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Time to Get Active! – Shock Absorber “Multi Sports Support Bra” in 32G

14 Jan

It’s the same story each year – people make new year’s resolutions to be more active and eat more healthily this year. I have always detested such resolutions as they show up as a peak in gym attendances but fiddle away somewhere mid-February. I don’t mean to be depressing, but I do believe more in a lifestyle change that lasts longer than two months – or even the whole year. What about making a resolution that this year, you will take on exercising the way that next new year you don’t have to make such resolutions anymore?

I am a big fan of doing sports myself but I never liked it when I was in school. I hated doing stuff “because I had to” so I did the absolute minimal and decided that I was just not built for sports – which is absolute bull since all people need to and most can do it when they find the right way. When I did get into running though on my second year of high school, I was left with another problem after finding my motivation – what should I do about these big ol’ boobs of mine? I first started working out with a regular bra and after a few runs with 30E boobs, I decided that I needed something sturdier. My mom took me to a local department store and so I got my first size 32D Shock Absorber bra (which was a bit of a wrong size for me but it worked for the time being).

I loved my Shock Absorber bras dearly for a few years but after starting this blog, I waved them goodbye and swapped almost completely to Panache Sports bra. Recently I was in contact with an online store called Knicker Locker who are running a sports bra campaign this month – get £5 off your Shock Absorber bra (use the code 5OFFSHOCK) – and I knew this would be the perfect time to revisit my old love. Knicker Locker was kind enough to send me a Shock Absorber Multi Sports Support bra for a review so let’s see how I liked it after all these years!


Design: As it has been two and half years since I last tried this particular bra, there has been some minor changes to the style. The style is more simplistic than what it used to be with just some contrasting trimming going around the bra instead of full-on colour-blocking. I spy some new rad prints on the SA website though so that is also something that I haven’t seen them doing before. This season’s colourway is a lovely coral pink shade that I personally really like.

Also the shape of the bra is a bit better than before – it is a bit more rounded and uplifted instead of just a squished mono-boob. I enjoy this feature as I hated how flat the old version of this bra looked on me. I know you are not supposed to go “showing off” at the gym but I still want look nice as it makes me feel better even when sweating like a pig. The inside of the bra is still lined with a layer of boob-separating fabric which is supposed to keep cleavage sweat to minimum. The back part of the bra features two hook and eye closures: this makes the bra a bit like a racerback and supports the bust in a best way possible.

Fit: Knicker Locker carries the Multi Sports bra up to UK G-cup so I went for 32G which I believed to be my correct size. I remembered from my past experience with the bra that it would run tight in the band and big-ish in the cup and I had remembered right: the 32G fitted like a dream. I was actually a bit worried that the band would come up too small as I used to wear a 32 with it even when being two dress sizes smaller than now. However, in the G-cup the band fitted me just right – very snugly yet not uncomfortably tight.

Also the cup size estimation was spot-on as this brand usually runs about a cup size big – at least in the larger cups. I usually wear a pretty solid 30H at the moment so I would definitely recommend sizing down a cup size to get the best support you can. Sports bras are meant to squish your boobs down a bit to keep them against the body and thus they cannot be loose in any way to work as they are supposed to. As this particular style does not have any underwires it is called a compression-style sports bra which is something I have been leaning towards to recently. It’s not that I don’t like the Panache Sports bra anymore – it’s just that I don’t always need the wiring and a compression style feels a bit lighter when putting on.

Comfort: So this is definitely the most important aspect of a sports bra – how it feels on and supports you through a workout. I have tested the SA Multi Sports during multiple group workouts – as that’s what I mainly do. These sports have included dance lessons, Pilates, BodyPump etc and I have found it to work as well as it did a couple of years back. There is almost no bounce at all – with my boobs completely no bounce is impossible – and it does not leave my upper body feeling sore after a intense session of jumping, running and dancing. I love the upper hook and eye closure of the bra as it keeps the straps in place and the back of the bra really sturdy. Even though the band is very snug in general, I don’t find it so tight I couldn’t breath so that’s definitely a plus!

The materials are very high-quality for such an affordable (£33 before the discount!) sports bra and they don’t get nasty-looking after a few months like some other sports bras do. This sports bra will be worth the £££ to be sure! It also wicks moist from your skin which makes it comfortable to wear through the sweatiest of workouts.

If you would like to try the Shock Absorber Multi Sports bra, do check it out on the Knicker Locker e-commerce shop. The bra is sold in 30-40 E-G so the size range is pretty good and after the discount, it’s a steal for £28.

What was your favourite sports bra of 2015? Any sports goals for this year? Let me know in the comments below! xx

PS. I am really weirded out by how I look without my hair done and minimum makeup so the pics are are a bit “meh” in my opinion. But since I am never doing my hair to go to the gym, why fake it!

The sports bra of my life: Shock Absorber Multi Sports

3 Jul

I used to hate sports all the way through high school, I hated the teachers, all the competitiveness and above all I hated the bounce my breasts made when I tried to keep up with the other girls. I was never particularly good at anything until my PE lessons stopped and I found the wonders of running. My dad is running marathon so of course he was over the moon when I finally did something athletic and offered to buy me some sports clothes. I ran for a long time in my regular 34C bras (ouch!) but when I started to run 7 k four times a week I decided to ask my mom to take me bra shopping. I went to a well known department store and got my first 32D Shock Absorber – which I loved.

Ever since Shock Absorber has been my go-to bra whatever sports I’m doing at a time. Now my size has increased to 32F but the bra never fails me. Here are some details on te bra.

Design: Shock Absorbers are one of the most colourful sports bras you can imagine. I originally hated the look of sports bras when I was buying my first one. Then I saw a bra with purple-navy combination and started to warm up for the idea of wearing one. Shock Absorber offers a lot of colour combos and this summer’s design is lovely pink-purple combination which I personally looooove for its girliness. It’s also designed to press your breasts towards the body so the silhouette is very low-profile which I prefer when working out. (I actually love to dance hip hop so bullet bra styled sports bra is not my go-to option at all..)Image

Fit: Shock Absorbers are REALLY tight on the band so I recommend sizing up to your nearest sister size which in my case means 30FF to 32F . The 32 band feels actually like a snug 30-band so it’s easy to pick up even at my town’s sports stores for they don’t really carry 30 backs, not to mention 28s. The “cups” are true to size and the neck line comes up quite high so there is no cleavage whatsoever if you go for the right size which I prefer when doing high-impact sports. Also make sure that the bra comes up high enough on your armpits since it’s really easy to get terrible sideboob when wearing the wrong sized sports bra.

This bra is compression sports bra which means it does not have any wires to keep your boobs uplifted and separated from each other. This might bother some of you but with my 32Fs I’m coping just fine. It has maximum support level so for that matter I would expect it to suit many sizes if compression style is not something you want to avoid.

Comfort: Because of the bra style it’s really important to keep in mind your own preferences and the size of your breasts. As I’m at the beginning or middle of most full bust size ranges I feel like my boobs are quite comfortable in a compression bra. I don’t sweat on my mid-riff or bust area that much so wirelessness is not a problem for I don’t get any inconvenient boob sweat. However, if your boobs are larger than mine or you sweat a lot you might prefer wires to separate your breasts from each other for comfort reasons.

Otherwise I can imagine this bra to suit many woman and the bra does have quite an impressive size range (A 32-734, B/C 32-38, D-HH 28-40). It has great wide shoulder straps and two pieces of band to close the bra and keep it secure. The band does not lose its elasticity for a long time, I can wear my Shock Absorbers even two years with almost the same amount of support as when they were brand new. This makes them one of the best sports bras on full-bust market and I love mine to death!


Pahoittelen, mun ääni kuulostaan jotenkin super-ärsyttävältä! Video vääristää, toivottavasti.

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