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Shopping For My Hourglass Figure – Let’s Talk About Size Charts

2 Nov

I am so sorry for neglecting you loves for a few days now – my grandpa just passed away and I wanted to take a moment to just grieve and also give myself a little me-time. However, now I am back and want to keep posting more regularly. Today, I wanted to tackle the topic of women’s sizing these days and talk a little bit about what we mean when we say that something is true-to-size.

I know sizing can be a difficult topic to discuss – it always raises an battle of wills and opinions as we all think differently about sizes and also have different emotional bonds to our dress size. When you used to fit into say, size 8 and then need a 12 with some random piece of clothing, it will stir maybe some swear words or even tears. I used wear a size 6 but have now gone up to 10, even after I slimmed down a couple of inches on my waist. I have battled the fear of sizes above 8 since I got ill with anorexia even though each brand fits differently and your dress size doesn’t actually MEAN anything special.

I was never very small when I was child – just a regular sized kid with a fuller bust that made me feel fat at a very young age. I developed breasts at age eleven and I got teased for it quite a bit as I was not supposed to be curvy when others still looked like children. At age 16 I started to develop disordered eating habits and thoughts regarding my body – just because I felt so isolated from other teenage girls. I was not flat, I was not sporty and I definitely wasn’t slim in my opinion. However, I was never above UK size 10-12 so my weight wasn’t a problem at any point – but still, it was a big issue for me. I never got my boobs to fit into anything that was less than a size 10 and I was frustrated as I felt so big compared to others.

In the above picture I am not at my smallest but at a point where I started to recover from anorexia and was breaking up from my ex at the same time. I was gaining weight and shimmed myself into my old size 8 Oasis dress which dramatically ripped from its back seam at that very occasion (my sister’s matriculation party). I was devastated as I felt that I couldn’t live up to that size 8 standard anymore. Damn Oasis! Damn my old dress which had been a bit loose about a year ago.

I took a look at Oasis size chart today and currently their size 8 is meant for a 25,6″ waist and a size 10 for a 27,6″. With British sizing, dress sizes usually escalate the way that each dress size accommodates a two inch larger waist than the previous one. However, most brands have very different size charts to each other and I find a lot of people using the terms “true-to-size” and variations of it while describing brand sizing. To me, this seams odd since every blogger and consumer seems to have a different opinion on what “true-to-size” means.


True-to-size compared to what? With bras, there is a more solid ground to compare the sizing – some well-established brands can be compared to as they usually fit very similarly. By well-established I mean eg Eveden brands and Panache. Also there are less brands in the business which makes the comparison easier. However, with regular clothing the sizes vary so much that it’s actually pretty hard to come up with some kind of standard fit to compare brands to. I have found that many brands’ size 10 fit about 28″ waist but I have also seen a few bloggers call those brands to run big. As dress size is a rather sensitive topic, I feel a bit “meh” about this kind of categorizing as it gives you the impression that some brands and their size charts are more or less right or wrong.

Besides being inconsistent from brand to brand, sizing can also be inconsistent inside a certain brand. I am wearing a Dorothy Perkins size 8 in the picture above though their size chart would put me somewhere near size 12. After trying a few styles in-store, I realized they fitted very inconsistently and I would definitely not dare to order from them online because the sizing is so hit-and-miss.

Pic by the lovely Tania (see the squished boob – not attractive!)

I also find the different body part measurements a bit tricky. For instance, some brands might both measure 28″ at waist with size 10 but then measure 34″ or 36″ at bust. This is why talking about something being “true-to-size” doesn’t make sense – which one of the measurements fits true-to-size; bust, waist or hips, all or none? Also some brands come up with measurements that seem super unfair to me – but this is just my subjective view on the matter. Let’s take some very common measurements for UK size 10: 34-28-38. Does this seem realistic to you? My answer would be yes, to some body types. When I see 36″ instead of 34″ I jump with joy as the 34″ bust measurement is a far cry from my 39-40″ bust and with 36″ I might be able squeeze myself into a dress that is still a bit too snug.

I am all for making clothes for every body type – pears, apples, hourglasses, and lollipops etc. but there is far too little choices for people who actually don’t fit the 34-28-38 frame. I myself am about 39-28-38 which means I have very hard time finding clothing that would look and feel good, not to mention getting the zipper past my upper torso. So many brands are favouring girls with a pear shaped or straight body type and it saddens me cause I can never live up to that standard.

This was it for this time but I would love to extend the conversation to the comment box – how do you feel about today’s sizing standards and where do you usually find clothes to suit your body type? xx

Lingerie News 7/14 by 2COP

1 Jul


There has been some pretty interesting things going on in the lingerie world lately which is why I decided to put together a monthly “News” feature that would gather all the important happenings together. Hopefully this will keep you posted on things such as new D+ brands, sizing and fit corrections that brands make and events to come in the near future. Enjoy!

New lingerie brands in the scene

I have found a couple of brands you might be interested in which is why I wanted to share them here. I think many of you have heard of Bosom Galore by now but the stunning brand has now created another new style to be introduced next spring and also decided which styles they are launching first. Their first styles will include my personal favourite style Amelia which is a gorgeous pale pink plunge with a beautiful lace overlay (pictured above, image courtesy of Bosom Galore). Can’t wait to try the set on when it is launched! The launch will take place this autumn and if everything goes as planned, it will take place in September.

Another brand called Juliana London has mysteriously burst onto the scene and I say mysteriously cause to be honest, we know nothing about it except it’s targeted to women with small backs and big busts. I will be meeting the owner of the brand in London sometime soon so after that I will hopefully have new info. Juliana London is a luxury brand so if you have any wishes for their size range, materials, designs or pricing, let me know and I will discuss it with the founder!

Freya changes their sizing markings

Freya has made the decision to change how their sizes appear on the size tags. This might seem a lot smaller change to most of you but as I work for the lingerie retail I know it’s a massive one for online retailers. The sizes are changed into EU sizing meaning the chart will go as follow: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L… etc. This means they will be differently displayed on websites and online stores and instead of picking your UK size, you need to convert it to your EU size, eg. GG -> J. Some of the online stores may not be changing this so be careful how the sizes are displayed on web. If there are no double sizes (FF,GG,HH..) they use the EU sizing instead of UK.

A Finnish lingerie online store goes international!

I have worked with a Finnish lingerie online retailer Lumingerie for quite a while now and have some awesome news for those looking for the best selection of British and Polish brands on the scene. Lumingerie has finally decided to go international and has started to prepare for translating their website and making it easier for international customers to approach them. The English version of the website and online store does not have a launch date yet, but as soon as I have more info, I will let you know!

The Moda Birmingham Exhibition is held again next month!

I decided not to take part in Moda this season but what happened? I accidentally booked flight tickets and now I am planning my trip to London and Birmingham. This will mean you will get to see the new ss15 collections fresh from the catwalk and I will report you with the latest trends and best picks! I am especially excited to see what my favourite brands Tutti Rouge, Panache and Gossard have to offer but will visit as many stands as I can during the Sunday. I will also be meeting another lingerie bloggers so you might see them costarring the blog soon 😉

Bathing in red for Valentine’s – SugarShape “Ruby” review

12 Feb

Oh my lovely dear readers, how I have missed you! So basically what happened to me a couple of weeks ago was an epic disaster with my camera AGAIN and I ended up with no equipment to shoot my review photos or anything else for that matter. Luckily, I am in the most awesome university EVER and they have this great media centre to get cameras from. So here I am, operating with my fancy borrowed camera and providing you the long-planned review of SugarShape “Ruby” set.

So recently I wrote a brand portrait on the wonderful new brand on the full bust market, SugarShape lingerie which is a lingerie brand based in Germany and making lingerie with a whole new fuzz-free way when it comes to sizing. The lovely ladies of SugarShape kindly offered to send me a set of lingerie and I went for the very appropriate style for the Valentine’s Day – Ruby. I was a bit between the sizes in both panties and the bra but I relied on the owners’ judgment and went for 80/102,5 which are quite near to my own measurements in cm’s. My underbust is about 73 cm at the moment but as the ladies at SugarShape told me Ruby runs particularly tight in the band so I decided to go with the 80 band. Here are my thoughts on the set…


First of all, when the parcel arrived I instantly thought, good job for the package choice. The set arrived in a box which meant the cups of the bra were not folded on each other but placed carefully in the box with some wrapping paper around them. The insides of the parcel stunned me immediately; the box included little paper hearts that made the set feel already special, not to mention the lovely post card hand-written by the ladies themselves. I wanted to try the set on right away since it looked amazing and I was very anxious to know about the fit.


Design: I have loved the Ruby for its design from the moment it hit the SugarShape online store. As you guys know, I never say no to red lingerie and I really wanted to embrace the Valentine’s season with something appropriate. It was like the SugarShape ladies had read my mind; my beautiful red set arrived with a little luxurious Swarovski heart charm to attach to my bra. To me, it felt like just the right touch for the bra to make it less Christmassy and more Valentine’s Day. The design is otherwise all red but has a little black/green bow in the middle which gives the set a more quirky unique look.

Ruby is set that includes a three-part cup construction balconette bra and three choice of panties. I loved how one can choose the right panty choice for yourself; I went for the low-rise panty since high-rise panties never tend to work on me and strings can sometimes be uncomfortable. The bra gives a very round uplifted look to my boobs and is a great choice for everyday use since it goes well with any t-shirt, excluding pale colours of course. The Ruby does not have any thick lace on it which is why it doesn’t show under clothes at all. Otherwise it’s fully covered in beautiful thin lace and mesh which makes the bra feminine and accessible to many women. 


Fit: The fit of the 80/102,5 was spot-on on me. I couldn’t believe I had received the right size right away with my first try which is why I was very pleasantly surprised. My bust measures about 102-103 cm at the moment which is why I think the size fit me so well. The cups contain my boobs fully without any spillage or gaping (on neither side btw, a miracle?) and the gore tacks beautifully on the sternum. I would say that the centre gore is also a pretty average width since it played well with my average-set boobs and didn’t cause any chafing nor extreme cleavage. Also it’s quite high due to the balconette style of the bra which needs to be kept in mind when choosing for lower necklines.

I do not want to screw SugarShape’s wonderful sizing system which is why I won’t tell you what I think would be the size equivalent in UK sizes. Instead, I can state that the band is very comfortable yet snug on my 29″ ribcage and I loved how it stretches and doesn’t leave any back spillage or lumps anywhere. Also the cups and wires were spot on, which made the size even more perfect for me. Straps of the bra are fully adjustable which makes the bra a very accessible option for more petite women as well. 


Comfort: I love this bra for the same reasons I love my Tease Me by Curvy Kate. It is amazingly comfortable with itss wires that are the right length for and its fully adjustable straps that are placed in the right spot for me. I would say this bra would also work for women who suffer from too high cups on the sides; Ruby gives plenty air for your armpits and doesn’t chaff at all in that area. I also didn’t find any other chaffing parts but would imagine that the high centre gore might cause slight issues with very bony sternums. I have no experience of that sort of problems excluding my Panache Jasmine which is why I can’t really tell.

The materials of the set are pretty well thought-out, but I still always long for cotton-lined cups when it comes to bras. The panties are extremely comfortable as well and don’t dig in in size 95 at all (my hips are about 94 cm measured over the butt). I love how the back of the panties feel smooth over my butt and rise high enough to cover all the critical parts. The rise is very comfy overall: it’s a perfect alternative for the high-rise panty that might not suit everyone. I would say the rise on the panties is something between Cleo and Tutti Rouge which is perfect for me!

I hope you enjoyed the review and keep checking for my blogiversary giveaways as well! The Ruby is available at SugarShape online store for 58,50 € for the bra and 18,50-25 € for the panty, depending on your panty choice. If you want to order from outside of German speaking countries, I would suggest you contact the ladies behind the brand, they are very helpful! This set was generously gifted me by SugarShape, however this does not affect my opinions on the set.

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