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Lingerie Review: Panache “Clara” in 32GG

15 Oct

My most recent review was of a Cleo basic “Marcie” which is something that Panache has been carrying for years now. Another newer model from the Panache core range has struck to me as well during the past few season, that is the Clara. I fell head over heels in love with the style when it first launched but it seemed that every time we were talking about reviews with Panache, it was sadly sold out in my size completely. This tells something about the popularity of the style among stockists and consumers alike – it is a fantastic basic full-cup style bra with a pretty icing on top of it. This season I was lucky enough to receive my first Clara sample in time, so today I bring you this beautiful festive style in the shade Heather.

The Design: The Clara is based on the older Panache classic Jasmine, which is another cult favourite among full-busted ladies like myself. The Clara has the same three piece cup construction as the Jasmine, but I think the side sling of the cups extends a bit further up towards the strap with the Clara style. This is part of the aesthetic differences of the two bras but I would believe it also gives the Clara its extra lift to the cups. The shape of the bra is very rounded and forward-projecting, which is something that I would always expect of a Panache or Cleo bra.

The style of the Clara is much more luxurious than Jasmine which is something I really like. True, you can never go wrong with a cute print and sleek materials but if you don’t mind a bit of lace showing through or just happen to wear thicker materials with your shirts, this is the bra that can bring your everyday to a whole next level. Personally I have always loved each and every colourway of the Clara (especially the emerald one!) but this Heather shade is something rather refreshing alongside of deep jewel tones – it is more delicate than its sisters and thus goes under lighter coloured tops as well. The materials of the bra are rather thin and stretchy, meaning it accommodates perfectly to my breast shape instead of trying to mold it to something its not.

The Fit: I went for the same size as with the Marcie, that is 32GG. I find it is much more comfier to go with the 32 bands these days as I own so many bras, I don’t really wear out the bands that much anymore. I like them to be comfy from the very first moment I put them on to avoid the long breaking-in period – I know, I’m a bad lingerie blogger! If you don’t buy tens of bras every year, I would suggest though to go for the firmer bands if you are between sizes, especially with Panache and Cleo, as their bands will loosen up even after a couple of wears.

The 32GG Clara runs similar to the Marcie, meaning pretty true-to-size in the band and generous in the cup. If you are between cup sizes I would suggest sizing down. I think I could have definitely been happy with 32G with either of the styles. The wires are pretty good on me, maybe just a tad wider, but they still feel quite a lot better than with Marcie. I can’t really put my finger on it, but the shape of the wires feels slightly more U-like, but perhaps I’m just imagining.

Overall, I am starting to think the Clara does suit me better than the Marcie, at least in my current size. I like how the bra hugs every curve of my body but I wish it would be just a little bit… less covering? If I could take just an inch off the height of the cup, this just might the perfect bra.

Comfort: The Clara is one of my most comfortable bras at the moment – it seemed they all came at the same time, Tutti Rouge Betty and Jessica and then this beauty (and I haven’t even told you about my latest Ewa Michalak bras). I am in lingerie heaven at the moment! Then if I could only get a pair of high-waisted panties with each bra, I would probably be in Nirvana 😉

The best features of Clara are its soft materials and sturdy feel. The three hooks and eyes at the back, the tacking gore and sturdy wide fully-adjustable shoulder straps. Sturdiness is the key to comfort when it comes to full-bust bras, but the bra also needs to feel lightweight to pass as an everyday garment. What a task for a single bra! But the Clara just manages to do it. The panties are rather comfy too, for low cut ones that is. You know how I feel about my granny panties… I think the gorgeous lace detailing and satin overlay would look even more amazing on a bigger surface – just saying! The materials are however on point with the panties as well and I have no trouble getting my booty in these (UK) size 12 pretties.

If you would like to try the Clara (30-38 D-J, 8-20), you can find it at Bravissimo for £32 for the bra and £15 for the classic brief. Not a bad deal for such a stunner set!

Lingerie Review: Ewa Bien B132 “Fantasi” in 65E

17 Jul

In the full-bust industry you rarely bump into anything truly different – the last time that happened to me was when Playful Promises launched their D+ collection last winter. When Ewa Bien sent me their new SS16 catalog I was super excited for one style in particular – the Fantasi. Even though I could not wear any of their bras as I am just outside the size range, I knew I needed to see this beauty on someone – so I practically told Jo this is a set she needed to review, no discussion of it. Luckily, she agreed with me that this was something super unique and the whole thing was settled! Here’s how we liked the B132 Fantasi in Black… *Diclosure: This bra was generously provided by Ewa Bien. All opinions are our own!*

The Design: The B132 Fantasi is a soft non-padded balconette bra which is made out of a thin embroided fabric with a touch of heavy black strapping and piping. This cage-style bra shows under almost any top or a dress, so it is definitely not for the faint-hearted! The cups are also completely see-through which may be a downside for some – but then again, if you minded see-through cups, you probably wouldn’t be opting for this set anyways!

The cups of the soft balconette are constructed of two parts that connect with one vertical seam. This is very common structure in smaller sizes when it comes to balconette constructions but can also be made in bigger cups, like with this Avocado bra I recently reviewed. This style of balconette gives two cakes on a plate -style cleavage and leaves room for fuller breast tissue at the top. This style is a bit too open at the top for Jo, but it still looks fantastic, especially as a boudoir piece.

The Fit: We first requested the Fantasi in 65F just like with the other Ewa Bien bras we have reviewed so far. However, this one ran a whole cup size large, so we ended up swapping it for 65E which is a rough equivalent to 30DD in UK sizes. This is a size Jo wears with Gossard, so it’s safe to say you need to size down in the cups with this particular style. The shape of the cups is very open at the top too, which is not ideal for Jo’s full-on-bottom breasts and still leaves the cups gaping a bit. This bra is meant for more “night-out”  purposes, so this was not a huge issue, but if you are more FOB and looking for an everyday bra, you might want to skip the B132 shape altogether.

The bra band of the B132 Fantasi on the other hand was a bit firmer than with the previous Ewa Bien styles Jo tried. This was a positive surprise, as Jo is very petite and usually would require a 28-band instead of 30. However, it is still a bit loose on her and if there were an option of 28/60 band, she would definitely want to go for that. The wires of the B132 were quite perfect for Jo though, which makes this bra a better fit for her that it otherwise would be. There is also just the right amount of space at the bottom of the cups, so I would say this bra is perfect for those with a narrow-to-average breast root and breasts that are evenly full allover.

Comfort: As the B132 Fantasi is a completely see-through style with a thin yet sturdy cup material, it is an ideal bra for the hottest of summer months. The elastics that form the caging on the decolletage are very stretchy and move around easily with the body and the metal parts are high quality, so no itchiness there at all either. The straps are fully adjustable, which is always an upside especially if you have a longer or shorter than average torso length. As said before, the wires are also just the right length for Jo, which is always a big factor when it comes to your bra’s comfort level.

The bottoms are very innovative with a strappy kind of styling and a higher rise that reaches the middle of what we call the “cookie pouch”. I would have personally preferred them a bit higher if I was wearing them, but Jo really enjoyed them this way as well. All of the Ewa Bien panties we both have tried have come up quite small so that is something I would consider hard when opting for you panty size – especially with a style like this, which may create some bulges on the hips if you are wearing a too-small size. Jo is wearing a size Small in the pics and she usually goes for XS with most brands, so go at least a size up with the bottoms, if not two (especially with more rigid materials, such as rigid mesh). Overall the set is a comfortable and beautiful ensemble, which may not be your most practical for work etc, but suits perfectly your date nights, girls-nights-out and boudoir occasions.

The Fantasi set can be bought on Ewa Bien online store and the bra (sizes 65-80 B-G) will set you back at 199 pzl, the strappy bottoms (S-XL) retail for 105 pzl. In total it makes about 70€ which is a reasonable price for such a gorgeous set! What do you think of risque styles like this – see-through cups and all? Let me know in the comments! xx

Review of Gossard “Edina” in 32FF

13 Mar

When I entered the full-bust world about a year ago I really felt there weren’t that much options for a gal who wants something sexy yet supportive. I felt really frustrated for a long time and felt like so many companies were ignoring a huge market – regarding that one of my most viewed posts were the one with a plea for sexier full-bust undergarments. However, even then I knew some brands that definitely had the right look to them; one of them being Gossard.

As I visited Moda exhibition this year I met the lovely folks of Gossard and was very pleased with their stunning collection. To me it feels like this brand has been listening to us and created something for everyone. (You can see the preview of the collection here.) Gossard was very kind to send me a couple of pieces from their AW13 and SS14 collections and today I am reviewing the amazing Edina set which had my heart from the moment I saw it online a few months ago.


The design: When I saw Edina my heart jumped and started racing from pure desire. This set is so beautiful and sexy it just makes me happy with its appearance. The print is gorgeous; it’s almost like a beautiful painting in a form of fabric. The shades are pretty unusual for such a sexy piece since they combine blue with black, purple and brown mixed with some brighter creamy colours as well. The flowers are not naive nor tacky, quite the opposite. The over-all look of the bra is very sophisticated and sultry.

One of my favourite features of the bra is the cleavage it gives me – it’s official, this bra is the queen of cleavage even with my average-to-wide-set breasts. It pushes them together without any over-spill and to be honest, I can’t stop looking at my own boobs when wearing this bra (a bit narsisistic, I know). Also the shape the bra gives is pretty good under clothes, not particularly rounded nor pointy which is very wearable. The padding is also quite thick for that extra oomph as it clearly is more of a night-out bra. The construction includes both vertical and horizontal seaming for that particularly uplifted look.


The fit: The fit of Gossard is very different from other brands that I’m used to wearing. It definitely needs some trial-and-error if you are used to brands like Panache or Curvy Kate since the bands run quite tight and the cups larger than your regular British bra brand. This however is a good thing, in my opinion. Gossard’s full-bust size range goes up to G-cup which means true GG gals can easily wear their G’s without any quadboob. The first time I tried on a Gossard bra it was my regular 30G (meaning my regular size back then) but as it turned out, I was better off with 32FF for their tighter bands and larger cups. This means the collections are actually available to an even bigger market than it might seem.

I was very hesitant about my correct Gossard size at first but with the the lovely people at Gossard we figured out my best starting point size would indeed be a 32FF. When I received the bra in mail I was very happy with our choice since it fitted perfectly, even with the plunge shape that sometimes tends to cut into my full-on-top shaped boobs. The depth of the cup is very good for me and the wire width is also great! No folding on the bottom of the cup and I feel very supported and contained in the cup. As a conclusion I would advice to go down a full cup size with Gossard bras.

The band features the Gossard’s signature design which is kind of two straps on each side forming a triangle towards the closure. This looks amazing but can dig in nastily if the band is too tight. The bands run small so do go up a full band size when opting for the size. This makes the band look more attractive but still keeps the bra supportive. The band features two hooks and eyes which is enough for me. However, this might not work for even larger breasts.


The comfort: For a such a sexy little number Edina makes a damn-comfortable bra. It’s usually a hard-and-fast rule that sexy bras are not the comfiest ones which is really sad considering how many women ditch them for that reason. I can happily report that this is not the case with Edina: in addition to being beautiful it is very comfy and has all the right proportions for my body from wire-width to strap-lenght.

What is the problem with bras this pretty is usually the straps though. Even nicely placed so that they wouldn’t fall off, materials can drastically affect their tendency to slip. With half-adjustable straps this is a very common problem since half of the straps is usually made of some slippery material such a satin and against some other slippery material they are very likely to fall a few times during the day. To avoid this you need to tighten the straps regularly to ensure they are not too loose and even more likely to fall. When wearing something like a t-shirt I was fine with Edina’s straps but when wearing a polyester playsuit I needed to pull them up a couple of times a day.

The wires of Edina on the other hand are SO. GOOD. No pinching and they fully encase my breast tissue without being too high or wide. This is a huge comfort factor which is why I love to wear this bra even just hanging out in my room. Also the Edina shorts are vey comfy and cut so that I am not having any muffin top or sagging in the bottom area. Regarding the pants I would say to maybe size down since they are spot on for me in size 8. Right now my bottoms size is something between 8 or 10 so I’d definitely advice to go for you ”smaller size”.

All in all this set is everything that expected it to be and almost a bit more. I would definitely encourage anyone to try out Gossard for it’s truly a luxurious brand with very reasonable prices. The Edina plunge bra comes in sizes 30-38 A-G, brief in sizes XS-XL. It’s also on sale at the Gossard website right now which is definitely a plus! Have you ever tried anything from Gossard and how did you like it? Let me know in the comments! 😉

 Disclosure: This bra was generously gifted by Gossard. All opinions are my own.

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