is great is that my friends are actually just about as crazy as me so I’m pretty contempt with my obsession.


I love eating, cooking and baking! These are actually the things that make me the happiest. After getting over my eating disorder I have learned to enjoy every aspect of food. I love chocolate, meat, cupcakes, berries and pasta. I actually eat what ever I want nowadays and really like how something so necessary to living can be so delicious. Which reminds me of my decision to bake cupcakes today…


Other things I love: adventures, doing hair and makeup, Florence & the Machine, live gigs, forests, camping, walking, running, James Bond, photography, 19th & 20th century European art, water fountains, men, the Holiday movie, Dr. Martens, Converse, postcards, bathing, festivals, yellow raincoats, dancing, painting, drawing, snow, old English buildings with crappy heating, castles, female rappers, pubs, MY ONESIE, Artek, architects, playing guitar, singing, Ellie Goulding, throwing parties, making Halloween costumes, planning, lipstick, writing, kissing, dishes, old hats and tutu skirts.

That’s it for this time! I’m probably gonna make a Hate Edition sometime soon so stay tuned for it 😉 And remember to comment below! What aspects of your life do you love? Let me know!

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