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SIL Tradeshow: Panache Favourites for AW16

15 Mar

I love Panache – they have been such a corner stone when building my bradrobe for these past five years and I have affectionate feelings for their Cleo non-padded balconettes (one of them which I reviewed a few days back, check it out here!). The Panache stand is also one of the highlights of my tradeshow visits as it is a huge collection which needs a lot attention. Usually, I tend to post each Panache sub-label as its own post but this time, I decided to share my very favourites from each range. If you are interested to see the whole collection, please head over to Bra and Body Image as she has it all covered! However, let’s jump into my favourites, as I would love to share some true gems with you.

PANACHE (main brand)

Top to bottom: Jasmine in Orchid + Rose Prints (up to K-cup), Elise in Praline (up to G), Ava in Pearl Grey (up to H), Thea in Black Floral (up to K), Clara in Heather + Slate/Teal (up to J)

Panache main line is quite well-known for its habbit of pushing out new prints and colourways of its original styles – with a few completely new additions, of course. I haven’t been too keen on the Jasmine prints since the very first navy/ floral print but now I think Panache has come up with something a bit more feminine and soft than the past animal and geometric prints – I am still a sucker for romance and for that taste, the new Jasmine prints cater very well for. My absolute favourite has to be the Orchid print as I love photo-realistic florals and the dark colourway of it which go perfectly well together for the AW16 season.You can also see the two fashion colours for this AW season with these prints – blue is still continuing to win the colour trend game and burgundy is now making its way to the full bust world along with other brownish red shades.

One of the new styles that kinda stole my heart was the Ava. I have been falling in love with grey lingerie over the past six months or so and I am so happy to see it as an option alongside of black and navy. Grey suits fair skin tones so well and looks lovely with ginger hair (hehe, biased much) and I am quite convinced the Ava’s non-padded plunge shape would be perfect as my bradrobe staple. The styling of it is nothing overtly vavavoom but I like its basic prettiness that speaks to the “Sunday-in-bed” side of me. Unsurprisingly I loved the Heather colourway of the Clara as well, as it’s such a gorgeous hue of grey-ish blue and with the pairing of yellow-ish cream the set is like straight out of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe.


Top to bottom: The Breeze Longline in Geo Floral (up to H-cup), Hettie in Black/Pink (up to J), Kali in Black/Pink (up to J), Skye in Magenta/Lime (up to J), Marcie in Tangerine (up to J), Piper in Cobalt (up to J) and Della in Floral Print (up to J)

Cleo is the queen of bright and clashing colours and we were not disappointed this time either. I do feel that Cleo could almost go a bit more crazy with its design – I would love to see some more innovative prints which Cleo is so well-known for! The best designs within the Cleo range in my opinion are its boldest ones – the new floral printed Della (go and buy this bra now, it’s amazing!) and the new Piper longline. I adore the electric cobalt blue shade of the Piper and it combines perfectly an amazing fit and gorgeous looks while still remaining young and fresh. If I would have to pick just one set from the whole Panache AW16 offering, Piper would most definitely be it!

With Cleo collection, instead of teal and burgundy the Cleo collection features delicious magenta and brighter blue tones. As a pop of colour, we can see some tangerine and lime contrasts which are super appropriate for the early autumn season. How cute is that pumpkin shade Marcie? Again, the Breeze longline remains a favourite to me personally as it is still such a cute style with a great graphic autumn floral print.


Top to bottom: Panache Black “Ardour” ja “Etta” (both up G-cup), Panache Non-Wired Sports Bra in Blue Marl (up to H), Sports Bra in Neon Pixel Print (up to J) & Sculptresse “Chi Chi” in Lace Print (up to HH)

The Panache Black, previous Masquerade range, is a rather small sub-label for Panache but for me, it’s one of their most interesting ranges. The size range is a bit smaller as well, which is a shame as these styles are truly stunning – for example, the new Etta design features a striking see-through stripe detail which I am a big fan of. Another favourite from the Black AW16 range is the basic Ardour style – it’s a grey t-shirt bra that would be an amazing option to some people who usually buy beige or black bras for their everyday bradrobe.

My favourite from the different options for the infamous Panache Sports bra was the Blue Marl as it something totally different than Panache has done before. The inspiration for this non-wired version of the classic sports bra came from the British Olympic team colours – what would be more appropriate for a British full-bust brand that makes an award-winning sports bra? What caught my eye from the Sculptresse collection was one of its original styles Chi Chi in this new Lace Print which reminds me of Snow White. This style will also be available in a dark brown Cappucino shade which will be an excellent nude shade for some women of colour!

How did you like the new Panache AW16 collection? Are you feeling the colours and prints? Let me know in the comments! xx

Time to Get Active! – Shock Absorber “Multi Sports Support Bra” in 32G

14 Jan

It’s the same story each year – people make new year’s resolutions to be more active and eat more healthily this year. I have always detested such resolutions as they show up as a peak in gym attendances but fiddle away somewhere mid-February. I don’t mean to be depressing, but I do believe more in a lifestyle change that lasts longer than two months – or even the whole year. What about making a resolution that this year, you will take on exercising the way that next new year you don’t have to make such resolutions anymore?

I am a big fan of doing sports myself but I never liked it when I was in school. I hated doing stuff “because I had to” so I did the absolute minimal and decided that I was just not built for sports – which is absolute bull since all people need to and most can do it when they find the right way. When I did get into running though on my second year of high school, I was left with another problem after finding my motivation – what should I do about these big ol’ boobs of mine? I first started working out with a regular bra and after a few runs with 30E boobs, I decided that I needed something sturdier. My mom took me to a local department store and so I got my first size 32D Shock Absorber bra (which was a bit of a wrong size for me but it worked for the time being).

I loved my Shock Absorber bras dearly for a few years but after starting this blog, I waved them goodbye and swapped almost completely to Panache Sports bra. Recently I was in contact with an online store called Knicker Locker who are running a sports bra campaign this month – get £5 off your Shock Absorber bra (use the code 5OFFSHOCK) – and I knew this would be the perfect time to revisit my old love. Knicker Locker was kind enough to send me a Shock Absorber Multi Sports Support bra for a review so let’s see how I liked it after all these years!


Design: As it has been two and half years since I last tried this particular bra, there has been some minor changes to the style. The style is more simplistic than what it used to be with just some contrasting trimming going around the bra instead of full-on colour-blocking. I spy some new rad prints on the SA website though so that is also something that I haven’t seen them doing before. This season’s colourway is a lovely coral pink shade that I personally really like.

Also the shape of the bra is a bit better than before – it is a bit more rounded and uplifted instead of just a squished mono-boob. I enjoy this feature as I hated how flat the old version of this bra looked on me. I know you are not supposed to go “showing off” at the gym but I still want look nice as it makes me feel better even when sweating like a pig. The inside of the bra is still lined with a layer of boob-separating fabric which is supposed to keep cleavage sweat to minimum. The back part of the bra features two hook and eye closures: this makes the bra a bit like a racerback and supports the bust in a best way possible.

Fit: Knicker Locker carries the Multi Sports bra up to UK G-cup so I went for 32G which I believed to be my correct size. I remembered from my past experience with the bra that it would run tight in the band and big-ish in the cup and I had remembered right: the 32G fitted like a dream. I was actually a bit worried that the band would come up too small as I used to wear a 32 with it even when being two dress sizes smaller than now. However, in the G-cup the band fitted me just right – very snugly yet not uncomfortably tight.

Also the cup size estimation was spot-on as this brand usually runs about a cup size big – at least in the larger cups. I usually wear a pretty solid 30H at the moment so I would definitely recommend sizing down a cup size to get the best support you can. Sports bras are meant to squish your boobs down a bit to keep them against the body and thus they cannot be loose in any way to work as they are supposed to. As this particular style does not have any underwires it is called a compression-style sports bra which is something I have been leaning towards to recently. It’s not that I don’t like the Panache Sports bra anymore – it’s just that I don’t always need the wiring and a compression style feels a bit lighter when putting on.

Comfort: So this is definitely the most important aspect of a sports bra – how it feels on and supports you through a workout. I have tested the SA Multi Sports during multiple group workouts – as that’s what I mainly do. These sports have included dance lessons, Pilates, BodyPump etc and I have found it to work as well as it did a couple of years back. There is almost no bounce at all – with my boobs completely no bounce is impossible – and it does not leave my upper body feeling sore after a intense session of jumping, running and dancing. I love the upper hook and eye closure of the bra as it keeps the straps in place and the back of the bra really sturdy. Even though the band is very snug in general, I don’t find it so tight I couldn’t breath so that’s definitely a plus!

The materials are very high-quality for such an affordable (£33 before the discount!) sports bra and they don’t get nasty-looking after a few months like some other sports bras do. This sports bra will be worth the £££ to be sure! It also wicks moist from your skin which makes it comfortable to wear through the sweatiest of workouts.

If you would like to try the Shock Absorber Multi Sports bra, do check it out on the Knicker Locker e-commerce shop. The bra is sold in 30-40 E-G so the size range is pretty good and after the discount, it’s a steal for £28.

What was your favourite sports bra of 2015? Any sports goals for this year? Let me know in the comments below! xx

PS. I am really weirded out by how I look without my hair done and minimum makeup so the pics are are a bit “meh” in my opinion. But since I am never doing my hair to go to the gym, why fake it!

Moda Lingerie Show: Cleo, Sculptresse & Sport by Panache AW15 Collections

22 Mar

When Panache is a great staple for anyone entering the full-bust world, there are plenty of different choices inside the brand for different tastes and sizes. Today I am going to talk about the Panache sub-labels Cleo, Sport and Sculptresse which all have a very distinct look to them. Let’s start with Cleo which is probably one of your favourite brands as well – this sub-label caters to young Panache customers with quirky prints and cute colours. The sizes with Cleo go up to J-cup and some styles start now from B-cup

CLEO BY PANACHEDSC_0181 DSC_0185  DSC_0242  DSC_0253 DSC_0245DSC_0255 DSC_0237DSC_0258

Breeze (C-H cups), Mimi (C-H cups), Kali (D-J cups), Kali Babydoll (D-J cups), Marcie in Burgundy & Nude (B-J cups), Minnie (B-J cups) and Lottie (D-J cups).

Prints have always been Cleo’s strength and they didn’t disappoint me this season either. The shades were a bit darker than with spring season (obviously) but I did like the way they were used and combined to brighter colours, like with the new Lottie balconette. The Aztec print was quite different, and got big thumbs up especially from my fellow blogger Anna from Bras and Body Image. When it comes to prints though I like a more subtle look, so the cutesy Navy/Yellow Minnie was definitely a winner for me! I also really liked the splash of yellow which seems to be my ultimate favourite colour at the moment (ok who am I kidding, it’s my fave colour EVERY spring).

Even though subtle and playful prints are more my things, I found myself falling in love particularly with the Breeze longline which comes in a colour-clashing floral print. A piece someone like Rihanna would quite possibly wear! Also, I am a sucker for longlines, so what can you do. I am always up for one in my size! The Marcies and Kalis were again absolutely adorable and I love how Cleo keeps making the Kali in such bright neons season after season. The tangerine orange is a great shade but I do have to admit that the babydoll is soooo cute I could not choose either one over another – have to have them both in my drawers!

PANACHE SPORTDSC_0230  DSC_0233 DSC_0231DSC_0259

Panache Sport Non-Wired in Grey and Wired in Coral and Pink

Well now is time for the one of the biggest announcements I will make on blog this spring! The Panache Sport Wired will go up to J-cup starting from next autumn! I am so proud of Panache for taking the feedback and making this happen as it has been highly requested by their customers. However, the only band sizes with J-cups will be 32 and 34, so they are starting slowly but surely with the bigger cups. The 28 and 30 backs will still be going up to H which is a shame but the 36 band will go up HH. I so hope this will make some of your lives a lot easier and that Panache will start adding biggers sizes to their smallest band sizes as well, when the demand gets higher and the bigger cups start to sell! The new shades of coral and pink are super cute and and will add a dash of colour to your autumn workouts.

Chi Chi (D-HH cups), Charisse (D-J cups), Bunny (D-H cups), Flirtini (D-H cups + 34) & Kitty (D-HH cups)

When it comes to the Panache Sculptresse line I’m always a bit jealous. I mean, I can’t have all those pretty bras because dang they don’t come in my size. The Sculptresse line has so far been a range from 36 bands and up but luckily Panache has decided to add some 34 bands as well (still not helpful to me but ya can’t have it all!) with the Flirtini and Kitty styles, pictured above. I so hope that these band sizes will do good as well and Sculptresse will make some more 34 backs in the future!

When it comes to styling, I am a sucker for this flirty and girly range that is kind of sister label to Cleo more than the regular Panache range. Sculptresse range plays with the same vivid colours and interesting prints but to be honest, I like it’s out-of-box perspective even more than Cleo’s. This might be due to the mermaid vibes this collection sports alongside the regular Panache range – the teals, petrols, stars and scallops are my thing and will win my heart over anytime. If I needed to pick a favourite, the Charisse would be a lovely number to see in my size as well. All of the news styles, Bunny, Charisse and Kitty were nice additions to the original collection though and any of them would have a place in my bradrobe!

How did you like the new Panache sub-label collections – any favourites? I would love to know! Also, if you have any particular questions about sizes or anything else, do let me know in the comments. Note that these styles were not all Panache will be offering next season, as there will be some basic styles on offer as well 😉

The Best Of 2014 – My Year in Bras

12 Jan

Hi everyone! So sorry I have not posted in while again, Finland is reeeeeally dark right now so taking pictures is almost impossible. Not to worry though! The sun came out to play first time in forever today so tomorrow will hopefully be a good day to shoot. Tomorrow is also first day of school (well, my first uni lecture of the year) so I am sure to take some proper pictures in the morning in my fresh makeup and hair.

Before we go into the real topic of this post, I will make announcement about February. I had decided not to enter Moda Lingerie Exhibition this time but as it turns out, I have been asked to take part in a discussion panel on Tuesday so of course I couldn’t say no. If I get any video footage I will post it up here as well! Also, this means I will be posting about the new collections for AW15 and I am so excited. So February will most definitely be my month of very prolific blogging, I promise you that.

Well, onto my real topic, I will be discussing the best bras of 2014 and where you can still find them if you’d like to take advantage of the final sales. Let’s see what I’ve picked!

The Looker of the Year

As I am very looks-obsessed person I shall start with the one I loved the most looks-wise this year. The Ewa Michalak “PL Slowianki” (click for the review!) made my summer and it was killer combination with my red Urkye dress. The red comes up so vibrant and I love the print, the lace and cut all so much I can’t really compare it to any other plunge bras I have tried. I also really liked the detachable padding as my boobs are a-symmetrical. EM online store still has some of these left in stock so if you have your size listed, give this one a try! If not, why not check out their other gorgeous PL styles? 😉

The Most Comfortable of the Year

I have to say the Lepel “Iris” (click for the review!) was not on my comfy list at first but after a few wears the wires loosened up and now, the bra is my go to choice for a comfortable evening at home. The materials feel so soft against my skin and the cups are made of amazing stretch lace that accommodates any size fluctuations I might go through. I tell you, this bra is pure perfection and it’s super affordable too – it’s only under £16 at Brastop and a tenner at Figleaves! Both have only a few sizes left but if you are willing to pay the full 25 quid, you have an array of colours to choose from.

The Boudoir Bra of the Year

It was hard to choose only one from Gossard as they deserve a title of Boudoir Brand of the Year but as I am singling out bras here, I decided the Temptation set (click for the review!) is definitely a winner. The bra construction is very unusual for a bra going up to G-cup and the lace, the print and the demi-cup shape form a combination that whispers pure seduction. The set also includes a lovely waspie waist-cincher which makes this set a friend of any pinup gal in the bedroom. If you fancy buying this set for a little Valentine’s Day surprise for yourself or/and your OH, you can snatch it up on the Gossard online store for a reduced price for £25 for the bra and £32 for the waspie!

The Most Unique of the Year

I love Tutti Rouge for making the cutest sets ever but last year they upped their game a bit by creating a print of their own for their cute girly style called Rosa (click for the review!). The tradition goes on this spring as the same cut comes in “Tallulah Tattoo” print, another Tutti exclusive design that draws inspiration from Sailor Jerry tattoo artist. As a true pinup, roses, pastel colours and tattoo prints are right up my street and this way, Tutti shoots an arrow to my heart each season. The Rosa is still available on the Tutti Rouge online shop and she sets you back at £35 so not bad for this unique looker! If you are interested in the Tallulah Tattoo, I will be reviewing it later on this spring.

The Cleavage of the Year

My girls are not particularly close together so I would say that a good cleavage-enhancing bra is a true friend of mine. Not that it’s for everyday wear but when you head out for a night out in town, this totally boosts my ego a bit. The bra in question is the Kris Line “Marilou Deco” (click for the review!) and in addition to being a total babe, the bra is also made with lovely materials and great construction. This particular bra is pretty hard to find unless you’re Polish but there’s a few options for it on the Brastop online store. If you’re based in USA, Kris Line pops on Zulily quite regularly as well.

The Best Construction of the Year + The Best Basics of the Year

Though I did review the Avocado Essentia only about a week ago, I did receive it in December so it still makes the list! I would say the K-shape of Avocado is one of the best I have encountered in addition to Ewa Michalak bras. Also the whole construction is uplifted and well-thought out, so I’m happy to hand this particular award to Avocado. If you would like your very own Essentia, head out to the Avocado website to get yours for 49,75 €.

The Innovation of the Year

As an active sports gal I could not leave this off the list as it’s one of the best sports bras I have ever tried. Panache Sport Non-Wired (click for the review) offers me exactly the same support as the wired one and I really believe it will be a favourite among those who do not like wired sports bras. This new season will bring out this badass bra in a vibrant purple shade and I absolutely adore it! I got mine from Lumingerie which delivers EU-wide and offers free shipping on all orders. If you live in the USA, you can get yours easily from Figleaves.

Here are my bra favourites from 2014 and tomorrow we’ll get back to the reviews. I will be reviewing the Gossard Retrolution set and I am sure you will love it! Which bras did you wear the most in 2014? Or did you regret buying a particular bra? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

Going Wireless: Review of Panache Sport Non-Wired Sports Bra – Esittelyssä kaaritueton Panache Sport urheiluliivi!

14 Nov

Recently I visited the Lumingerie storage to grab myself a lovely new Panache Sport in the Lime colourway – my old cobalt blue one was already showing some serious signs of wear-and-tear. Lumingerie does not do any in-store fittings but as an old friend I got the “permission” to go for a visit and grab me some goodies. For my joy, the lovely owner Mervi decided to gift me another sports bra but this time, it was the long-awaited Panache Sport Non-Wired. I was so excited to leave with not one but two of my favourite sports bras! I was also super eager to try the non-wired as I had anticipated it since last spring. Here are my thoughts on how the non-wired version did…

DSC_0001   DSC_0019
A quick notion on the pics again: I just wanted to let you guys know that I don’t photoshop my pics at all but only edit the lighting and colours a bit to create a more soft look to them. Also, I do have scars and wounds from my eczema so please excuse me if I look like I have hickeys all over my body!

Design: As I posted a picture of the bra on a boob-related Facebook group I was instantly flooded by so many questions so I will first tackle one of the most important ones – the structure. The non-wired sport truly is almost exactly like its wired counterpart and looks and feels like it to most parts. There were however a couple of things you might want to take into account when considering if this construction will be a good one for your pair of boobies.

What I noticed first was that the cups still give me a very rounded shape as they are moulded and this way also don’t feel as compression-like as other wireless sports bras. The overlay design is a bit different to the original one – it is constructed of three parts as well but the parts are sewn together differently. The non-wired features a side support panel and wider top panel than the wired Sport (click for my wired Sport review!). Also the top panel is more closed at top and this way pulls the top part of my breasts closely against my chest.

Colour-wise I really like the new Non-Wired Sport – it’s a funky 80’s kinda geometric print with black base. If this is not your cup of tea, you can wait for the ss15 edition with a purple colourway and no print whatsoever. Otherwise the bra features the same basic traits as its wired counterpart; three hooks and eyes and a J-hook strap-converter.

Fit: There is a common rule for buying Panache Sport that you should go down a cup size as they tend to run large in cups. However, I have a theory that this applies only to women with more fullness on their bottom half of breasts, not women with upper fullness like me. The top part of the cups in the original Panache Sport is quite open and deep which may lead to gaping if you don’t have much breast tissue or projection to fill the top. When it comes to the non-wired, I would say the case is a bit different – this sports bra seems to be more closed at top meaning it might be best to go for your regular size. I went for 30GG as with my regular Sport and the fit is quite nice, though I do have a slight glimpse of cleavage on show after swooping and scooping my breasts from the sides into the cups.

The band feels nice and snug as with the regular Sport and is definitely on the firmer side of 30″. I would still suggest you go for your regular band size as you need all the extra bit of support when exercising. However, if you are between band sizes, I would take the bigger one as the tighter one could feel a bit uncomfortable. The cups are quite deep and the whole ensemble feels supportive even without the underwires. The bottom part of the cups buckles a bit because there are no wires but that doesn’t make the bra less usable in action.

Comfort: So comfy! I know many of you have been waiting to snatch this bra up even just for daily lounge-wear and I totally recommend that you do. Also the bra did what it promised as I tested it out in BodyPump and Zumba – it held my boobs in place and I didn’t have to think about my boobs hitting me in the face while working out. If you have ever tried Zumba you’ll know how much running and jumping around it actually is and to me, it’s always the ultimate test for my sports bras. I feel like the Panache Sport Non-Wired did a great job even without the wires and I felt secure through the whole hour of my workout.

If you do need some extra support, I suggest you take advantage of the J-hook attached to the straps – it converts the bra to a racerback and make the straps stay in place even better. I have always worn my Panache Sport with the J-hook clipped and had no discomfort during running, Zumba or any other sport you might think of. Even though the bra is made of thick moulded material, it still breathes and feels fantastic on, even after an intense workout.

The Panache Sport Non-Wired costs 56€ at Lumingerie and it goes up to H-cup. Also, Lumingerie has now gone international and will ship to all EU countries, FOR FREE. Now, I would love to hear your comments whether you already have the bra and how you like it or whether you have decided to snatch it up at some point! Also, if there is anything I forgot to discuss, please leave me your questions and comments below – I know you have some 😉

Suomennos: Moikka kaikille! Tässäpä olisi teille taas mahtava uusi vaihtoehto urkkaliiviksi, nimittäin Panachen kaaritueton urheiluliivi. Panache alkoi kehitellä tätä jo jonkin aikaa sitten ja vihdoin pitkän testauksen ja uurastuksen jälkeen liivi on nyt saatu onnistuneesti markkinoille! Minä kävin reippaana tyttönä Lumingerien varastolla moikkaamassa Merviä ja samalla päätin ottaa yhdet uudet Sportit matkaan. Mervipä tarjosikin minulle ikään kuin kaupanpäällisenä vielä nämä kaarituettomat mukaan, joten päätin heti ottaa uutuden testiin.

Olen siis jo vuoden verran vannoutuneesti käyttänyt näitä normi-sportteja, sillä ne ovat ehdottomasti paras urheiluliivi, jota olen kokeillut. Itse mahdun vielä ihan kivasti tuohon kokohaarukkaan (UK B-H), joten kaarituettoman version kokeileminen tuntui melko jännältä. Voin kuitenkin sanoa, että toimivat todella hyvin, mikäli kaarituet eivät ole se sun juttu! Itse voin sanoa, että liiveissä ei tosiaan ole hirveästi eroa: molemmat ovat muotoonprässättyjä ja antavat todella kivan pyöreän muodon. Vaikka kaarituettomien urkkaliivien pointti on yleensä litistää rinnat täysin vartaloa vasten, on Panache Non-Wired ihan eri luokkaa – siinä on runsaasti tilaa vähän suuremmillekin rinnoille ja molemmalle rinnalle on oma paikkansa liiveissä. Toisin kuin kaarituellisissa Sporteissa, tässä kaarituettomassa liivimallissa kuitenkin rinnat osuvat yhteen, joten jos hikoilet runsaasti rintojen alueelta, voi kaarituellinen versio olla parempi valinta.

Usein Panachen Sportistä sanotaan, että malli on suht iso kupeiltaan ja kokoa kannattaakin miettiä tarkkaan. Oma teoriani on, että tämä pätee vain rintoihin, joissa on enemmän täytettä rintojen alaosassa kuin yläosassa. Omat rintani ovat aika “yläpainotteiset”, joten olen aina ottanut Sporteista ihan normikokoni, samoin myös tästä kaarituettomasta versiosta. Tämä uusi versio on kuitenkin hieman napakampi kuppien yläosasta, joten jos olet ottanut aikaisemmin pienemmän kuppikoon tavallisesta Sportista, voi tämän uutuuden kohdalla harkita mieluummin ihan sitä tavallista kokoa. Itse käytän molemmista kokoa 65GG.

Sportin ympärys on todella napakka niinkuin kuuluukiin – se pitää rinnat hyvin paikoillaan ilman että saat Zumba-tunnin aikana mustan silmän, tiedät kyllä mistä. Jos mietit kahden ympäryskoon välillä, ota mieluummin isompi, sillä liikkuessakin pitää pystyä hengittämään. Liivien takana on myös nk. J-koukku, jonka avulla saat lisätukea muuntaessasi olkaimet racerback-asentoon.

Kaiken kaikkiaan Panachen Sport Non-Wired oli todella mukava yllätys ja aion jatkossakin ostaa sekä perinteisen että tämän uuden mallin, kun uusi kausi tekee tuloaan. Mikäli itseäsi kiinnostaa hyvä tukeva urheiluliivi ilman kaaritukia, suosittelen kurkkaamaan Lumingerien sivuille! Heiltä löytyy sekä tämä versio että se perinteinen hintaan 56€ – ei yhtään paha hinta kivuttomista treeneistä. Lumingerien Mervin blogista löytyy nyt myös kiva blogiarvonta, joten käykääpä osallistumassa huomiseen mennessä! Jos myös tulee mieleen jotain kommenttia tai kysymystä, niin laittakaahan alle viestiä, minä vastailen niihin ihan mielelläni 😉

My first blogiversary and Panache Sports bra set giveaway!

11 Feb

Hiya darlings, we have come to the point where Two Cakes On a Plate turns one year old. I have enjoyed every step of the way and it always melts my heart when someone follows me or leaves me a comment. I have had the privilege to get to know many of you readers better and also some of my fellow bloggers who have supported me on my way. I have also worked with many wonderful lingerie businesses and I must say it always touches me when someone has faith in me and my blog – in one word, I’m thankful.

Because I love you my dear readers and want to give you something in return for your support and love, I’m announcing four giveaways this week in which you will have the chance to win some pretty kick-ass prizes! Today I will start with the one product I really discovered and started to love last year: the Panache Sports bra (you can read my review here). The kind people of Panache have offered a set of Panache Sport to one lucky reader, and the bra is available in sizes 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-H, 34-38 B-H, 40 D-GG and panty in sizes 8-20.



To enter the competition, there is four ways to gain a entry. The compulsory one is to leave a comment telling what is your favourite sport at the moment? You can also subscribe to me by e-mail to gain another entry. Also you can follow Two Cakes On a Plate on Facebook and Twitter to gain an entry. If you decide to do either or both just include your Facebook profile URL and/or Twitter account name in comment. Remember to fill the e-mail field in the comment form so that I can contact you in case of winning. 

This giveaway is available internationally and will be open for entries until Sunday 23rd of February 11:59 pm GMT. Winners will be contacted the following week by email.

Good luck and get entering! 😉

Time to work out – Panache & #supporteverymove

23 Jan

I know working out during January is usually “the thing” and this is the month many people step up and take on some new hobby or start to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. I personally don’t usually make resolutions but this year I have made one significant promise to myself: never be afraid and try new things just for the heck of it. I work out regularly so making resolutions about sports didn’t really make sense but funny enough, my life in UK is now filled with working out since I got almost accidentally recruited to a dance performance for which I have to memorize a 11 minute regime in one month. Not an easy task, I assure you. However I love dancing and have decided to take up everything fun that comes in my way so I thought, why not? 

I recently had a chat with the Panache crew who are hosting a Panache Sports Event called #supporteverymove now that their AMAZING sports bra (no, I didn’t get paid to write this, I just love their sports bra) won the UK’s favourite sports bra award in UKLA 2013. The event is very extensive; it includes a competition for UK residents in which you can create the perfect Spotify workout list and also a Pinterest comp for international fans. The Pinterest competition runs until 31st of Jan so get pinning! Here are the instructions for that.


I decided to take part in Panache’s event because of my own dance project. Now I would love to share my top 10 workout tracks and tell you exactly why these have stuck with me through months and even years!

[spotify  http://open.spotify.com/track/318d3zDZXOxJGU24epWw32]

Amazing song with great rhythm. This track is great for toning your muscles and running! I personally love “angry” music during intense workouts. Some people like to take it easy which is perfectly fine but I keep it simple, high-intense and quick. No long workouts with breaks between, just pure sweat and exploding power. 

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/7yUk1rCRWuvohiSDHbpLSD]

Rihanna is one of my ultimate favourites to listen to when working out. I love her no-bullshit attitude which definitely influences my workout in a good way. This songs embodies female empowerment and self-respect. This is also the song that I listen to when everyone and everything pisses me off and I just want my brain to take a break. Excellent for running and makes a killer dance track! The moves you can come up with… Fierce.

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/1uqLxPxVgM50Dzoe6l3L00]

Yap, still in the run-your-brains-out category. However, this song has the best beat for repetitive moves such as push-ups and sit-ups. This lady and especially this song has A LOT of balls which are required to do the most boring moves (let’s face it, building muscle is not always fun). 

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/6GQuF9vzJAVs7fYN9ftBdP]

Beyonce, you melt my heart with your fierceness. This track used to be on my running playlist for A LONG time. It was always the first track which send me off to the best runs I could ever imagine – great rhythm, great lyrics to empower oneself. 

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/7kLBT8gASUHrWGc83qKYwo]

Total knock-out – the track’s name says it all. I love this song both for dancing AND boxing, which is very convenient considering what the lyrics are all about. I have took on boxing just recently and I sometimes practice the moves to this song. 

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/59K6GctkD8lWljFYa8eE6D]

Now we’ve come to the golden oldies! I have practiced with this song a lot – it’s great to lift your mood when running and I actually jump each time they say the word in the song as it’s fun and gives a great boost to your energy levels. I have also danced to this song with some kick-ass 80’s dance moves and it was a whole lot of fun.

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/3941McqnrX9blUEelPxgot]

See a theme here? Great female voices with lyrics that ooze the message of loving yourself. This track has also bumped into me a couple of times and it always delights me with it’s flirty tone. It’s also a part of my current dance project and I love the moves we’ve come up with it!

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/2yFh7Oz9g0bpHp3iis2Iu2]

I’m sorry, this is probably something each and everyone of you hate but good God this song is great for the most dirtiest dance moves I know. I have a tendency to come up with the jaw-dropping booty-shake moves and this THE perfect song for. BUT I can justify it with the amount of core work those moves require (like I need to justify my choices at all..). I actually think dance is one of the most effective forms of sports which is why I love it besides the fact that it’s amazingly fun!

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/2SxC7qSTg4MaXygjkKt5GY]

One of my fave tracks of all time. Wicked lyrics, wicked beat. This song makes me very creative when it comes to dance moves but also cheers me to run a bit faster and to be a bit more powerful. This song always reminds me that I’m equally as strong and fast as any guy out there (and even better, sometimes MUCH faster).

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/4YMqbFcDIFiCBd02PzUBcM]

This one never gets old, it’s pure gold. When I first heard this song I just NEEDED to dance. It’s also great to make you smile while running and rap out loud making other people look at you like you’re some freak. Well, this song just makes me so happy any workout feels like a child’s play.

Hope your New Year resolutions are still going strong and you’re feeling healthy as ever. I would also like to remind you that no matter what everyone else says, do the things you love and feel comfortable with! If sports is not your thing (it was not mine either for so many years) just try a few different things but never force yourself to go on if it doesn’t feel right! All my love to you dear readers, see ya in a bit xx

UK’s favourite sports bra Panache Sport reviewed – Arvostelussa Panachen Sport urheiluliivit

9 Dec

Recently I received a couple of sets from a lingerie online store Lumingerie and I already reviewed my lovely Danielle set by Parfait. The other set I received was a very popular cult bra that has ruled lingerie bloggers’ drawers for ages. Now awarded as UK’s favourite sports bra Panache Sports (28-40 B-H) has gained even stronger status and I am glad to review it today on my blog. Panache Sport has already become a favourite of mine too even though I still love dearly my old Shock Absorbers. However there is no other sports bra that offers the same kind of support than my Panache so I actually long for it each time it’s in the wash.

Suomeksi: Hiljattain sain tilaisuuden Lumingerie verkkokaupalta arvioida pari settiä blogissani, joten päätin valita jo kauan himoitsemani Parfaitin Daniellen sekä alusvaateblogosfäärissä jo kulttimaineeseen nousseen Panachen Sportin. Viime viikolla pidetyissä brittien UK Lingerie Awardseissa Panachen sporttiliivit palkittiin kansan suosikki urkkaliiviksi, joten arvosteluni ajankohta sattuikin sopivaan aikaan. Itselleni Sportista on muodostunut ehdoton suosikki vaikka Shock Absorber on edelleen mielestäni hyvä liivi. Sportin tukevuus on kuitenkin omaa luokkaansa ja päihittää omissa harrastuksissani muut liivit mennen tullen. 


Design: The prettiest sports bra I’ve ever seen! I have always had a “problem” with sports bras being too ugly and unattractive even though looking pretty is not their function in the first place. However Panache Sport delights me by the way that it looks; great color, smooth non-shiny fabric and a small moderate label on the band. Also the J-hook on the back is charming with it’s golden hue.

What I love most about this bra’s appearance is the way it is gives me an uplifted and rounded shape even when working out. I have always thought that sports bras are supposed to flatten you completely but I guess I was wrong. Panache does great job by giving maximum support without losing my boobs to super intense compression.

Design: Tosi nätit urheiluliiveiksi! Omasta mielestäni tämä väriyhdistelmä on ehkä Sportin tähän mennessä parass ja takana lisätukea antava J-koukku sopii mainiosti kullan sävyssään rintsikoihin. Pidän myös materiaaleista, sillä urheiluliivit tehdään usein karmeista kiiltävistä materiaaleista ja Sportti on tehty kivasta tukevasta mattaisesta kankaasta. Iso plussa!

Parasta designissa on kuitenkin muoto, jonka Panache Sport antaa rintavarustukselleni. Ei tarvitse huolehtia siitä, että tissit saisivat Madonnamaisen tötterömuodon tai olisivat kokonaan litistyneet liivien puristavasta voimasta. Myös liivien kohottava vaikutus on ilmiömäinen, tuntuu todella että rinnat ovat tuettuina joka puolelta.



Fit: I went for the 30FF since I had heard that the bra runs a cupsize large. I found the size to be a perfect fit with its snug band and roomy cups. Also the wire width was excellent. I was first a bit curious about the top part of the cups since the wires start very near my neck. This causes some minor fat tissue to escape from the cups but it’s nothing big or notable. Straps are quite long but it’s definitely not a problem since there’s a very practical J-hook on one of the straps to make it a racer back bra. I usually utilize this option since it gives me even greater support.

Istuvuus: Päätin valita tällä kertaa koon 65FF, sillä olin kuullut kuppien olevan tässä mallissa hieman normaalia tilavammat. Kokoarvaukseni osuikin oikeaan ja koko tuntuu nappivalinnalta! Sportin ympärysnauhan sanotaan yleensä olevan melko niukka mutta itse koin sen olevan melko lailla normaali 65:nen. Aluksi istuvuudessa olkainten sijainta lähellä kaulaa epäilytti mutta totesin senkin vain lisäävän tuen määrää. Olkaimet saa takaa kiinni toisiinsa J-koukulla, joka on itselläni ainakin ihan aktiivisessa käytössä.

Comfort: Two words: it’s great! I was afraid to try on a sports bra with underwires but Panache Sport delivers great comfort with amazing materials and effort that has been put into the design. The underwires are lined with extremely soft padding which makes them almost invisible. I do not feel them even during an intense work out such as boxing so I’m super delighted to say this bra works for me. There is absolutely zero bounce even during dance classes so I would recommend this to anyone who loves high impact sports.

The straps are absolutely divine. I love how they are made so thick that they carry those crucial 10 % of the weight of my breasts. I have heard some grumble about the J-hook irritating skin or being some other way really uncomfortable. However I have not experienced anything like it and hope that this is something very rare amongst users.

Mukavuus: Aivan mahtava! Olin huolissani, että kaarituet tuottaisivat ongelmia mitä mukavuuteen tulee mutta Panache oli fiksusti vuorannut kaarituet pehmeällä materiaalilla. Tämän vuoksi en ole kokenut urheilun aikana minkäänlaista epämukavuutta vaikka harrastan mm. nyrkkeilyä ja tanssimista. Rankkojenkaan lajien kanssa en tunne yhtään, että rintani pomppisivat, sillä liivit ovat supertukevaa tekoa ja estävät kaikenlaisen liikkeen. Myös olkaimet on tehty kestämään kovaa rasitusta ja siitä syystä leveät. Jostain olen kuullut hieman soraääniä liivien J-koukusta ja sen aiheuttamasta ihoärsytyksestä mutta itse en ole tällaista kokonut lainkaan.

Sports Knickers: These knickers run pretty large so I went for a size 8. The panties are made of the same smooth matte material as the bra and feel very comfortable on my skin. They also give a great seamless look under tight sports pants so I love them even more for their discreetness. They don’t rub me or dig in my hips so I’d say they are pretty much a perfect option for someone who wants extreme comfort during workouts. 

Urheilualushousut: Valitsin alushousujen kooksi 34 sillä Lumingeriesta vinkattiin, että housujen koot ovat hieman suurehkot. Kokoarvaus osuikin ihan nappiin eivätkä housut kaivaudu epämukavasti lanteisiin tai reisiin. Lisäksi nämä alushousut on tehty samasta hengittävästä mattamateriaalista kuin rintsikatkin, eli ne ovat sekä kivannäköiset että mukavat päällä. Alushousuissa ei myöskään ole liiemmin ylimääräisiä saumoja, joten ne eivät näy epämukavasti tiukkojenkaan urkkahousujen läpi.

Lumingeriessa on tällä hetkellä meneillään mahtava joulukalenteri ja voinkin vinkata, että huomiselle olisi tulossa tämänkin postauksen aihetta liippaava luukku 😉 Jokaisessa luukussa on siis joka aamu kello yhdeksästä alkaen joku tarjous, jonka voi käyttää sen päivän aikana tiettyyn Lumingerien tuotteeseen. Mikäli siis uusille urheiluliiveille olisi tarvetta, kannattaa huomenna olla skarppina Lumingerien Facebook-sivulla! 

Are there any other Panache Sport fans out there? I sure am converted and find this sports bra is better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Disclosure/Tiedoksianto: This bra set was gifted by Finnish online store Lumingerie for review purposes. This does not affect my opinions on the set reviewed. / Tämä setti on saatu Lumingerielta arvostelutarkoitukseen. Tämä ei kuitenkaan vaikuta mielipiteisiini setistä.

Fit & Active September: Sports bra shopping – What to consider?

28 Sep

Long time no see! I know, I have been a bad BAD blogger but it’s just that I can’t write anything after some uni essays.. Too much writing! Not really, I’m just being a lazy-ass, who am I trying to fool here? Well, I’m back with the latest addition to out Fit & Active September. Since this is a lingerie and bra blog after all, I’d like to tell you a little bit of WHY I wear a good, slightly more costly sports bra while working out and why I think you should too (well, you don’t have to, it’s really your choice but… I tell you, it makes a difference).

SUOMEKSI: Ajattelin, että nyt tulee sellaista infoa, että olisi ihan hyvä kirjoittaa myös suomeksi. Käytäntönähän täällä blogissa on siis se, että ns. erityisen tärkeät postaukset (lue: nippelitieto) pyrin myös suomentamaan. Myös suomenkielisiä videoarvosteluja on tiedossa nyt syksyllä! Elikkäs, meillä on tällä hetkellä lopuillaan muiden alusvaatebloggaajien kanssa tällainen Fit & Active September, jolloin ollaan kukin tahoillamme postailtu urheiluun liittyviä juttuja vähän normaalia enemmän. Tänään haluaisin kertoa MIKSI urheilurintsikoiksi ei kannata valita niitä pakan huonoimpia, vaan oikeasti panostaa ihan vain mukavuuden ja oman hyvinvoinnin vuoksi.



This is basically what I used to wear as a sports bra when I started running a few years ago. Now, I go “Heeeelll no, girl”, but what can you do, I didn’t know any better. I bet there are tons of you out there who nod your heads when I ask: have you been there too? Done that? Well, I tell you why not to wear a bra like that. / Tällaisia t-paitaliivejä käytin muutama vuosi sitten kun aloitin harrastamaan juoksemista. Tiedän, että aika moni siellä ruudun takana nyökytelee päätään ja tietää mistä on kyse. Kerronpa siis, että miksi tämä ei ole aina kaikkein paras vaihtoehto.

  • Regular bras tend to have a looser band than actual sports bras. This means they lack the support that you need especially when having large breasts. / Tavallisissa rintaliiveissä ei yleensä ole yhtä napakka ympärys kuin oikeissa urheiluliiveissä. Tämän vuoksi tukea varsinkaan suurille rinnoille ei ole tarpeeksi.
  • Regular bras are usually more or less open at the top. This causes your breasts to “jump” out of your bra while eg running and dancing. You don’t want you breasts slapping your chin and face so I highly recommend a sports bra that comes much higher with its neckline. This also reduces the possibility of unwanted gazes from… people. Not that it’s shameful or anything, I just know that many of us feel uncomfortable when our boobs get a lot of looks. / Normirintsikat ovat yleensä aika avonaisia dekolteen alueella. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että rinnat helposti ikäänkuin pomppaavat ulos kupeista esim. juostessa. Koska urheilurintsikoissa pääntie tulee ylemmäs, pitävät ne rinnat mukavasti omalla paikallaan ilman turhaa hölskymistä ja epämukavia katseita muilta ihmisiltä.
  • Someone might find the underwires a bit uncomfortable. There are GREAT underwired sports bras out there (like Panache sports) but when doing high-impact sports many of you might prefer wireless compress-style sports bra that hold your breasts tightly against your torso. Also wearing a crappy ill-fitting wired bra as a sports bra can cause your breast tissue some serious damage by poking it./ On olemassa hyviäkin kaarituellisia urkkarintsikoita mutta jotkut saattavat kokea varsinkin tavallisten rintsikoiden kaarituet TODELLA epämukavina liikkuessa. Varsinkin niiden vähän huonommin istuvien ritsikoiden käyttö urheilussa voi olla vaarallista rintakudokselle, sillä kaarituet saattavat tökkiä sitä ja aiheuttaa vahinkoa kudoksessa. Hyvät urheilurintsikat vetävät rinnat lähellä rintakehää ja tähän tarkoitukseen ovat monesti parhaita juuri compression-tyyliset kaarituettomat mallit (huom. tämä on oma mielipiteeni, joka saattaa vielä todistua vääräksi, you never know!)
  • The straps of a regular bra tend to slip off your shoulders. This causes mostly irritation but also a little less support. I love my Shock Absorber (a link to my review) sports bra cause it has TWO sets of hook and eye closures which means it has a lot of support and and the straps are where they should be. / Tavallisissa liiveissä olkaimet tippuvat helposti urheillessa. Superärsyttävää, haittaa suoritusta ja lisäksi poistaa yhden rintoja tukevan tekijän. Itse tykkään omista Shock Absorberin liiveistäni (linkki arvosteluuni, josta löytyy myös suomenkielinen videoklippi!) juurikin sen takia, että niissä on kaksi kohtaa joista liivit saa kiinni. Näin olkaimet eivät tipu ja tuki säilyy hyvänä pitkään.



This is what I wore next after I had realized how painful those digging wires were: H&M sports top. Didn’t do the trick either and this is why. / Tämä olikin sitten seuraava vaihe: henkkiksen sporttitoppi. Kuten varmaan arvasitte, ei ollut toimiva vaihtoehto sekään…

  • Sport tops are not really bras. They are sold in sizes like Small or Large so they don’t take account the combination of you back size AND breast size. Inevitably, this means a HUGE lack of support and sometimes even lifting at the bottom of the sports top. / Tällaiset sporttitopit myydään yleensä koissa S, M, L jne. eli tarkoittaa sitä, etteivät ne ota ollenkaan huomioon eri kokoisten rinnanalusten ja rintojen kokokombinaatioita. Esimerkiksi naisella jolla on sanotaanko vaikka 28J kokoiset rinnat, tällainen toppi ei riittäisi edes peittämään koko rintoja ja saattaisi hyvinkin nousta irti rintakehästä tuolta topin alareunasta. Toisin sanoen tuki on yleensä tällaisten toppien kanssa ihan minimaalinen.
  • The fabric of these tops is not very sturdy which means they don’t hold your breasts tight against your torso and lack the support. They allow a LOT of bounce which can lead to back and neck pains and extreme lack of comfort. / Sporttitopit on tehty usein melkoisen ohuesta kankaasta ilman turhia lisäkerroksia, mikä on todella huono juttu rintojen kannalta. Ohut kangas ei kykene pitämään rintoja paikoillaan vaan antaa niiden pomppia ympäriinsä miten sattuu. Auts, sanon minä.


This is what I wear now. I have been wearing my Shock Absorber sports bra for a couple of years and never has it let me down. I feel supported and actually… Not like wearing a bra at all! What is most important when buying a bit more expensive sports bra is making sure it fits you. Yes, I believe that you can get migrated tissue even from wearing a too small sports bra so check these things out before buying. / Tämäntyyppisiä urheiluliivejä käytän nykyään. Olen aivan rakastunut Shock Absoberin liiveihini, joita olen käyttänyt jo parin vuoden verran, sillä niissä tuki on niin mahtava ettei juokseminen tai tanssiminen tunnu missään. Seuraavaksi haluaisin kokeilla tuota yllänäkyvää Panachen Sport-mallia, jota on hirveästi kehuttu muistta blogeissa. Kannattaa kuitenkin varmistaa vähän kalliimpia urheiluliivejä ostaessa muutama juttu, ettei vain tule vikaostosta.

  • Make sure your band is as tight as it can be. I know some of you prefer looser bands but I personally feel like a sports bra should always have a very snug band to keep you supported. / Osta liivit tarpeeksi napakalla ympäryksellä. Mielestäni urheiluliiveissä ympärys saa olla sen verran tiukka että pystyt hengittämään, mutta saat suljettua hakaset itse juuri ja juuri. Näin tuki on paras mahdollinen.
  • Check out your cleavage. Usually, it should not exist while wearing a sports bra. If you have a massive cleavage going on, spillage on the front OR in the armpits, try a bigger cupsize./ Tsekkaa tissivako. Sellaista ei pitäisi urheiluritsikoissa yleensä syntyä, joten jos tuntuu että rintojen vako näkyy selkeästi, liivien etupuolella TAI kainaloissa on ylinmääräistä kudosta, vaihda isompaan kuppikokoon.
  • Pause for a minute to consider your comfort; whether to choose a wireless or a wired bra. A wired sports bra will keep your boobs more separated and reduce some sweaty chafing. On the other hand the wires can poke you or press your ribcage painfully. These are matters of preference so I leave it to you to decide. / Mieti hetki mukavuusaspeksteja; valitsetko kaarituelliset vai -tuettomat liivit? Kaarituet erottavat rinnat mukavasti toisistaan estäen hikoilun aiheuttamaa hankausta mutta toisaalta kaarituet voivat myös tuntua epämukavilta ja painaa urheillessa. Tämä onkin täysin mieltymyskysymys, joten se, haluaako urkkarintsikoihinsa kaarituet, on ostajan itsensä päätettävissä.

So this is it for today, I hope it was helpful! At least these are the things I wish I knew when I was bit younger. So, please, do invest in your sports bra. Where I live about 50 € will definitely help a lot when buying one but be sure to check out some online retailers as well. Brastop has quite an impressive range of different sports bras so whether your from Finland or other parts of Europe I’d advice you to check out their collection. To my American readers, I’d say Bare Necessities has quite a selection. / Tällasta tänään! Elikkäs nyt vaan urheiluritsikkaostoksille, semmonen 50 euroa kannattaa varata mikäli haluat ihan kaupasta ostaa. Netistä nuita saa melkoisen edullisesti esim. Brastopista. Suomalaisesta Lumingerie-verkkokaupasta saa omansa todella nopeasti ja valikoimaakin löytyy melkoisen hyvin. Etenkin noista Enellin liiveistä olen kuullut paljon hyvää! Heippa nyt ja ens kertaan 🙂


The sports bra of my life: Shock Absorber Multi Sports

3 Jul

I used to hate sports all the way through high school, I hated the teachers, all the competitiveness and above all I hated the bounce my breasts made when I tried to keep up with the other girls. I was never particularly good at anything until my PE lessons stopped and I found the wonders of running. My dad is running marathon so of course he was over the moon when I finally did something athletic and offered to buy me some sports clothes. I ran for a long time in my regular 34C bras (ouch!) but when I started to run 7 k four times a week I decided to ask my mom to take me bra shopping. I went to a well known department store and got my first 32D Shock Absorber – which I loved.

Ever since Shock Absorber has been my go-to bra whatever sports I’m doing at a time. Now my size has increased to 32F but the bra never fails me. Here are some details on te bra.

Design: Shock Absorbers are one of the most colourful sports bras you can imagine. I originally hated the look of sports bras when I was buying my first one. Then I saw a bra with purple-navy combination and started to warm up for the idea of wearing one. Shock Absorber offers a lot of colour combos and this summer’s design is lovely pink-purple combination which I personally looooove for its girliness. It’s also designed to press your breasts towards the body so the silhouette is very low-profile which I prefer when working out. (I actually love to dance hip hop so bullet bra styled sports bra is not my go-to option at all..)Image

Fit: Shock Absorbers are REALLY tight on the band so I recommend sizing up to your nearest sister size which in my case means 30FF to 32F . The 32 band feels actually like a snug 30-band so it’s easy to pick up even at my town’s sports stores for they don’t really carry 30 backs, not to mention 28s. The “cups” are true to size and the neck line comes up quite high so there is no cleavage whatsoever if you go for the right size which I prefer when doing high-impact sports. Also make sure that the bra comes up high enough on your armpits since it’s really easy to get terrible sideboob when wearing the wrong sized sports bra.

This bra is compression sports bra which means it does not have any wires to keep your boobs uplifted and separated from each other. This might bother some of you but with my 32Fs I’m coping just fine. It has maximum support level so for that matter I would expect it to suit many sizes if compression style is not something you want to avoid.

Comfort: Because of the bra style it’s really important to keep in mind your own preferences and the size of your breasts. As I’m at the beginning or middle of most full bust size ranges I feel like my boobs are quite comfortable in a compression bra. I don’t sweat on my mid-riff or bust area that much so wirelessness is not a problem for I don’t get any inconvenient boob sweat. However, if your boobs are larger than mine or you sweat a lot you might prefer wires to separate your breasts from each other for comfort reasons.

Otherwise I can imagine this bra to suit many woman and the bra does have quite an impressive size range (A 32-734, B/C 32-38, D-HH 28-40). It has great wide shoulder straps and two pieces of band to close the bra and keep it secure. The band does not lose its elasticity for a long time, I can wear my Shock Absorbers even two years with almost the same amount of support as when they were brand new. This makes them one of the best sports bras on full-bust market and I love mine to death!


Pahoittelen, mun ääni kuulostaan jotenkin super-ärsyttävältä! Video vääristää, toivottavasti.

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A Comprehensive Resource for all things Corsets, Waist Training and Tightlacing


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The Lingerie Addict - Everything To Know About Lingerie

Founded in 2008, The Lingerie Addict offers expert advice, reviews, and recommendations on intimate apparel for all bodies, genders, budgets, and sexualities.

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Everyone deserves a little sweetness.

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Junebugs and Georgia Peaches: The Adventures of Modern June Cleaver + Amelia Jetson

A blog about lingerie, bra fit and all things D+. A love letter to lace, dresses and pinup lifestyle.

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One girl's perspective on boobs, bodies, self-image and society

Kupista asiaa

A blog about lingerie, bra fit and all things D+. A love letter to lace, dresses and pinup lifestyle.