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Shopping For My Hourglass Figure – Let’s Talk About Size Charts

2 Nov

I am so sorry for neglecting you loves for a few days now – my grandpa just passed away and I wanted to take a moment to just grieve and also give myself a little me-time. However, now I am back and want to keep posting more regularly. Today, I wanted to tackle the topic of women’s sizing these days and talk a little bit about what we mean when we say that something is true-to-size.

I know sizing can be a difficult topic to discuss – it always raises an battle of wills and opinions as we all think differently about sizes and also have different emotional bonds to our dress size. When you used to fit into say, size 8 and then need a 12 with some random piece of clothing, it will stir maybe some swear words or even tears. I used wear a size 6 but have now gone up to 10, even after I slimmed down a couple of inches on my waist. I have battled the fear of sizes above 8 since I got ill with anorexia even though each brand fits differently and your dress size doesn’t actually MEAN anything special.

I was never very small when I was child – just a regular sized kid with a fuller bust that made me feel fat at a very young age. I developed breasts at age eleven and I got teased for it quite a bit as I was not supposed to be curvy when others still looked like children. At age 16 I started to develop disordered eating habits and thoughts regarding my body – just because I felt so isolated from other teenage girls. I was not flat, I was not sporty and I definitely wasn’t slim in my opinion. However, I was never above UK size 10-12 so my weight wasn’t a problem at any point – but still, it was a big issue for me. I never got my boobs to fit into anything that was less than a size 10 and I was frustrated as I felt so big compared to others.

In the above picture I am not at my smallest but at a point where I started to recover from anorexia and was breaking up from my ex at the same time. I was gaining weight and shimmed myself into my old size 8 Oasis dress which dramatically ripped from its back seam at that very occasion (my sister’s matriculation party). I was devastated as I felt that I couldn’t live up to that size 8 standard anymore. Damn Oasis! Damn my old dress which had been a bit loose about a year ago.

I took a look at Oasis size chart today and currently their size 8 is meant for a 25,6″ waist and a size 10 for a 27,6″. With British sizing, dress sizes usually escalate the way that each dress size accommodates a two inch larger waist than the previous one. However, most brands have very different size charts to each other and I find a lot of people using the terms “true-to-size” and variations of it while describing brand sizing. To me, this seams odd since every blogger and consumer seems to have a different opinion on what “true-to-size” means.


True-to-size compared to what? With bras, there is a more solid ground to compare the sizing – some well-established brands can be compared to as they usually fit very similarly. By well-established I mean eg Eveden brands and Panache. Also there are less brands in the business which makes the comparison easier. However, with regular clothing the sizes vary so much that it’s actually pretty hard to come up with some kind of standard fit to compare brands to. I have found that many brands’ size 10 fit about 28″ waist but I have also seen a few bloggers call those brands to run big. As dress size is a rather sensitive topic, I feel a bit “meh” about this kind of categorizing as it gives you the impression that some brands and their size charts are more or less right or wrong.

Besides being inconsistent from brand to brand, sizing can also be inconsistent inside a certain brand. I am wearing a Dorothy Perkins size 8 in the picture above though their size chart would put me somewhere near size 12. After trying a few styles in-store, I realized they fitted very inconsistently and I would definitely not dare to order from them online because the sizing is so hit-and-miss.

Pic by the lovely Tania (see the squished boob – not attractive!)

I also find the different body part measurements a bit tricky. For instance, some brands might both measure 28″ at waist with size 10 but then measure 34″ or 36″ at bust. This is why talking about something being “true-to-size” doesn’t make sense – which one of the measurements fits true-to-size; bust, waist or hips, all or none? Also some brands come up with measurements that seem super unfair to me – but this is just my subjective view on the matter. Let’s take some very common measurements for UK size 10: 34-28-38. Does this seem realistic to you? My answer would be yes, to some body types. When I see 36″ instead of 34″ I jump with joy as the 34″ bust measurement is a far cry from my 39-40″ bust and with 36″ I might be able squeeze myself into a dress that is still a bit too snug.

I am all for making clothes for every body type – pears, apples, hourglasses, and lollipops etc. but there is far too little choices for people who actually don’t fit the 34-28-38 frame. I myself am about 39-28-38 which means I have very hard time finding clothing that would look and feel good, not to mention getting the zipper past my upper torso. So many brands are favouring girls with a pear shaped or straight body type and it saddens me cause I can never live up to that standard.

This was it for this time but I would love to extend the conversation to the comment box – how do you feel about today’s sizing standards and where do you usually find clothes to suit your body type? xx

Rant time – Dressing big boobs

2 Apr

Today I want to talk about something that has bothered me recently even more than previously and I can’t hold it in – after all I have a wonderful media for this kind of rants. I wanna talk about dressing big boobs and how difficult it is when they cross the G-barrier. I have always been aware that I can’t really try all the trends and all the fashionable shapes since I own a pair of D+ boobs. I have been told by my mom that “Sorry hun, those just will not fit into a size XS anymore” which is honest but brutal to hear when you are a rather slim 14-year-old. Not the thing you wanna hear when shopping for clothes, rather desperately I might add.

My boobs grew when I was about eleven and I started wearing my 32A on 5th grade (should have probably worn a 28C). I was the first one in my class and when I look back now it was pretty devastating to hear from other kids “You’re fat!” just because you start to develop a womanly figure while being so young. I sucked it up and handled it the way 11-year-olds do – shut my mouth and developed an eating disorder. Not a way to go, I assure you.

When my boobs got even bigger I couldn’t really do the box-y shirt thing like others my age. I still did and wanted to do it so badly that I ended up reminding a massive box walking on two sticks. Not an attractive look but I wanted to convince myself I was just like other girls, just a bit curvier. I also wore shirts that were pulled quite high by my boobs and again was teased by other kids cause they could see a tiny slice of my belly. I personally didn’t care that much but for others it was apparently a big deal.

There are definitely some complaints I’d like to make about dressing boobs in a world we live now: one of them is that you end up looking heavier than you actually are by wearing the kind of baggy sweaters and t-shirts fashion world just loves to death. I bought a lovely thick box-shaped sweater from Urban Outfitters a couple of months ago and I must say, as nice as it might look on someone else it’s not the most flattering look on me. I hate how I end up looking way heavier than I am and it is the kind of clothing that was one of the reasons for my anorexia back in the days. When dressing up in baggy shirts you will only see how big you look in them and feel a bit frumpy about your looks. But what can you do, fashion is fashion and you can’t really affect the clothing manufacturers. 

The common “sin” when wearing regular clothes on big boobs is the amount of attention your form-fitting “too sexy” clothing attracts. However this kind of sexy clothing is usually something that would look just cute or pretty on someone with a smaller bust, and you are making it look inappropriate just by the curves God gave you. Makes me super mad and even though I find my figure-hugging dresses lovely and flattering I have had comments about them looking way too sexy and uncomfortably tight. Well, let me tell you something my friend, they might look uncomfortable to you but do you know how uncomfortable it makes me that you are looking at it that way even though I just wanted to look NICE, for once. It seems like people feel like they are entitled to comment on someone’s clothing even with sporting a whole other bodytype which might be ten times less hard to dress “appropriately”. 

When this kind of talk about my clothes arises, especially while wearing something form-fitting yet otherwise totally modest, you can only imagine the looks of contempt when I have a full-on cleavage going on. I personally enjoy my cleavage and I think it looks good but there are definitely times when people actually stop and stare it like it’s some kind of exhibition object. It’s not but I don’t mind the stares unless you are going to say something inappropriate or judging. Cause judging is the worst you can do to someone who can’t choose their boobs and happen to have a cleavage when the dress is a bit too tight over her boobs or the cut of the neckline is low. My sister goes out wearing a tank top and my mom says nothing. I wear a tank top when seeing my mom and she literally tries to yank the neckline up just to notice it sliding down after a few seconds. This is my life and I require some respect and sympathy as well, even though my cleavage might be offending you.

So here’s a piece of advise for you who feel entitled for your comments about my or my busty friends’ clothing choices – try to dig your head out of your ass and put yourself in our shoes. It is hard enough to learn to like your curves and dress them nicely, we don’t need anyone to make it even harder. 

DD+ OOTD – the Ultimate Party Dress

19 Jan


Good Sunday to y’all! I have been whisked off from pub to another over the past three days which is why I haven’t been writing or even indulged myself in the full-bust world. But yeah, now I’m back with an outfit aaand a small rant since I’m feeling BETRAYED by my favourite clothing brand.

Let’s start with the outfit. This dress has not made an appearance in my blog yet but to be honest it’s my favourite party dress ever. I wear it each time I have a wardrobe crisis before an important event, it never fails and always earns a few compliments. I actually bought this beauty at Oasis in London a couple of years ago in size 8 which I can pretty successfully still squeeze into, even though I’m more of a size 10 nowadays. This dress nips me perfectly at the waist and flatters my figure by hugging it from just the right places. I have also bought a couple of other items from Oasis in the past which have been great for my then-30F bust.

This leads us to the rant. Cause you know what happened when I landed in UK and eagerly went to see my dear friend Oasis again? Zippers not going up, zero boob space and a few tears. Well not literally tears but you bet I wanted to cry. I am very loyal to brands that get me and my body which is why I was devastated to see that they weren’t loyal to ME anymore. And now you want to say it’s not their fault I’m not 30F anymore – see, my size 8 dress zips up fine. I hate it when a brand I love changes their sizing standards and I felt completely let down by the one that was supposed to offer me the perfect Valentine’s day dress for my date. Thanks a shit loads, Oasis. (Don’t worry, I still love your designs but would LOVE to be able to wear them as well.)

What about the jacket then? Absolutely buzzing. I have been searching for a jacket like this which actually fits over my bust and finally Forever21 came to help me. I went into their store a couple of days ago and was certainly not looking for a jacket but when I was reaching one part of the first floor I felt a really weird sensation. You know, the kinda feeling when you think someone’s watching you. I know it sounds bullshit but then I turned around and saw it and BANG, it was love at first sight. This lovely thing is a size Small and cost me about 25 quids which is a total bargain.

So now I’m still one dress short from being ready for Valentine’s. Next up in the search of THE Perfect Dress will be River Island so fingers crossed I find something nice. I’m celebrating Valentine’s day a bit early since bf will be here (!!!!) a week before the actual day but nevertheless my Valentine’s week will be very special because I’m hosting my first blogiversary during that week. So stay tuned and remember to follow 2COP to get first-hand info on the celebrations taking place that week 😉

Dear Father, I have sinned: Confessions on going braless

28 Nov


When it comes to holidays and celebrations in general I have a VERY bad habbit I’m about to confess you right here, right now: I sometimes wear a dress too tight when it comes to my boobs. And that my dear friends means I can’t even stuff a bra between the dress and myself. I know, it is absolutely horrible and gets worse each time my boobs grow a bit.

This season is always a tricky one for me; lots of parties to attend to but also a loads of food to get stuck directly on my chest. No, they don’t go to butt, nor my thighs. Straight to my boobs, and I know many people would enjoy that. The thing is as a student my dress funds are limited and I often turn to old goodies; those that were bought about three cup sizes ago. This leads to very tricky situations when getting the dress on but also to enormous cleavage (as seen above) and eyes popping out of my friends’ heads (note that they are mostly girls). 

So I’m definitely not a perfect example of dressing my boobs appropriately, not at all. I just read a wonderful piece by By Baby’s Rules on how we as lingerie and bra fit bloggers never claimed to perfect. That particular post got me thinking about me as a blogger, my faults and mistakes that I make and how some of our readers are very eager to pinpoint “false” bra fitting or ill-fitting clothes/bras in our posts. I’m speaking of “us” as a group since I know so many other bloggers who have experienced the same.

So now that I have come out of closet with my bralessness I want to add WHY I sometimes compromise on fit. If you, my dear reader, are a big busted gal as well you might know the reasons but as I know that there are many more average-sized/moderately proportioned girls as well reading, I need to emphasize the reasons I sometimes choose to wear eg dresses that are way too small for me in the bust area. 

Well, I happen to be generally a size 8-10 in British sizes (4-6 in US) which means I have pretty slim waist and quite a flat butt. Add zero hips to that and you can’t make me wear anything above size 10. BECAUSE I want to look fit, I want to look my size. I do not want to hide my waist and small butt under baggy clothes just because I happen to own a pair of proportionally big boobs compared to rest of my body. Well, you might suggest labels like Pepperberry etc but I have to admit it, they don’t do much for me and my style. I need to wear clothes that scream my name to be happy and this is why I often go for brands that are not designed for full busts.

It is very vain and superficial to wear clothes or bras just for their appearance but we big busted gals have a RIGHT to wear pretty stuff as well. Luckily there are so many labels out there making cups up to K cup etc but sometimes you just need to have something that’s a little bit off. Just for the look of it. We have a right to compromise BUT that does not mean I will promote not wearing a bra even if I do it from to time to time. I truly believe wearing a bra most of the time is crucial to your health but when I choose to just look pretty and cleavage-y I prefer not to get snark for it.

More About Soph: The Hate Edition

17 Nov

Guess who’s back, gue-guess who’s back? It’s Slim Sh.. Soph! I couldn’t help myself, I love Eminem. Besides that I am full of love anyways right now so it feels a bit wrong to write a Hate Edition today. But! I need to calm down so I won’t be too happy cause really, there are so many good things in my life atm. I have met someone really nice (with my luck he’s reading this without me knowing it) and my birthday is on Saturday. 

However, since this is a Hate Edition after all I need to talk about some bad annoying things that I constantly come across in my life. I recently got ill and that is the reason I haven’t written a line in two whole weeks. I am constantly sleepy, taking naps and apparently I have some kinda infection in my body that is nowhere to be seen or found. It’s like a fucking ghost haunting me and no doctor can detect it. Final blood test results will be sorted tomorrow but I have a feeling they won’t find anything.. Stupid infection. Which leads us to my first “hate”…

Medical institutions

I can’t stand them. They scare the shit out of, I have to queue for hours and there are always sick smelly people and screaming children around. I know it sounds horrible and all but I can’t help it that each time I enter a hospital or a health-care centre I want to scream and cry out of pure anger. Also I hate the feeling of being in a mercy of another person and not knowing what’s wrong with me. Call me a control freak and it’s true.



I’m gross, I get it. I have trouble eating anything close to healthy and it disgusts me probably more than it disgusts you. I try to learn to eat veggies but they are not my thing. I mean broccoli, steamed veggies, cold meat mixed into a salad.. Ewww. I TRY seriously and ate really delicious veggie soup last Monday at my sister’s but other than that I hardly ever find vegetables tasty. Which leads me to hate..


People who bitch about food

Stop it! I don’t want to hear! I eat my candy, chocolate cake, pizza and cookies no matter what you say. YES, they have a lot of calories, YES they contain fat and sugar. So what? Seriously this might sound like I’m just annoyed but really it’s offensive to bitch about someone’s diet or moan about your own. How would you feel if you just recovered from eating disorder and everyone goes rubbing it against your face each time they get a chance? It’s not funny, it’s not “normal” in any sense. It’s offensive, hurtful and above all triggering. So yo bitches, don’t touch me ice cream.



Oh noes, you are not getting me up there. Elevators with glass walls, London Eye (above) and anything that goes above two feet above ground is a big no-no. I can’t go climbing, big bridges scare the shit out of me and it is actually pretty ridiculous. I have literally screamed aloud in a CHURCH when me and my mom took an elevator to the dome. I sat on the elevator floor and screamed out of horror.

Narrow-minded, selfish people who can’t even argue with me decently

Aka arseholes. I am not saying that I hate everyone who disagrees with me or is somehow different but when you pass judgment on me, look down on me or make a sexist “joke” I will not stay silent. That includes also in-laws, parents and employers. The last thing I will do is be silent when you act like a douchebag. I don’t have basic sense of humility or respect for authority (as my boss says, there is no need for respect if it’s not earned) so if you make a sexist joke, I will punch you in the face with my words. Deal with it.

Other things I loathe to death:

Banana strings, pea soup, spinach soup, school PE lessons, playing clarinet (don’t ask), studying natural science, stupid tv commercials, fish skin, bad bra fitters, bullies, being stopped by a fund raiser (I AM A FUCKING STUDENT I DON’T HAVE MONEY), being penniless, jeans or anything too tight and restrictive, men who are waaaaaaay too confident, scifi movies, Rammstein, autotune, paying bills, getting older, when stores are closed and I feel like eating cookies, losing someone, jealousy, people with no sense of humour and take themselves way too seriously, people who scream without a reason.


Hope that you found this interesting and be sure to check out my Love Edition for some more positive thoughts! 😉 I’ll be back soon with a Panache Sports Bra review so stay tuned lovelies. I promise to be more active now that I have almost completed all my uni work. AND my three month stay in Liverpool gets closer and closer which means even more blogging and exciting new posts for next year!

Basket case – with a heart beneath it all

29 Oct


Hi! Apparently I’m the most efficient during night time so I wanted to put up a post for you – discussing looks, mostly my hair, style and boobs this time. This topic came to mind recently since I’ve been hitting bars lately. Like A LOT. Being single and having boobs and a certain sense of fashion is not always easy and I wanted to rant but also make you think about it from my perspective. Now I must say that YOU GUYS OUT THERE, listen up cause I’m sick of you judging me for various reasons.

This started out as mild amusement towards men who have a tendency to look at me from head to toe each time I walked through a bar door. Staring with eyes like massive plates I used to just laugh it all off, think how funny your gazes were and go on with my life. Girls looking at me were even funnier. Eat your heart out, I used to think. Then I started to miss male company, I started to miss being in a relationship.

I must confess, I’m not much of a single girl at heart. I don’t know how to hit on guys, I am actually quite shy when it comes to men I really like and am interested in. On the contrary that is not how I look; I actually seem like an arrogant bitch to some people, or so it seems. Last time I went to a bar with studded red suede heels with a massive pink bun on my head. I was a show stopper, big time. I live in a city where anyone looking like that gets basically stoned for being such a cocky-ass bitch. However, I love everything bold and colourful. Everything that looks like me. This is where we get to the root of my problem.

I love to look how I look but to other people I seem to be a red flag, waiting to be teared up by a herd of bulls. It scares people off, it makes me seem arrogant, it makes me less approachable. Add a pair of G cups and it makes me a damn slut. To some. I hate noticing after a wild dancing session everyone staring at me and whispering. You say I asked for it, I say I just wanted to dance. I go talking to a strange man, I’m almost begging for dirty looks from fellow women. And again, I was just trying to get to know someone.

Getting to know a new guy is a whole other story. I love men, but then again I hate you so dearly for being dicks about my appearance. “Omg, how can wear that?” is probably one of the worst things to say to a girl and believe me, I hear it a lot. I mean, does it make me a bad person if I wear something you wouldn’t? Does my outfit define me as a person? Hell no. Cause today I dress like this, tomorrow like something completely different. I am a gangsta, then a pin-up, another day a sports chick. What does that say about me? That I’m versatile, I feel differently about myself and the world each day and dress for that mood. The only thing that my outfit of the night tells you, is how I felt when I left my house. Try to read me like a book, it will be a failure. Promise. 

I recently saw this super funny video made by hilarious Jenna Marbles about what a girl’s hair means. It was right to the point; now you can judge girls even faster cause hey, their hairstyle says everything you need to know (NOT). Like I will suck your dick cause I have pink hair! Seriously, it’s funny now but think about it for one more minute and you’ll start to see how scary it is how people make crazy assumptions on your character just by looking at your hair, makeup or eg boobs. I mean WHY?  You guys who stare at me like some cheap piece of pork meat, did you know that I too have feelings, I can be a wonderful girlfriend and the most giving loving person on the earth? No, you didn’t. And meanwhile I could have been someone’s dream future wife, you would never know cause I had that damn pink hair. Which obviously told you I’m not girlfriend material.

I am so sick of this small town that wants to drown me in all its grayness and suffocate me with it’s prejudiced little people who apparently know all about me. I want to get to know people, I want to enjoy and hell I want to enjoy my clothes and cleavage when I feel like it without constant judgement passed upon me. I will never please everyone but at least hate me for who I am, not for what I look like.

PS. In the pic above are me and my little sister Ems. Stylish est 1992 and rocking the look.

Redefining “Sexy” – What’s up with the high-waisted knickers?

11 Oct

I had a really inconvenient experience yesterday in a swimming hall shower room. I was taking a shower before entering the pool area and put on my bikini – a high-waisted bikini bottom and Freya “Hello Sailor” bikini top. I thought “This is going well, no one has looked at me weirdly yet.” UNTIL, I had a feeling of two eyes staring at me from the other side of the room. It was a little girl, pre-puberty had just hit her clearly and she stared at me with amazement. In the moment I crossed her gaze she turned to her friend and whispered something to her “very” discreetly. I got another gaze and felt like I was about to scream “Yo, u little bitches, I’m damn hot in my high-waisted panties, deal with it!” 

I’m sorry, I called 11-year-olds “bitches” but I assure you, they can be quite cruel and rude to their peers and apparently to older people as well. The shamelessness. Anyways, the point is that those girls’ reactions were something I had expected. Which is kind of sad cause I honestly think my panties are hot as hell. BUT why is it that high-waisted briefs are regarded granny panties in today’s world?


To me, high-waisted briefs are actually the ultimate essence of hotness. Look at just Parfait’s bestseller Charlotte! Damn sexy and nowhere near granny. To me these panties represent the glamour feel of 50’s, the era when a high-waisted knicker was more of an essential piece of underwear than a piece worn by only a small group of women. 


Though I can’t wear What Katie Did’s bras I can still lust after their french knickers! These panties just have that something… Besides the looks highwaisted knickers are also extremely comfy. I’m not the most proud of my tummy area and I love how they hide it and keep the cookie pouch controlled. Also they make wearing tights a bit less lumpy!


Above: Huit “Icone” and eLai “Bijou


Also high-waisted knickers can give some underwear the right fun twist they need. I love how Claudette takes a sexy suspender brief to another level by the amazing colour combo and the high-rise cut. 

What do you think of high-waisted panties? Do you regard them more sexy than granny panties, or vice versa?

Four pieces of clothing I crave for full busts

26 Aug

I know, I’ve been awfully busy lately but I promise it’s gonna change very soon! I hate this phase that us Finns go through in late August: nothing feels appropriate to wear and nothing inspires since the weather gets all weird (warm before afternoon and chilly in the evenings). Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn; the colours, and layers of warm fuzzy clothing BUT I also hate it when my options get more limited the more I need to add those layers.

As many of my fellow bloggers have written as a full bust gal I also deserve to wear the latest trends, even though my boobs try to fight against it. I mean, girls, don’t fight the inevitable! I’ll always love fashion whether you want it or not. Here are some pieces of clothing that make me go gimme-gimme.

1. Bralet tops


Okay, maybe not a piece of clothing for autumn BUT I’d totally wear this pink bralet top by Made in Preston with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cardigan. I could make it work! Anyways, this is a piece I’ve wanted in my size for YEARS and now it’s finally made in full-bust sizes (bra size+ dress size = must work!). More of these, please! And crop tops for full busts in general.. Ooh, I’d definitely rock one with long sleeves for autumn! An aztec print crop top with long sleeves? Want one. (I’m sorry, I sometimes release my inner fashion designer and she gets wild.)

2. Peplums that don’t make me look like I’m pregnantImage

And these with long sleeves too? What is the thing that drives me gaga with peplums is how they are usually designed for shorter women with smaller boobs and waists and I’m NOT that girl! I’m the girl with broad shoulders, big boobies, arm flab and curves that only exist on my chest and belly so this is something that might never work for me. But I want it to work for me! So bad! This lovely peplum top is by Pepperberry which also sells clothes for busty women and I’d love to see how it works on my frame (probably badly but a girl can dream).

3. Leather jackets and winter coats that flatter curves


…And also want this one. I love these Oasis coats/jackets to death and could maybe, just MAYBE, make them work for me. What I noticed full-bust brands don’t really make are some warm outerwear options which would definitely be welcomed with cheers if someone would take the first step. Please, someone, anyone? I want to see unconventional styles and flattering cuts and most importantly waists that hit my actual waits, not my boobies. Brands; take notes.

4. Cardigans and long-sleeved options for autumnImage

This wrap-top by DD Atelier is just seriously cool but once again, even more options would be great. This would serve me as a basic with a little twist but I wan’t something completely silly and outrageous that fit my bust as well. That is something that is missing the industry and I’m dying to see more or even ANY crazy fashion-forward pieces from DD+ brands.

So this is it for the rant, now I need actions. There are sooo many girls out there and especially here in Scandinavia that don’t fit into the long-legs-straight-body frame and I want to see some serious options for us who really enjoy high-fashion but happen to own a pair of big boobs. I want us to have a choice, not only a few styles to settle for. Pretty please, we need those coats here in Finland.

What are the fashion pieces you’d want to fit you perfectly this autumn? 

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